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[center I'm just looking for a few roleplays to help me get back into the swing of writing. So, if you have any questions feel free to ask! I just ask for a few things from my writing partners;] [center ° Patience. I am not always able to post since I work a lot and am sick at any given time.] [center ° Be 18+. I would heavily prefer 21+ just to have someone in a similar age bracket to myself. But regardless, I just feel uncomfortable about writing with minors.] [center ° Have a 1,500 character count minimum. I feel this is a good start for great detail! :)] [center ° Be honest. If you're not vibing with the role play, or just lose interest let me know.] [center ° I tend to enjoy things ranging from historical fiction, supernatural creatures, conflict/drama, various fandoms, romance if the thread calls for it, etc. I also write pretty much any dynamic, although I tend to favor homosexual pairings. I'm fairly open to suggestions so if there are any themes you're interested in let me know!] [center Drop me a line titled [#900 Fractured] if you have read everything and let's write! ♡]
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Read the description and then drop me a line. Hope to chat with you soon!


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