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ShieldHero-     272d ago


[center [h3 Celebration.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b It was summer midday, the sun's rays had just peeked through a sea of clouds. Although it was warm a breeze with a subtle hint of a moist texture could be felt across Alfred's cheeks. He knew that breeze meant the ocean wasn't far off and it was a glorious feeling to be had. It made him rather nostalgic almost immediately.]]

[center [b There he was on one of his favorite childhood trails. A worn-down path cutting through a small forest. The trees were just small enough that the sun still could beam through yet large enough the rustling leaves could be heard from the oceans breeze.]]

[center [+brown How long has it been? Wonder if "big bro's" gonna be happy to see me. That's if I can get his nose out of those damned books.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The weary mercenary stretched his arms out. Standing at six feet and a single inch to add. His soft chestnut hair had fluttered in the wind along with his rather showy hard leather jacket. His massive clay-more carefully strapped across his chest placed on his back. His face was rather plain albeit smug and though lacking any facial hair a certain air of "ruggedness" could be felt from the young rogue. To the point, despite his plain brown eyes and simple chestnut hair, some may even call him "Dashing." He'd certainly describe himself in such a way to be sure.]]

[center [b As Alfred began to exit the miniature "woodland." There it could be seen... His hometown the sweet little ocean town of..]]

[center [+brown Little Sea Haven, it's been too long.]]

[center [b He had a wonderful view as the trail ended right upon a hill. The town was full of hustle and bustle! The men were trading fish and the tavern was loud and cheery. The streets were full of kids running wild.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The town of course was adding little decorations to celebrate this special occasion. It was why Alfred was here after all. Hot imported foods were cooking and the fliers could be seen even from here. Makeshift floats with large scaly beasts were in view too! That was most certainly for the parade.]]

[center [+brown They went all out for this year's Igniting didn't they? God little Maxy's gonna have a panic attack isn't he?]]

[center [b Alfred couldn't help but chuckle as he excitedly hopped down the hill one eager step at a time. Upon rushing through the humble town gates he was greeted with a few strange gazes.]]

[center [+brown Hey old man! It's been a while huh?]]

[center [i Excuse me? Only one boy has the right too... Wait.. Boy!? Is that you?]]

[center [b The light of familiarity had begun to glow in the old man's eyes. He was in the middle of hanging a sign up on the town's entrance arch. Though he had put that aside for the time being. Despite his apparent age, he rushed down the ladder. Pulling Alfred in for a rather hearty hug.]]

[center [+brown Haha! Still tough as nails huh old man?]]

[center [i Says you! My back's aching! Looks like you put a few pounds on yourself. How's the merc life?]]

[center [+brown Eh, it pays, and besides.. I get to set my own hours.]]

[center [i Ya know you're father was sure you'd quit and head back the first month.]]

[center [+brown Yeah.. I'm sure pops was a bit disappointed huh? How's the old bat anyway?]]

[center [i Oh, Alfred about that-]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+green Hey! So Mr. Hot Shot decided to visit us huh?]]

[center [b A male with a small frame and a closed book could be seen down the street. Though his shout was loud his voice had a softer tone to it. Alfred had lowered his head slightly as the smaller male walked over placing his hands on his hips.]]

[center [+green So? What's the big idea?]]

[center [+brown Max.. I'm sorry I didn't write you I just-]]

[center [b Alfred was jolted with a sudden slap. Was it a slap? No pat on his broad right shoulder. The small male had released a beaming smile with a fit of laughter.]]

[center [+brown Oh... You son of a-]]

[center [+green Hey hey! I think it's fair Al. Sooo how's life been in the outside world? Have you seen any drag-]]

[center [+brown Oversized lizards? Besides having to drive one off before no I haven't.]]

[center [+green Drive what? You.. Fought a dragon? No way! You're a liar!! Besides they are wise beasts they need not threaten humans.]]

[center [+brown Yeah yeah.. Well, this one must have forgotten to read that in one of you're little books. I understand if you don't believe me I'll admit it wasn't easy.]]

[center [+green You're... Serious? Well, I'm sure you had a good reason. So why did you come back?]]

[center [+brown I wasn't going to miss my "big" brothers Igniting!]]

[center [+green Wait... Have you heard of that? Truly?]]

[center [+brown Yeah! These things have become more and more rare right? When was the last recorded igniting.. over a hundred years ago right?]]

[center [+green One hundred and twelve to be exact but.. I'm really surprised to see you did your research. I'll get to see not one... but two dragons!]]

[center [+brown Ha you always were a dragon nerd- What? Two what now??]]

[center [+green Wait you came all the way here and you didn't know? A second candidate for Rider is coming! I'm not even sure what their element is but I'm excited!]]

[center [+brown Oh boy.. Well I guess it'd be rude to not congratulate them huh?]]

[center [b Alfred rubbed the back of his head with a somewhat awkward chuckle. Maximum had shook his head slightly.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+purple Heey! Max! Wait... Al is that you?]]

[center [+brown The one and only! Wow! You've grown up too! I'm sure you've got all the guys coming to the library now!]]

[center [b A red tint slowly formed on the young woman's face as she chuckled lightly shaking her head.]]

[center [+brown Jeez, Melissa you really turned into a hottie! So has Maxy finally made a move?]]

[center [+green Hey what?! Al!]]

[center [b Now Max's face was flushed with a red hue as Melissa found herself into a peal of hearty laughter. Followed by a rather loud snort.]]

[center [+purple Ack! Not even a minute here Al you got me snorting up like a pig.]]

[center [+brown Hey you'd be the damn cutest pig there was. So how are you and Maxy doing?]]

[center [+green Hey.. Max works I'm not a little kid anymore you should know.]]

[center [+purple Oh Max you know Al just likes to mess around! It's so good to see you!! You wanna talk about being trapped in the library? If Max isn't practicing his spark he's studying.]]

[center [+green I've got to, my spark and my wits have to be ready to use real dragon magic!]]

[center [+brown You couldn't have waited to practice when you're spark ignited?]]

[center [+green What? No! What be slacking off until the big day? You know the shaman said it could have been any day. I could have spent decades wasting my time you know.]]

[center [+brown Sure sure, no time for play made Maxy a very dull boy. Hey, you make sure to make time to hang out with Melissa. She was always cleaning up our messes growing up ya know.]]

[center [+purple Hehe it was no problem really. You guys always helped me when I needed it. Maxy helped me get my job and with my studies! You were always there when someone called me four eyes.]]

[center [+brown Oh don't worry about it Melissa punching things is something I've always been good at. It's why I chose to make a career out of it after all.]]

[center [+purple Hehe, jeez you are so silly. I'm shocked you came honestly, Al. Not just cause of what... Well what happened but you always hated dragons when we studied it you were always finding a way out of class.]]

[center [+brown Well who cares about a bunch of old overgrown lizards telling people how to live. We live how we wanna live. You know what I mean?]]

[center [+green Ugh, it's not like that Al!]]

[center [b It wasn't long before a crowd had started to form. A few were there to welcome Al back to the town but most were here to welcome the conquering hero Maximum.]]

[center [+brown Well... I'll see you two tonight. And hey! Mel! Max! It's good to see you.]]

[center [+purple You too!]]

[center [+green Wait where are you going?]]

[center [+brown Where us? The tavern! I've got old drinking buddies to catch up with! Besides I've gotta see if we've got any beauties that match Melissa in this sleepy little town.]]

[center [+green What? You don't even drink!]]

[center [+brown Not the point bro!]]

[center [b Alfred shook him off with a slight gesture as he began to head back with a few of the old guys. They weren't his "former" drinking buddies. More akin to family friends. Max tried to stop his brother but he was rushed and bombarded with a sea of questions and praise. Like that the scholar found himself looking down at the ground. His face was sweaty and his heart pounding. He was no good in front of people. Besides Alfred and Melissa that was. Melissa had stood up for the poor boy. Pulling him away from the crowd. She found herself laughing as she ran in the breeze. Max had tripped a bit struggling to keep up with the spirited young woman.]]

[center [+purple Ready for a life of this Mr popular?!]]

[center [b She giggled as Maximum laughed, he wasn't looking forward to that but.. To see the ocean from the sky. To feel the wind on his face... To ride. He wanted that more than anything on this planet.]]
-Rabbit.Butterfly.   271d ago

[center She had came from far away. A long way from home. A place called Heartbloom. A beautiful place known for its animal and plant life. A lovely place that she hadn't wanted to leave. There she was tended to and taken care of. There she had friends and family. She wasn't some prissy princess. She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, but she was a little afraid of this Igniting. She would be receiving a dragon.

Why? Because she had a Spark. Hers happen to be fire though one look at her wouldn't make people think that. She hadn't enjoyed the long boat ride here. It had taken a few days and she was a little lonely. She really didn't have any companions. She was on her own. Everyone wished they could have came with her, but they didn't want to leave home and she couldn't blame them. She had been the one that was chosen for this and she had to do what was best.

It was a great thing that the boat finally stopped. She was so sick of the constant moving. She grabbed her things and slowly made her way off the boat. She looked around the place feelings very small. She hadn't ever been far from home and she wasn't sure if a dragon was worth it or not. Leaving friends and family behind. Then again supposedly connection with a dragon was suppose to be a really great thing.

She felt so complicated over the issue. She read the missive she had been sent and headed quietly towards the destination. She didn't really want to run into anyone else.

Two dragons this year huh? That was really rare... One was rare enough. She smiled faintly to himself. Something about this was rather exciting. Even though she was filled with sadness over leaving her home and a little annoyance about having to travel for so long by boat... Being apart of something so big was just exciting. She could feel her nerves rising in her chest.

What would her dragon be like? Who would the other person be? Were they from far? Were they excited like she was? She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to get her barrings. She had to get herself together. Once she was sure she was alright she opened her eyes and continued to the place she was suppose to go.

She looked to the skies as if waiting to see a dragon in the air coming to greet her. For a moment she just stood there alone staring up at the sky. She smiled lightly to herself. It was a wonderful day in this strange place. The people made her nervous, but they seemed to be a busy and happy people. She liked that. Maybe... Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad.
ShieldHero-     271d ago

[center [h3 Welcoming Party]]


[center [b Alfred was waving goodbye to everyone in the tavern. He had enjoyed catching up with them. They were like family to him, almost like having extra aunts and uncles. "His Aunt's" kept pinching his cheeks still. The usual "meet any nice ladies?" and the such but it was nice all the same.]]

[center [+brown Hey Fred! You owe me money from our little arm wrestling wager.]]

[center [i The hell I do? No one told me you were built like an ox under that coat boy. Maybe put on some real clothes!]]

[center [+brown I might.. With the money you owe me.]]

[center [b The older gentleman found himself chuckling as Alfred took a few steps back. Mel and Max were busy causing a ruckus themselves huh? He could see the two followed by a storm of adoring fans. Poor Maxy could still barely keep up with Mel huh?]]

[center [b Alfred decided he still had a little time to kill. He could go see his parents? He'd... Rather put that off if he could. Instead, he opted to visit the old pier. He and Maxy used to stare out the see they'd talk about adventuring around the world. The dynamic duo, that was before they knew he had a spark though.]]

[center [b Alfred was fast approaching the pier but it was then he noticed a ship. "A trading ship? No, it seemed far too extravagant for that."]]

[center [+brown When did we even get ships that fancy?]]

[center [b It was then a woman with silver hair and emerald green eyes exited the ship. Her face exuded grace, fair skin with slender fingers, and an even slender frame. Here Al thought Mel was a knockout but this woman.. Had an exotic roar to her. Alfred never hesitated to approach a woman but he found himself speechless before clearing his throat. He had noticed her beautiful face was a bit contorted, anger? Frustration? And... Homesick, all feelings Alfred felt when he first left his little home of Sea Haven. He slicked his hair back taking a deep breath as he waltzed over to the woman. He held a certain confidence in his gait.]]

[center [+brown Hey, what's a beautiful gem like you doing in our sleepy little town? Oh, are you here to see the Igniting? Pfft obviously god that was a dumb question huh? Name's Alfred! You? I'd love to show you around if I could.]]

[center [b It was at that moment he could feel... Something was a little off. A shift in the wind so to speak, you know that feeling you get? When you know someone is staring at you intently just outside of eyesight. Alfred turned around to see two crossbows trained on him the men were only a few feet apart. Alfred had raised his hands in a friendly manner.]]

[center [+red Away from her! Now!!]]

[center [+brown Okay okay I get it... The lady is coming with you, right? I'm just passing through I'll get lost.]]

[center [b One man went to apprehend Alfred it was at that moment he grabbed the crossbow of the other man. Pulling it back rather easily as he tossed it into the sea. The man who had been attempting to cuff Alfred tried to raise his crossbow but Alfred had already taken his chance to land a direct haymaker to the man's temple. He was out like a light, the remaining man went to reach for a knife leaning he stabbed Alfred! Alfred had shifted his weight allowing the blade to hit his hard leather jacket it was several inches thick.]]

[center [+brown Sturdier than it looks huh? Let's hope you are.]]

[center [b Alfred took the smaller individual by the collar as he raised him in the air. The guy was shouting for some backup as he kicked and squirmed in Alfred's grasp.]]

[center [+brown Back up? Isn't that a lot of work to kidnap just one lady? I mean she is a knockout but come on.. There are easier ways to get to know a woman ya know.]]


[center [+teal Alfred Francois Chevalier!]]

[center [b Only one woman called him by that obnoxiously showy name.]]

[center [+teal Put that gentleman down you oafish brute, this is no display to our esteemed guest from Heart Bloom.]]

[center [+brown Oh wow, I've been to Heart Bloom! Here I thought I found all the beautiful sights. Here I missed the best one~]]

[center [b Alfred put the young man down as he offered the young woman a little wink and a sly smile.]]

[center [+teal Ugh, is that yet another repulsive habit you've picked up? Lady Tauriel please think nothing of this vagabond. I'm sure he was just leaving.]]

[center [+brown Sure, AFTER I see Maximum's Igniting mother.]]

[center [+teal ... Hmph, if you insist on coming to such a ceremony then I suggest you learn to behave. Lady Tauriel I welcome you to our lovely home. I promise those who live here aren't nearly as barbarous milady. My men will have you under guard I assure you. I wish you luck at you're igniting.]]

[center [b She had passed by Alfred offering Tauriel a curtsy. Peeling her dress up ever so slightly on both ends. She had turned to vacate the vicinity.]]

[center [+brown "Nice to see you son" oh no really I'm glad to see you too mom been a while!]]

[center [b Despite his words she had not lost her stride not even for a moment. As soon as she was out of eyesight Maximum and Melissa had come out of hiding running right on over.]]

[center [+brown NOW you come out after mother's embarrassed me. Wait.. did she say her Igniting? Oh... You're a rider and I'm... An idiot. Sorry about that.]]

[center [+purple Woof! She looked pissed off Al! You did it now huh?]]

[center [+brown Well gee thanks Mel real helpful.]]

[center [+purple Hehe you're welcome! Wow! She really is beautiful! I see why Alfred couldn't help himself like a dog in heat. Our all Riders beautiful or something?]]

[center [+brown Hear that Maxy? You're beautiful! Hey wait a second!!]]

[center [+green Ehh.. Err... well... Look Al did you have to start a fight with mom? You just got here!]]

[center [+brown Like I go out of my way to piss off mother dearest. Well after the ceremony I'll be out of her hair don't you worry.]]

[center [b Maximum and Alfred had stared at one another rather intensely before Maximum let out a long sigh.]]

[center [+green I know... It's not all you're fault. Mother can be... Stern, She does mean well though I promise.]]

[center [+brown Sure I-]]

[center [+purple Hey! Al! Forget that aren't you going to introduce us?]]

[center [+brown What? I mean... Sure why not. The peppy obnoxious one here is Melissa we just call her Mel.]]

[center [+purple Wow! I went from hottie to obnoxious pretty fast huh?]]

[center [b She stuck her tongue out at Alfred as he tried to hold a serious and stern face. It wasn't long before he let a small chuckle escape his dry lips. He raised his arm pointing his thumb toward Maximum.]]

[center [+brown This small fry here Maximum Chevalier treasured heir of the Chevalier name. He's also the other rider.]]

[center [+green W-Well not yet I'm not! You gotta make me sound like some showboating noble Al? Huff.. W-Well it's nice to meet you lady Tauriel! Can I ask what your element is? When did you find you're spark?]]

[center [b Maximum had circled her for a moment with curious eyes. Before hovering right in front of her. He was usually socially awkward but he had to know more about Draconian lore whatever he could learn! He was too excited.]]
-Rabbit.Butterfly.   269d ago

[center A voice... Someone was speaking to her. Those bright green eyes looked towards him. Eyes that belonged to that of the forest. Not many were born with her color eyes where she came from. Mostly blues and browns. Hers were unique. From her mother. She had heard such compliments before and they didn't mean much to her, but for some reason a small blush came across her cheeks. Maybe it was hearing it from someone she didn't know.

The men that spoke to this man spooked her a little and she took a step back, but... It seemed the man in front of her knew how to handle ruffians. She watched him with awe and a bit of shock until what she assumed to be his name was called. It was the way that he looked towards the woman and spoke to her that told the young girl that he probably didn't like the woman much. She didn't like the way the woman appeared to be so stern.

Hearing the name of her home she smiled brightly. Heart Bloom. Yes... She loved that place. Hearing the male mention it her eyes brightened even more. Someone had been to her home? She wanted to mention more about it, but it would seem that this woman didn't really want him talking to her. She was silent. Why had this man insisted on calling her beautiful. The women here were beautiful as well.

So the woman he spoke to was his mother. She seemed so strict. She simply nodded at what she said and gave a small curtsy back. She watched her leave before she looked up at the male.

[#0dd9a3 "You are strong!"] She said sounding like she was still in awe of it. She soon looked at the two that came towards him and she tilted her head slightly. She listened as the spoke and wanted to be introduced. She smiled warmly at them. She was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but that was okay. This was something she would have to get use to since... Well she was here for the Igniting.

She watched the smaller male move around her. She didn't know how she felt about this, but she stood still and let him.

[#0dd9a3 "Well... My element is fire."] She said softly. She looked down sadly though. Fire wasn't what she wanted, but she would love the dragon dearly anyway.

[#0dd9a3 "Sadly I can't offer much about my Spark... I don't work with it much since where I come from is mostly forest land."] She looked up and soon smiled softly. She let her eyes land on Alfred.

[#0dd9a3 "You asked to show me around didn't you? Before you were interrupted. I would like it if you did. I don't know this place. I've never been here before."] She tilted her head slightly her green eyes not leaving him.
ShieldHero-     267d ago

[center [h3 Sea Haven's Tour]


[center [b During the onslaught of conversation and questions Alfred had noticed one thing. The way Tauriel's eyes lit up when he spoke of her homeland. He couldn't help but smile, an almost innocent child-like smile.]]

[center [b She had offered his mother a rather formal curtsy. A woman that mother respected? Even before meeting it would seem. No doubt she came from a strong and noble family with even stronger coffers. Alfred had expected her speech to be full of grace and her attitude possibly holier than thou. However, her first words were like that of a child in aww. Alfred looked at her rubbing the back of his head with a slight blush.]]

[center [+brown Oh wow, heh... you tease I'm sure. I mean what's that compared to a real dragon rider right? Humanity was sure you're kind were going to go extinct since the great migration.]]

[center [+green Wow.. When did you become an aspiring scholar?]]

[center [b Maximum grinned as Alfred rolled his eyes with a slight sigh.]]

[center [+brown Oh come on everyone knows that. I don't have to be an oversized lizard fanboy to know that. You know I'm sure they had a reason to leave.]]

[center [b Maximum stared at Alfred for a moment but it was than Tauriel answered his questions. The light restored in his eyes as he turned over.]]

[center [+green Fire! Wow, what a noble and majestic element! My spark is aquatic arts.]]

[center [+brown You mean water brainiac?]]

[center [+green Oh come on Al..]]

[center [b He huffed as Tauriel went on about her current circumstances. His smile had begun to dim even if a bit.]]

[center [+green To have such a beautiful gift... And not be able to practice it. That's simply appalling you have my sympathies lady Tauriel.]]

[center [b It was at that moment Tauriel looked to Alfred. Her gaze had not left him. Her head showing the slightest tilt as she informed young Alfred she had accepted his invitation. Her gaze had held a certain weight. Almost as if prey looking at a predator Alfred was about to shift his gaze. His eyes fluttered to the right and his heart fluttering but... something alluring about her gaze called to him. Alfred gave into that urge and stared back at her. Although it was only a few moments Melissa and Maximum had noticed peering up at the taller gentleman. It was almost as if her gaze could pierce right through his soul and the young mercenary wasn't sure what to make of that. It was like the bustle and hustle of the city had vanished for all but a single moment. The only breathing the only existence at that moment in time was her.]]

[center [+purple Earth to Al! I know she's pretty but do you have to leer so obviously?]]

[center [+brown Ahh.. D-Da I mean.. Of course! I mean of course to showing her around! Yup! Uhh.. L-Let's go!]]

[center [+green Wow, I've never seen you so nervous around a girl before Al.]]

[center [b Maximum and Melissa found themselves chuckling a bit as Alfred looked over a little frustrated. He turned around as he began to lead the group.]]

[center [+brown Here let me show you the best shop in town! Shelly's Sea Shack! Dorky name I know but-]]

[center [+green Umm.. Alfred that place was torn down for the new tourist attraction.]]

[center [+brown Tourist? Do we get tourists now? Since when?? You know MeiMei's flower garden is wonderful! She has plants straight from Heartbloom!]]

[center [+purple Al.. That was taken down to make room for the Chevalier Residence.]]

[center [+brown What? Grandpa said we wouldn't be building our estate any bigger. It's not like we were "real" nobles anyway.]]

[center [+green Alfred, Grandpa passed away and mother has garnered the support of the council. She's been in charge of infrastructure for a while and she's even helped the economy around here!]]

[center [+brown But.. MeiMei.. Shelly... I..]]

[center [+purple Here let me take the reins on this little tour.]]

[center [+green Huh...? Mel I know the town too!]]

[center [+purple Oh but Maxy unless it's adorably geeking out over dragons you aren't very good at talking to girls hon.]]

[center [+green A-Adorably..? I-I but I-!]]

[center [+purple See? You've known me for like forever and you're getting choked up! It is cute though! Come on Tauriel let's go!]]

[center [b Mel grabbed Tauriel's hand as she began to run off. Max and Al were quickly getting left behind.]]

[center [+green Wait.. Who said we were running..?!]]

[center [+brown Mel no fair! You got a head start!!]]

[center [+purple Hehe! With the boys leering at you who'd know I was gonna kidnap you instead? The classic misdirect! MWHAHAHAHA]]

[center [b Mel cackled as Max struggled to keep up. It was then that Al had picked his brother upon his back sprinting forward. He had managed to catch up with a Mel and even offer a wave.]]

[center [+green Showboating huh..? Fine! How about I meet you guys at Ember Grove! We might as well show another Rider one of our most historical places.]]

[center [+brown Ugh, course Ember Grove doesn't get torn down.]]

[center [+blue How about a race then? Whoever wins gets to decide where we go. I'll race you to the grove you beat me there? We don't have to do a tour.]]

[center [+brown Okay! It'll be a boring walk back to the plaza! One.. Two... Three! Go!]]

[center [b Maximum had hopped off Alfred's back as Alfred darted his way ahead of his brother with a strong stride. Maximum grinned taking a deep breath. Taking the moisture from the air and converting it into water he sent a slide underneath Alfred causing the larger male to trip and fall. It was at that moment Maximum spun in a watery dance. Water droplets surrounded the air and then around his legs as he created a pathway of water in front of himself. Taking a deep breath he jumped on the watery path with his makeshift water greaves. Spinning his arms he used water from his hands to propel himself forward using the lack of friction underneath himself. Easily blowing past Alfred, turning around he stuck his tongue out with a laugh.]]

[center [+brown Hey hey! Wait that's not fair at all! Come on Tauriel! Cutie! You gotta beat him! Or give me a boost! Something! I've never once lost to Maximum in a race!!]]

[center [+purple Aww leave the poor girl alone, doesn't Maxy deserve one win?]]

[center [+brown Oh man... I was ready to show that brat just how fast I've gotten too. Well he is Sea Haven's grand champion after all.]]

[center [b The two had always competed in both studies and sports growing up. Alfred had placed his hands on his hips looking ahead. Though he sounded spiteful he couldn't help but feel proud of his brother. Alfred always had to look out for Maximum and protect him before he got his spark. Even afterward knowing kids could be jealous. It was Alfred that always protected him, but it was clear Maximum grew up and he could take care of himself now. It was a somber moment, he was proud and yet he felt a bit melancholy too. His big bro really didn't need him anymore did he?]]
-Rabbit.Butterfly.   267d ago

[center She wasn't teasing though. A dragon rider was still just a human. Easily killed. Had those men truly been sent after her she wouldn't have been able to put up much of a fight... And anything could have happened to her. She could have died. Or maybe worse... She shook her head slightly dismissing such thoughts. She listened as the two brothers spoke and smiled lightly. Seemed Alfred didn't much care for dragons.

That was okay. Everyone had their own thoughts and feelings didn't they? She loved dragons. They were part of nature. She knew that everything had bad eggs though. Both humans and dragons. Nothing could be entirely good and nothing entirely bad, but not everyone thought that way and that was okay. Some people had too much fascination with dragons though. People having a spark sure seemed to expect dragons.

[#0dd9a3 "Water! Oh that's wonderful!"] She would have liked to have water herself... Well anything would have been better than fire. Fire was destructive. It could only burn. It seemed Maximum didn't see it that way. She didn't have the heart to tell him that she didn't really want to practice her spark anyway. She could tap into it, but she hadn't really figure out exactly what it could do. Almost afraid of it.

Even though Alfred was called out on it, Tauriel hadn't even really noticed that he had been staring back at her. For her everything had gotten quiet and it felt like her nerves finally calmed. She was able to finally breath. Something about the tall man made her feel safe. Like she was at home. When he responded about showing her around her eyes lit up. Good. She then listened to them all start talking again. She followed after Alfred, but it seemed like all of the places he had wanted to take her were gone.

A part of her felt sorry for him. She would feel awful if she returned and the things she was use to were gone. She wasn't ready for the girl to grab her hand and start running. It had shocked her and she stumbled first before she giggled and got her footing to run with her. She hadn't expected to meet such a friendly group of people. This was... Nice. She had been so terrified of being in a new place. Terrified that the people would be cruel to her or they would treat her too nobly.

As the two guys she caught up she looked towards the two of them. They were such good brothers. She listened as they talked about racing and she tilted her head slightly. She panted lightly. She wasn't really use to running after all that time on the boat, but it would come back to her.

She wondered which of the two would win the race. She had a feeling that it would be Alfred. He just seemed the more athletic of the two. She watched the two and it seemed to kind of hit her when Maximum used his spark. Of course Maximum would be the quicker one. He had been honing a spark. Was it really fair to use that though? Well... No one had set any rules so it was fair then. It was amazing to see what a spark could do.

She heard Alfred and looked over at him and offered a small smile. She wished she could aid him, but there were two reasons she wouldn't. One. She was afraid to burn him. Two... She felt like Mel was right... Maximum deserved this win.

She watched Alfred as he was watching his brother. She was the young one in her family so it was the same look she seen on his face that they had given her when they found out she had a spark for fire. That she would be going to be come a dragon rider.
ShieldHero-     265d ago

[center [h3 Sore Loser]]


[center [b Maximum had streamed across the streets spraying water around in a graceful dance. Using the water to leap like a gazelle in a meadow. Alfred had seen Tauriel's face and it was clear she couldn't or maybe wouldn't help him. Well he supposed that was fair anyway.]]

[center [+brown Fine here Mel hold this!]]

[center [b Stripping his Hard Leather coat off his shirt was caught too but he didn't have time to worry about that. Throwing the coat to Mel he looked forward ready to lunge.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He took a deep breath and took off! Mel had fallen over trying her best to hold the coat. What was it made of? Melissa had come to realize it was more like armor in disguise. It had to of been anywhere from forty to fifty pounds! Lifting it on herself she sighed as she looked at Tauriel.]]

[center [+purple Lucky for me I love to work out when I can but this is a lot even for me.]]

[center [b Mel had seen Alfred run off shirtless with a slight tint of red on her face. She simply laughed it off though shaking her head.]]

[center [+purple Jeez, he has no shame huh? I have to admit he is determined.]]

[center [b Maximum had slowed his pace a bit panting lightly but still staying in control of his spark. He figured he had already blown Alfred away and he wouldn't have to worry much about him catching up. Through the town, Alfred could be seen dashing around the landscape. Sliding on the water Max had left behind. He was pushing his body to its limits, his chest was pounding as each step was faster than the last. He could see Maximum up ahead taking it nice and easy. If Alfred was going at one hundred seeing Maximum pushed himself to a hundred and ten. Shifting the weight in his body with each step breathing heavily he managed to catch Maximum by surprise and overtake him past the outskirts of time! Alfred had taken a more short sprinting stance. Burning through stamina quickly but he was able to even make some room ahead of Maximum!]]

[center [b Alfred was sweating and just about ready to pass out but if he controlled his breathing he was sure he could keep up the pace. At least until near the end of the race then maybe he could afford to slow down. Maximum stopped in his tracks shocked for a moment.]]

[center [+green How in the world... Brother you really surprise me.]]

[center [b Maximum was saving this trick for the ceremony but now was as good a time as any right? He focused his attention onto all of the moisture in the air. He was slowly gathering water. Focusing on its chemical makeup and how best to take that water in with his spark. His small body was starting to tremble from the force of his power but his control was on point. He had made the water float in a spiral in front of him creating a water spiral as far as the eye could see. Diving into the spiral he used water to jet himself forward. Water gushed from his feet behind him. Creating new spirals as he launched himself forward. It wasn't very long before Maximum blew past Alfred and although his midair water slide of sorts had already run out. He created his simple water trail from before dashing on ahead. Alfred grunted shaking his head from the heat.]]

[center [+brown Fine.. Time to push to a hundred and twenty percent I say!]]

[center [b His claim was ridiculous but he forced his legs to take longer and harder strides.. For about three maybe four moments before he fell flat on his face. Panting heavily he raised himself to face the ground as he chuckled lightly.]]

[center [+brown Huff... Huff.... Seems you've got me, big bro. Can't blame me for trying though.]]

[center [h3 Later]]

[center [b They had all arrived and Alfred was still breathing a little heavy but it was calmed. Taking his coat back he dressed back up as he looked at Maximum. His brother looked wobbly but in much better shape than Al to be fair.]]

[center [+green Well to the grove it is huh? Would you rather me be Lady Tauriel's guide today Al?]]

[center [+brown Huff.. Huff... Yeah yeah... If you don't pass out when she looks at you of course.]]

[center [+green W-What...?! Oh, man... Well I..]]

[center [b Alfred had curled his lips slowly in a snide smirk despite his heavy breathing. He had taken by Tauriel's side patting her shoulder with a rather hearty pat. His arm had felt heavy but he hadn't added any force to not hurt her. They were about a mile away from the town now. Moss and grass were blocking the path. Alfred had moved the leafy makeshift entrance up so the others could get in.]]

[center [+brown Yup wet and soggy just like I remember.]]

[center [+purple My still a gentleman I see.]]

[center [+green Thanks bro I hate getting through that part honestly.]]

[center [b As they headed in with wet footsteps the cave slowly lost more and more light. Dimming at first until it was complete pitch blackness. Alfred had reached over and grabbed a shoulder in close.]]

[center [+brown Now look beautiful... Here's the best part.]]

[center [b It was at that moment the stones in the wall had each begun to glow one by one. Many were a light orange but a few had been red and others were blue. Alfred had looked over only to see Maximum making a strange face.]]

[center [+green Beautiful huh? I mean I do moisturize.]]

[center [+brown Ahh!]]

[center [b Alfred let go of Maximum as his big brother laughed with Melissa giggling in the background.]]

[center [+purple And you were against this whole trip Al!]]

[center [+brown Hey! I just wanted to show that our town was more than a lizard hot spot tourist attraction. Well.. What you see is Ember Grove up ahead is the Ember Shrine. These stones react to heat from the human body. Long ago these stones were used to see if someone had the potential to be a Rider.]]

[center [+green That's actually correct you must have learned more in the outside world than you did in school huh?]]

[center [+brown Bah!]]

[center [b Alfred waved his arm off dismissively as Melissa came closer to Tauriel pointing at a few red stones.]]

[center [+purple Our heat can turn them a light orange hue but... Riders can change that with their spark. See that red one? That's because of you Tauriel! Pick up any of these and I guarantee it'll be red! The blue's cause of Maxy!]]

[center [b She smiled picking one up only for it to remain in its orange-like color. Alfred had started to walk further in beckoning for the others to join him.]]

[center [+purple It's a tradition that each of us growing up come here to see if we are a rider. Maxy's didn't change at first I remember that bummed him out but he'd come here every day and study. One day well... Here we are. Al on the other hand wouldn't visit or touch the things.]]

[center [+brown Hey way to make me sound grouchy! It's pretty and all but I just didn't want to spend my time in a damp cave.]]

[center [b Maximum let out a long sigh from Alfred's comment but had decided to let it go. Alfred had gently taken Tauriel by the hand guiding her forward. Pointing ahead was a small miniature pond surrounded by several stepping stones. The "room" had a green glow from the walls. In the middle of those stepping stones was a shrine that held a small roof. Alfred had carefully guided Tauriel through the stepping stones so as not to get wet. The shrine had a statue of a human praying to a dragon. Alfred looked around this place always made him feel uneasy. His stomach felt empty and heavy all at the same time. His head felt light and his heart throbbing.]]

[center [+green This is where our priest spent his time communing with the dragons. Or I should say our guardian dragon, although dragons migrated over one hundred years ago. Our guardian dragon hadn't left until about twelve years ago.]]

[center [+brown Yup guess the old geezer figured out he was late to his migration.]]

[center [+green Al! Ugh.. Truth is it was such a mystery most places hadn't believed we truly could speak to a dragon still. I assure you though our priest had done just that passing his wisdom down to us.]]

[center [+brown Yup our "priest" spent more time with that old geezer than he did his own family.]]

[center [b There was a bit of bitterness in Alfred's voice as Maximum turned around staring at Alfred intensely. The young male almost seemed ready to explode on the spot but instead, his expression seemed to calm down. Taking a deep breath he looked at Tauriel.]]

[center [+green Do you feel it..? The line pulling at you. They say it can cause a reaction. I do always feel a great joy when I am here... Maybe it's my dragon calling out to me. To soar the skies... to be free of this small town.]]

[center [+brown You don't need wings to be free Max.]]

[center [+green I suppose but one could be free to an extent but... I want to be truly free. To go where I want to learn what I want... I want to make this world a better place.]]

[center [+purple Okay that's enough of that heavy stuff, Tauriel wanna head back? We can grab something to eat before you're Igniting. It should be starting soon!]]

[center [+brown Oh I should pick this time! Old man Chen's! His noodles are the greatest! Unless he's gone too..]]

[center [+green Haha, old man Chen doesn't work that stall anymore but he's around. His son runs the place now.]]

[center [+brown Old man Yao's?]]

[center [+green Well he's a young man but they kept the old name for now.]]

[center [+brown Aww.. But Chen's noodles!]]

[center [+green Haha Yao's noodles are great! The tourist love them!! Come on you'll see Al!]]

[center [+brown Does that sound all right Tauriel? If you don't like noodles just... Well just say the word!]]

[center [b As the group spoke and began to leave. Melissa had noticed one strange sparkle from the cave turning around. Alfred and the others were already ahead but she was sure she saw... Something. The stone was only orange. Melissa stared at the stone for a moment.. before she...]]

[center [h3 Later]]

[center [b The group had all shown up to the stall but the streets were even busier that late afternoon. It was almost night time and that meant time for the igniting. People were dancing with red pom-poms and dragon masks all around. Exotic dancers could be seen everywhere. One had given Al a flirtatious wink as she twirled around with a coy smile.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+brown Oh boy! Maybe this igniting isn't so bad after all...]]

[center [+green Al! Come on... Show some decorum around lady Tauriel she is our esteemed guest you know.]]

[center [+purple Hehe... Oh that's just how Al is Maxy!]]

[center [b Max had sighed as Alfred raised a hand rubbing the back of his head with a hearty laugh. The group had sat down all making their orders.]]

[center [+brown Miso Ramen! Extra pork and I want tons and tons of hot sauce!!]]

[center [+green Tonkotsu please but instead of pork can it be chicken? Also, may I pour the soy sauce? Thank you.]]

[center [+purple I'd like Miso Ramen too but with charred scallions please and tofu meat!]]

[center [b A tall man with a small frame and small pupils had walked to the front of the stall away from his cooking station. He began to write everything down. The man had black hair and slight stubble on his face he appeared to be in his early twenties much like Max and Al.]]

[center [i All right... Gotcha need anything to drink?]]

[center [+brown Chen's special!]]

[center [+green Uhh.. Just water please.]]

[center [+purple Water too please!]]

[center [i And what about you mam?]]

[center [b He turned to ask Tauriel his quill was ready and so was this young man. He seemed passionate ready to show off what he could do in today's grand festival.]]
-Rabbit.Butterfly.   265d ago

[center She watched a moment as Alfred took his jacket off before she quickly adverted her gaze. It didn't seem like that was going to help at least not to her. A spark... Well... Sometimes it felt like they were just an unfair advantage. She watched as he almost won though. It seemed that water spark though was very powerful or at least the one using it was. She watched as the smaller boy won and she smiled faintly. She supposed he deserved that win huh?

As she approached the grove a little while after the race she sighed softly. Something about this place kind of made her feel sad. Maybe it was because she wasn't exactly in tune with her spark. Would that mean she wouldn't be close to her dragon then? A frown came across her lips as she followed them inside. She could hear them talking and she was listening, but she was also in her own thoughts. So when Alfred had realized he had grabbed the wrong shoulder she didn't laugh or make a sound.

Her eyes followed the stones and she looked towards Melissa as she approached her. Slowly she reached down and picked up one of the stones. In her hand it did glow red. She looked at the color. Ah red... A color that was often associated with fire. She turned her gaze away and placed the stone back on the ground. She had no interest in the fact that hers turned red. It was only more proof that she had a spark she didn't want.

The blue stones that lit up because of Maximum were pretty though. If only she had gotten something like water... Even nature or earth would have been welcomed. She didn't voice any of these thoughts though. They continued to swim in her head as she followed after them. Alfred had taken her hand and she returned from her thoughts and listened as he spoke. She looked at the statue and smiled lightly.

It made her think of home with all the animals. Of course they couldn't speak to animals or anything of that nature, but they were close to them. They had an understanding.

A dragon was a different being altogether though wasn't it? She closed her eyes for a moment. Even with a spark that she hated... She knew that she was just going to love her dragon. She listened as the talking continued and soon they were talking about the next place. Part of her was definitely glad to be leaving. Maybe it was because of how uneasy the red stones made her feel. The fact that her spark could very well burn away everything.

[#0dd9a3 "Oh. Noodles should be fine."] She responded absently.

With the streets filled with all these people she felt herself get nervous again. She looked towards the dancer with curiosity. Where she came from... They didn't really have dancers like this. A part of her felt suddenly self conscious and she looked away. It seemed Alfred definitely didn't mind them though.

That also made her realize something. He talked the way he talked to her to every woman didn't he? A small bit of irritation filled her mind. How could she be so stupid? Men like him existed everywhere it would seem. She should have known. She had known many like him from her home. She didn't exactly get along with them either. How had she not recognized it sooner.

It would be best to be more careful for now on. To withdraw a bit. Keep to herself so that she didn't end up getting hurt. Sure she had just met him, but... She knew what happened with men that had his kind of charm.

It was nice to sit down, but now a lot was on her mind. She almost didn't hear anyone come to take their order. She quickly looked up a little flustered. What did she want?

[#fa337d "She would prefer Shoyu Ramen with mushrooms over the top preferably Kikurage."] The man spoke knowingly. The voice was very familiar to Tauriel. She smiled brightly. Oh! They must told him she would be coming!

[center [pic]]

[#0dd9a3 "Ambrose! Did they send a message for you?"] She asked excitedly. She had grown up with him. She had been very sad that he had left.

[#fa337d "They did. I was suppose to meet you at the boat. I was terrified when I didn't see you."] He said. He then turned to the man. [#fa337d "For a drink she would like Cherry Blossom Tea."] He looked at the group before his eyes returned to the girl.

[#0dd9a3 "I'm so sorry! Mother and father didn't say I was suppose to be expecting anyone! I thought I was going to be all alone!"] She really opened up with him seeming to forget she was among people that didn't know her that well.

[#fa337d "They sent a message to me months ago about your spark and the Igniting. I told them I would meet you here... Of course as a surprise... So... It was my fault. I am glad to have found you though. Seems some others did as well."] He looked around at the group curiously.

[#0dd9a3 "They have been very kind to me. Have showed me around and I got to meet the other dragon rider and see his spark! It was amazing."] She gestured to Maximum.

[#fa337d "Oh that's good."] He gave a nod towards Maximum and then looked back at her. [#fa337d "I'll leave you here for now. I wouldn't want to intrude. I'll come back for you when it is time to meet your dragon."] He said warmly.
ShieldHero-     264d ago

ShieldHero-     264d ago

[center [h3 Distracted Beauty]]


[center [b Tauriel seemed rather absent-minded, Maximum and Melissa seemed as chipper as ever heading back. Alfred kept up a happy face but he could be caught looking her way from time to time before glancing away rather embarrassed. It wasn't like he was trying to check her out again he just... Wanted to peer over to her gaze and see... "See what Alfred..? Really?" he thought to himself shaking his head.]]

[center [b His thoughts had begun to flood in at this point he hadn't had much time to think since getting here. The way he had met his mother again the fact he hasn't seen his father yet. Although Tauriel was a stranger her uneasiness made him feel the same. After he had made that comment about the dancer before he gave a playful laugh to the others but Tauriel's distant gaze seemed to have doubled!]]

[center [b Alfred wasn't exactly good at talking to fancy nobles he was a goofball and more suited to casual bar settings. Though his demeanor didn't seem to bother her at first. What had happened? Hmmm.. Was it the cave? She had mentioned not using her spark before.]]

[center [+brown Tauriel about you're sp-]]

[center [b It was at that moment he was cut off by a beautiful stranger. The man was too pretty to be real Alfred couldn't believe it. The guy's stance and voice had matched Tauriel in terms of beauty and grace. He was the exact opposite of Alfred at least in appearance and in the way he held himself. Joy covered her face and reached her eyes forming a smile. Alfred wasn't sure why but he felt a slight bit of jealously. It wasn't like he knew this girl that well right? "Bah... It's probably just because my dense ass put all this thought into cheering her up. For once sentence from another guy to do that so easily? Must be one of those dumb guy things." He took a drink and sighed lightly before smiling lightly offering the guy a small wave.]]

[center [+purple Damn! That guy's almost as cute as Max but twice as pretty! Tauriel you hiding any other hotties around??]]

[center [b She nudged her with a loud laugh as Max turned away blushing. He turned to offer the man a formal bow.]]

[center [+green I extend our heartfelt welcome to Sea Haven. We are honored to have two esteemed guests from Heart Bloom. I am Maximum, this is Melissa and Alfred. What may I call you sir?]]

[center [b The young chef Yao had nodded at the man's orders and started preparing a meal for the group. The young man had looked over the group curiously as the two caught up. Melissa had offered a friendly wave.]]

[center [b Tauriel had excitedly told them she got to meet the other dragon rider and how it was amazing. Maximum had blushed lightly looking away.]]

[center [+green O-Oh it's nothing you flatter me lady Tauriel.]]

[center [b The food had been served and Melissa and Alfred had stuffed their faces while Maximum had taken his time to enjoy the meal. Alfred was the first to finish his meal and his drink.]]

[center [+brown Yao! It wasn't what Chen used to make but it was damn good!]]

[center [+purple Al!]]
[center [+green Al!]]

[center [i ...Haha! I figured as much but no one in town seems to be upfront with me. I know I'm Chen's son but no need to pull any punches!]]

[center [+brown So any requested sauce... Cook it into the noodles don't just add it on the top. Even weirdos like Maxy boy here cook some sauce with the noodles. That's just for starters though your old man has got a lot of tricks. He didn't teach you?]]

[center [+green Hey!]]

[center [i Ha! Well, he figured I should learn it on my own. I figured that maybe he was right ya know?]]

[center [+brown Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Well.. Max, Melissa, and of course the beautiful Tauriel. I hate to cut this visit short but I should get going. I just wanted to visit for the big day. Mom and dad will explode if I show up to the ceremony itself.]]

[center [b It was about time he head to the next port and maybe look for some work. Max, Melissa, Tauriel, and Mr pretty boy. He didn't belong in that world. He never did he was just here to pay respects to his home and his family. It was his origin but... This was a reminder of that fact.]]

[center [+purple What! Al!]]

[center [+green Brother, you haven't even made up with mother yet. Come on stick around for a bit.]]

[center [+brown Brother huh? Pulling out all the formal stops in front of our guest huh? It's all right, tell dad his pain in the ass son dropped by.]]

[center [+green Father? Al... Our father passed away.]]

[center [+brown Yup so I have to- Wait what? That's not funny Max.]]

[center [+green I mean.. One day he left for his pilgrimage and he never returned. You know father would never leave this town. He's been gone for over two years now.]]

[center [+brown I... That bastard! He was already getting sick when I left he attempted that..? Why would he...? No, I know why and the answer is painfully obvious.]]

[center [+green Al! He only did what he thought was right for us! For this town! He helped me to understand my spark he helped me to-]]

[center [+brown Out of duty! He put duty before mother before you before-]]

[center [+purple Guys just take a deep breath. Calm down please.]]

[center [b Alfred grunted while gripping his fist his face twisted in pain as Maximum looked forward at the taller male. He had determination in his eyes unflinching a fierce stare. The two had however taken a deep breath listening to their old friend. Alfred's face had begun to soften as Maximum's gaze began to weaken.]]

[center [+brown I'm sorry... Max I really am. Today is you're and Tauriel's day please enjoy it all right?]]

[center [b Maximum had jumped in front of Alfred with his arms up.]]

[center [+green Father left something for you! None of us have touched it. Not even mother.. We made an oath not to.]]

[center [+brown Oh.. Okay where is it?]]

[center [+green Nope! Not until you go to the ceremony! B-Besides... I-It's not like you t-t-to... Well to... T-To run away from someone as beautiful as lady Tauriel! And if that's changed about you then I-I challenge you! To a fight! You've never run from a beautiful face or a brawl! Is that going to change today?]]

[center [b Alfred looked at Maximum as his face was beet red panting as he looked down at the ground. Alfred blinked for a moment before laughing loudly almost uncontrollably.]]

[center [+brown Haha! Wow! I'm sorry I just.. Wow! Hitting on a girl and starting a fight? When did you become so "barbaric" young man? You bring the Chevalier family such shame you do! AHAHA]]

[center [b He said mocking his mother from earlier as Maximum pouted stomping his foot down.]]

[center [+green I-I was not hitting on Tauriel o-only stating a fact! That goodbye you gave her was weak and that.. Just isn't like you! I know you. Look.. I know things were rough last time but... Give us this chance. I'm sorry I didn't stick up for you then. I'm sorry I can't hate father for what he did to you but... I want my brother to see it today. The day I become someone strong just like him.]]

[center [b Alfred stammered blushing lightly as Melissa smiled standing behind Maximum. Wrapping her arm around the shorter male with the biggest smile on her face.]]

[center [+purple Well you still gonna leave after that Al?]]

[center [+brown Well.. I'm not gonna fight him on his big day but he was right about one thing. A girl as beautiful as Tauriel only comes once in a lifetime so I can't leave without at least sharing a second drink with her right?]]

[center [b Maximum shook his head with a loud sigh as Alfred pulled his brother in for a tight hug. Squishing him close he patted his head and though no words were exchanged there was a sense of understanding in both of their eyes.]]

[center [b Tauriel's friend had stated he would leave and return later for the ceremony.]]

[center [+purple Aww look you're soap opera is making the hottie go! Not fair!]]

[center [b She stuck her tongue out playfully but before she could make another smart comment a group of people in dragon masks approached the group. Closing them in a circle the group grabbed Maximum and Tauriel. Alfred had grabbed two of them but Maximum had only raised his hand laughing slightly.]]

[center [+green Down boy down, it's part of the festival I must have lost track of time.]]

[center [b The two were placed on chairs as the chairs were carried through the town. Confetti was shot forward and the crowd grew excited. Before they knew the two were put on a massive stage. Alfred's mother had stood in the middle of the stage holding some sort of circular object. It was something criers used for larger groups of people to hear. They were rather expensive but Alfred wasn't surprised she managed to get one.]]

[center [+teal Today we celebrate! Celebrate Sea Haven beating all of the odds. I present to you are two riders!]]

[center [b The crowd yelled and cheered the men had whistled had Tauriel and the girls couldn't help but scream when Maximum waved back with a nervous smile. The woman had cleared her throat and that was enough for the crowd to begin to calm down.]]

[center [+teal As the late wife of the priest Gilbert Chevalier I Henrietta Chevalier. I am proud to announce that our shaman reports the time is upon us.]]

[center [b It was at that moment smoke entered the arena with an array of shining lights. It was clearly pyrotechnics but Alfred had still felt a bit unsettled.]] 

[center [pic]]

[center [b It was at that moment a woman came crawling out from under the stage. Her skin had another worldly darkness. Alfred was almost sure she was undead. He knew shaman's practiced dark magic and last he was here they didn't have a shaman. He gripped his blade almost as if by instinct. The woman with her cold icy glare stared into the crowd she could feel Alfred's gaze. Offering a lifeless wink she spun around with chains around her body. "Was she a prisoner..? No those were her own... But why?"]]

[center [b She twirled around Maximum and Tauriel looking close to the both of them. Her gaze was unwavering as a blue smoke came from her lips. She leaned over to blow smoke against Tauriel's lips and then to Maximum's her expression devoid of any life. Maximum was on edge he knew of the shaman but never really directly spoke to her.]]

[center [+darkblue The time... The time is nigh! Kin of flame and brook! Let us see what we can hook! Call forth the sacred the beast with you're heart! Let destiny take its chart. A drop of blood from thee and soon they will be free.]]

[center [b She had quickly drawn a dagger from her cleavage as the crowd gasped a little on edge. She had cut the male's hand and then Tauriel's. Taking the blood into her own hands she blew a cloud of smoke into them. Flame and water could be seen around Tauriel and Maximum.]]

[center [b A large portal in the sky could be seen! It was red and circular in nature. The portal seemed to be made of draconian magic. The eerie presence that woman had commanded seemed to shrink in exchange for excitement.]]

[center [b Though the portal nothing could be found. Several moments pass by like this as the crowd grows anxious. Strong wing beats could be heard flying through the portal.]]

[center [pic]] 

[center [b A dragon with crimson scales and a kind face had soared through. Mustering a flame between its talons as it spewed cinders in the air. It was all for the show, of course, the beast had flapped its tail spinning in circles before performing a few loops. Landing down on the platform as subtle as sin. The beast stood proud looking down at Tauriel with its soft green eyes and a large grin. Opening its maw as cinders escaped its mouth. It loomed over peering deep into Tauriel's eyes.]]

[center [+red Hello child, what may I call thee? I am Nalazath of Cinder. You may simply call me Nala.]]

[center [b It was at that moment the dragon breathed in spewing a great flame around Tauriel. Alfred flinched for a second only to see the flame was only dancing around her. Her eyes had shone red for a moment before the flames seized to be.]]

[center [+red We now give you're kind one more chance since the great migration. This will be your final chance. That being said be under no illusion I am here of my free will child.]]

[center [b It was at that moment the next gate had shown but it had a brown glow to it. Melissa gasped as she gripped something tightly in her pocket. The crowd seemed confused and so did Maximum.]]

[center [+green What... What's going on?]]

[center [+darkblue ..The Elders have spoken. The weaves of fate cannon be broken.]]

[center [b It was then she turned to Alfred her gaze more intense than the last. Through the sea of people why? "Why would she stare at me?" he was confused. Both he and Maximum watched with bated breath and anxiety. Whatever came through that gate was going to change their lives, forever.]]
-Rabbit.Butterfly.   263d ago

[center Tauriel looked toward Melissa when she asked her a question. She giggled lightly. Ah yes... Ambrose was very beautiful. A lovely man. Actually most of the men from Heart Bloom were. All of them different in their own ways.

[#0dd9a3 "Well... Ambrose here is just one of the many men in my home. They are very beautiful."] She looked at him for a moment before she looked around the table.

[#fa337d "Ah but of course I'm the best looking one."] Ambrose teased. He looked to Maximum and offering a small smile. [#fa337d "Well everyone calls me Ambrose mostly. Don't really have a nickname. So I suppose Ambrose is fine."] He said with a slight shrug.

[#fa337d "Flattery is something she is definitely good at. She rather make everyone else look good rather than herself."] He stated.

He listened as everyone spoke around the table and listened. It seemed they were in their own conversations. He looked to Tauriel. She was so quiet as she ate. She always ate slowly. Gracefully. That was how women were taught in Heart Bloom. Though there was a fair share of girls that weren't all that graceful. She sipped from her cup of tea before her gaze slowly shifted to Ambrose.

She smiled and offered the cup to him. Ambrose gave a slight nod before taking a sip from the cup. Once she put the cup aside she looked down.

[#0dd9a3 "I haven't used my spark yet. Ever since I've gotten it... I am afraid of it."] She spoke in a hushed voice to Ambrose as the others talked.

[#fa337d "It is fine. I can understand that. You should learn to love it though. It is a part of you. Just take your time. It will be okay."] He smiled and soon turned to the group as the talk suddenly got serious. He frowned slightly.

Tauriel turned to the group. Oh! What a horrible a way to figure all of that out. She didn't know what to do. She just felt like she shouldn't have been in the conversation. There was nothing she could say in this. This was between all of them. Ambrose frowned faintly. he seemed to realize he needed to get out of here.

He leaned down close to Tauriel. [#fa337d "I will see you on stage Tauriel. Good luck."] With that he was gone only giving a slight wave over his shoulder.

[#0dd9a3 "Bye Ambrose."] She said softly before he had left. She had heard everything they had all said and all the stuff they had said about her. She was about to say something about it all. How he didn't have to because maybe he should be talking with his family over the loss of his father, but she was grabbed up. Her heart almost stopped until she realized these people were part of the festivities and it looked like it was time for the Igniting.

On the stage she felt nervous. Everyone looking up at her from the crowd. She stood shaking slightly. The shaman was something she didn't quite understand. She had never seen one before and the women frightened her. She almost backed away from her, but had a feeling it would be rude so she stood completely still.

Having her hand cut did not make her happy. It hurt and didn't make much sense to her. She looked at the cut along her hand and then towards the shaman. What was going to happen now? What was this women doing? Was this really how they summoned dragons? A dragon so beautiful red came from the portal.

The girl looked up at it in wonder. How lovely. As it came to her and asked her name she froze slightly.

[#0dd9a3 "M- My name is Tauriel."] She stuttered slightly. She was just nervous. The flames that surrounded her kind of scared her and she didn't know what she should do. She stood still. Once they faded she felt a lot better. She listened as the dragon spoke and nodded. She could understand that.

Her free will. She smiled. [#0dd9a3 "It is so nice to meet you Nala."] She said warmly. It was good to meet this dragon. A little unease about her spark was on her mind, but maybe... Through this dragon she could learn more about it. She turned her eyes to the sky and seen that the other gate was brown. What was going on? Shouldn't it blue?

[center [pic]]

The dragon that came through the gate was a warm brown color. He looked at the boy on the stage and gave a soft snort. Not the right one. He could smell the water on him. Slowly his eyes scanned the crowd and then his eyes landed on Alfred. There. That was him.

He dived down towards him. It almost appeared as if he was just going to land on top of all the humans in his way, but he stopped and hovered above them all. Patiently he waited as humans moved out of his way giving him enough space to land in front of Alfred. Slowly he sat down and looked at the man curiously.

[#c86904 "I had to search for you... You weren't on the stage."] The dragon stated plainly. He tilted his head slightly.

[#c86904 "Well... Anyway... It matters not. My name is Adrastos child of the earth."] The dragon didn't seem all that interested in showing off its powers though.

[#c86904 "You do have a name don't you human?"] He asked. He wasn't at all like the fire dragon. No special show for the humans to see. No speech either saying that this was their final chance. Nope.

He was a completely different kind of creature. It tilted its head as it looked down at the human that carried the earth spark. From the way everything around him sounded people were in shock. There was a lot of silence. He was being starred at too. The dragon soon looked around. Strange things did happen. They had been expecting a water dragon.

He knew that much from the boy on the stage. He looked towards the boy on stage. A part of him felt bad. Soon his eyes returned to the man before him.
ShieldHero-     259d ago

[center [h3 Distraught]]


[center [b There was much Alfred wanted to say to Tauriel. He wanted to apologize for showing her his family drama. His flirting and laid-back mannerisms hadn't helped him much either but... She had still talked to him all the same. If a woman hadn't flirted back with him by this point they had simply written him off as a brute or a fool not much different from his mother really. The only two that were an exception to that rule were Melissa and Maximum. Even his father had lectured him much on the way he had held himself.]]

[center [b Alfred was lost in thought until he was addressed by.. Adrastos? Who in the hell..? What in the hell...? Maximum had appeared crushed. The people who had moved aside began to bow to the divine beast while Alfred lay dumbfounded. Maximum's pain and confusion quickly turned to a look of discontent.]]

[center [+brown A-Are you talking to me lizard? It's Alfred but you're talking to the wrong guy. The dragon nerd is on the stage. He's the one who studied for years not me.]]

[center [b It was at that moment his mother came rushing down she had come to face the dragon. Offering a graceful bow she introduced herself.]]

[center [+teal Divine lord, allow me to help. I am the wife of the late dragon priest. Henrietta Chevalier the Chevaliers have been loyal to the dragons for many generations. I believe a mistake must have been made in the ritual. Maximum my son is the one with the spark and he has trained every day since that spark surfaced.]]

[center [b She bowed her head in reverence but the child of earth seemed not impressed by her grandiose speech. Maximum had turned to Nala to question her instead.]]

[center [+green Where is my child of aqua? I do not understand.]]

[center [+red ... I am sorry child but you wield a spark you were never meant to have. Therefore nothing could have come from it. Those who find our power are the ones who do not covet it. As to prevent ambition from consuming the soul. Tauriel had never wished for the powers of fire and Alfred himself has never once come to seek us out.]]

[center [+green I know! I understand! Because.. The dragon slayers hunted you're kind in order to gain power. But... How I loved your stories. How I've spent my life adoring you believing in you're existence even when you've left. Believing in it all before my spark ever came to be. My faith and my hope I've..]]

[center [+red I am sorry child if you truly claim to understand us. Please show understanding in this choice we have made.]]

[center [b The shaman had taken the chance to make her leave in a gust of smoke. Nala had huffed rather loudly at the shaman's "magics" showing great disdain. Alfred had stuttered lost in a tempest of emotion in a sea of thought. His heart twisted in a typhoon of emotion.]]

[center [+brown N-No...]]

[center [+green What then huh? I wasn't worthy? Because what? Alfred's bigger? Stronger? Everyone liked him more... Every kid in school. The merchants the bars... The teachers despite the fact I worked harder. It wasn't until I had a spark... I finally stepped out of his shadow. He was so good at everything!! So now what..? He gets to have this too huh? Alfred can't do this! He couldn't even beat me in a simple race so how come?]]

[center [b The usually cool-headed Maximum was panting heavily with tears in his eyes.]]

[center [+brown Max I-]]

[center [+green No! I'm going to prove it here and now! I'm not in your shadow! I'm not weaker than you! I may have been born sickly... But I'm not that little boy anymore I assure you.]]

[center [b Maximum had taken a breath as a swirl of water formed around his hand creating an aquatic blade. Charging forward he slashed at Alfred. The large man had reached for his own sword clashing just in time. The water boiled as it spilled on Alfred's face burning him.]]

[center [+brown Max! What the hell this isn't like you!! Cool off and think for a second!! Do you think I wanted this? Really?!]]

[center [+green Stop it! Agh!! Stop it! Stop it!!]

[center [b Maximum had started swinging at the air as the water and surrounded and consumed his body holding him up. Alfred panicked reaching a hand out in the air. The water had dropped Maximum but his presence.. Seemed off. Maximum took a deep breath as he gushed out a small pool of water. Alfred barely avoided the attack turning his neck as the water boiled on the ground. Kicking Maximum underneath his legs knocking him over. His powers were refined even more so for only being a spark but his sword stance was inexperienced and Alfred could tell Maximum was still a novice in this sense. Holding his sword at Maximum he told his brother calmly.]]

[center [+brown Stop! Maximum I don't want to hurt you just calm down.]]

[center [+blue Hurt me? You still talk like I haven't surpassed you long ago... Brother.]]

[center [+brown Damn it! Max what's going on?!]]

[center [b Maximum's water sword had turned into a whip grabbing at Alfred's ankle. Maximum raised his hand sending Alfred flying into a stall. Alfred groaned lightly in the stall slowly getting back up.]]

[center [+brown I'm going to have to apologize to Yao for that huh... Jeez I just got out of debt]]

[center [b Maximum seemed even more upset by Alfred's laid-back attitude. Shooting his whip forward at Alfred. The whip began to cut around Alfred's arm but as Max pulled at the whip Alfred wrapped it more around his own arm to gain leverage despite the pain. Giving Maximum a deadpan look he yanked the whip with tremendous force pulling Maximum in. With his spare arm, Alfred landed a solid haymaker right into Maximum's nose. Dazing the boy Alfred pulled back only to put his back into a second punch using the weight of his muscle and his coat to boot. With Maximum dazed his punch was able to make a weighted and calculated stance a technique Alfred had learned on his travels. It had sent Maximum back a few feet! Not very far but for a man who couldn't use a spark it was impressive. Maximum had used water under his feet to catch himself but Alfred began sprinting the moment Maximum left his range. He went for a follow-up headbutt only for water to block the strike. Alfred went for a punch and then a quick knee only for every strike to be blocked.]]

[center [+green You still won't use that oversized hunk of metal huh?]]

[center [b All the water Max had just used defensively he focused to quickly gather around his scrawny arm. Forming a massive water gauntlet he punched into Alfred's abdomen sending him flying this time into a stall even further back. Henrietta had gasped and Nala snorted with disappointment ready to intervene had it gotten too serious]]

[center [+teal A-Alfred!]]

[center [b Her mother cried out in shock, silence filled the air as Alfred came out of the wood and wreckage with a few scratches and a head wound bleeding slightly. The air was knocked out of him so he took a moment but smiled all the same before looking up.]]

[center [+brown Thank bro, I owe you. It's nice to hear mom still cares about the problem child heh... I'm sorry mom I really am.]]

[center [b His voice went from laid back to a dead serious stone. Drawing his massive blade he held the hilt firmly with his eyes close. Taking a deep meditative-like breath he began to shake. "I can't beat power.. Real power like that. The only way I drove that dragon out was with traps.. Hit and run tactics and a lot of dumb luck. I take out bandits, not Riders. No... Al, you can't doubt yourself your big bro needs you to knock some sense into him. His dreams have been shattered you left him with father and mother expectations all by himself. Of course, it all came crashing down. You weren't there for him."]]

[center [+purple Stop it! Both of you!! Just stop!!!]]

[center [b The boys used to always listen when Melissa came in but... Maximum wasn't listening to reality. In his eyes... He let everyone down mother... And father. Alfred was angry.. That they had put so much on his shoulders. To him, if he wasn't a rider he was a failure, not even a person. It wasn't just Maximum's dream but his gilded prison hidden in a life of luxury and praise Maximum suffered in silence. Melissa was crying.]]

[center [+green Max! You'll kill him! Stop!!! This isn't you!!!]]

[center [b "I can't.. I can't give up if I die here, mom.. Melissa will.. And I  know when Max returns to his sense he'd regret it. What would become of him? No, he had to win he had no choice." Water began to flow all around Maximum his eyes white in pain as his spark went out of control.]]

[center [+brown What the hell...? Great... His spark is going haywire!]]

[center [b Nala stood up ready to put Maximum down but Alfred raised his hand.]]

[center [+brown Move a single inch and I'll.. End my own life. You won't be able to stop him without killing him I know it. You'd rather lose a precious "Rider?" If either one of you moves I'm ending it. Got that?!]]

[center [b Nala raised her eyes rather surprised as she stood in front of Tauriel. If the battle endangered her Rider in any way she would step in. Even if it meant it put Alfred in danger and even if it caused the child of earth to attack her in turn.]]

[center [b Tendrils of water approached Alfred he had clumsily parried each blow with his blade. The water grazed off his sword slashing over his shoulder. The tendrils almost hit the crowd but it was at that moment Earth had surrounded the two brothers. Adrasto had used earth to protect the bystanders. Alfred looked confused but he reluctantly gave the dragon a nod of appreciation.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He dashed forward cutting downward first to cleave through a gush of water. The water broke into two parts coming for his head. Ducking down he reached into his coat to throw up a small fuse. A bright light went off. It was a flash bomb, Maximum recoiled slightly as Alfred kept rushing forward. The water slashed in arcs toward Alfred. Jumping over the first Arc his stroke came from the left with one hand knocking a mid-air blast aside. It wore on his muscle knocking back such force. Planting his feet on the ground he kept running.]]

[center [+brown I just... Have to reach you!]]

[center [b Maximum bellowed several blades of water hurled at Alfred. He was able to knock three away with one swing for a fourth to hit his shoulder. Turning around he let some blades sink into his coat only grazing his skin. He took a small rock and threw it at Maximum only for one blade to be shot back to destroy the rock. Alfred was so close now only a few steps only for the rest of the blades to come in. Spinning in a seemingly wild circle of slashes Alfred pushed forward. Though the attack seemed it lacked control Alfred was trying his best to control each strike with his unwieldy blade. Three blades had gotten through scraping his shoulders severely but he managed to strike several back with his barrage of two-handed swings. Before Maximum could recall the blades Alfred through the sword at Maximum! Maximum seemed shocked even in his berserk-like state. The blades came back to block the massive blade but its weight was so much more than one could have ever expected! Splashing the water apart but the blade had lost its momentum. The water was simple puddles now Maximum on instinct without even meaning to began to form them into blades again.]]

[center [+brown Too late!]]

[center [b Alfred had already closed the distance his right arm behind his back his eyes facing Maximum's. Whatever happened... Maximum had completely lost control.]]

[center [+brown I'm here.. You're brothers here to smash your prison!]]

[center [b His arm flew through the wind the water had managed to form back up cutting Alfred around his coat and shoulders. Alfred hadn't flinched as he barely managed to cock his head the water cutting just past his neck. His arm managed to avoid each watery slash while maintaining its momentum. His front foot was firmly planted. His arm came crashing down with the full weight of his coat and muscle. Blasting through the thinly veiled last-second makeshift barrier. The downward arc had blown Maximum away Alfred's knuckles were busted open from the force of the blow. Maximum had crashed into the ground still but still breathing heavily. All of the water had come to a standstill.]]

[center [+purple I always heard our emotions could affect their sparks.. And that in turn the sparks could affect the Riders but Maximum always seemed so calm. So in control.... I-I don't understand...]]

[center [b Melissa ran to his side tending to his wounds. His mother had retrieved first aid to help treat her son.]]

[center [+brown So.. That could be me or Tauriel if we lose it huh? I-I still think this was a mistake. I-I'm not..]]

[center [+purple Alfred! Shut it! You are!! I.. I know you are look!!]]

[center [b She took something out of her coat and threw it at him. Alfred quickly caught it in his hands opening the palm of his hand. Only to see... A stone glowing brown.]]

[center [+brown You took this? But our tradition..]]

[center [+purple I noticed it.. Earlier in the cave, I knew but I didn't think Max's dragon wouldn't... He will be fine. I will be fine... This whole time I thought he was happy. He was okay... I didn't see the burden this put on him. I have to help... Help guide him.]]

[center [+brown M-Mel... I'm so sorry. Mother I.. I ruined everything again I-]]

[center [+teal Hush! Alfred, listen for a moment if you can. I.. Cannot claim to understand how this came to be. I can however admit that I have forgotten who guides us. I forget myself, whom I was meant to guide. My own flesh and blood, I've pushed you away. I've put all of our remaining hopes on Maximum because.. I had already failed you. I should have swallowed that foolish Chevalier pride and simply apologized. Go, go with them. The two of you are the last riders and the last hope we have of proving humanity isn't beyond saving.]]

[center [+brown Saving? Mom I don't understand is there something about the igniting I don't know about? I mean I get it's important but... Am I missing something here?]]

[center [+teal I... Alfred, I'm sorry I've kept much from you dear son. I tried to protect you.]]

[center [+brown Protect me! Seriously! I can't... You and father told me I.. I...]]

[center [+teal I know, but we thought maybe since you lacked a spark we could spare you from this life. From the dangers of being a Rider. When neither one of you surfaced a spark I was... Relieved. It meant the Slayers wouldn't find you.]]

[center [+brown Slayers?]]

[center [+brown Dragon Slayers love.]]

[center [+purple What?! We were taught the order was disbanded long ago! They had no more dragons to hunt for power!!]]

[center [+teal That... Was a lie they've been hiding... Waiting for an opportunity.]]

[center [b She looked at the ground with a mix of emotions swirling in her expression. Fear, regret, shame but Alfred instead found himself tearing up.]]

[center [+brown Mom... You pushed me away cause of that? Cause you were afraid I'd be hurt? You know how much it hurt to... To think I lost you all?]]

[center [b The mother went into her pockets handing him a stone. It appeared to be draconian in nature.]]

[center [+teal In here is your father's will, I didn't understand why he told me to give this to you. Without a spark how could one activate the stone? Well, now maybe I understand.]]

[center [+brown Father knew...?]]

[center [+teal I know not my child, when you hone your powers you will find those answers. I cannot tell you any more I am sorry, let that be you're motivation love.]]

[center [+brown I-I.. That's not fair! I..]]

[center [+teal I love you, Alfred, you must leave with Tauriel you must start your pilgrimages. Your dragons will guide you, you will learn to use your spark. Together you can stand against the Order.]]

[center [b Alfred sighed deeply as he knelt over Maximum patting his brother's head.]]

[center [+brown I gotta go... Big bro next time I see you... I will make things right I promise. Tell me... Mother won't, Max, be targeted?]]

[center [+teal He might have been.. But lacking a dragon to call his own I doubt they will waste time on us. I'm sure even in this crowd somewhere they have a spy they will certainly alert the Order of you're and Tauriel's ascension. Though even that isn't their main goal, they spend most of their resources looking for dragons and the new homeland since the migration.]]

[center [b Alfred stood up, walking over to his mother he wrapped her up in a tight hug squishing her close.]]

[center [+brown For you... For Max and for my old man I'll do this.]]

[center [b She had teared up lightly grazing one of her hands over his back. She had sniffled as Alfred held her.]]

[center [+brown I love you mom... I'm sorry for losing it like that.]]

[center [b She shook her head softly as she held onto him. Alfred had slowly let go of his mother ruffling her hair with a light chuckle.]]

[center [+brown You cannot cry here mother you must show Chevalier elegance and pride!]]

[center [b He stuck his tongue out as she chuckled lightly through the tears. The village had cheered on for Alfred as he began to leave the village. Drawing his blade from the ground he placed it upon his back looking to Tauriel.]]

[center [+brown Well guess you're stuck with me a little longer huh gorgeous? Ready to knock some heads?]]

[center [+red My lady's pilgrimage isn't simply to "knock some heads" how dare thee address her in such a manner.]]

[center [+brown Oh touchy huh? Here I figured dragons were full of calm wisdom guess that isn't true! Hey! Sir scaly! Where first on my lizard pilgrimage?]]

[center [b He looked to his earthly dragon awaiting his first destination. He was going to smash anything in his path no matter what it was. He was going to find some answers.]]
-Rabbit.Butterfly.   258d ago

[center Tauriel stood on stage and looked down at the large earth dragon. At first she was so warmed up to see this dragon, but she was confused at the same time... Why was it down there with Alfred and why... Why was it earth? Something wasn't right. She looked to her red dragon and then she looked to poor Maximum who appeared so upset. She didn't know what she could say or do. Here she was with her own dragon... She looked down. She felt like she didn't even deserve this dragon....

Someone like Maximum who had worked so hard... It was someone like him that deserved to have one of these great beasts.

[center [pic]]

The large earth dragon looked at him. Ah he told him his name. Good. The dragon paid no mind to the people that seemed so in awe of him. He cared not.

[#c86904 "You would say that I don't know who carries my spark?"] The dragon asked the human that had gave him his name. The dragon soon looked to the woman who approached him. Oh he really didn't like how she spoke to him. What was with both of them thinking that he was the one that made a mistake. A low rumble came from deep within.

[#c86904 "I did not make a mistake... I won't say it again. I am a child of earth not of water. Maybe... The water dragons wished not to send one of their own to the humans. Maybe... That spark is borrowed and should never have been given to that boy?"] There was a cruel and coldness that suddenly came to the earth dragons voice. Clearly he had no interest in dealing with what this woman had to say.

Slowly his eyes moved to the stage. The boy's water spark. That wasn't good. He couldn't involve himself with what came next. The fighting. The earth dragon could only protect the humans around them. There was no need for any bystanders to get hurt. He looked towards the fire dragon. If she were to attack Alfred... He would be forced to put her down. Or... She would put him down. He looked towards the girl that had the fire spark. She seemed upset. Of course she would be.

Wouldn't anyone that was in this same position. With nothing they could do, but watch as everything started falling apart. He could do nothing for his human, but at least keep the bystanders safe.

Tauriel started down off the stage. No. This had to stop, but what could she do? Her own spark... It was one she didn't want. She was afraid to hurting someone... It was a relief when it was finally over. She stood silently watching them all. She soon walked over to Maximum and knelt down next to Melissa. She would have to go now... She understood that. She reached up and slowly pulled one of the flowers from her hair. She had so many... It wouldn't matter if one was gone or not. She could easily get another.

She knew that Maximum was out, but still... She wanted to say something even if he couldn't hear her. She laid the flower on him and let out a soft breath.

[#0dd9a3 "I am sorry Maximum. I don't understand what happened. I wish I could have seen the child of Aqua that you worked so so hard for... You deserve it more than any of us do... If I could give you my spark... My dragon... I would. I never worked with my spark... I hated it. Fire could only destroy... I hope next time Maximum when we meet... I can tell you all of this and you hear me."] She slowly stood up looking him over once more before she walked towards Alfred sadly.

[#c86904 "Sir Scaly?"] The dragon sighed softly. Not exactly what he expected. Oh well. He got up and slowly walked towards him. He got close to Tauriel and looked down at her.

[#c86904 "Don't be sad child of fire... Everything will be okay... He will hopefully feel better when he awakes and we can always come back here and see him. I feel as you do... You know? Sad to see he had worked so hard... For nothing... Though... Not really nothing... He is an impressive young boy."] He soon picked up his pace to catch up to Alfred.

Tauriel looked up at the large earth dragon and listened as it spoke. It seemed kind even though earlier what it had said... Seemed so cold... Was it just speaking that way because of the way everyone had addressed it? She gave a slight shake of her head.

[#0dd9a3 "Lets go Nala!"] She called to the dragon her voice sorrowful, but strong. She looked back towards the crowd and frowned faintly. Ambrose hadn't been there... Hadn't he said he would see her off? Well... Whatever. She turned to look towards Alfred. Things were going to be strange weren't they? Traveling with these dragons and with Alfred. She hadn't said much to him since she had been taken from the place they had gotten food.

Oh well. Everything would be fine. Though she hoped he would speak to his dragon a little better. It had given him its name and yet he wasn't using it. Well nothing she could do about it. Maybe it would change at some point. Who knew. She did admire the earth dragon for the way it had kept everyone safe. She also liked how Nala had kept her safe. It was nice.

She wanted to be able to protect her dragon as well though, but that would require her to us her spark wouldn't it? She wasn't sure she wanted to do that.
ShieldHero-     258d ago

[center [h3 Grand Journey]]


[center [b Alfred and Tauriel had made their farewells. Alfred had vowed to make things right by Maximum one day. Heading out the two dragons took the lead. Tauriel had called to Nala her dragon had offered a perky smile picking up Tauriel. Using her snout underneath Tauriel's legs scooping her up onto her back. Alfred had decided it'd be better for him to walk. The village had entrusted the group with some supplies money and a few tents not to mention some food.]]

[center [b Adrasto's seemed confused by Alfred's calling him Sir Scaly but he showed empathy towards his brother with Tauriel. Alfred was panting his wounds were still bleeding but he forced himself to push onward.]]

[center [b Alfred was normally talkative but the wounds were starting to set in. It wasn't long before he completely collapsed though he somehow seemed to be snoozing peacefully.]]

[center [pic]] 

[center [+red What a foolish human, can't even address his partner with dignity and then this. Why did you choose him Adrasto's? Children of Earth are known for resilience and fortitude with a hint of stubbornness. Noble beast and this human is... Well odd to say. Honestly, I'd say that it was pure luck he was able to take on a human with "our" spark.]]

[center [b She snorted lightly her tone was rather harsh and judgmental she hadn't appreciated the young human acted towards Adrasto's.]]

[center [b The group was forced to make camp that night.]]

[center [h3 Morning]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Later that morning Alfred shot up suddenly only to see both dragons were still awake. Looking around confused he sighed out.]]

[center [+brown Not again... That hasn't happened in ages.]]

[center [+red This... Happens?]]

[center [+brown Yeah.. Usually after a bad fight. Though lately, I've gotten good at this sort of thing. This coat for example is perfect! It's been "Enchanted" it regenerates over time so I don't have to worry about repairs. My weapon however isn't so lucky but it's durable.]]

[center [+red Hmm.. You know that was made with a spark. You can sense it can you not?]]

[center [+brown What!? Oh, man... Really? Well looks like my wounds seem to be better now at least.]]

[center [+red That doesn't strike you odd?]]

[center [+brown Nope it's always been like that since I was young I'd usually kick back faster than most kids.]]

[center [+red Hmm.. And you that really doesn't seem strange? Like maybe you're wrong? About you're spark?]]

[center [+brown What..? Really? I... Guess I never thought about it.]]

[center [+red During this journey we will teach you how to wield our elements. Sir Adrasto's will help you hone the stony nature of Earth while I help Tauriel control the passion of flame. I can sense you're fear of fire child and you're disdain towards it.]]

[center [b Nala curled around Tauriel. Pointing her tail upward to the sun.]]

[center [+red Think of the sun child a grand ball of fire it breaths into us a warm fire. Breath of fire, you can radiate warmth for those who need it. Winter fast approaches child, I will teach you to use flames to endorse the plants with warmth without burning them.]]

[center [+brown What...? You can do that?]]

[center [+red Shh, you should be asking Adrasto's for a lesson, not I.]]

[center [b Alfred looked up at Adrasto's with a long sigh.]]

[center [+brown Look liza- Adrasto's I am grateful for you're help last night. That being said I'm not book smart like Maximum. I'm not graceful like our cutie here either. I can't even use a longsword properly without breaking it. It's why I have to stick to hunks of metal like this thing. I doubt I'll learn anything so fancy, if this is about defending ourselves that's one thing I can do just fine. It'd probably be a waste of time trying to teach me anyway.]]

[center [b Nala growled lightly rolling her eyes while she focused her attention onto her Rider.]]

[center [+red Now Child, show me what Flames you can produce do not worry about its spread. I will control and harness that Flame. Think of the sun on your skin... Harness that heat instead. All Spark's use the elements the energy from around us. The heat from the air, the sun from you're body, and others. Just as the other used water from the moisture of the air the sea breeze's wind. Today is a bright and sunny morning you can harness that warmth and that light.]]

[center [b Alfred watched carefully at Tauriel he offered her a thumbs up and a smile.]]

[center [+brown You can do this! Don't hold back! Light it up!! You got this!!!]]
-Rabbit.Butterfly.   253d ago

[center Tauriel had a feeling that Alfred wasn't going to actually be able to make it that far. She really couldn't do anything about that though could she? She watched him a moment unsure of what to say, but she didn't have to think about it for too long because her dragon had lifted her up upon her back. Ah this was nice. She looked down at the dragon happily. She then looked towards Alfred if he would just take the help from his dragon he could rest.

That didn't really matter exactly though did it? It would seem he was already out like a light. If he had just said he needed to rest they could have at least got camp set up before he passed out.

Adrastos looked to the red dragon when she spoke. He tilted his head slightly and then let out a soft gruff sounded huff.

[#c86904 "Well child of cinder... We all have our own thoughts and opinions you know... Why would you choose a young girl that has no love for fire?"] He looked to Tauriel and offered a small smile to show he meant no offense.

[#c86904 "Just because we are known for certain things doesn't mean that it completely spells out who we should train that has our spark."] He looked towards Alfred and a soft grumbling sound came from deep within. He liked Alfred though he wasn't so sure Alfred liked him and that was fine. For now at least.

Tauriel had awoken earlier and she was looking over the earth dragon at first. Soon she returned to Nala and smiled warmly. Both dragons were just gorgeous. She listened as her dragon spoke with Alfred and tilted her head slightly. It would seem she was unwilling to really answer much of what he had to ask. Maybe it was because she wasn't his dragon and her spark didn't match his, but maybe... Just maybe she just didn't like Alfred.

She listened to what Nala had to say. Could she really do it though? Actually summon up fire without hurting anyone? It scared her, but she couldn't ignore the fact that this was her spark and she was going to have to get use to it. She looked towards the earth dragon curious of what he would have to say to all this.

[center [pic]]
The large brown dragon looked towards Alfred. Most dragons would think of this man as a waste of time... Others would try to show off many feats to try and show off what a human may be able to do with their sparks, but... Adrastros wasn't that type of dragon. Nope. He slowly stood up and walked over to Alfred. He sat down next to him and looked at the girl.

[#c86904 "I will not force you to do anything you don't want to do... Though I do think it would be a good idea to learn some of your spark. If you don't want to that isn't something I can change. I believe that you should be weary of what you call the little lady though... You could send the wrong message."] The dragon looked towards the girl that had earlier been looking over his scales and fur. She was a sweet girl. He liked her.

Tauriel nodded as Nala explained what she should do. Slowly she closed her eyes. Ah the feeling of the warmth of the morning was nice. It felt good on her skin. She thought of the sun in the sky beaming down with all of its warmth. She thought of the red dragon so close to her that promised to help if the flames would go unruly. She could feel a different heat. One that she was producing on her own. It started at her feat. A burning fire.

Small, but there. She opened her eyes and looked down at the small fire. It wasn't moving anywhere and didn't at all seem that bad.]
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[center [pic]]

[center [b Nala snorted rattling her head as Adrasto's asked her why she made the choice she had. She looked to Tauriel and looked to Adrasto's with a large grin.]]

[center [+red Simple really, I've chosen her for her strength of spirit. She doesn't wish to wield fire to rule others. Perfect traits for safeguarding humanity.]]

[center [+brown I mean.. I'd feel safer if Tauriel was keeping an eye on me.]]

[center [b Alfred offered Tauriel a wink and a soft chuckle.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Adrasto's sat beside Alfred as they both watched Tauriel. Alfred expected more... Of a preach or a "lesson" from this scaly beast. His laid-back and kind attitude through Alfred for a loop. He had sighed slightly before responding to Adrasto's.]]

[center [+brown Look... I am grateful for you protecting those guys back in town. But... Do you really think I can learn this stuff? I'm not exactly what they call smart. I don't even know what I'd do with that spark honestly. I'm not even sure what it means to have "Earth." I don't know the first thing about this stuff.]]

[center [b The dragon had mentioned that Tauriel might get the wrong idea. Alfred tilted his head confused.]]

[center [+brown The wrong idea? Like? I mean... The idea is to let her know she's a hell of a cutie so if she gets that. She... Strikes me as the type to keep her head down. Unaware of her strength and I don't just mean her ravishing good looks. She reminds me of Max a lot in that way he was always so quiet and shy.]]

[center [b Tauriel had grown a fire as Nala's eyes grew wide urging for Tauriel to grow the fire. Nala had taken the flame into her talons. Dispersing it as its cinders separated going into each flower. The flowers had all begun to restore their former color.]]

[center [+red It was a cold night last night, the plants will appreciate this. As long as we remember control of course. I am proud of you child. Now we head to the first Dragon Temple. I ask as we travel that you practice holding a flame in you're hands too.]]

[center [+brown Well... I guess I should ask since this could be dangerous. Tauriel... How comfortable are you with a weapon?]]

[center [+red She will get to that, if she doesn't that is okay. That is what Guardians are for.]]

[center [+brown Guardians?]]

[center [+red You don't know? I could clearly sense you're brother's intent to bestow... Yet you know nothing?]]

[center [+brown Explain! What are you talking about??]]

[center [+red How dare you order me- Huff... Fine. A guardian is someone without a spark. Someone you select to protect you, you bestow upon a portion of your strength. Equal to that of a spark before it is ignited. Though it does weaken you're spark for every guardian you have. These guardians train in martial prowess their entire lives. In fact, we will be going to meet a family known for raising capable Guardians right before the temple.]]

[center [+red So what about the Guardians huh? Do they get a say? I mean why learn to fight our own battles? Were more important.]]

[center [+red You two are.]]

[center [b She said cold and bluntly without a moment's hesitation. He gripped his fist with anger and frustration.]]

[center [+brown How can you just... Rate the value of a humans life?]]

[center [+red ... Once a dragon chooses a Rider we cannot choose another. If lady Tauriel were to die... So would my hope of helping humanity. The same goes for you and Adrasto's, it is only logical that I find people willing to lay their lives for her. They are raised for this.. Trained for this. If they do not wish to they may refuse but they know what is at stake here.]]

[center [b Alfred through his arms up into the air in frustration as he started to walk off with Adrasto's. Looking up at the big Earthly dragon... He decided to ask him his opinion instead of presuming that all dragons felt the same.]]

[center [+brown So what about you Ad- I mean big guy. What do you think of Guardians..?]]

[center [b "Bestow.." That's what she said about... Wait had his brother planned to make him a guardian? That must be why he pushed for him to stay at the ceremony. That might have been fun... Guarding Maximum on a journey with no outside responsibilities. When phrased like that... Being a guardian didn't seem so bad. But.. To be raised to be one? Imagine the expectation from the family expectations. He let out a long sigh. "I just... How could that be fair? I want Tauriel to be safe... But I just.... I..."]]
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[center The dragon looked over at the red one as she explained why she had chosen the girl. Taking a deep breath, he slowly let it out before he looked to the girl. That could be a good reason, but if one feared fire too much. Well... They could burn the world without realizing it. A good teacher is what would truly matter in the end and of course... A willing student. The dragon's eyes moved to his own student, and he gave a slight shake of his head. Ah he just didn't know when to stop when it came to this young woman did, he? Oh well. He couldn't make his decisions for him.

The dragon listened as he spoke. Oh... This surprised him a bit. He had expected him to be a bit harsher. This was fine though. He wasn't going to be preachy about this. He also wasn't going to lecture. That just wasn't him.

[center [pic]]

[#c86904 "Oh Earth isn't something I could just lecture to you about. If I, do it that way... You will only pull away and not care. It doesn't exactly take smarts to perfect it though. Hell, you could be an idiot with half a brain and still learn about earth."]

The big dragon gave a slight laugh before he dug his claws slightly into the ground.

[#c86904 "Of course for me it is easy. All I have to do is move a certain way and think a certain way as well. When I use my earth powers... I think of defense. I think of protecting others."]

He stood up and slowly made an earthen shell cover over the top of the two of them. With a slight shake of his head, he caused it to fall back into place as if he hadn't moved it at all.

[#c86904 "Everyone is different though. We will figure out how it works for you... Or if you don't want it then that is fine. You are stuck with me either way though."]

The dragon watched him and then looked towards the girl. He let out a soft huff. Ah he would learn on his own. He had no right to talk with him about this kind of thing. Ah the girl sparked a flame. Ah how it made her lovely green eye sparkle brightly. She seemed to look happy about it. Ah. She was going to be fine, wasn't she?

[#0dd9a3 "Ah look at that!"]

She sounded so happy to see the color of the flowers return. So, fire could do something like this? Wow. If it could help... It made her feel a little less nervous, but... The fear still remained. She would try to do her best though and maybe she would be able to get really good at it. Perfect even. She looked towards Alfred. She didn't know what she should say to that question. A weapon? Would she really need one? She knew she couldn't rely on just this fire. Nor could she expect Alfred to keep her safe. She couldn't let the dragon just do everything for her either.

She heard what was said next up and looked up at the dragon. Someone that would protect them. That didn't exactly sound right. Someone else would be risking their life before she would risk her own. She didn't say anything as her dragon and Alfred went at it. She didn't feel like she should say anything. She didn't know how to feel about it. It was a sad thing when a dragon picked a rider. They didn't have a chance if their rider died.

If she put her life on the line... Well, that would end up being bad for the dragon and yet... It was okay to ask someone to put their life on the line for her and the dragon. Something about that just felt wrong and icky, but she didn't raise her own opinion.

[#0dd9a3 "I will continue to work on my spark as we travel. I will also think of a weapon so that I can defend myself in case of anything bad happening."]

She would think more on all of this as they traveled. For now, she didn't want to say anything.

The earth dragon walked along side Alfred. He looked down at him hearing his question and he then looked ahead.

[#c86904 "It isn't something I agreed with. I always believed that dragon riders should work together. Earth dragons doing the protecting and the more offensive dragons fighting... But everyone insists on these guardians. I cannot fight against it. I am sorry. I wish that I could."]

He looks a little sad, but it leaves his face, and he looks ahead of them.

[#c86904 "You and the child of fire argue so much... I am sorry for that."]

He didn't know if he needed to apologize for that or not, but he did feel bad that they always seemed to be on opposite sides. Like fire and water... Or maybe like fire and oil.
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[center [h3 Rocks for Brains]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+darkred You could have half a brain huh?]]

[center [b He chuckled shaking his head. Alfred wasn't into academics but he didn't like the way that was phrased. Still perhaps the dragon meant nothing by the statement. Alfred sighed softly but offered a weak smile. "Protecting others huh?" it was a little cliche almost as if the story books came to life. Still.. Alfred couldn't help but think that mentality was commendable.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The dragon huffed proudly, her student had produced a spark before the child of earths. Nala gave him a smug look before looking to her rider with kind eyes.]]

[center [+red I am proud of you child, it seems my rider is rather gifted indeed!]]

[center [b Alfred smiled at Adrasto's when he answered. Nala narrowed her eyes at the both of them as she began to stomp on ahead.]]

[center [+red You two are being childish about this, we don't have the luxury to be careless.]]

[center [b Alfred walked beside Tauriel with a smile. He wasn't sure where she had stood on the matter but he wouldn't push it either.]]

[center [+red You'll change you're mind when we get to the temple.]]

[center [+darkred Ahh, don't apologize big guy. Not you're fault seems some lizards are just moody.]]

[center [+red Why! I never!]]

[center [b She grumbled as Alfred had chuckled a bit.]]


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