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Crimson Snow

By Luki
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[center [+red [size20 Crimson Snow ]] [pic] [#a40e23 (Some of this will be based off the "Crimson Peak" movie. Mostly the house and the haunting elements) So you heard of her that strange girl that came from the next town over. Most people simply talked about because of her looks. Her beauty was unreal, she was perfect. You simply had to have her. Little did you know she needed you, just as much of your desire to have her. Your money was simply what she was after but you didn't know that. You heard about the rumors of her last husband dying tragically, you pushed them to the back of your mind. It was time to make your move and claim her as your despite how many people warned you about not going near her. You married her decided to lived in her manor that she spoke so highly about. You made it to house called "Allerdale Hall". Your jaw dropped as you seen the sad state of the house. It was hard to believe such a young beauty lived alone in this rotting house. Despite its state you were happy with how lovely she spoke to you all the dreams of fixing and fantasizing about how charming this house could be. The only strange thing she told was never go to the basement. The house was starting to sinking so it was dangerous to go down there. You believed her but after you agreed to help fix the house she started to act strange. Her loving personality was total different in fact she seemed like a whole different person.
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LukiAmaris   154d ago
✧ "Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream..." ✦

[center [#cf130c Lady Amaris was what people once called her. An elegant lady brunette haired lady, with a killer smile. After her parents died, the money quickly ran out. In order to keep the house Amaris needed to get marry. Marry she did, it wasn't for love but for money. Her first husband was horrible. Once she got him back to her house she so greatly spoke he belittle her also beat her. It didn't take long for that marriage to end.  End it did, her husband died tragically. It seemed he died from natural causes. She inherited his money used to to fix her beloved house. It simply wasn't enough. The house was rather large in fact it was almost the size of a small town. On top of all that it was slowly sinking into the ground. Amaris had to come up with a new plan. She would simply remarry another wealthy man. With her looks it really wasn't hard to get another mans attention.  Attention she got, you noticed her. Despite all the rumors you heard. All the people that advised you not to marry her, you didn't listen. You married her anyway. You were her knight in shining armor as some might say.  You really didn't want to move into her manor but you did it anyway. Despite the sad state of the crumbling house you could help but to smile. You listen to her talk about how great the house once was. You couldn't help it, you simply were in love. Really in love with her. A love so deep you almost couldn't bare a moment without her. In your mind you really did want to offer the world to her. Love didn't seem to last. You started to grow ill after a few weeks of staying here. You starting to see things, haunting things that made your stomach turn. That sweet loving girl you married was starting to grow cold to you. You didn't understand why? She took care of you like a loving wife should but something about her was off.  She hardly spoke to you when she did her words were dry and callous.  You had to get out of here before it was too late but the only thing was you could hardly walk on your own, with your vision blurring off and on it made things worst. You woke up briefly to something wet dripping on chest. It was Amaris it seemed she had been crying. Before you could ask her what was wrong you fell back into a restless slumber having a horrific nightmare. That woke you up screaming.  Standing at the end the bed was her in her red dress that was now wrinkled. [+red "Oh honey"] she said with word as sweet as sugar. She walked closer to you as she reach down to touch you flinched. You were struggling to see reality. When you thought you were wake you were dreaming. It was then you felt her cold smooth finger stroke your hair in a loving manor.  She whisper in your ear [+Red "You have to get out of here."] the cold word she spoke to you made no sense it didn't put your mind at ease. The sorrowful look on her face spoke volumes. She knew something you did, but what?


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