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Gastale Au: The Pages of the Unkown

By Undertale_lover_

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Okay well this is for my Gastale AU which is a Undertale Au. In this it will help me become a better writer. Plus it will help be become the characters and write about them. Here I will post short Story's dor something of the kind. I will also post the chapters here on one post.
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Undertale_lover_Gastale Sans   269d ago

Begin information About: Sans
Length: 3164
Time this takes place: sometime later in the Au
 Sans head Begin to spin. The short skeletal being  put his bone hands to his skull.[I  No please, I'm sorry I didn't mean it I'm sorry. I need to do something!] 

Sans would think as he almost fell to his knees. He would try to move his legs but to no avail. He seemed frozen in place. The unbearable stench that filled his nose. It fell light it put weight on him. The smoke from his own mask felt like it was strangling him with every breath he took. He looked down at what he had done. The dust that was now of him. He looked at the well know figure that stood behind the pile of dust that Sans made. A small yellow figure stood there with a menacing grin.

 " so Sans it is true you are weak." The Yellow male monster spat to the passed but heart broken Sans. " I mean look what you did it makes you fell great don't it?" The yellow male started laughing I horrible laugh. 

[I I swear  I didn't mean I'm sorry! It's my it's all his fault all of it every.last. peace of it!] Sans thought. 

" no it's your all of it!" He growled in a voice that seemed to deep to be hus own. " poor woman." He looked to a scared goat as he said this. " sorry but it's for the good. Plus hey your child will make it go back to normal. You'll never remember anything." Bone would hit the poor goat. 

Sans only smiled when she was dust it was a sad sad smile." I'm sorry Toriel, it's so I can figh him. I am truly sorry Tori." Sans said to the dust. The male was no wear to be found. Sans snaped and was at Gribys. The Fire monster smiled and waved to him. It was farly empty. Sans had tears running down his face.

" sans what I'd wrong?" Griby asked. Sans opened his arms for a hug. He walked over and hugged him. Then it hit him dust was on sans. Before he cold do anything he turn to dust in sans hand. 
Sans would put on his bowie and snap again now in the castle. 

" Hey Azzy, this is for firing me you over grown child." He threw bones with fire at the goat. He would through beams at him. Miss after miss. Soon  he was dust.  
Sans now had a twisted smile as all the humans and monster he killed went into Sans own soul.

 He picked up the yellow heart necklace. Chara  who had just came back to the castle and saw. 

Chara didn't gave a perfect gencide run so she was weak . Sans with out a thought killed her then took the jacket and tossed away his own. 

" Asgore, Frisk!" He welled. Frisk was nowhere to be seen. Aagore turned and his poor weak soul almost broke in two when he saw what sans was wearing 

" No sans!" Asgore said tears in his old sad eyes.

" the king is dead. Long live the reaper of death, Sans the bring if death." He said as the old king was bombarded with Flames and bones and beams. Sa must got to half heath before asgee died he took the crown. Sans was now at full heart  he sat in silence.

The Yellow monster walked up. " the king!" He said in a mocking  tone then showed his sharp white teeth. 

" off with his head" sans ponited to him with a twisted smile.


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