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TomiokaGiyuu     273d ago

alr- im here)
Cat22     273d ago

((Great! We might need to plan this out first in terms of what we want for a plot.))
TomiokaGiyuu     273d ago

i dont really mind if you have anything or if you wanted to do anything?)
Cat22     273d ago

((Well, I was thinking about one roleplay which featured several mythical creatures in it but I just haven’t thought of a plot for it yet.))
TomiokaGiyuu     273d ago

that's fine and i neither have any ideas for a plot i usually do how the rp goes)
Cat22     273d ago

((Well, maybe someone stumbled upon a grotto in a forest which led to a secret haven for mythical creatures and they have to keep it a secret?))
TomiokaGiyuu     273d ago

yes! that sounds good)
Cat22     273d ago

((Alright! We have a sort of plot then! Who should go first?))
TomiokaGiyuu     273d ago

can you while i go pick a character?)
Cat22     273d ago

((Alright! I’ve already chosen several of them that I think might fit well as mythical creatures so give me a bit to write a starter and here’s a fair warning, it’s going to be a little long.))
TomiokaGiyuu     272d ago

alright thats fine! ima be a male character tho)
Cat22Vaan   272d ago

((I only use male characters as well. Also, sorry about the long post.))

The blazing heat from the summer sun soon gave way to a crisp and cool evening. Fireflies came out from their hiding spaces and illuminated the evening in a nearby forest as the sounds of several birds could be heard in the distance. This ended up being the normal ambience of the forest although it hid a secret of its own. Deep within the forest, there was a secret grotto which led into a part of the forest where mythical creatures dwelled. Of course, this area was secluded and kept away from humanity but it was all a part of the forest just the same.

Vaan, one of the humanoid dragons that dwelled with this part of the forest, was currently picking a few berries off of a tree and had been gathering other berries like it for a while. He tended to eat more plant based foods instead of meat which was why he had gathered several dozen berries to eat later.
TomiokaGiyuuChiro   272d ago

one of the pure breed dragons Chiro. Young chihiro never knew his parents and grew up alone. He was now 17 and was walking around within the forest looking for something to do as he had gotten lost and tried to find his way back but couldnt so he decided i will find somewhere else to go even if i have to wonder for awhile i will find a place.
Cat22Tidus   272d ago

“Hey V! Did you gather up one of those berries yet?” Tidus asked Vaan. He was still underneath a body of water and didn’t want to come out which made it seem rather eerie to those who didn’t know him all too well. Despite not wanting to come out of the water, he was still rather curious about what Vaan had gathered.

“I actually got multiple berries. They were rather easy to pick so I just gathered a bunch. I hope that Bartz will be happy with our haul, though.” Vaan said as he slid down from the tree that he climbed and ended up smiling.
TomiokaGiyuuChiro   272d ago

he had heard their voices from a few feet away and hid behind a tree watching them closely as he had picked up a weird scent of the berries and sneezed immediately freezing as he did so
Cat22Tidus   272d ago

“You know that he’ll be happy with it! Besides, he tends to be easily satisfied with small things so there’s no doubt that he’d be satisfied with the gathered berries.” Tidus said softly. He was still hiding underneath the water since he didn’t feel like coming out from it and also remained completely still.

“Well then, I’d better get these berries over to him then and I can’t help but feel like we’re being watched.” Vaan muttered softly as he looked over in the direction where Chiro was although he couldn’t actively see him.
TomiokaGiyuuChiro   272d ago

he had heard him coming was trying to find somewhere to hide as he ran over to another tree on the side of it going in the way he could see him properly but not enough to tell what he was so he could hide again still kinda shook from him thinking they would find him he sat down besides a tree
Cat22Vaan   272d ago

“There’s still someone here, Tidus. Stay underwater while I go to investigate it.” Vaan said before he walked over in the direction where Chiro was. He had created a small fireball before he left which floated beside him. This fireball would illuminate the area around him which made it easier to see in the nighttime scenery of the forest. 

“If you’re there then come out.” He said as he walked. He still kept the fireball close to him and was prepared to use it if he deemed the situation to be necessary. 

“I wonder when he’ll come back but hopefully, he’ll stay safe.” Tidus muttered softly. He started to swim around the lake that he was currently in for the time being since he was somewhat bored.
TomiokaGiyuuChiro   272d ago

he had froze as he heard him coming this way so he had poked his head out from the corner of the tree seeing him as he watched him come closer he had sat back down sighed lightly to himself as he knew he couldn't run away he had tried to stay quiet but knew that wouldn't  work now since they had seen him
Cat22Vaan   272d ago

“Oh… there you are… Would it help to come out of hiding? I’m not going to hurt you unless it’s needed so can you please come completely out of hiding?” Vaan said. He had caught sight of Chiro and wanted to let him know that it was okay to come out.
TomiokaGiyuuChiro   271d ago

he had backed up out of sight and was slightly spooked by him still quiet he didn't answer him instead poked his head back out and shook his head 'no'
Cat22Vaan   271d ago

“Can you please come out of hiding? There are people here who don’t like hiders so if they find you, I can’t guarantee your safety. It would be for the best to come out of hiding in that sense so that they don’t find you but what you do is up to you. If you choose to remain hidden, some consequences might follow but if you come out, you won’t be attacked.” Vaan said softly. It was clear that he wasn’t going to leave the vicinity of the tree until Chiro came out of hiding.
TomiokaGiyuuChiro   270d ago

He poked his head out one more time before looking around as he slowly walked out from behind the tree looking at him, he was unsure if he was going to hurt him but remained calm as he continued to walk
Cat22Vaan   270d ago

“There you are! We aren’t going to harm you but I must know how you managed to get into our little grotto. Nobody from the outside should know about this place and yet, here you are.” Vaan said softly before he noticed a shadow moving in the trees. He was able to recognize who the shadow belonged to and then waited for it to disappear completely before he could speak again. He didn’t know how long he would have to wait for but he was determined to wait for however long he would need to do so.
TomiokaGiyuuChiro   266d ago

"i got lost i was on my own and managed to find myself here on accident but now i dont know where I am" he continued to walk as he looked at him "thats how i ended up here"
Cat22Vaan   266d ago

“You’re in our section of the forest. The creatures here are different than the ones that you might encounter on your side and so are the people here as well. We’re all special which is why we normally hide here so that other outsiders don’t learn of our existence.” Vaan said softly before he started to walk back towards the lagoon that Tidus was hiding in. He wanted to let him know that it was alright to come out of hiding and due to this, approached the shore of the lake before gently tapping the water’s surface with a twig that he grabbed. He then waited a few minutes for Tidus to come out from the bottom of the lagoon.

Tidus came up from the bottom of the lagoon after a few minutes and then looked up at Vaan. He recognized him rather well even up under the surface of the water which seemed to let him know that it was safe to come out. Due to this, he soon jumped out of the water revealing his cerulean colored fish tail in the process before landing next to Vaan. “Heya, V! You finally came back!” He said cheerfully as he smiled at Vaan. He was glad that his companion was back and wanted to greet him with a smile as a result. He was also currently in a fully clothed human form due to no longer being submerged in water although his hair was still damp.

“Yep! I’m back, Tidus and I also managed to find an outsider who isn’t from our part of the grove. However, I don’t think that they would reveal this place to others and put us in jeopardy. They seem a little too nice for that.” Vaan said as he continued to look over at Tidus. He spoke in a calm tone of voice which suggested that he wasn’t too worried about the current situation which confused Tidus for a bit before the blonde haired merman quickly went back to his cheerful self.
TomiokaGiyuuChiro   266d ago

He was confused as he continued to walk up to them smiling slightly as he stood there for a second “well uh-“ he was still very confused as he backed up a little bit looking around “what are your names?” He then looked over at the both of them trying not to cause any problems of any kind as he smiled lightly “my names Chiro” He had then looked away as he was slightly nervous
Cat22Vaan   266d ago

“You seem to be a little confused and I am Vaan. It is nice to meet you, Chiro even if you aren’t from this place. However, you must promise me that you won’t tell a single soul about this place.” Vaan said. For some reason, he wanted to keep the grove that he and his friends lived in a secret from the outside world although he never gave any specific details as to why the reason for that was.

“Yeah… If our secret grove is discovered, people from the outside might try to force us out to capture us. We really don’t want for this to happen which is why we would like it if this place were to stay a secret for the time being.” Tidus said. Like Vaan, he also expressed a strong desire to keep the hidden grotto a secret from the outside world so that beings like him were still protected from the outside by it.

“And now you know why we want this place hidden. So, if you leave later on, please remember to keep this place hidden for our safety. Also, don’t ever let anyone follow you here either. That’s also important to guarantee the safety of our grotto.” Vaan said. After he spoke, he picked up a small basket containing the food that he gathered and then walked over to Tidus while carrying it. He still had to give the basket to Bartz who had requested it in the first place and due to this, he didn’t want to disappoint him by not bringing the basket over. After all, he wanted to help out with gathering various edible plants and herbs so that Bartz didn’t have to do it completely by himself.
TomiokaGiyuuChiro   263d ago

"Yeah its nice to meet you guys to" be then backed up a little "I promise not to tell anybody about this place i...I didn't mean to fins it anyways" he smiled lightly looking at the ground as he sighed a bit "i..I must be on my way now" he had then backed up again as he was trying to find a way out of there
Cat22Vaan   262d ago

“Just please remember to keep this place hidden. We don’t need any unnecessary trouble and there are more of us here aside from me and Tidus so please don’t give us any trouble.” Vaan said softly. He was slightly concerned about the newcomer causing trouble if word about their secret sanctuary were to get out. This worried him since he thought that the outside world knowing about the sanctuary would spell the end of it as he knows the peaceful place.

“Oh… Going so soon? We were just getting to know each other…” Tidus muttered softly. He seemed to be a little dismayed about the newcomer already wanting to leave since he wanted for him to stay just a little while longer. He really didn’t like long goodbyes or just goodbyes in general which was evident by the way he spoke which carried a sense of dismay with it.

“Tidus, I get that you might be disappointed by this but you already have Bartz and the others in here who are your friends. You don’t really need to be around new people but yet, you do it anyway.” Vaan said softly as he looked over at Tidus. He was slightly disappointed by the blonde haired teen’s disappointment but at the same time, he could understand it in a way that made sense. However, he didn’t show this and preferred to keep it hidden to the best of his abilities.

“V… You know that you’re not being very nice, right? I was just hoping that we could just get to have the new guy stay here a while longer… That’s all that I wanted…” Tidus muttered softly before he ended up glaring at Vaan. He wasn’t rather pleased about what Vaan said and made sure that the ashen haired teenager knew that rather well before he walked back over to the lake and prepared to go underneath once more before he was stopped by a rather familiar faerie.

“Tidus, did something upset you again and why is there an outsider in our grove? It makes entirely no sense!” The faerie said. He was curious as to why there was someone unfamiliar in the grove but decided to ask Tidus that question instead of Vaan.

“Well, I don’t really know the answer to that, Bartz… I haven’t really gotten to know them that well so why don’t you ask Vaan that!” Tidus growled softly before he dove back into the lake. He was currently not very happy about how Vaan seemingly disregarded his feelings and currently wanted some time alone due to that which was why he hid underneath the water for the time being.

“Vaan, do you know why there’s someone unfamiliar here? I haven’t seen this person around before and Tidus said to ask you so please don’t get mad at me for asking the question.” The faerie said as he looked over at Vaan. He was rather curious as to why there was someone unfamiliar in the grove and as a result, decided that it would be for the best to ask Vaan about it after talking to Tidus about the sane subject.

“They just stumbled in here if that’s what you wanted to know, Bartz… There’s nothing more to it than that.” Vaan said. He wouldn’t elaborate further on what he said since he thought that Bartz would be able to piece together what was said to him on his own.

“Oh… Okay then! I believe you and now, what are we going to do about them? We can’t have them telling people about this place since that would jeopardize our safety. I don’t want for that to happen ever since we were almost captured by humans years ago.” The faerie said. His tone changed from one of curiosity to one of fear. He was scared of what would happen if humans found out about the secret grotto and feared for the safety of everyone in it if it were to be found.

“Why do you think I asked them to keep it a secret? I’m trying to prevent the horrible events that you fear from happening if they ever were to go back to whence they came but it’s no use trying to intimidate or kill them.” Vaan said before he and Bartz turned their attention to Chiro.


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