The Hunted

By CatsCradle

The Hunted

Alec Quincy was a very smart and talented young man. That was until his family was brutal murdered. Too Alec his family was everything. They had supported him through thick and thin. Now, in an instant they were just gone. For what? Some relentless game? What was there to gain from this?

Alec hunted down his family's killer. He sought his revenge. After murdering that monster, he himself became one. Hypocrisy is what came to mind. But the feelings he got as his knife caressed his victims soft skin. Watching them scream and suffer it was an ecstatic feeling. How long could this go on? Being a serial killer in this day and age was risky. Making it look like an accident was difficult, consider how much excitement got from just opening his blade was unreal. The feeling was even better when it pierced through soft skin.

Now let our story began. You were Alec's closest friend until that fatal day his family was murder. After that he became more distant. You wanted to reach out to him but going to school full time and working made it hard. You hardly spoke to him you watched as he strayed further and further away. It wasn't until two years later you ran into him. You asked him to go out for a drink for old times sake. He accepted your invitation. That was when you started to learn how different he really had become. You could sense an untamable hunger in his eyes.

What would happen next if you stumbled upon his darkest secret. Would you end up like the rest of his victims or would you take his secrets to your grave?
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CatsCradle   12d ago
❀ Cat Lady ♥

[center Pm me if you are interested!
What I am looking for ~

Anime picture only !
This rp is MxM
This is going to be a 1x1 (adding side characters here and there is fine!)  

Need someone who can write 1000+ characters.

Thank You

[size10 P.S. Here's a cat gif for you <3 ]
CatsCradle   1d ago
❀ Cat Lady ♥

[center Alec Quicy was once a normal young man with his whole life ahead of him. Everything seemed to be going great that was until a week before college graduation. He was excited he was going to be going home that weekend to finally see his parents. His mother had being asking and asking now finally he could put her questions at ease.

It really had been a while since he had been home. He was busy with studying and finals. Now his graduation was coming up. He was ecstatic, finally he would be able to make his parents proud. After years of schooling he finally be able to get a good job. 

He could pay off his debt get something nice for his mother and father for that matter.  He sighed softly as he got on the bus. His parents were only in the next town over. So it was only about an hour to get to them. He was excited when step through the automatic doors. 

He paid the small fee and sat down towards the back of the bus. He pulled his smart phone from his pocket and smiled softly. He dial his mothers number waited but no answer. He would try again in a little bit. 
He was only about thirty minutes way still no answer. He tried to called her again still nothing. He sighed softly she must of been busy cooking something good for supper. 

He would of tried to call his father but he knew that man half the time didn't have his phone anywhere near him.

The bus ride seemed longer as he got closer and closer to home. Once he was dropped off at his stop he quickly grabbed his bag and got off. He really didn't need to bring much since he still had his things there. 

He happily walked up the street to his house. His eyes widen when he got close to his family home. The house was surround by cops. [#1b1395 "What is going on?"] he said with a shiver as he step closer to the officer who  had stopped him. 

The man put his hand on his shoulder. Let out a ragged breath. After that day Alec was never the same. The horrid scene  his eye came across. Seeing his parents lifeless bodies was really what got to him. 

His heart felt empty. He had nothing he was all alone. Life seemed almost meaningless now. That was until anger struck him. It took him only about a year to hunted that bastard down. 

He corner him and sliced him into little pieces some might say. Alec loved the feeling got from slaughtering another man. It was unreal. He was now a monster too but he did his killings differently murdering people here and there who really didn't matter. It was easy, maybe two easy.

That was until you saw him. It had been years since you two had last spoke. You invited him to go out for drinks for old time sake.

Now here he was sitting quietly at the bar waiting for you. Alec was a lot different now. There was hunger in his eyes that you simply couldn't resist.


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