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Death of the Blood Rose

By -Stray

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Death of the Blood Rose

A small village hidden deep forest lived a pack of werewolves. These werewolves lived peacefully amongst the humans. That was until the vampire attacked. A war broke out between the two species. That war seemed to last forever until finally the vampires and werewolves came to an agreement. The leader's daughter Valerie would marry the vampire's son. The bond between the two species would end the war.

What if the two couldn't get along? What would happen then would the endless war rein on? Or would the two finally get a long?
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-StrayLie   273d ago
♥ Cat Mom ♥

[+red This is the rough idea I have so far.
Pm me if you are interested 
Need ~ male Vampire (he need to at least be 18)
Someone who can write 1000+ Characters


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