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basically your character runs a popular bar that my character just happens to walk into, though little does in average citizen know that he is actually a famous Gang Leader that is also called 'BloodSeeker' by many of his fans due to the fact that he never talks while on duty with his gang, when my character orders a drink from your character who just happens to actually be there at night he starts to ask you simple questions like 'how are you' or 'What has your day been like, but after that instead of rushing into dumping all of his problems onto your character he asked 'So, What are some of the most annoying things about running a bar?" which is where the relationship starts off.
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FROSTBITE4395Rave Weighn   34d ago
Colder Than Hell and Worse Than Death

Rave Weighn
[center Rave walked into the popular bar and watched as half of the costumers ran out in fear, [#FF0000 "Hmm, Must be the weather."] a deep vibrant voice said while approaching the bar counter, the man wore a vintage iron maiden shirt, mint condition too, with a pair of baggy jeans, a black leather jacket, size fourty-three and a half military boots along with his greyish white iris in his left eye, caused by a scar that started on his mid forehead to his to his mid cheak bone. [#FF0000 “Hello, could I have your largest, and strongest bottle of whiskey, please?”] Rave asked as he sat down, he looked in the girls eyes, normally people would have nothing but fear in their eyes once he walked into a room, but this girl had a different look and posture about her, like she didn’t know anything about him, that’s alright though, basically no one in town knew who he actually was, [#FF0000 “Welp, this is interesting.”] Rave thought with a chuckle. [#FF0000 “How has your day been?”] Rave finally asked, breaking the silence while he waited for his drink. (hope this was fine)

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Back and forth blue eyes danced among the bar's occupants. Some were the usual and others were new, which could only be expected. Her bar, Knight's Life had become rather popular and "the place to be". But then that was the feel Tamara tried to give the place ever since she became the owner a couple years back. It was as she took the white cloth from the back pocket of back skinny jeans and began to wipe down the counter were gulps and whispers heard. Glasses clanked down and once filled seats became empty. Strange for sure, but Tamara didn't have much to go one. All she knew was there had been people and the poof they were gone. So the young woman kept to her cleaning until hearing soft and vibrant words. The cloth stopped from its wiping and the young woman stood up straight, bright blue eyes locked with the male's own. And she didn't feel the same fear that the others had. No, instead she felt a sense of wonder and pure curiosity. [#d743f4 "I think I still have some. Let me get it for you darlin'."] Came a soft voice laced with a southern drawl that seemed to slip her pretty pink tongue. With her words spoken, the bartender rurned on hee heel and went to the shelf just across the way feom where the man had taken his seat and she almost immediately found the large green glass bottle she has been looking for. Bottle and a glass in hand, the brunette made her way back to rhe counter and set both items down before the male. Blue gaze locked with his once more as she poured the drink and she found herself shrugging faintly. [#d743f4 "Can't really find anythin' to complain about here, darlin'. It's a bar. So has it's quick and busy moments. Then there are the slower than slow moments that have ya simply wanting to die of yoir boredom. Depends on the time of day and the people that find their way in. Though now that I've told ya some about my dah..what about yours?"] Roxy asked, leaning over the bar with a cheek resting against the palm of her hand as she awaites the response the stranger may give.


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