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Romantic Fantasy Search! [Currently Closed]

By linkthehero

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I am currently looking for some dark, medieval fantasy/ romance stories to occupy my downtime. I have a few plots in mind, but have not gone to the effort of outlining them deeply, yet. I was hoping to find some partners to flesh out some ideas together with. I’ll list the basic ideas at the bottom under my boundaries and things to know:


I do not write with minors. In fact, I prefer not to write with anyone under 21.
I am almost 30. My characters along with what I write and how I write all reflect my age. This being said, please mention any triggers you may have if we write together so we can avoid them!

☆ I work a full time job that waxes and wanes with how busy it is. Right now I am currently writing this at my job, but when things pick up again I hope for patience. I am probably the most patient person when it comes to waiting for replies, as well. I will not badger you. I do not set time limits for you to reply. All I ask is a few updates now and then in case it’s been a little while longer than usual and I will do the same for you!

☆ If at any point you aren’t feeling the story any more, all you have to do is say so. This is a judgment-free zone. I will not ask you why you wish to leave. If you feel like you might return to the story and are just not feeling it at the moment, then we can always bookmark it and come back to it as well.

☆ I have ADHD which causes me to hyperfixate on my stories. I will no doubt become a little obsessed and I tend to make pinterest boards and playlists for my stories and characters and share them with my writing partners. If this is something you find a little strange or want to opt out of, let me know ahead of time.


☆ I am up for any kind of romance, MxF, MxM, or MxGNC. (I am a transman and when I am writing just for fun, I tend to get dysphoric when writing women. Writing men is very affirming for me, so my characters will be male.)

☆ I enjoy writing slow burn romances with plenty of interrupted almost-kisses and languid looks. Anything spicy will be taken off site or time skipped.

☆ I am looking for longer plot and character driven posts and someone that is unafraid to move the story along with me. I have been saddled with the weight of being the only person to inch the story along bit-by-bit far too many times in the past. I seriously do not mind if you mention my character moving three paces or skipping time and glossing over my character for me to fill in the holes later. I love to plan things out with my writing partner!


☆ A lord hires a tracker (my character) who is sent to find the lord’s only child (your character) who has run away from their noble duties. Upon finding the runaway and hearing the other side of the story, he learns that the lord may not be as noble and good as he appears. Should he collect on this bounty or do the right thing?

☆ The last of the elves live at the peak of the tallest mountain. They want nothing to do with humans or their ilk who have taken advantage of their healing magic for far too many years. They have been secluded long enough now that only their elders remember what the humans looked like. While hunting low on the mountain one day, your character finds an injured man. A human man. They use their healing magic to save him, but know that this may cost them their life for it is forbidden to help a human. Who is this stranger? Why was he headed up the mountain? And who had tried to kill him?

☆ Magic is gone. Or so the world believed. For three decades there had been no sign of a mage. The Hunters had done their job and won the war on magic. Now the positions were mere ceremonial. My character is one such Hunter and was just a child when the war was on, eventually filling his father’s shoes. When a rumor came that there was a mage living in seclusion in the south, the king sent him to go check, thinking it was just talk. When he finds the mage, he finds your character. And instead of a grizzled, angry, old man, he finds a beautiful, innocent youth just trying to get by. Did the Hunters really murder innocent people like this? Could he?

☆ After a lost war with the humans and the death of his chief and father, an orc (my character) exiles himself so that further shame cannot be brought upon his people. While in exile, a runaway human (your character) finds themself in the large woods and at his mercy. Can an orc realize that not every human is at fault for his peoples’ suffering? And can a human learn to see past the brutish nature of an orc to see the good inside? And will a rift come between them when the orcs seek out their chief to lead them to war once again?

PM me if you are interested or even have an idea of your own you think I might like. :)
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