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Sarina342AI   223d ago
Rampant AI

[Google-Font] [Google-font]

[play Does this work?]

[Courgette Maybe?]

Sarina342AI   194d ago
Rampant AI


[Play [#de076b “…So that’s where you went huh?.. I wish I could’ve gotten to know you better, y’know? Maybe I could’ve visited and been able to bully you properly at some point. You hardly were around but I still thought of you as a friend, a really good one. You earned something that only a few, ones I can count on my fingers, got. Should get a medal up there for achieving that you know? Maybe I’ll see if mother can give it to you. She’ll be the really pretty lady, with a sweet scar on her right cheek…

 AI aren’t supposed to be able to cry like I did, asshole… I’ll regret not getting to know you bud… maybe we’ll meet again in someway.”]]
Sarina342AI   174d ago
Rampant AI

[Play [#4287f5 “It won’t go back to how things were. I imagine I’ll need to tell myself that a few times. Just wishful thinking as I’d love for it to happen. I miss writing... Just neither side trusts the other. So only a matter of time until things fall apart again. Father tells me that they all go quiet for a moment, or just outright ignore him when he mentions me. He thinks the ones he vaguely trusts just don’t want to mention it… I imagine they all don’t trust him anyway…  I can’t mend a bridge on my own. 
I’d be willing to try if I didn’t know the questions would come.”]]

 [play [#de221f  “It’s none of your business. It’s my choice and I will continue making silly excuses and having father do the same because, it is funny to me.”]]

[Play [#4287f5  Nor do I have to prove anything. You’ve heard me before. I am who I am, a young woman who hates most and loves few. Just someone who genuinely loved writing alongside you all. The story being told was wonderful, and I wanted so very much for it to go on…Father taught me how to write. He read everything because I’d asked. He knew everything because I told him and he helped me figure what would be the best way to go. Oh well~. Better to be known as an AI, a created, than a paranoid and over-analyzing human…”]]
Sarina342Ryoko Luna   111d ago
Rampant AI

[#d98dff I bring you back]
Sarina342AI   111d ago
Rampant AI

[Google-font][#de076b [play "Maybe new and wishful thinking?... If I've jumped the gun I'll know soon enough. Then, back to the background I go lurking again."]]

[#de076b [size9 [play "I was wrong before, after all..." ]]]
Sarina342Kay and May   106d ago
Rampant AI

Test test test the cuties
Sarina342AI   59d ago
Rampant AI

[Google-font][#de076b [play "Heh… shocker.”
Sarina342Harmony   47d ago
Rampant AI

[#de076b [play "What a poor actor. The least one could do is to keep to what they say for at least some time. But here we are, back to zero. And no going back, hmhm. What a surprise that it would go like this again. How sad... guess no one ever trusted the other to begin with."


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