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The Wolf Bone Flute [For ShieldHero]

By -Rabbit

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-Rabbit.Monster.   267d ago

[h3 [center [b Pathos]]]

[center [i [+gray I could have been the monster they think that I am.]] This thought continued to go through his mind no matter how much pain he was in. It would cause his death, but he would prove them wrong. He had nothing left anyway. His father killed by this same group. His mother died not long after. Every part of his body was in pain. He was struggling to stay awake. One of them kicked him in his muzzle and he yelped. Blood filled his mouth and slowly seeped out.

[+orange "Hey get away from that wolf!"] That voice commanded obedience. The people beating on him stopped. He tried to look at who was coming towards him, but his sight was blurry. It was hard for him to stay awake and it hurt having his head raised up off the ground. Slowly his head sunk back down to the ground. He closed his eyes and everything was black. He couldn't hear or see anything. It didn't feel like sleep. It felt like he was dead and just stuck in limbo.

He didn't know how long it had been, but he slowly came to. He was laying on a floor and not the ground. He had been moved. He panicked and tried to sit up only to fall right back to the floor. He was in so much pain. He wasn't bleeding anymore though. He slowly looked over himself the best he could. It would seem he had been bandaged up. Someone had taken care of his wounds and taken him to their home?

This confused him. He was sure he was going to die. Yet here he was awake and very much alive. He was in a lot of pain though. The room was dark. The only reason he was able to see anything was because light fluttering in through a window. The room he was in appeared to be empty. One of his ears suddenly flickered. What was that? Someone was coming down the hall. There was no way he could run or try to get away. He was stuck here.

This person could want to end his life. He didn't want the pain all over again. He was fine with dying he just didn't want to be tortured. The door opened and a light switch was flicked. The room brightened and the wolf quickly looked away closing his eyes. He wasn't ready for that much brightness. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked towards the door.

A tall blonde male stood looking in at him with what appeared to be a look of disgust. The wolf didn't understand what was going to happen to him.

[center [pic]]

The blonde male took a few steps towards him but didn't get too close. He was treating the wolf like he was a wild animal. Well that's what the wolf thought until the blonde spoke.

[+orange "I can't believe how much hair you have gotten everywhere... You could have at least cleaned up after yourself. I mean I brought you here and already had to clean up after you twice. Do you understand how hard it is to get every hair? To clean up blood? You have no idea what I have done for you."]

Ah... He was a clean freak. The wolf let out a soft sigh. Well at least it didn't seem like he was going to be killed.

[+gray "I'm sorry."] The wolf spoke in a soft and submissive voice. The blonde just stared at him in silence. This man was a cold person the wolf could tell by the way he spoke and even by the way he looked. Why the hell had he even saved him if he was such a problem.

[+orange "Sorry? You are really useless aren't you? Couldn't even fend off three attackers. They were fucking human. You could have killed them. Ripped their throats out... Or clawed your way out. You didn't even have to kill them... Instead... You laid there and just took it. You were just going to die. What kind of fucking wolf are you?"] Condescending and cruel. What was with this man? He knew nothing of his life and how it had been. It actually kind of made him angry.

He hadn't been angry in a long time. It tasted bitter on his tongue. He was trying to find the right words to say. To lash out. Yet nothing came passed his quivering muzzle. There was just too much. Too many thoughts. Too many emotions. He couldn't settle on any of them. So he could only sit in silence and let this man say what he wanted.

[+orange "You don't have to say anything. It isn't something I truly care about anyway. There is only one thing I would like to know. It is a story... One passed down about your god."] Ah did his coldness ever cease? Was this just his default tone and personality? No wonder the ones that had been beating on him ran off when this man showed up. If he hadn't of passed out he would have ran off too.

This guy just didn't seem to care about anyone or anything. He could feel a growl sitting in his throat, but it never came. He was too hurt to even growl. It was awful.


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