Outlaws, the forgotten ones.

By Undertale_lover_
Before you read know this
Your oc has to be human.
Your oc has to wear the clothing in this time so no Hoodia ect
Your oc must at lest be 16 no younger
You must be okay with cursing, blood and slightly darker themes as this is the West and you are a outlaw.
Stay in timeperiod
Post at lest 300 per post
Now I'll add more if need be
Outlaws, that is what you are a dwindling few. You are part of the Carson Boys. This life is all you have known to you, you are the good guys. Even though you fell like the good guys you know that everyone around breaks the law for a living. Even saying this you also know that they are some good men and wemon around well most. The time is 1899.

As you and the others are riding to a camp runing. The snow has been going down hard for about a week. Some of the people had got shot from a fight with another gang lucky you got away alive at lest. As the group slows down you seem some old cabins. As everyone slowly down to a dreary stop. The men start to get the blankets and food well what little bit they have left. The women would start helping the younger Ines down.
The cold seems to cut everyone to the bone.

As you got down into the cabin a fire was started. Sawyer Carson, the leader stood up.
" now I need every: man,women,and child to help us in the time of need. The Pinkertons might had the high ground but I promise that from here on we will have the high ground to any gang. " He called to everyone. Everyone would nodd. " and soon we wl leave and get more food and everything. "

Now as he would leave as you sat there and think of what you will do when you and everyone gets to Jackson. So what kind of outlaw are you?
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