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Outlaws, the forgotten ones.

By Undertale_lover_
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Before you read know this Your oc has to be human. Your oc has to wear the clothing in this time so no Hoodia ect Your oc must at lest be 16 no younger You must be okay with cursing, blood and slightly darker themes as this is the West and you are a outlaw. Stay in timeperiod Post at lest 300 per post Now I'll add more if need be ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Outlaws, that is what you are a dwindling few. You are part of the Carson Boys. This life is all you have known to you, you are the good guys. Even though you fell like the good guys you know that everyone around breaks the law for a living. Even saying this you also know that they are some good men and wemon around well most. The time is 1899. As you and the others are riding to a camp runing. The snow has been going down hard for about a week. Some of the people had got shot from a fight with another gang lucky you got away alive at lest. As the group slows down you seem some old cabins. As everyone slowly down to a dreary stop. The men start to get the blankets and food well what little bit they have left. The women would start helping the younger Ines down. The cold seems to cut everyone to the bone. As you got down into the cabin a fire was started. Sawyer Carson, the leader stood up. " now I need every: man,women,and child to help us in the time of need. The Pinkertons might had the high ground but I promise that from here on we will have the high ground to any gang. " He called to everyone. Everyone would nodd. " and soon we wl leave and get more food and everything. " Now as he would leave as you sat there and think of what you will do when you and everyone gets to Jackson. So what kind of outlaw are you?
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Undertale_lover_Decker   331d ago

It has been a few hours since everyone has settled in. Decker had just ride in on his horse. He had two deers on the back. He would getdown and get the two deers on his shoulders and start walking to the old barn.  Rose would get up from the fire and put on her jacket and run out to the horse and grabbed the lead. Rose put the horse up.  She would run back inside  " Dam, it's cold." Rose said either snow falling from her jaket. She would sit down in a chair near a window. Shortly after Decker walked in. He was quite and slightly shaking in. His pains legs was wet and some was frozen. He took off his hat and snow fell off of it. As he made his way to the fire snow would fall leaving a trail to him. Sawyer would walk out of his room. " Decker, your back alive. You bring anything back?" Sawyer questioned him. Decker nodded. " oh come on Boy, you gotta speak up. In all your life you haven't hardly talked." He said in a joking manner to him. " I told you I did. Now, I'm cold and wet so back off Carson. You might be the boss but I ain't in the mood." He said quietly.  " yeah yeah Boy. Talk to you later. Rose you put up his horse?" Rose nodded, " sure did Sawyer. Also Sawyer when will be leave here?" She asked as she put her hair. Sawyer would sigh and look out a near by window. " when we can, Rose." Sawyer would reply and trun around to face everyone. " Now, we need to set up the other cabins so let's go."
TatzuoDallas Cassidy   329d ago
Kind of around, but not really

Dallas Cassidy
[font "Times New Roman" Frost tickled Dallas’ nose as she trudged through the snow, grumbling to herself in annoyance as her wet trousers stuck to her shins. A gun was slung over her right shoulder, an older model rifle with etchings long dragged into the wooden body of it. She did her best to shake off the cold that clawed its way up her spine, white tinted breath escaping her lips as she huffed to move further. She thought she would have beaten the snowfall in time to get somewhere decent, but here she was about to freeze to death.  Movement caught her ear, and her head turned. Quick as a flash she unslung her weapon and held it at the ready, aiming down her sights at whatever the perpetrator was. A rabbit, gray as ash and staring right at her with eyes as black as coal. Her thumb rested on the hammer, pulling it back as slow as she could without alerting the creature. With a bullet itching to be fired from the chamber, she inhaled, holding her breath, before firing. The shot echoed, breaking the eerie silence the trail held.  The creature lay still against the snow, crimson leaking from the fresh hole in its skull. Dallas couldn’t help but smile at her own marksmanship, making her way over to pick up the body. This would last her a few days if she rationed it properly. She tied the poor creature to her belt, frowning when she noticed hoofprints in the blanket of snow. They looked fresh too.  Her tongue clicked against the roof of her mouth, it could be a camp, meaning easy pickings for supplies. Looked to be only one horse too, people usually traveled in groups these days. She weighed her options before beginning to follow the path left by the creature, trying her best to stay focused.]
Undertale_lover_Decker   321d ago

Decker would wait for a moment before walking back outside. As he did so Rose followed, she held her riffle as she walked. Soon Rose grabbed her own horse and would lead the dark brown horse outside.  "I'm going to see if I can find any rabbit's. I swear I won't go far." She called before anyone could say anything she was off in the rocky path that was put before her. She would squint as she looked through the snow. She looked for any fleeting signs of animals. All she could see was her horse wi/h was getting covered slightly.  She was about to turn back when she heard atig break near by. She would take her aim and shot. Rise quickly got off seeing it was a small rabit that she barely shot. Rose chose to get back on the horse, after all something is better that nothing. She wasn't too keen in trying to hear for people that was nearby. Back at the camp Sawyer was outside walking checking in on everyone. As he did so he made sure he was ready to fire at whatever may run into the camp. No one in the camp seemed to badly hurt so he would go to the edge of the camp to stand guard then sent a few other to each side of the camp. The other man would glare into the snow storm as he watch more snow fall. The cold chil would nip at him almost cutting him to the bone as he stood guard. He would watch his breath as he breathed trying to stay quite not to alarm anything to where they might be. Decker was outside in the barn witch had some heat but still not enough to warm you. He would carry the deer that one of the fellow Outlaws gad caught and was about to cook it into a stew for everyone. He would get the deer inside one of the old cabins and would use what little they had from the firs to cook everything. He would start putting everything in one of the pots with a few vetablestgat they had and let it broil.
TatzuoOutlaws   314d ago
Kind of around, but not really

[font "Times New Roman" Her focus was shattered by the crack of a gunshot, breaking through the blanket of silence that had settled over the woods. She let out a shaky breath, drawing her rifle and keeping it at the ready. Someone else was nearby, that shot was only about a mile off or so. Dallas did her best to compose herself, trying to ignore the tingling cold that was spreading through her legs.  She felt like a sitting duck out in the open, it was hard to move, hard to find cover. She swallowed back the anxiety that was beginning to form in her throat. She wouldn’t survive getting shot, not in this weather, not here. She moved a bit quicker, or as quick as she could under the circumstances. Dallas did her best to keep her balance, making sure to keep a keen eye along the tree line.]
Undertale_lover_Decker   235d ago

As Rose got back on her horse and sighed she'd slowly start going back. She hoped that she would find something bigger to shoot. Rose looked left then right as she looked she could swear she saw something in the woods. When she looked up she saw the snow wasn't to bad in her opinion at least. Rose would slowly go to the shadow only to find a fallen tree .   " Oh, come on. Really a tree?" She would say out loud before moving some Jair out of her eyes. As she turned she would bearly se the path. The snow had covered it almost all the way. She quickly made her way to the path. The snow had finally got to her. She started to get cold faster. The horse and started to gallop  the breath of both could be sen clearly. Sawyer  looked to the darkened sky as snow hit his face then back to the trail rose took. It worried him that she wasn't back but he knew he had to stand gaurd he would have to wait until the other men was done before leaving. He would rub his arms tring to get a bit warmer of course this was falling. He would swear that this bones would snap in half from the cold. He glared back into the snowy abyss tring to see anything but all he saw was white and more white.  Decker would go and get some more wood for the fire. Seeing how he wanted it to be cooked and not warmed. He didn't care if he got to any trouble for making the fire bigger. He would just cut down more wood for everyone to use. As he took the wood and walked back to the barn he tossed on in the small fire. He covered his face as some sparks flew out.


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