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The Forgotten Promise

By Psyche
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[#c0214d [center [pic] Sora couldn't remember you... He could hardly remember himself for that matter. Sora, for the longest time thought he was nothing more than a human. Then you showed up out of the blue. At first he thought you were nothing more than a large dog. That was until she shifted right before his eyes. Sora was scared of you at first until the two of you began talking again. Sora had forgotten about the promise you two made years ago. It angered you. Now you stood here before Sora demanding that stop this charade. What was he talking about? Can you break the spell that Sora was under? Or would you simply start anew?
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PsycheSora   1y ago
✩ The Sweet One ✩

[#c0214d What I am looking is some to play a male werewolf.  This rp will be a 1x1 (adding side character here and there is fine) I want this to be sweet romance with some minor conflicts.  If you are interest please pm me. Thank you
PsycheSora   1y ago
✩ The Sweet One ✩

[center Sora is a slender young man with dark russet colored hair. His hazel colored eyes seemed to be hiding some thing. Perhaps they were nothing more than hidden emotions. Sora sighed softly as he closed his eyes. He really did want to go to class today. It was too sunny out it gave him a headache.   He had always been that way. As long as he could remember. he always felt ill on bright sunny day. His friends used to tease him all the time. He sighed softly as he rolled over in bed pulling the blanket over his head. Sora drifted back to sleep.  He had the same dream that he always did. A strange man following. Before his eyes that man would change from man to beast. It was always a starling dream that he seemed to happen on these annoyingly bright sunny day. Sora didn't wake up until sunset.   [#c0214d "Shit"] he mumble as he looked at alarm clock that was sitting next to his bed. He really didn't mean to sleep the day away. Now it was time for work. He worked at small cafe.  Sora quickly got out of bed. He brushed his hair and teeth. He changed his clothes quickly and headed out the door. Today seemed like another normal day. Despite the fact that he slept for 10 hours. Sora smiled softly as he got to work. The smell of coffee flooded his nose as soon as he step through the door. It was always a pleasant smell. He smiled softly as he waved to his coworker.


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