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Randomness/Sample Posts

By CinnamonToastCrunch

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This will be a thread where I place some of my role-play responses as samples of the type of posting that I can do. Please note that I will NOT post less than 500 characters per post and that this thread is NOT a role-play.
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CinnamonToastCrunch     272d ago
I like cereal

[size12 Upon seeing the woman, Amaliah’s heart began to race. It almost seemed as if it would just burst right from her chest. All she could do was stare as Nova had taken the leader of the group’s hand and had broken some bones. She couldn’t believe that just one quick movement was able to do so much damage.

When the men left and it was just the two of them in the alleyway, Amaliah slid down the wall, her body shivering slightly from the experience. She looked up and then said, voice almost a whisper, [b “I’m okay.. they didn’t get the chance to touch me.. thank you for saving me from what could have been a horrible fate.”] Her words were in earnest and she meant what she said as she looked to the woman before her. [i ‘This woman is absolutely amazing and beautiful.. she saved me from what could have been something very terrible.’] Amaliah thought as she did not take her eyes off the other. A slight blush had formed over her cheeks when she noticed that the other was looking over her. She knew that the woman was checking to see if she had been hurt in any way, but just knowing that the other was looking at her made her blush. She couldn’t help it.

After for what seemed like forever, Amaliah realized that she was staring and averted her eyes to the floor. She didn’t want to seem weird as she was just staring at the other women without so much as saying anything else. She then looked up once more and stood, moving closer. [b “How did you do that to his hand? It almost seemed effortless..”]she breathed out, voice soft in awe. She knew that she probably shouldn’t have asked, but the mere curiosity had gotten the better of her. [b “Uhhh.. you don’t have to answer that.. it was just me thinking out loud.”] Amaliah said, realizing what she said could have been taken very wrong if not explained very well. It could almost sound like she was mocking the other and God knew that was not what she had been intending to be doing. She was only amazed at how effortless the woman made things seem and that if provoked she was not one to be messed with.

Looking around and then back to Nova, Amaliah gave a small smile, [b “I guess that this is a good time to introduce myself? I’m Amaliah.”] She said, voice gaining some volume after the shock from the encounter had begun to fade. It was fading faster in this woman’s presence as she felt safe with her. Biting on her lower lip and at a loss for words, Amaliah tried to speak once more. 

[b “What should we do now that the men have gone? Should we go back into the bar? Or should I go home for the night and try to forget that this incident happened?”] She asked, head tilting to the side. To be honest, the woman wanted to stay near the other. She felt safe and she didn’t want that feeling to go away. She also didn’t want to intrude on anything that the woman had to do, whether it was work or something else. As these feelings had crept into her, Amaliah let out a soft sigh, still chewing on her lower lip. She was curious as to what the other would do and how she would answer anything she said, if she chose to answer at all.

The woman of twenty-three hoped that she wasn’t being a burden to the other with how she was talking and asking certain questions. She just felt drawn and wanted to know whatever she could about the beautiful woman who had saved her from the men who had nearly done terrible things to her. [i ‘Maybe she doesn’t want to talk and it was just chance that she saved you from those men’] came the mental scolding. Amaliah shook her head to try and rid those thoughts from her mind. For some unknown reason, she was feeling a bit self-conscious around this woman. Maybe it was because she did not want to seem like a fool. Amaliah didn’t know the reason for it, but she did not want the other to not like her and think that she was some kind of nuisance. 

[i ‘For the love of God, knock it off. You don’t know how she will react and there is no use in overreacting and thinking of the worst. Just calm down and see how things play out’] she found herself thinking and mentally scolded herself once again. As those thoughts crossed her mind, another sigh escaped her lips. Amaliah really did need to calm down and let things happen as they were going to.
CinnamonToastCrunch     272d ago
I like cereal

[size12 The genie gave a smile and nod of her head as she heard the other’s words. [b “Yeah, we do both need coffee or tea. It sounds really good and may have things be a little less… ‘awkward’?”] She said with a small smile. She couldn’t afford to let her emotions get the better of her and to make her do something that she would surely regret as she wanted to talk about the past and to apologize for avoiding the other for so long.
Slowly, she started to head back in the direction of the coffee shop, turning her head to look back at Bunny, the small smile forming over her lips once more. She hoped that the other would follow after. [b “I think that you’ll like the place. I’ve only been there once before, it is small and comfortable.”] She all but muttered as she felt the tightness forming once again in her chest and throat. She wanted to talk about what had happened all those years ago, apologize even. Maybe, if all went well, they could possibly try again as they both had grown up.

[i ‘You CANNOT think this way. It’s been too long and you’ve already ruined any chance you had to make things right. She probably has someone else that she is interested in and wouldn’t want to be with you anyway.’] The thoughts in her mind scolded as she couldn’t help staring at the beautiful woman before her. The other had probably found another lover by now and had probably forgotten all about her. Genevieve definitely wouldn’t blame Bunny if she did. After all, she had been the one to break the wolf girl’s heart by doing stupid things. She never meant to hurt the other but she knew now that she hadn’t been ready for the life that the two were trying to make. She wasn’t ready to settle down back then. Hell, she hardly knew if she was ready now.

All the genie knew was that she wanted to at least make amends for the past and to hopefully make things right. She wanted to at the very least be friends with the other. That would hurt, but it would be better than the alternative. After seeing the wolf girl and her beauty, Genevieve knew that she wouldn’t be able to handle not having her in her life, even as just a friend. [b “I think it was about a half mile from here. The coffee is really sweet, the way you used to like it if I still remember after all these years.”] The words came from her lips faster than she could stop them.

The woman mentally kicked herself. She could have said ANYTHING else as not to sound so stupid in front of her ex girlfriend. She wished, almost prayed to the higher power to give her the strength to get through the weekend and to not give into the emotions that were running through her. She bit on her lower lip and tried to think of something else to say as not to walk in an awkward silence. Everything that came to the genie’s mind was some sort of apology about the way that things had gone. 

[i ‘Stop it. You’ve already made things awkward. You don’t need to make things worse by bringing up the past. Just get this over with and whatever happens will happen. Don’t try to use your powers to manipulate anything as that is what fucked you over. Let things be.’] She thought and then tore her eyes away from the woman. She knew that she was being awkward, but she didn’t know what else to really say or do. She wanted to at least get the other a coffee or tea though as it was the least she could do. Genevieve sighed and took a few more steps, making her way to the little coffee shop that was a little ways back, leading the way.]
CinnamonToastCrunch     272d ago
I like cereal

[size12 A smile formed over thin lips when she shifted back into her human form, the other cat still managing to stay on his shoulder and with him. He was grateful for its presence. [b “Thanks for stopping me from looking crazy.”] Zayne muttered. He nodded his head as he listened to her speak and then grey eyes looked around to see the others move around. It looked as though the Valentine male, Azalas, was making pasta. He wondered if the male was hungry or if he had other intentions. Zayne amused himself with these thoughts as the other female had also entered the kitchen and moved around.

With a yelp, the vampire male felt himself being tugged in a new direction, one in which he had no idea where he was going. He was with Scarlett though, and she seemed to know the area very well, much better than he did. Knowing that she knew the surroundings helped him feel better about being dragged through the manor. 

Soon they were in front of an old portrait of a male. Zayne could only assume that this was “Sir Leon”, the ancestor of the Valentines’ who had been so cruel to the ancient vampire so long ago. With these thoughts crossing his mind, Zayne felt an anger rush through him. He couldn’t believe that people could be so cruel to other beings. He shook his head. Actually, he could believe it. Where did he think that war came from?

Listening to the words of Scarlett and Khythos, Zayne nodded his head once more. Perhaps it was best for the blue Demi-God to check on the vampire as he was in a weakened state and wanted revenge against the Valentine siblings because of how their ancestor had treated him. Zayne could understand why he wanted vengeance. Hell, if he had been tortured, he would want vengeance on the descendants as well, even if they had nothing to really do with how their ancestor treated him. 

He looked to Scarlett and the others before speaking .[b “Yeah,  Scarlett’s right. We should probably leave the ancient vampire alone. He did have quite the battle and may not want to see the descendants of the one who had tortured him so long ago. Maybe Khythos should be the one to check on him as that is clearly the intention. Besides, I think Scarlett and I are only here because he wanted answers from us?”] He looked to her to see that he had not overstepped in what he had said and then shrugged his shoulders, walking over to lean against a spot on the nearby wall, crossing his arms over his chest. He waited to see what the response would be from the Valentine. This should be good as his eyes went once more to the food that the male seemed to be holding.

Zayne had only been by the portrait of the ancestor because Scarlett had dragged him. Otherwise he would still be in the kitchen. He could only wonder how the others would respond to what both Khythos and Scarlett had said. He also wondered how they would respond to what he had to say. Not that anything he said would ever be considered to have any importance in the matters at hand. He was, after all, just someone who had been passing through and drawn to the orphanage because of powers that he could not describe. He wondered if he would even be welcome in this manor, but shoved those thoughts aside.

There was a strange smell coming through the air and Zayne did not know whether to address it as he wasn’t sure if he was imagining it or not. It smelled foul and awful as it reached his nostrils, a sick feeling rising in his stomach. He just shook his head, remaining silent as he stood, waiting.]
CinnamonToastCrunch     272d ago
I like cereal

[size12 The day had started out like any other for the twenty-three year old woman. She had yet another client yell at her for something that wasn’t her fault. In fact, the misunderstanding was because her boss had told the client that they would be able to leave their car in a restricted parking spot and after a few hours it had been towed. She was only a secretary after all. Slowly, she shook her head as she sat in her car, thanking whatever higher power that the day had finally come to an end. She looked at the clock on the dashboard and groaned. She had done it again.

[b “Of course you would be sitting in the parking lot for an hour after your shift ended. Just perfect.”] Amaliah muttered and shook her head, reaching over to start the engine of her car. She was greeted with blasting of heavy metal from the radio, gritting her teeth. She should have known better than to let her brother borrow her car while she was at work. She decided that she would be dealing with him later. Once the car warmed up, the woman drove to her favorite bar in Sleepy Hallow, New York. She smiled as she parked her car in the lot of Dante’s Inferno, shutting off the engine before stepping out.

Amaliah really did need a drink after the day she had, showing the security her license before entering. She wondered if her favorite bartender was in tonight as blue-grey eyes scanned the area. A feeling of disappointment washed over her as she did not see the woman anywhere. [i ‘Maybe she’s not in yet? I mean you don’t really know her schedule and you haven’t really spoken to her aside from maybe a “hi” here or there.’] Amaliah thought as she slowly made her way to the counter, taking a seat.

She ordered her usual and thanked the server as it was placed before her, taking a sip. The burn in the back of her throat was just what she needed to distract herself from the day that she had. Closing her eyes, the scene flashed within her mind, and she bit on her lower lip. It really hadn’t been her fault that the car had been towed. But whatever. She couldn't do anything about it even if she wanted to. The woman shook her head once more, trying to forget about the day's events.

After a few hours of silently drinking a couple of rounds, a sketchy looking man had taken a seat beside her. Amaliah hadn’t noticed until he spoke to her. “How would you like to get out of here and chill with me and the boys?” He asked, motioning to the group of men that had joined them. She looked up and saw that there were about six of them in total and they all looked just as sketchy, if not more so than the one who had taken the seat beside her. Giving the politest smile she could muster, Amaliah answered, [b “Sorry, I’m not interested. In fact, if you must know, I’m not interested in men and I would like it if you and your buddies would just leave me alone.”]

The man just looked at her and laughed. He clearly thought that she was joking and obviously couldn’t take “no” for an answer. Soon, he said, “You’re too pretty to swing that way. How about you try a real man? I’m sure I can bring you back to the right team. You just haven’t had the right guy.” He looked back to the others, and they laughed as well. To be honest, she thought that they all sounded rather stupid.

Disgusted and with a roll of her eyes, the woman stood and made her way to the exit. She could tell that the men were following her and she tried to lose them by walking into an alleyway to hide. It was to no avail as they cornered her against the wall, making sexual remarks about her appearance. There were too many of them to take on by herself and she stood against the wall, bracing herself for the worst as the group of men began to approach her. Amaliah closed her eyes and pressed as close as she could against the wall. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen now, but something in her gut told her that it was definitely not going to be good. This was not at all how she wanted to spend her night, being surrounded by a group of men who lusted after her.

The woman hoped that someone from the staff of the bar had seen and that they would help her get out of this situation that she had somehow gotten herself into. She knew that she was probably asking too much, but she hoped that it would be her favorite bartender who had seen and would help. What was her name? Nova? [i ‘You’re asking too much Amaliah. It’s not like anyone had seen what had transpired within the bar..’] She thought and chewed on her lower lip. With how things were starting to look, she knew that they weren’t good. She prayed to whatever higher power there was to be rescued from this situation.]
CinnamonToastCrunch     272d ago
I like cereal

[size12 Caspian placed a hand under his chin as he listened to their words, nodding his head. A smile formed over his lips as he noticed Theo’s blush as he had mentioned Jambarkii. To be honest, the captain was glad that he had never really been on her bad side as she had demolished most of her enemies with just her brute strength alone. [b “Well, maybe someone should go and see if she’s sleeping. And if she is, they should probably wake her up. I just know that she’ll be excited to go on this mission.”]  He said, the smile never leaving his lips. 

The male was indirectly trying to get Theo to go as he had a feeling that he liked her, especially from the blush that he saw form over his cheeks. Besides, he felt that they were just wasting time as they sat around in the shop. He wanted to take care of this mission and get it over with as quickly as he could. So, he waited to see if Theo would be brave enough to go and wake Jambarkii up.

Jambarkii rolled over in her sleep, eyes slowly opening as she blinked. She looked around and saw that she was still in bed and not out on the battlefield. A hand slid over her eyes and she rubbed them before looking at the time. [b “I overslept! I can’t believe this happened! Why didn’t anyone wake me?!”] She exclaimed and jumped out of bed.

The alien woman soon stood and moved to her dresser, looking for clothes that she could wear for the day. She was pissed that she had overslept and had more than likely missed out on information for a good hunt. Jambarkii then sat on the bed and placed her face in her hands, eyes closing for a moment.

When calm, she would apologize to the captain and the rest of the crew for oversleeping and would try to make it up to them somehow. She would do so on the battlefield and make the captain and crew proud that she was on the team. Especially Theo. She actually liked the fact that he was smart and funny. He made her laugh and she thought he was cute. A blush had formed over her cheeks as those thoughts crossed her mind. [i ‘Stop it. He probably doesn’t even like you like that.’] Jambarkii mentally scolded herself and let out a sigh.

Perhaps she should join the others, wherever they were. But, at the same time, she didn’t want to get out of bed. She sat there, lost in her thoughts, unsure of whether or not to see what was going on.]
CinnamonToastCrunch     146d ago
I like cereal

[size12 It was just another normal day in town, or so one Xander Wilde thought as he went about his day. He sat on the couch in his living room, a beer sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch. Picking up the beer and tipping the can back to get the last drops, Xander closed his eyes and a groan escaped his lips as he noticed that it was the last can in his apartment. [b “Well, guess it’s time to go to the bar then.”] He said and stood, stretching before he picked out his clothing for the night. He walked into his room, over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of jeans and then looked to his closet before making his way over to search through the contents. A blue jean jacket caught his eye and he put it on. Xander didn’t bother putting on a shirt under it. He then ran his fingers through his hair and grabbed his keys, wallet, and phone. 

Soon he was in his car and made his way to The Black Rose Tavern. It was the one bar he frequented because he had a thing for watching the dancers and had a bad gambling habit. He was very gifted when it came to gambling and hardly ever lost. Perhaps that was why people always thought that he cheated until they played against him themselves. He parked in his usual spot and then greeted the bouncer outside, [b “hey Leon! How’s the night?”]He was early so there weren’t many people in the line. Leon just shook his head and checked his ID before letting him in. Xander grinned. [b “Always nice talking to you!”]He exclaimed with a laugh before making his way inside.

His brown eyes scanned the bar for an empty table and soon his eyes fell on whom he knew to be the town bounty hunter. He wondered why she was in the bar this day as he only saw her a few times. With a shrug of his shoulders, Xander turned his attention to the bartender. [b “Get me the usual.”] He said and then took a seat at the nearest empty tables. He folded his hands on the tabletop, brown eyes scanning the bar for a possible opponent to gamble with. A smile had formed over his lips as he thought about how much money he could win in one game. As he was in thought, a drink was placed before him and he looked up to the waitress who had brought it with a smile. [b “Thanks darlin.’”]He said, raising the glass and taking a drink of the liquor within.

The last time he was at the bar, he beat a couple of gang members at a game and they, like everyone else, were convinced that he cheated. Though at the time, he didn’t know that they were gang members. “You’ll pay dearly for this punk!” One of them had said before slamming the money he had won on the table and storming out. Little did he know just how true that would actually be. 

For some reason, he glanced over to the woman once more, his curiosity piqued. He would just love to see who her next target could be and what sort of fight they would put up, if any. A smirk had formed over his lips as he allowed those thoughts to entertain him as he waited to see what would happen. He had seen her in action before and he had to admit that she wasn’t one someone wanted to mess with.]


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