Oceanus Sanctuary For Merfolk

By Cat22

The merfolk have long since thought to be nothing more than mere legend until one was accidentally caught in a fishing net several months ago by careless fishermen. Due to this, their existence was soon known to the world although people didn’t bother them all that much until more reports of injured merfolk showed up. As a result, a group of humans banded together to create the Oceanus Sanctuary and Research Institute with the intent to rescue any injured merfolk that are reported to the sanctuary’s staff and to also learn more about them. Due to this, there are now quite a few merfolk in the sanctuary with more of them arriving occasionally due to how they’re usually found in fishing nets or other manmade objects placed in the sea.
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Cat22Tidus   6d ago

It was yet another day for the staff of the Oceanus Sanctuary as they handled their everyday lives which also included studying the merfolk brought to the sanctuary. For the most part, the majority of them were rather well behaved although there were those few who tended to be a little more on the hard to handle side were being a little restless today although they didn’t know that soon, more of them would be brought in.

Tidus had recently been brought to the Oceanus sanctuary after a group of workers found him and three other mermen caught in a ghost net that had stranded them on the beach. Each of them appeared to have some injuries on them although it was unknown if the net caused it or if something else other than the net caused their injuries. Regardless of that fact, they all seemed to be rather disoriented which tended to be somewhat common for merfolk who were stranded on a beach. Of course, all of them were currently in their merfolk forms at the moment as well.

Merfolk Forms for Tidus and the other three!
Tidus: Cerulean colored fish tail that glows in the dark, doesn’t wear a shirt.
Vaan: Golden colored fish tail, either wears his vest or doesn’t wear a shirt.
Firion: Red and white colored fish tail, wears a shirt that doesn’t exactly cover the abdomen or lower back.
Bartz: Emerald colored fish tail, wears a shirt that’s a mix of a tank top and a crop top.))
XiaomiXiaomi   6d ago

Xiaomi sighed, the keyboard clacking lightly before mechanical whirrs opened the door, the smell of salt water flooding the control room. "Alright.. Tidus! Come out.." She called out, the door shutting behind her.
Cat22Tidus   6d ago

“Do you really think that I can come out at the moment? If you haven’t noticed, my friends and I are kind of stuck in some sort of net with no way to get out. I don’t like it…” Tidus said. He was still stuck in a ghost net when he was brought into the room. Due to the ghost net, he couldn’t really move around a whole lot until it was removed. This was due to how it was restricting his movement underwater which made it harder for him to swim around.

Vaan and the other two mermen were also brought into the room although all of them were clearly not very happy about their current situation. They couldn’t really move around or even get in the water until the ghost net that entangled them was removed and as a result, they could only stare longingly in the distance.
XiaomiXiaomi   6d ago

She was visibly irritated. "They just tossed you into the enclosure without removing the net?-" Xiaomi pulled out a small pen, in which a blade shot out. She kneeled down and started to cut away, the net starting to loosen up a bit. "Do you remember any features of those who put you in here?"
Cat22Tidus   5d ago

“Not really… It was all just a blur although I do remember getting tangled up in that net. Then, after I got tangled up, I got washed up on the beach with three of my friends who were caught in the same net as me. I don’t even know why there’s a ghost net in the ocean but if more of them are there, they need to be removed before they cause any more damage.” Tidus said. Judging by the tone of his voice, he was rather annoyed about the whole getting tangled up in a net scenario and clearly didn’t want to go through it again.

Vaan managed to slip out of the net once it was loose enough and then quickly got himself into the water. While he wasn’t as graceful in terms of movement on land in his current form, he managed to get himself into the water with only a slight bit of trouble.


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