The modern Demon slayer

By Colorful_insanity

The demons have become harder and harder to find, however the group known as Demon slayers have grown as well. Its because the demons have expanded so much through the world that the Demon slayer Corp has also started recruiting from other countries in the world, So now each country has their own branch of the Demon slayer corp.
Still not recognized by the world governments the demon slayers have had more hard time hunting demons without running into problems of some sort. Today many new candidates wish to join demon slayers ranks for one reason or another, but first the final exam. This is where the story starts the new final exam for demon slayers is tomorrow and everyone must gather on the outside of the Mount Fujikasane shrine.

Rules and Regulatiions

1. Paragraphs is what I prefer, but I know mind block happens. I prefer to have something I can work with.

2. No God moding this is obvious though as no one enjoys their character being controlled by someone else.

3. Photos are to be artish or Anime in style (just understand I will ask you to change it if I do not like it.)
4. Fill out a skeleton and PM it to me

Character Skeleton

photo: a link to your photo
Puppetmaster: Whom are you?
name: What is on your birth certificate? Last, First
Nicknames: What are you called by others (friends)
titles: What do demons call you?
Breathing style: What element style do you use? Fire, Lightning, water, Wind, etc
Mastery: How mastered are you in your breathing Stle?

Name: Blind, Aric
Nicknames: Silver eye, Blind boy, and a few others
Title: The silver eyed King, Or Asshole really
Breathing style: Uses a type of Water style for his mastery, however he uses Mercury/metal
Master: Standard. Has had several years of Training for his breathing style, but not enough to be considered High Degree.

Name: Rave Ta'Xet
Nicknames: The Hidden Dragon, The Dormant Dragon, The Sleeping Dragon, Rave.
Titles: Betrayer, Asshole, and Mutt by most. The God Of Violent Death.
Breathing style: Uses something known as ‘The Dragon’ for his mastery. He is the only one that knows it as of right now. Uses a form of Water. He only knows two moves from it though, so it is kind of pointless.
Uses a form of Fire. Knows one move it is known as ‘Megakuramu hi’ (Blinding Fire in literal English).
(More To Be Learned)
Mastery: ‘Rave’ is thought of as a sage in ‘The Dragon’, which is true. But he is a novice at all of the other breathing styles.
‘Rave’ has the strange ability of using something that has only ever been called 'Dragon Art'.
There is a reason for this. But it will be revealed later.
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