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EtherealEquinox[Fritz]   31d ago

[center Anything that had to do with food Friedrich was game for. So that was why when Charlemagne had invited him to a lunch party as a type of pre-game for the upcoming World Championships Fritz immediately agreed. He didn’t even care to listen to who else the Frenchman was inviting over. All the German knew was that the food was going to be to die for. Charlie was definitely a good chef in that way. Fritz ate practically everything the other man made regardless of what it was. The eccentric man swore up and down that Charlemagne used some type of bewitching black magic because he found himself obsessed with whatever was served. He also knew that Kristina was a huge fan of Charlemagne’s cooking, although she was far more reserved in her expression of such feelings. But regardless, Friedrich was very excited for the occasion. The man’s brothers were a quite jealous too when they heard about the luncheon. But the two older Ehrenreich siblings were at an away game for ice hockey. So even if they were invited they couldn’t attend.]


[center Friedrich tried to dress casually for the lunch date since Charlemagne never specified a dress code. Sometimes Charlie did, but this time around the other didn’t care so much about what others wore to the meeting. Charlemagne was much more concerned about everyone being comfortable and enjoying what he made for them to eat. The Frenchman was staying in a local flat in the area with his skating partner Charlotte during their time in Berlin for the Championship competition. But he made sure to bring plenty of wine from his family’s vineyard back in Bordeaux to pair with the several courses of food he’d be serving. If it were not for his time spent on training and skating he would have attended culinary school, but he felt like even though that was a prized education in France that it was not necessary for him. Instead, Charlie had opted for apprenticing under chefs he personally enjoyed food from to learn and hone his craft.]


[center The first to actually arrive to the lunch was Kristina, impeccably dressed in heels and black satin looking dress that ended right above her knees. Her blonde hair was in an immaculate French twist paired with a pair of understated small gold hoop earrings. Her nails were well manicured with her favorite shade of crimson red polish. The woman had quite expensive tastes for those that knew her, so her current aesthetic was casual [i for her]. Besides, the red polish was Kristina’s personal lucky charm. She had been wearing that exact shade of polish when she earned her plethora of medals. The woman figured it didn’t hurt to wear it again when skating for a Worlds medal. But Kristina was very excited to see Charlemagne and Charlotte again. And despite being competition she was looking forward to seeing their Swiss companion Levi and Holly too!]


[center And as if on cue, Friedrich was dead last to arrive to the function. His long, dark curls were pulled up into a half up in a ponytail, half down look. And he was just wearing his favorite band shirt with the sleeves cut off, matching jeans, and comfortably worn shoes. Fritz’s idea of fashion could be classed as moderately alternative, but overall, he placed comfort and function over aesthetic. Unless it came to leathers. But this was not the place for wearing leather, in his opinion. Charlotte was the one to greet the mountain tall German at the door. Given that he was about 200 centimeters tall Fritz was typically taller than most. But after exchanging enthusiastic pleasantries Friedrich almost immediately zeroed in on Levi Zimmermann. While he was professional in passing, Fritz couldn’t help but feel a bit antagonized.]


[center [#31eb4d “Huh, look at what the cat dragged in! I’m surprised you’re here, Zimmermann. I thought you’d be stowed away in the Alps yodeling. Doing Swiss shit or something.”] Friedrich said only to get a face palm from Charlemagne and a side eye from Kristina who looked like she’d rather be taken out by a sniper than hear Fritz be a class clown. [#31eb4d “Although I would not blame you if you backed out now.”] he teased before Kristina swatted at him with a hand to shut him up. Charlotte then pushed the German man to a seat at the dining table and gave him a glass of iced water to sip on. Although, Friedrich swirled the water in his glass, looking at Levi and Holly with his infamous shit-eating grin. [#31eb4d “I don’t know how you put up with him, Holly. “] Fritz chuckled only to be cut off by Kristina. [#b00202 “I don’t know how anyone deals with you, Friedrich.”]]


[center Friedrich scoffed, feigning offense. [#31eb4d “What are you insinuating? I’m practically Prince Charming here!”] he responded before sipping on his water. His personality was certainly gregarious in a way. But it certainly was peculiar to say the least…]


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