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[center [h3 Test]] [center [i Drip Drip Drip]] [center [youtube]] [center [+red Have you taken today's samples yet? So no change? That's disappointing well continue monitoring the subjects.]] [center [i Drip drip drip drip]] [center [+red And someone fix those damn pipes already.]] [center [b As the water fell from the rusted pipes of the barren underground lab. So did the spirits of those who dwelled in such a place.]] [center [b It almost looked more like an underground waterway or a sewer than a lab it was hard to believe any kingdom would fund this. It hardly looked legit though the drugs and tech were state of the art that much was for sure.]] [center [b Though the machines never broke that wasn't to say other things did not. There was one such broken thing perhaps shattered even.]] [center [+red Subject "Rex" he's been here for quite some time. He's lost rather a lot of cellmates, hasn't he? Well place the next three subjects here I doubt he'll last much longer. The subject's been nonresponsive for quite some time now.]] [center [i Drip drip drip drip]] [center [+blue But sir we are ordered two per--]] [center [+red Nonsense we save more room this way I have more promising subjects to concern myself with. That will be all carry-on.]] [center [b The man adjusted his collar as he handed his clipboard to his female aid. She appeared young and rather frightened too. She was young and most certainly unprepared. How she ended up here was anyone's guess.]] [center [h3 Day 364]] [center [b Subject Rex had laid in his cell scribbling on the walls as usual. Though other subjects from near cells would attempt to catch his attention it was to no avail. The boy was gone all that remained was a husk a shell. Though that was not always the case. Once the boy had attempted to make such chit-chat. Timid and awkward he hardly said much.]] [center [b Though one by one the subjects would change again and again and again and again. Why bother talking to someone who wouldn't stay much longer?]] [center [b Rex had fiddled with his hair laying in a brown tunic. One of the things he had missed most may have been the clothes they had taken away. When had that happened? How had that happened? It was hard to remember much of anything with all the shots.]] [center [+orange Three hundred and... Sixty-Four tomorrow is a special day. A special day...]] [center [b Rex stared at the roof to only cover his face with his arm. No sky again yeah almost as if he kept looking one day there wouldn't be a roof. That one day when he opened his eyes there would magically be a blue sky.]] [center [b Not that he went out much in the first place. Or did he? It was hard to remember anything at all. Rex hated this feeling he could only remember a few faces. Parents? Lover? Siblings? These questions would plague the man for hours to hours a night. Enough for him to want to take a drill and--]] [center [+orange Drill... Drill..... What are my drills today? Will I have to kill someone today?]] [center [i Drip drip drip]] [center [b As drops of water continued to hit the ground the boy had wept. No longer were the drops of water from the pipe alone.]] [center [b Rex had decided if he was to kill another or was pitted against one he would instead surrender his own life. That was selfish, wasn't it? To let someone else live in this hell hole? To find peace in death? Selfish... Selfish.... It was hard for the muddled boy to find right or wrong.]] [center [+orange That's not right... Right right right.... no left? No, wait up? Or maybe down? Should I? Go down? Down down..]] [center [b The boy rambled on as his words fell on deaf ears. As the boy's sweet voice clashed with the words he rambled on and on.]] [center [h3 Eric]] [center [+darkblue Subject "Knight" thick muscle tissue, dense bone structure. I suppose he was properly titled. Though his changes seem to only be around the body how boringly straightforward. The last guy made a nice lighter.]] [center [b The woman spoke as she adjusted her glasses licking her lips appearing somewhere in her mid-thirties.]] [center [+darkblue His cellmate is... Ahh, subject Rex that delicious little morsel. I wonder if our knight in shining armor taste just as sweet.]] [center [pic]] [center [b Subject Knight being a brown-haired male yet to be stripped of his coat or belongings. Those were the rules down here obey those above you and keep your things. As long as it wasn't any weapons of course. As the guards shoved subject Knight or also known as Subject Arthur into the cell. Rex had shot up hearing his cell cage open.]] [center [+brown Oh heya! The names Eric pleasure to meet you.]] [center [b The tall brown-haired male smiled as the guards shut the gate as Rex stared at the man. Smiling? That won't last long he was one of those types. A man who held hope strong or just a delusional fool. Either way, they all broke the same it didn't matter who.]] [center [+brown I heard we're getting two more roommates man it'll be cramped! So what's you're name champ?]] [center [b The male said as he sat beside Rex looking his way his mouth widened into a smile. Rex had noticed the name flash his teeth into a smile... An expression he hadn't been familiar with for some time.]] [center [+orange I umm... I'm.... Well... I'm Subject Rex.]] [center [b He said as he looked away rubbing the back of his neck looking away. It was harder to ignore someone that shared the same cell with you.]] [center [h3 Evelyn]] [center [pic]] [center [b Long eyelashes paired with deep green emerald eyes along with chestnut brown hair. This was the description of a young woman being directed to her testing area. Looking around curiously she felt her arms shaking but she slapped herself quickly. Her two "escorts" were looking her way. She forced herself to smile regardless of her situation despite her legs shaking she kept on her smile wearing it like it was a piece of armor. The escorts simply shrugged as one shoved her to move along quickly.]] [center [+darkgreen That's no way to treat a lady ya know~]] [center [b She chuckled as the second escort growled bunting her with the back of his fire arm. She spat a bit of blood coughing slightly but it wasn't long before the bleeding stopped.]] [center [h3 Subject 2]] [pic]


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