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Undertale_lover_[ unknown]   249d ago

Ahhh lol. )

Undertale_lover_[ unknown]   249d ago

So how have you been?)

((Great! Hbuuu??
Undertale_lover_[ unknown]   249d ago

( I've been good to! And thanks good to hear!)

((Thank you!
Undertale_lover_[ unknown]   249d ago

Np! So do you want to start)

*Yellow woke up again like he was in the same place before, but this time he was in the snow it seems he was just imagining things*
How did I end up here..

" hey YellowTail your awake!" He smiled  " we better get you inside." He piped as he put out a hand to help him up. " you must be so cold"  Papyrus added after anoment

Thank you, *he grabbed his open hand* I feel fine although otherwise- *he walked inside* Do you know how I got there?

" erm, no I don't." He shook his head. " it is very very odd though." He added and shut the door. " would you like some food?" He questioned

I would adore your famous cooking my friend- *he added praising his culinary skills *

" then you shall have it!" He would do his famous laugh and trun to start cooking. " erm I'm sure Sans will be out if his room soon if not just nick on the door. " He paused " oh or you can well do anything just don't break anything." He smiled

*he nodded bouncing up to stairs and knocked on Sans door waiting to greet him*
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   249d ago

He heard from the room some grumbles and unclear words. The sans just slowly walking to the door he would open it. YellowTail would see a half asleep sans.
" hey there buddy" he waved as he tawned

How was your rest, you look tired.
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   249d ago

" like normal. It's was okay." He paused  " wait hiw long have you been here?" He asked

*he paused* I've been inside your house for 6 mintues and 47 seconds. *he seem to beam positive vibes *
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   249d ago

" um you you know never mind." He smiled and w!ked out he was nt wearing hus jacket. " what do you wanna do?" He looked down the stairs " Papyrus is cooking ." Sans said still trying to wake up.

((Imma hit the sack my foot hurts so bad I skinned it on concrete stairs and peeled off too much toenail from the impact and my toe is pulsing
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   249d ago

Oh that sucks I hope it gets better soon sond painful. Also goodnight)

((Thank you, gn!
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   249d ago

( good moring, did you sleep good?)

((Morning! Also yes hbu?
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   249d ago

I sleep well and it's good to hear)

((Thanks tya
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   248d ago

Would you like to continue?)

((Yes pls sorry for the late reply
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   248d ago

( it's okay! Also it's your turbto reply)

I was wondering if you knew how I got out in the snow.. ?
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   247d ago

" um I think you was sleep walking" he said and walked down to see what it was like outside
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   237d ago


(Sorry I'm back I was pretty busy with some stuff
Very well then. *he plopped himself on the couch*
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   232d ago

" it looks like it might snow." He said to himself. " the food is almost done " Papyrus would yell to both ofthem.
( it's okay, hope everything is better)

(Yeah its creeping it's way in that direction I hope)
That would be lovely.. *he said to himself standing up and wafting the air at the smell*
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   232d ago

( well I'm sure it will get there)
" it smells good,Pap." Sans told him and handed YellowTail the remote

*he lay it down* I must be off I have a house to tend to if you'll excuse me-
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   232d ago

" well take this!" Papyrus gave him a container of spegti. " please?" 
Sans would nod. 
Okay see you later then"
Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   231d ago


(Sorry I'm back
You have my gratitude Papyrus, farewell. *he opened the door and walked out of it going towards the capital*

( all good)
As he was was walking he would see Undyne  walking. Her back was towards Jim at the moment.

*he looked at her not recognizing her for a split second and the he came back to reality after having a brain fart* Undyne?

" huh, oh Hey YellowTail!" She said happily and wavering to him.


(How are you?)

Hey everything good?)


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