The Chaos Squad.


The Chaos Squad, also known as The Chaos Four, are four beings of a different world, they are the strongest beings alive on earth, though there are a select few that have been able to get to floor two.

First Boss: Showmaster
Height: 6'5"+
Extraordinary Power: Circus Ring/Telepathic illusion.
Circus Description: Summons a complete Circus made of demons that can replicate your deepest fear.
Telepathic-Illusion Description: Allows Showmaster to create illusions that can physically harm the victim/target.

Second Boss: Amyumino
Height: 6'4"
Extraordinary Power: Trash Mammals
Description: Summons an army of over grown Mammals that typically go through trash, Stray Dogs, Stray Cats, Raccoons, Bears, Moose, Horse, etc... they typically range from 25 to 100 feet tall, though they can get emmensly taller.

Height: 9'10"
Extraordinary Power: Unknown
Description: None Listed, no-one has ever gotten this far

Final Boss: Mr. V
Height: 16' average
Extraordinary Power: Ȩ̶̤̮͍͉̜̦͔̌͑̍͂͘͝ͅR̴̼͎̻̽̑̔Ŕ̵̢̖͗͆̿̅͌̿̀͑O̷͇̙̣̪̣̐̾̿́R̶̘̼̙̭͇͎͚̹͛̿̒̊̇̃̎̓̚ ̶̛̙̏͒̈̎̑̍̊̚͝4̷̟̝͈̝͓̳̺̋͐̂̀͐̈́̀̀̚͜0̷̹̱̞̲͕̩̯̣̮̠̀̊͐̄͌͋̑̽͂͘4̴̡̰̩͕̬́̄͗̿̇̏͒̃̽ ̷̮̗̩̟̻̣̱̭̏͌̆̈́̊̔͠N̴͉̲͙͇̗̬̬̗͉̦̓̈́̊̕͠Ọ̶̩͖̝͍͊͊̌̏͠Ǹ̸̢̹̒͆̐̈́̄̊̈́͝͝Ě̷̤͖͓̲͍̉͊̀̃͘ ̵̺̭̠͌̀̆̏̓̚E̵̢̨̝͇͕̒̀̂̂̊̄͝Ẍ̶̜̑͋̇̑͗͂̄̓͝I̵̱̭̳̋Ş̵͎̬̮̝̼̂̐̓̌̀̍̿̓̆̂T̴̜̒̉A̴̪̥̝͗̈́͒́̈͋N̷̳̤̗̠̠̞̬͕̓͐̄̄̐̐̔͝Ţ̷̟͋ ̶̧̧͎̗̰͍͓͔̀͂͗͜T̴̡̟͈̠̥̣͓͕̆̈́̕̚͜͝ͅO̶̠̟̤̣̟̬̅̌͋̆Ō̶̻͈̝̩̯͎̺̥͗͋̏ ̷̭͍͉̯̥́̎̈́́P̵͎͚̬͎͋Ö̸̻̼̣́̒͒͒̀̎͑͑͘Ẁ̴̢͈̹̙̬͙̱̪E̸̻̠̱͖̗͛̒͘R̴̓̓̈́͊̆̇͠ͅF̴̡͚̝̥͖́͌̍͗̑̕͜Ṷ̷̐̑̅́̏̓̀̏L̸̛͍̘̪̻͕̮̭̥͖͂͌̒̑̕͠͝L̴̦͕̋̋͐̈́̈́͋̔̆͝͝
Describption: None

you could also have other powers


Extraordinary Power:

Name: Grayson Grey
Height: 5"6'
Age: 16
Weapons: Escrima Sticks
Powers: none
Description: Grayson is an expert assassin who is most known as The Silent Assassin by the news papers, he was given that name after killing three very important people in his home town.

Adventurer: Mika Kokoa, shortened to Mikokoa
Height: 4'11"
Age: 19
Weapons: Metal Bat
Extraordinary Power: Foresight, Mediumship/ Channeling
Description: In a way they can tell the future, specifically major events. It can range from anything dangerous to if someone’s having a baby or not. Depending on how major or far into the future it is, they can get major headaches and even nosebleeds. The vision also becomes more cryptic and random, you’ll have to pick it apart and decode it to figure out what’s going on. It could be OP if Mikokoa was aware of this and smart with it, which they aren’t.
Mikokoa is also able to communicate and interact with the people who have died in the area that they are in, this can come in handy when on the floors of The Chaos Tower. But the downside is that they can only see them out of the corners of their eyes, but averagely they are pretty helpful.

Adventurer: Enver Terzi
Height: 5'9
Weapons: SMLE mk2 (a Lee Enfield from Arabia). The gun contains some Arabic sentences carved into the body of the gun
Extraordinary Power:
Phase- This ability allows him to esentially dissapear in and out for 5 seconds at a time. With normally a minute cooldown (or 2 rp actions) he cant carry people through only items.
Description: Enver Terzi is just some young adult with far fetched dreams. He holds in intrest in history and war and likes to learn about it casually. He has a slight turkish accent which comes out when he gets angry.
Enver is a short fused person getting angry rather easily. He also holds religion close to himself only having bravery coming from pure faith alone.
He has recieved minor military training from an organisation he funded small amounts of cash towards. Mainly being towards general fitness and being able to use his rifle.

Adventurer: Reysatra Saturnyne
Height: 5'9”, but 5'6” without heels.
Age: Appears to be in her 20's, but is far older.
Weapons: Magical Shapeshifting Armour
Extraordinary Power: Negative energy absorption/manipulation and magic.
Description: Reysatra or Lady Saturnyne comes from a long lineage of Fey Mages. Alongside Rey's natural magic talent and raw power, she developed the ability to absorb and manipulate Negative energy, an ability viewed to be chaotic and corrupting, which caused her to become ostracized by her people. Needless to say, she played the villain for the Fey until one day she left her home plane to start anew. Having grown bitter and resentful in her exile, she lusts for power and knowledge above all else so that no one may hurt her again.
Weaknesses: As a Fey, Rey has a weakness to cold iron, an unprotected touch from it will sear her skin as if burning hot, and it can disrupt Fey-based magic spells.
The Fey were not incorrect in their assumption about her power over Negative energy being chaotic and corrupting. Absorbing too much can overload Reysatra which can lead to disastrous results for her.

Adventurer: Aanya Kumar
Height: 6'4
Age: 34
Weapons: Dagger, pistol. sword, sythe, trident
Extraordinary Power: She can control the rocks, and water near her. The only thing is that her weakness is fire.
Description: She has a fiery passion for sailing, ever since she was a kid. She loves to challenge herself, and others. She can be mostly rude, and cold. But if you get on her good side than maybe the tables will turn.
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TheShowmasterShowmaster, God of Entertainment   11d ago because I'm kewl | Entertainment is everything!

Showmaster comes into the room, looking at FROST with a bit of a "I messed up" look on his face. However, you can also see excitement at the same time. This is going to be good. Showmaster doesn't just get excited over anything. "FROST, I have some bad news. There's a problem currently going on. There are rumors of some.. Adventurers coming into our plain." He says, planting his body in a chair at a table. "Now, I know that only higher beings like US can get onto floor 2, but I think that the mortals are finding out a way. And they're finding out fast. You see, I was performing a show for the mortals down on floor 1, but when I was ascending back up, I think they might have chipped off a tiny bit of my.. Methods of getting back." He explains, sighing and planting his head in his hands. After a second or two, he puts his head back up and stares FROST dead in the eyes again. "As you know, I use a stage to get back, disappearing with smoke bombs. And as you also know, the stage usually vanishes after that happens. And, well.. It didn't really VANISH this time. They managed to get a chunk of my stage off, and now I'm pretty sure that they're testing it in some lab. I know I should go down and get it back, but.." He lets out a little smirk, laughing like a madman before continuing his previous statement. "I think it would be a good idea to let some puny mortals up here. It's been a while since we've caused some chaos upon their species." Showmaster puts his hand out to FROST, his eyes being revealed under the brim of his hat. His eyes are swirling like a vortex, a beady blue and magenta colour swimming in his pupils. "So.. What do you say, friend?"
(Hope this was a good first post!)
Mr_VFather Vossler, Lord of Writing   11d ago

Father Vossler sat at the table with Showmaster and listened. 

He wore long tattered black and red cloak.

"Puny mortals you say? My oh my this should be fun!" His voice boomed through the room as he let out a deep chuckle, his face hidden away with a red gleam coming from his eyes under his hood.

"It would be a shame if these mortals were to discover something rather magnificent with your stage! They might even...want to discover more!" Father Vossler laughed now. "Let the puny mortals and their curious minds be the death of them! It has been a while since I have tasted the fear from one."
TheShowmasterShowmaster, God of Entertainment   11d ago because I'm kewl | Entertainment is everything!

"Yes, Father Vossler! EXACTLY! That is the excitement I'm looking for. I've been examining the humans, and I've realized that most of their downfalls are created by their curiosity." He says, slamming his fists on the table. "Puny mortals are known for getting in other's business, taking what isn't theirs, and walking away like nothing happened." It was at this point that he started to tear up. He was crying. "I.. I remember what happened when S-Sister Sandra went to g-go fight an army of humans.. She was simply trying to t-t-t-take back her harp. But the humans.. They.. They killed her." He slammed his fists on the table again, his voice booming with fury. "I WILL AVENGE YOU, SISTER SANDRA! I DON'T CARE WHAT IT TAKES, BUT I WILL AVENGE YOU! I WILL STRIKE DOWN THOSE LOWER BEINGS WITH THE POWER OF ONE THOUSAND CIRCUS RINGS! Oh, Sanda! If you can hear me, lend me your power! I will use everything I have to smite them down! As Pope Jimmy once said.. Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." He says this, looking up to the sky. He was trying to communicate with Sister Sandra. He always loved her, but she died to humans. It was a devastating day when that happened. He looked at Father Vossler, his once magenta and blue vortex eyes now turned into a swirling mass of red and black chaos. "Vossler, I will destroy every last human. The taste.. Oh, the taste! I cannot remember the last time I ate a human. It's been so long.. We will destroy humans! Because who are we?! We.. Are.. The CHAOS SQUAD!" He screams, laughing madly.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow (kritanta)   11d ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

FROSTBITE looked up at the now standing Showmaster, staring him dead in the eye, inside of FROSTBITE's eyes was nothing but Pain and Rage, it was literal hell just to see him open his right eye, [b [#99FFFF "Please, do not slam your fist on my desk, it took days to paint it."]] he said calmly, [b [#99FFFF "Now then, to address the matter at hand, young Showmaster, I understand that you would like to once again open the tower to the 'Adventurers' but I have been hearing talk of humans with extraordinary abilities in the market. As you know I am only able to go down there because no-body has ever reached floor three, Amy had either killed them or let them leave before they got the chance to, but seeing as she is no longer with us at the moment, due to her no longer being stationed here, I worry that some may get past the guards that she set to stay in here place."]] FROSTBITE said as the room filled with a frozen fog, that had tiny sparkles of ice, [b [#99FFFF "But, I think it would be fun to have a challenge again, after all, we have been dormant for quite some time. What has it been? Four-thousand years now?"]] FROSTBITE said, smiling with his razor-sharp teeth, [b [#99FFFF "Hand me a cigar boys! Because we're getting some new costumers!"]] he yelled victoriously.
Mr_VFather Vossler, Lord of Writing   11d ago

Father Vossler summons a box of fancy black cigars with purple bands around them. He passed them down to each person in the room and he summoned a single flame from his fingers before lighting his. 

"[b [#B71414 It is indeed time we bring The Chaos Squad back! Four thousand years is too long to be without some...FUN!]]" he yelled out the last word as he took a nice long drag from his cigar which when he blew out the smoke it was a thick purple smoke. 

"[b [#B71414 Amy should really be here with us to be honest. She is a part of the squad!]]" Vossler said sighing.
TheShowmasterShowmaster, God of Entertainment   11d ago because I'm kewl | Entertainment is everything!

"YOU WILL?!" He boomed, excitement filling him. After a second or two of just blank stares, he continues speaking, grabbing a handkerchief and wiping the sweat from his brow. The handkerchief goes back into his coat just as soon as it went out. He clears his throat before continuing, "Yes, sister Amy SHOULD be here. I don't know what's taking her so long.. And sorry, I don't smoke. You should know this after so many eons.." He puts his hand up to Vossler's cigar, showing he didn't want one. "Unless you're talking about smoke BOMBS!" Showmaster lets out another maniacal laugh before calming himself down. He takes a smoke bomb out of his pocket, smashing it on the ground, puffy clouds of smoke flying everywhere. "Yes! STAGE PROPS! ENTERTAINMENT! HUMANS HAVE NEVER SEEN ENTERTAINMENT AS PRECISE AS THIS BEFORE!" He screams this while looking up. "Also.. I have someone I want to introduce to you guys!"
Mr_VFather Vossler, Lord of Writing   9d ago

Vossler put the cigar he offered to ShowMaster back into the void and nodded.When Showmaster threw the smoke bombs around Father Vossler backed away and coughed a bit. "[b [#B71414 Always with the smoke bombs my friend!]]" He then looked up at him and then Frost before sitting back down. He took a puff of his cigar and blew out some more purple smoke.

"[b [#B71414 Who is this person Show? One of your puppets?]]" Father Vossler asked with a sly and deep chuckle. He loved messing with his friends and sometimes they did the same.
TheShowmasterShowmaster, God of Entertainment   9d ago because I'm kewl | Entertainment is everything!

"Nope. I have someone I want to show ya."
He opens his hand to reveal an adorable boy. "His name is Tiny, and I will use him as a distraction to the adventurers. Should one make it here, this adorable little pawn of mine will try to distract them from progressing further. Should they ignore his warnings.." He grabs Tiny, crushing his spine and showing his twin brother Anthony. "This fun little deep 14 year old twitter K-POP stan will murder them. If they somehow survive.. They will have to face me." He gives each of them a Tiny and an Antiny. "Any questions?"
FROSTBITE4395Qrow (kritanta)   9d ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

FROSTBITE took a cigar and lit a flame on the tip of his thumb [b [#99FFFF "I don't like him. And how are the adventurers supposed to advance in the levels if this thing kills them?"]] FROSTBITE asked as he proceeded to take a large puff of his cigar. [b [#99FFFF "Where did you come across these cigars Voss, they're amazing."]] FROST said with a smile, [b [#99FFFF "Gaurds, Please open the tower doors and inform the guilds that we are officially open for business, but first give all reviving areas resurrection stones, we don't want to run out of adventurers, now do we?"]] he said with a small chuckle. FROSTBITE stood up and walked towards a large wooden cabnet [b [#99FFFF "Hello beautiful."]] FROST mumbled, looking at a sword that stood at seven-feet and two-inches, though the height could change when fused with power it was perfect. FROSTBITE grabbed it and looked back at Shomaster and Voss, [b [#99FFFF "My floor has only ever had one visitor, a young man who was so strong that I had to go into my strongest form to compete, with this blade I killed him, he was past the point of a resurrection stone, even then he hadn't signed up to be resurrected, now he rests in peace on my floor, he will be remembered forever. Now! Let us hope for many new and good adventurers!"]] FROSTBITE said, everyone knew the story of the boy who went head to head with FROSTBITE, they destroyed the third floor, the tower could repair itself fast enough during the fight, it was amazing, FROSTBITE even hung up the armor of this opponent on his wall, which was a huge achievement.
Mr_VFather Vossler, Lord of Writing   9d ago

Vossler smirked beneath his hood. [b [#B71414 "Why thank you Frost! I only smoke the best cigars in the multiverse!"]] He let out a low laugh and stood up.

He walked around the table and stared at the tinys. "[b [#B71414 I mean, they could work...At least Tiny, but not the crazy version. As Frost said we don't want them to kill them adventurers now."]] He sighed and stretched his arms and looked over at Frost who was removing the sword. [b [#B71414 "They will regret the day they step into my domain."]] He let out another wicked deep laugh. [b [#B71414 "For I have a special trick up my sleeve."]]
TheShowmasterShowmaster, God of Entertainment   9d ago because I'm kewl | Entertainment is everything!

"Damn, you're right.." He looks down, kicking the floor before chuckling. "That means I can rip this little guy apart.. Heh." He grabs Anthony, putting his index finger and thumb on each side of Anthony, ripping him apart. "AHH!! AHH!! PUT ME DOWN!!" His flesh falls off of his body, his skin melting to the ground in a sinister representation of expulsion from the group. "That.. Isn't enough." He takes his bones, crushing them. The crackling noises are so quiet, but also incredibly satisfying. "Now, I wonder how these guys taste.. I have an idea!" He sets out plates on the table. Showmaster sits down, putting on a bib and opening his mouth wide, shoving a piece of Anthony inside of his mouth. He crunches on his bones, and if the others chose to eat it, he would taste amazing. "Mmm.. Is this what humans taste like? Yes, this is so good.. Ahem. Anyways. Let us prepare!" He grabs his circus rings and walks to his floor. "Farewell!"
niikobanMikokoa   9d ago

Meanwhile with Mikokoa, they were in town running a few errands when they heard the news about the tower through a good friend.
Admittedly they really only knew it existed and that was it, they could barely even remember the name. They weren’t the type to look things up or know much, and their 'opinions' were rarely ever their own, merely formed on what they thought people wanted out of them to avoid confrontation.
They should really work on that, huh?..

"You should go, see if you can make it to at least the 2nd floor. You have the abilities for it, yeah?" Mikokoa’s friend suggested with much more confidence then they’d expect.

"Maybe? I don’t think it’d be a very good idea though." Unlike her, they didn’t have much faith in their own abilities. It felt like people viewed them through rose tinted glasses.

"At least try! It’d be cool, besides, imagine you’re one of the few that actually made it. You’ll know where to go and what to do, won’t you? With your foresight and ability to interact with ghosts. There’ll be others with you too, so you won’t need to worry about being alone."

"Uhh, well.." She really wanted them to join, huh? Feeling guilty saying no with how excited their friend seemed, they sigh. "Sure."


And that’s how Mikokoa got themself into something much bigger than what they expected, something they didn’t even care about or want to be apart of. Standing at the entrance to the building, they felt as if their stomach was doing back flips. Oh boy.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow (kritanta)   9d ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

As FROST remembered that faitfull day in which all of the monsters in the tower and all of the people on the ground heard rumors of he smiled.

[center [b [#99FFFF ---------------------

FROSTBITE looked up to see man, he had what seemed to be metal armor coated with leather, he was seven-feet and three-inches in the least, FROST watched as his hair waved in the cold breeze while he was walking, [b [#A9A9A9 "Ahh, so you're the one that the second floors boss talked about, FROSTBITE, I, Adrick Akim, challenge you."]] The young man said.
FROSTBITE let out a loud a large [b [#99FFFF Sigh]] in the frozen air, suddenly he stood up and revealed himself to be a nearly eleven foot titan, [b [#99FFFF "Very well, I except your challenge.]] FROSTBITE said as the young man gently took of the top half of his armor, his skin then opened up, cracks of energy started to appear on his body, it must have been very painful.
[b [#A9A9A9 "Die!"]] The boy yelled, punching the air, suddenly the cold mist in front of him seemingly solidified due to the strength of the punch, a thicc wall of ice flew towards FROSTBITE.
FROSTBITE raised his arms as a shield, 
[b [#99FFFF "Fascinating, I didn't know people could be born with such power."]] FROSTBITE said, transforming into his [ second form], suddenly the cold mist that had quickly replenished itself turned dark, as if it had transported the two into another dimension, [b [#99FFFF "See, I don't think you knew the true severity in you challenging me to this battle. I am one of the four Chaos beings."]] FROSTBITE said, [b [#99FFFF "It is known between us Chaos beings that I was raised by Vossler when we were sent here unvolentarily, he raised me like I was his own son, he taught me how to control my power and even gave me a portion of his own, though he sealed it so that I couldn't use it until the multiverse collapsed into itself."]] FROSTBITE said as a shard of darkness was thrown through the dark fog, it just barely skimmed the boys cheak due to him somehow dodging it.
[b [#A9A9A9 "Your telling this because you think your going to kill me. Alright, guess I might as well tell you my story, I was named Adrick Akim, meaning Dark God, because of the Darkness in my body, which gave me this power, I was raised in a monastery which taught me how to use my power.]] he stopped talking and absorbed the dark mist revealing the battlefield, the energy in the cracks went from a pulsing radioactive red to a pitch black with a purple that just seemed to match [b [#A9A9A9 "I am darkness!"]] the boy yelled, blasting a stormy wave of black and purple energy at FROSTBITE.
FROSTBITE Changed into a third form, ice wrapped around his body and formed an [ armor], [b [#99FFFF "No... I am."]] FROSTBITE said as the darkness in his eyes flashed an ice blue, Suddenly a sleeved sword appeared in his right hand, he then continued to draw the sword from it's sieth and cut through the darkness, he appeared in front of the boy and kicked him into the wall, completely demolishing it.
The battle continued between the two for hours, they destroyed the walls of the floor so fast that the tower couldn't repair itself quick enough, though in the end FROSTBITE rained victorious, he drove his sword through the boys chest and quickly pulled it out, [b [#99FFFF "You were spectacular."]] FROSTBITE said.

[center [b [#99FFFF ---------------------
Present Day

FROSTBITE smiled at the memory, [b [#99FFFF "Showmaster get that stuff off my desk."]] FROSTBITE ordered.

(that was not the full story)
Mr_VFather Vossler, Lord of Writing   9d ago

(Nice posts you guys!)

Father Vossler suddenly perked up. His eyes began to glow purple beneath his hood. [b [#B71414 "We have a challenger at the gates!"]] He said excitedly. [b [#B71414 "It is about time! I have waited so long for an adventurer... Maybe they can get past you unlike ol' Adrick!"]] He let out a deep laugh and put out his cigar.

 [b [#B71414 "I guess that means it's, what's that word Showmaster uses?...Ah!]] [b [#B71414 [size40 SHOWTIME!"]]]

He stood up and opened up a purple and red portal that lead to his domain and floor; an abandoned library packed full of ancient books and tomes. He walked through it and the portal closed.
TheShowmasterShowmaster, God of Entertainment   9d ago because I'm kewl | Entertainment is everything!

"A challenger.. That means that we must open the gates. Oh, they're already opened? Well.. I better prepare my speech." As Miko approached the tower, the doors suddenly flew open, a purple smoke puffing out of the doorway. When Miko walks in, they see a large stage taking up most of the room. A spotlight appears on the stage. A man in a tattered red suit, sparkly black and white striped pants, black gloves, and a large tophat. This man starts to cackle. [i [b [font "Adorn" "AHAHA! WELCOME, ADVENTURER! YOU HAVE ENTERED THE DOMAIN OF THE GODS! You humans truly are as brave as they say... Brave.. And foolish. MUAHA! You must think you are SO POWERFUL, human. But you are not."]]] He grabs his circus rings, twirling them around. He takes the rings apart, making a strange symbol with the remains. This symbol pushes back Miko. [i [b [font "Adorn" "Now, I do not want to fight you yet. This is a little teaser. Although, you do seem worthy for the challenge. I shall see you soon, human. Maybe we can get to know each other. I'd be interested to know how your puny little brain convinced you it would be a good idea to come up all the way here to challenge us Chaotic Gods. I pray to Almighty Jimmy that you survive long enough for us to meet. Until that moment happens, I will have to leave you alone."]]] The man stops his circus wrings, his tophat spinning in circles. His tophat grows propellers as he starts to fly away. His stage bursts into a wave of light, clouding Miko's eyes with a bright hue. Once their vision is cleared again, the stage and Showmaster are nowhere to be seen. Floor 0 has been reached. Good luck, Miko. You're going to need it.
niikobanMikokoa   9d ago

(Thank you Voss :D)

Mikokoa coughs from the smoke, fanning it away from their face using their hand so they’d be able to see more clearly. They admittedly had a mini heart attack when the fancily dressed stranger had suddenly appeared before them, jumping back and tightening their grip on the bat.
Seriously? Already? Taking a deep breath, they took a moment to think. No, they wouldn’t send one of them out this soon.. at least, that’s what they hoped. Couldn’t they have let Mikokoa prepare themself first? Get used to it or even find other people?
They tried their best to look intimidating as they waited for what they assumed was going to be a fight begin. Anger is intimidating, right? Right. Ironically, they look more nervous than angry.

Wait, what? Some type of speech instead? Hmph. All that mental preparation and planning was for nothing then, and their first assumption was correct. Maybe luck really is on their side today.
Ignoring the insult about them being a fool, Mikokoa had tried asking what he meant by them surviving long enough and who Jimmy was, but Showmaster had already left.
They sigh, resting the metal bat against their shoulders as they continued to walk. ".. What an entrance."
amyuminoMarvin Carillo [Amy's drag alter ego]   8d ago
Trash mammal queen

She was walking around in a Sanity's Fall shirt, a red plaid gothic style skirt that went to her thigh, black boots and black fishnet stockings and was trying to coax a raccoon from underneath a dumpster and heard footsteps approaching and looked up as she listened to her surroundings.

"Canon, im not gonna hurt you, you want some food, I have some crackers in my pocket if you want some",she says in her thick Irish accent as she coughed some, pulling the crackers from the skirt picket and itched her nose some.
MeedyEnver Terzi   8d ago
Somehow my name is original enough you can find my social media

He was kind of on a bench planning something. Writing stuff into a small notepad considering the tower.
He had been influenced by some of his friends and he was kind of considering it in terms of training. He pockets the notebook and starts to just flip a coin repeatedly.
He was kind of nervous about it.
"Should i? Or should i not"
 he mutters to himself and kind of repeats a couple prayers before standing up. He decided to try go so he just quickly messages some friends about the fact he was going to go
FROSTBITE4395Qrow (kritanta)   7d ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

FROSTBITE chuckled after Voss's comment, [b [#99FFFF "Yeah right, he was blessed by the crack in the multiverse, dad."]] he answered, snapping his fingers as he ended, for some reason the tower would respond to The Chaos Squads , he proceeded to grab a walky talky from his back pocket, [b [#99FFFF "Showmaster, Please don't close the doors again, your not even supposed to be on floor one, your stationed on floor fifteen, the last floor of level one through fifteen monsters. Your boss one, remember? Unless you want to challenge Amy again."]] he said, [b [#99FFFF "Alright dad, we should probably get to our floors."]] FROSTBITE then vanished, leaving nothing but a room that was a couple hundred degrees below zero.

(sadly I had to cut this one short.)
Mr_VFather Vossler, Lord of Writing   7d ago

Vossler arrived at his domain which was a massive library full of books and tomes and infinite knowledge.

He sat down at his desk and poured himself a glass of wine from a bottle that was sitting in his desk, an old vintage bottle of red wine.

He swirled the red liquid in his glass before slowly removing his hood which revealed a man with long grey hair and a long beard. His eyes were blood red. 

He took a nice sip from the glass and sat it down on the desk before slipping his hood back on as he summoned a book from one of the shelves; a fictional story about two friends lost at sea on a remote island. A favorite book of his, he opened the book and found his spot before he read to himself. 

He had all the time in the world with all the knowledge at his finger tips.

He controlled the world beyond and even a mysterious complex simply known to people as The Backrooms. 

The Backrooms was an incomplete world that the four chaos beings tried to make as their own but when a freak accident happened involving Vosslers personal tome and his pen, The Backrooms became a hostile environment and even started to get a mind of it's own.

Because of this Vossler had the idea to use The Backrooms as the floors for the tower. 

He smirked and chuckled. These foolish adventurers didn't know what was in store for them.
niikobanMikokoa   7d ago

".. Where is everyone?" They wondered out loud as they explored the tower. They had a habit of talking to themself and asking questions out loud when alone, though, maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea doing that right now.. They could attract something. Hm, speaking of which, would it be called the first floor or zeroth floor?
Floor zero?
Would they call it the bottom floor? It was a stupid question, but to Mikokoa it was confusing how things were labeled. I’m sure it had a simple answer too, but unfortunately, they’re what you’d call unintelligent, or maybe even dense. Mentally challenged, if you will.
amyuminoMarvin Carillo [Amy's drag alter ego]   7d ago
Trash mammal queen

"GET YOUR FAT RACCOON ASS OUT HERE",she yelled to the raccoon and watched as the raccoon ran way and sighed as she threw her hands up and seen one of the alley cats she 'adopted', picking it up and petted it as she pulled out some crackers for it to eat and walked away from the dumpster.

She could hear a voice but thought it was her imagination or the voices she heard all the time and decided to ignore it, shrugging some as she held the black kitten in her arms and was humming to herself some, looking for around a bit.
MeedyEnver Terzi   7d ago
Somehow my name is original enough you can find my social media

He decided to make his way towards the tower forcing all thoughts of turning back away. He had already made a couple of prayers beforehand and just was literally just trying to convince himself to take each step closer and closer. As he got closer he did tremble slightly because he was nervous of the fact he might not come back. Or fail. But if he did at least he wouldnt have died a coward. Well he told himself this to not stop walking. Eventually he stood outside it and just stared up. His hands were shaking and he trembled on the spot just staring up
"Heere we go then"
He was kind of hesitant and just stood outside
HHimmGrayson Grey   6d ago

Grayson looked upwards "Where are we?" Grayson said as he walked around the room, The room looked grey and had a stone structure. He followed Enver outside, hanging onto his sweater just in case they fell. "How high do you think this goes?" he said as he grabbed a chocolate bar out of one of his pockets and unwrapped it.

He bit into it and spit out the piece that was in his mouth, it tasted chalky. He looked into the bar and ripped off the rubbery mesh in it, encasing a flair. He threw it across the room, igniting on impact.

Far from the bustling cities of the world and the troubles of common man, Reysatra Saturnyne stayed in a sort of self imposed exile, a bubble of magic protecting and concealing her Keep from prying eyes... And those who might come looking for her. Since her departure from her kind, she has seldom left the confines of her domain for anything but the pursuit of knowledge and power. However, upon her adventures, she become known to many unironically as a Fairy Godmother, and to some as 'the Good Witch', and 'the Bad Witch' to the unlucky few. Lady Saturnyne to all.

Despite what those in Faerie might say, Rey was not wicked by any stretch; her actions in her home plane were out of necessity, and she got on peacefully in this world. However, that did not mean she was not bitter. And that bitterness is what brought her to her current endeavour. She could not go back to her home. [i Not yet, at least.] The other Fey would think she had abandoned the plane for good, but she's found a different path, a different way. It was only a matter of time before the Fey would see it; her dreams of the far future.

“Lady Saturnyne?” A meek voice called from the doorway. She was in her study, a small library of books, grimoires, and magical tomes Rey has gathered over the years. For her to achieve what she wanted, she would need all the knowledge and power she could get her hands on, but she was at an impasse at the moment, with no light currently at the end of the tunnel.

Turning from the magical tome she was studying, Rey's attention moves to a small bipedal jackalope standing in the doorway. Both man and beast were her ally, big and small. [b “What is it, Feldri? Did I not say I would not be interrupted while in my study?”] She frowns at the small creature who trembles slightly. Rey was a generous mistress, but her tolerance for disrespect was known to be low.

“Yes, of course, My Lady, but I was told to inform you 'the tower has been opened.'”

The air in the room shifts at the words, and her dark eyes narrow a fraction. As she shuts the tome in her hands, the lights in the room turn off despite no one hitting the switch. Waving her hand as if she was catching something from the air, a cloak appears and she swiftly places it over her shoulders, her clothes underneath turning to that more suited for battle. She then proceeds to leave her Keep, surrounded by forest, she stands just outside the magical barrier. All manner of creature who call her Keep home come to see what has their Lady leaving so suddenly. Rey turns to address them.

[b “I will return, but I cannot say when. Be kind to each other in my stead.”] And with that, her feet lift off the ground and she begins making her way to the Tower of the Four.
amyuminoMarvin Carillo [Amy's drag alter ego]   5d ago
Trash mammal queen

She could hear things around her and she felt the cat that was in her arms tense up and hiss, which made her look up to the sky, seeing thst the sky had gotten darker and could feel the temperature drop and cursed as she looked for the tower, since she got lost easily.

She found the street she was supposed to be on and cursed when she heard people whispering at her and growled at them in an almost animalistic way, making the people look away. The Black cat in her arms now sleeping and was purring, making her smile showing her sharpened canines.
Mr_VFather Vossler, Lord of Writing   5d ago

Vossler smirked under his hood as he watched the massive town the tower loomed over through a monitor he set up on his desk.

He looked as Amy was running to the tower. He saw the storm coming and heard it too. "[b [#B71414 ...And away we go!]]"

Father Vossler typed something into the keyboard in front of the monitor and it switched to The Backrooms. An area with wet carpet and sickly yellow wallpaper with florescent lights that are at a high hum.

"[b [#B71414 Floor 0? I think so.]]" He chuckled and hit enter.

The tower suddenly shifted and slowly shook. 

The storm approached ever slowly and centered itself over the tower.

Father Vossler quickly stood up and walked over to a control panel behind him that had all sorts of switches and buttons and bits and bobs.

He pulled a bright red lever that slowly raised a lightning rod that was on top of the tower.

It was slowly raised towards the skies and stopped.

The lighting soon came and struck the rod before the sky turnee purple and the thunder was a disturbing tone.

His voice soon echoed through the town. "[b [#B71414 Who dares face The Chaotic 4? If you are brave enough to defeat is and that includes me...You will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams...And the gift of GODHOOD!]]" The voice of Father Vossler chuckled and  and the sky went back to normal. "[b [#B71414 We are open for business!]"
ShowmasterShowmaster, God of Entertainment   4d ago because I'm kewl | Entertainment is everything!

After the lighting rod was raised, the tower started to transform. The sides of the walls were decorated. They started to meld and mush, like a five-year-old playing with silly putty for the first time. After a moment, you could finally make out what the walls of the tower had turned into.
[b [i [font "Adorn" [size32 Floor 1/0]]]]
Around the first 15 levels were flying circus rings. Some of the circus rings broke into tiny bits and melded into the others to make some strange symbols. These symbols summoned an animal. This animal melded with another animal. Then another. Eventually, the animal turned into what some normal folk would call an 'Abomination'. The reaction that NORMAL humans/lower entities would respond to this with would be 'Oh my god help me what the fuck is that please help me now please please help'. However, the people who have made it to the tower in the first place are considered to be of higher class than the normal earthling. THEIR specific response would be more like '.... Ew, gross.' The animals circled the tower, some of the animals phasing through the walls and going into the tower. 
[b [i [font "Adorn" [size32 Floor 2]]]]
Around the next 15 levels were other strange critters, but they were much less gross. Well, not less gross in the hygenic sense. They were covered in a slimy gross green substance, as well as other trash. These trash items include (But are not LIMITED to) cans, banana peels, rotten apple cores and bits of plastic. These animals were known on earth for being 'Dumpster divers', eating other people's trash. However, they were ALSO known for giving people diseases. These diseases included: Rabies, Flu, Corona and many other deadly symptoms. Strangely enough, they seem.. Attracted to these specific 15 levels of the tower. Wonder why. It's like there's a barricade, separating them from the other floors.. 

[b [i [font "Adorn" [size32 Floor 4]]]]

The walls turned to bookcases, spinning around at nearly the speed of light. Strangely enough, the books stayed in place, the ancient tomes inside flying out of the books and circling the tower, giving it a sickening blood-red hue. There were no monsters around these levels of the tower, making it look like it was safe to be at. However, these are the chaotic four. Nobody knows what they have up their sleeves. There could be anything in there! Monstrous shadow clones of your estranged uncle could be lurking in those levels for all you know! But there isn't really any point in worrying about it. You probably won't make it up there anyways. The final, sixtieth level of the tower started to form another level atop itself. This level was shaped into a crown-like appearance. The adventurers could only assume that this floor is where they would be gifted godhood. But they couldn't be too hasty. Right now, they had to focus on making it to (And then defeating) the first member of The Chaos Squad; Showmaster.
[size32 [i [b [font "Adorn" (Out Of Character Segment)]]]]
(Hope this was a good post, I'm not used to making messages this long. I just thought it would be more fitting in this roleplay because I see how hard you guys are trying to make very loong messages. Sorry if it took you too long to read. Also, if any of the other members of The Chaos Squad would like to make a change to their floor decorations, please do not hesitate to DM me about it. Also, do not hesitate to DM me compliments on how handsome and amazing I am! Don't worry, that was a joke. [size7 I'm not handsome.] Without furthur ado adventurers, let the games BEGIN!)
amyuminoMarvin Carillo [Amy's drag alter ego]   4d ago
Trash mammal queen

She whistled as she walked avoiding anybody that came near her or tried to bump into her as she seen the tower in the distance and smiled as she pet the cat on the head then heard the thunder getting closer and held the cat close to her so it wasn't scared.

She made sure that the crosswalk said she could cross and waited, ignoring the stares people were giving and started to hum, watching the cars pass by and was starting to get impatient and when it finally turned green, she walked with the rest of the crowd.
soveAanya Kumar   4d ago

Aanya felt her boat hit a rock. She was close enough to land. She pulled the anchor, as it swirled down, and hit the thick sand. As soon as she climbed to the nearest deck, she saw a poster.
"Come challenge the chaos gods!" It read.
"Chaos gods?" She asked herself, mildly confused. She decided to rip the paper off of the pole, turning it softly, but quickly. There was a map on the back. She decided to follow, knowing that this challenge was going to be severe, she didn't have anything to live for anyways. or so she thought. She walked up to a seller nearby, and asked for a bike. She paid the man 40 copper, and walked off.
"Wait!" She heard a call behind her.
"Hm?" She replied, turning almost as in self defense.
"I see your holding that poster. Are you really that dumb to challenge the gods?" 
She decided to ignore the man, and hopped on the bike she had bought

In about 30 minutes, she got to her destination. A huge tower in front of her. There were at least 100 people there, but they moved out of the way once she arrived.
"[i spectators...]"
soveAanya Kumar   4d ago

She soon opened the door, after knocking repetitively. She coughed a bit from the struggle of opening the heavy door that now lay behind her. 

As she walked in, she saw [i one] other person, then sighed. She took off her coat, and threw it towards the wall.
"So are you the only person here, or did everyone already go in to this god awful IKEA rip-off?" S
he started stretching her arms aggressively. She then crossed them, almost in annoyance. Were these really the [i only] people here?
"I thought we were fighting bosses. Not completing sad, petty mazes."
RobinnGrayson Grey   4d ago

Grayson saw Aanya as the doors slammed shut. "Oh geez--" He said before he looked in her direction. How cold a girl that stunning just be cold-hearted. "Listen, lady," he said as he walked toward her.

It felt like everything else went dark as he approached her. As he stood next to her, he felt like a small mushroom next to a piece of tall grass. Man, she was tall. He had a feeling that she would win in a fight, granted he was an assassin, but he had met people with gifts before and the only people that could beat the gifted, were the gifted.
Mr_VFather Vossler, Lord of Writing   4d ago

Vossler appeared before the group at the entrance. "[b [#B71414 I see we have a few joiners already!]]" He said keeping his face concealed behind his hood.

"[b [#B71414 Welcome! Welcome! I wouldn't dare underestimate the Backrooms or the tower. These 'petty' mazes are incredibly smart, scary, and dangerous if you aren't prepared or careful.]]"

He procured a bag full of dark blue runes with runic symbols in the middle that glowed a bright green. "[b [#B71414 These are your lifeline, if you die you can use a revival stone to come back...However if you run out and die you die for real, unless you appeal to us...If we deem you are capable of revival we will do so but with a penalty of our choosing, minor or major...]]" He chuckled. 

"[b [#B71414 You may think of us as evil, but we are not! We are looking for those worthy of godhood!]]" Father Vossler said to everyone. When he heard the pop come from the flare that Grayson threw he quickly walked up to him. His red eyes glowing bright. "[b [#B71414 My good sir we don't allow any kind of explosives in the waiting room, when you are in the tower for real you may use your uh, flares but here I ask that you refrain from doing so.]]" 

Father Vossler looked at everyone and bowed. "[b [#B71414 May the best one win! Also, I have a great idea! How about a free for all too? Everything goes. Make teams, break teams, kill eachother or work with eachother! It satisfies us none the less. Just pure unbridled C H A O S!]]" He let out a deep booming laugh that echoed through the waiting room.He soon vanished into thin air and a loud bell tolled.
amyuminoMarvin Carillo [Amy's drag alter ego]   4d ago
Trash mammal queen

She made it to the tower and went to her level immediately and could hear Bossier talking to the crowd and smirked some as she set the cat on the ground and cracked her knuckles and went to her wall.of weapons she had and selected a simple Machete and mumbled something to herself in Spanish as she looked at the cat.

"Looks like we have more contenders today Mr. Pibbs",she says in a thick Irish accent and smirked some as she sat on the floor and waited for the spectators to arrive, whistling to herself.
ShowmasterShowmaster, God of Entertainment   4d ago because I'm kewl | Entertainment is everything!

Showmaster looks at the others from above. However, he didn't look amused. He had a bit of an irate look on his shadowed face. He didn't really take kindly to people who overlooked him, let alone the other gods. He knew that he was an important god, as he gave Vossler the suggestion of the Backrooms in the first place. It was at this point that Showmaster smirked, chuckling lightly. "Yes.. Yes, I know what I must do! I will show my importance to the world! YES!" As he screamed, his 15 levels of the tower started to move around, shifting more than normal. After a few minutes, the tower returns back to normal. Well, as normal as it can be.
FROSTBITE4395Qrow (kritanta)   1d ago
ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

[b [#99FFFF "Geeze Dad, that was a bit cliche."]] FROSTBITE said as his skin started to change into cracked stone, a purple glow radiating from them. [b [#99FFFF "It's getting closer, Dad, we need to choose some candidates fast, and I mean FAST."]] FROSTBITE said, vanishing into a cloud of cold fog. He appeared in his room just a second later, the ice-laced walls started to glow a faint blue. The room was as large as a continent, though the battlefield would fold in on itself to create something of a smaller battlefield, ranging anywhere from 700ft long and 900 ft wide to 4000ft long and 7000ft wide depending on how powerful the opponent is. In its dormant form, it is nothing but a large tundra, it was amazing, beautiful, heavenly even... it was the form that the tower had chosen for him, allowing him to stay and be on his own, to wait in peace, this was the first time in a malinia that he would be awaiting an opponent, if the backrooms leading to his floor didn't kill them first. The backrooms leading from the exit of Amy's room to FROSTBITE's room were almost impossible to get by, most people would just spend their life on the first floor of the backrooms after Amy's room collecting XP, hopefully these humans were tougher than that, hopefully they would make it to his room, and prove to him that they deserve the power of a god, though the four chaos beings would need to meet about the possible candidates first, before choosing.

(sorry it took so long to post y'all)
niikobanMikokoa   8h ago

They weren’t all that aware of what was going on outside, having arrived a bit earlier than most as they continued to explore. They watched the circus rings float around when a weird abomination that vaguely represented some type of animal caught their eye. ".. Eugh." Poor thing.

Mikokoa stops, resting the end of the bat by their feet and looking up when they heard Vossler’s voice echo throughout the rooms. Hm. More people? They wondered if they should stop and wait, maybe turn back and stay near the entrance so it’d be more likely they ran into someone else, hopefully a small group, but..
Mikokoa looks up and around, furrowing their eyebrows. What the hell? They swore they turned left, but the hallway they previously came from was instead replaced with another wall. Or were they just overthinking this and being dumb? Even if they weren’t was the room supposed to.. change?

(I hope this made sense since I wanted Mikokoa to react to the arrangements(?) Showmaster did + the room descriptions but I’m not sure if I understood it or not so if there’s anything I should fix tell me please)


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