Strings of Love {Not Finished}

By Wolfy-kun
Pretty much one day a string around your wrist appeared. You can't take it off and you can't destroy it. It's practically invincible. Lose your hand/wrist and it will appear on the other than your legs and so on. Anyway it is proven if you have the same color/design as another person that you and them are soulmates. So yeah...

{Based off an Anime I watched. I forgor name}

1. PG-13 2010s Striction Policy. {No Cybering. Take it off site. If I figure out you are doing it here or on site, I am kicking you out of this thread, blocking you, and reporting you.}
2. No cyberbullying.
3. Follow ES Rules.
4. Follow Messaging Order.
5. Be Respectful.
6. Keep cussing a minimum. This is a Romance rp after all.
7. Age Groups must be 14-17.
8. Have fun. If you are not having fun we can find a way to take you out unless you don't want to leave rp.
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