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Nikku_demon_queenLuna   268d ago

can i use luna)
Nikku_demon_queenLuna   268d ago

yay)also can u start pls)

Ghost was walking through the forest minding his own business, feeling the breeze through his fur. While walking he jumped onto a tree and lays there for a while before going somewhere else.
Nikku_demon_queenluna   268d ago

luna was just soaring through the sky happily

He started jumping through the tree one by one, he stopped jumping down from tree to tree and landed on the ground. He looked up seeing a cliff in the open and decided to go there, he teleported himself showing a shadow like smoke around him when he teleports. When he was there, he sat down looking at the view from the cliff.
Nikku_demon_queenluna   268d ago

she stopped and looked around , she didnt know where she was anymore so she landed on a ledge)

He played down on the cliff, ghost went into his real form on what he really look like. This was his normal form that he oftens be in, so he turned to his regular look have his front legs dangling on the edge of the cliff since he is a huge wolf. The smoke coming off of his body can be seen by others since they know it him.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

she shook off some water and her wings disappear)

Ghost got up and started walking off, he hummed for a while when walking. He was near the area where luna was, the bushes and leaves can he heard when he is walking. Which leaving him a shadow smoke trail behind him.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna   268d ago

she heard this and her wings reappeared and blood could be seen on her paws

When he is walking he can now been seen seeing how menacing he looks and how large his is when first seeing him. He didn't notice that luna was there watching him walking away. At a certain point of time when he was walking, he in the field in the wide open where others can seem.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna   268d ago

she sat in a tree confused but interested(quick warning luna is like agana and has a thirst for blood but hers is less serious)

He layed down on the field and fell asleep, even though he sleeps he can still feel things that are near him or far away. Like he felt luna there when he was walking and still can. When he is sleeping he can feel luna getting close to him, but he didn't care about that since it happens to him when other wolves are looking at him up close.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

she crouched in the tall grass and neared him

He layed on his side having his head facing luna when sleeping. He yawned showing his long black sharp teeth, having green poison dripping off his teeth.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

she stopped dead in her tracks

He open his left eye a bit seeing luna in front of him, closed his eye and went back to sleep.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

she slowly neared

He curled his tail around him but didn't know it caught luna by accident. He felt something weird to him and opened his left eye seeing luna.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

she starts trying to get free and gets annoyed and just bites his tail)

He couldn't felt the bite from her and help her out by grabbing her by the neck. "sorry there fellow wolf, didn't notice you got caught by my tail" he chuckled having him a deep-menacing echoing voice he he spoked.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna   268d ago

her wings appeared and she wrapped her wings around herself like a bat)

He smiled as he got up and started walking off, until he felt something following behind him. He turned his head seeing that luna was gone, he shrugged and continue walking. And yet he felt something on his back which was luna laying on him. He chuckled a bit.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

she smiled and stayed

Ghost had stopped walking and decided to head to his cave where he lives. He teleported to his home and layed down near the opening of the cave looking at the sky.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

(wow just left them in the field TwT) she walks around the field then nears a town and seen a person laying in the alleyway sleeping so she dragged them into the forest, her bite strong and was biting through the skin and she was dragging them by the spine)

(i thought she was still on his back tho T^T) 
He was bored and decided to sleep again for a few more hours.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

(you teleported and it was just you also she needed to get food
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

she dragged the body to a cave and started eating it

He woke up since he felt hungry, he got up and teleported to a nearby town hear the woods. Without any hesitation, he started attacking the people and eating them, once he was done, he grabbed some bodies and took them to his cave as he teleported there.
Nikku_demon_queen…Luna…   268d ago

she smelled the scent of blood and she followed it)

He the bodies down and sighed, ghost sat down looking at the sky thinking about something about his past life when he was a pup. He had his head down looking down on the ground swaying his tail side to side.

she got closer to the cent of blood

He looked up seeing luna coming to his way, he layed when looking at her for a bit then closed his eyes. He wasn't going to sleep just resting them.

she quietly took one of the bodies)

"you can have more if you want fellow wolf" he smiled knowing that she was there from the start.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

she just sat there eating the body and her markings started to glow and there was a name on the necklace she was wearing)

He looked over seeing the name on the on her necklace, "so your name is luna huh?" he turned around laying on his side when he asked that.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

she nodded her head)

He moved his paw doing a shadow writing on the ground next to her, letting her know of his name. Ghost smiled as he flipped over on his otherside looking at the view from his cave.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

she finnaly spoke , her voice hoarse and dry and gravely from basically not talking since she was a kid)so your ghost huh

He nodded when looking outside of the cave and sighed.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

so do you know where im at cause i was just flying around for a while and now i dont know where im at

"you at the canine woods luna, because they called since there are many wolves here and packs in these wood"
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

oh ok well i cant really get back home because i was banned for eating the pack leader there

"jeez" he was surprised to hear that, then smiled since he did the samthing but got away with it and ate the wolf leader pup alswell.
Nikku_demon_queenLuna(calm)   268d ago

i mean its not really my fault that i have cravings

"yeah i get it, being really and you just have find something to eat, happens to me at times"


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