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American Horror Story Hotel - Need Donovan

By BrittSehkret

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lookin for Donovan from American Horror Story Hotel
willing to double as anyone

plot idea:
Growing up, it was always the dream for Donovan and his best friend Brittney(My oc) to be actors when they became adults. Brittney helped Donovan in the worst spots that his mother Iris put him in like putting too much fiber in his diet. Brittney had a slight way to get Iris to let Donovan have a bit of freedom as long as they were hanging out but then her father got transferred and the two friends were separated. Though apart, Brittney wrote letters to Donovan who never received them because of his mother iris. So years later when Brittney accomplished the dream of being an actress and lands her first lead role she books a stay at the Hotel Cortez. It is within the hotel she comes face to face with her childhood best friend Donovan and she almost doesn't recognize him with how much he's changed. To Donovan, Brittney is the connection to the human part of him that he thought was once lost. The countess has already shown interest in another and things may only get worse if these two friends reconnect and feelings start to develop between them as more than friends.
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