A brand new building! Brand new animatronics and employees!
But is it going to end in a disaster again? Or not?
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“Hello kiddos! How’re ya today??” She said while jumping around almost cartoonistic while blowing up balloons and handing them to the kids

The little bell at the end of her hat kept jingling every time she moved, entertaining the kids

“So yes your new job starts here! And you’ll be on night watch tonight!-“
“Erm- what about the animatronics? I’ve heard rumors before about them…Hurting? Employees?”
She scoffed and rolls her eyes. “This damn place thought they could just hide it with a paper…Company would’ve been majorly sued if I didn’t come in! But no they don’t hurt the employees…there was a bug in the system!”

She stopped and chuckled at stockings. “And that there is one of our newest animatronics! She always entertains the children…” she chuckled and put her hands on her hip.
“Wow…It reminds me of that moon animatronic-“
“Yeah they aren’t such pals…”

She looked over at them and waved, she done a smile, showing a set of sharp point teeth, she opened her mouth even more to show a second pair of more blunt teeth behind

The night guard had hid behind Morgan but she just chuckled again and shook her head. “Don’t worry…Those teeth aren’t made for biting…It’s mostly used for chewing through things…or to pop balloons quicker when parties are over…” she looked over at stockings. “Hey come over here for a second!”

She skipped over “yep yep??” She said, she had a little malfunction where she would say things twice

She swayed side to side in excitement of what they may say

“Meet the newest employee stockings-“ she showed a young looking woman who wore the same guard uniform, but it was blue and black, represented a police officers almost, but the hat made it obvious they were night watch, as it had a moon on it.
“H-Hey..” she spoke quietly and waved, seeming very nervous.

“HELLOOOOOOOO!!” She starts to jump from side to side in joy as she picked up the night guard, spun her around then put her down again

The night guard grew dizzy and tried to keep balance. “I-I’m the new night guard for t-the night shift…” she mumbled and backed up slightly.
Morgan chuckled and ruffled her hair. “Calm down girl, she won’t bite ya..again those teeth are only for the balloons and also eating things…”

“Well! The second set are!” She says as her eyes turn red one second then back to normal and she jumps away to go back to the kids

She sighed and shakes her head. “Don’t mind her- I’ll just fix em up later…”
She continued the tour as the night guard followed.

The tour finally ended and the NightGuard was now working at the daycare. The simplest place, as she was told, and soon maybe getting to go to other places to. She was currently cleaning up whatever mess the children made.

She continues to entertain kids
WellerInkTells     18d ago

The night guard saw this and seemed surprise with how she handled children. The NightGuard isn’t such a fan of children herself, never having one either.

Then there was only one child left, this child was known for bullying other kids, the night guard was attending the other kids so she didn’t see, Sally bent down, and her mouth opened wide, her sharp teeth started to rotate like razors, a large magnetic claw which should be her tongue grabbed the child and she… [i [b ate]] it
WellerInkTells     18d ago

She hadn’t heard anything but a child had pointed something out to her.
“What’s that?”
“Hm?” She went over and her eyes widened. “B…” she looked at the children. “Why don’t you go and hand out with sundrop! It’s just some..jam- I’ll clean it up okay?”
The child giggle and nodded, going to play in the indoor playground. The NightGuard was panicking and trying to look for another employee.

Her mouth closed, her tongue licked the blood off and her eyes were red, she turned to the night guard and smiled
WellerInkTells     18d ago

She was horrified and backed up, looking at the other kids and staying close to them, watching the with sun. She couldn’t find any other night guards or people working but her, the bots wouldn’t help though.

“Come and play” she said in a glitchy tone as her tongue dangles from her mouth and she starts to limp towards the night guard

Her pace quickened so as her rage, she done a jumpscare like screech at the nightguard before lunging at them, only to be blocked and deactivated to sundrop
WellerInkTells     17d ago

The NightGuard had backed up and flinched, covering herself. But seeing she was deactivated she got up and looked at sundrop. “T-Thank you…” she looked at stockings. “She’s deactivated?”

“Yes” Sun said as he leant stockings to the side “are you ok?” He questioned them

Too lazy to make a sunny oc lol/
WellerInkTells     17d ago

It’s fine)

She had nodded and smiled. “Y-Yes…but she…she ate a KID” she whispered to sundrop and sighed. “I’m not sure why…But…I just…How would we explain this? The place JUST opened up!”

“…we don’t” sundrop said coldly “if they find out you’ll get fired and we’ll shut down!”
WellerInkTells     17d ago

“But we have a new manager now!- she- she wouldn’t right?-“ she mumbled and held her head. “But telling nobody?!- that- I-I could possibly go to jail right? I mean?- maybe?-“ 
She doesn’t even know what to do as she panicked, but tried to act calm to the others.

“Relax” sundrop told her
WellerInkTells     17d ago

She slowly started to relax and she nods. “I-I erm- I’ll…I’ll just try to fix her up…or see what’s wrong..this shouldn’t even be happening right?”

“This has happened a lot of times, management seem to find nothing wrong because they’ve never checked her, they always rule it off as the kid went home early” Sun said again
WellerInkTells     16d ago

“Ugh…” she groans and shakes her head. “Some are still the same…” she had started to move stockings to one of the storage rooms to try and fix her.

Her voice is started glitching, she was still deactivated, but her eyes were now black with white pupils, she looked down at the nightguard
WellerInkTells     16d ago

The NightGuard hasn’t noticed as she was trying her best to push stockings to the room. She was struggling a lot with this.

She tried say something, but it came out as a mechanical sound
WellerInkTells     16d ago

She jumped and backed up from stockings. But seeing that she wasn’t moving she continued to push her to the room. “I need to..Ugh!- fix you!”

She walked into the room on her own
WellerInkTells     16d ago

She almost tripped and she huffed. “I- o-okay…” she followed stockings.

She meant against a wall, still shit off but her soul was in control, she sighed as she allowed the nightguard to start “fixing” her
WellerInkTells     15d ago

The NightGuard grabbed multiple tools and got to work on trying to fix this issue she had.
She didn’t almost get herself killed with touching a few loose or wrong ends but she managed to not get her hand bitten off.
“Okay…I should be done…? Maybe?”

She chuckled
WellerInkTells     15d ago

She had jumped at this and stood up, hitting her head on a box. “Ow…”


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