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More then Memories

By KyoyaPleasant

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Life is a curious thing.

We meet.

We grow.

We fight.

We conquered.

But what if we could go back?

What if we could change what's already been done?

Save those who have been murdered?

And taken?

Would you come with me if I said it were possible?

Harry, Ron and Hermione have heard rumor of a wizard that developed the method to jump years back in time. Harry suggests that they go back to save people they loved. Aware of the harm they could do to the future, the trio take the risk in stepping into an entirely new reality.
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Everyday felt strangely haunting as if the sense of danger never truly went away. Sometimes he could still hear them... tantalizing whispers, cackling laughter, copious curses... The real nightmare was over but the instinct was still there. 

It had been barely a year since Voldemort had been defeated. Though the victory brought great relief throughout the wizarding world, there was still lingering grief amongst those involved with the last stand. So many lives were taken so that Harry could fulfill his destiny. A cause that left him living, [i breathing], regardless of his own sacrifice. How he wished he could trade his life for those others. How he wished he knew what he knew now back then.

Harry dug his hands deeper into his pockets against the chill of the afternoon, shivering slightly. From his seat on the connecting bridge, he could see Hogwarts School’s steady rebuilding efforts coming to fruition. Not so familiar anymore with its new remodeling touches. 

He, Ron and Hermione had been called to visit along with a few other students and staff for a small commemorative event. There was to be a ceremony in honor of the trio for their bravery and loyalty to the safety of Hogwarts, recognised with a plaque embedded in the school walls.

While it was nice to be the hero again, Harry couldn’t help to feel self conscious. Reporters squacked about, flashing cameras and penning interviews. They were making a ruckus on the very ground where Voldemort had finally fallen. The spite in him made it seem like the world was moving without him. Even with Ginny’s comfort, he still felt trapped... alone. Hermione would have his head for thinking thoughts like that but he shamelessly wished for more than this.

Voices pulled him out of his thoughts. Two wizards, a man and a woman, were speaking in low and sympathetic tones about the events that transpired in this spot. Consisting of mostly ignorant statements, Harry almost blocked them out until mention of an inquisitive wizard was brought up. A man in France named Gringal had broken the restrictions of time travel. [i “An insane and stupid discovery if you ask me,”] the woman retorted.

[i No bloody way.]

[b "Excuse me, Mr. Potter."]

Harry turned his attention to a camera man and smiled. Once the picture was taken, he quickly stood and crossed the stoned path over to where his best friends were huddled. A tinge of happiness filled his chest at the sight of them. At least they were still here. 

[#b5332a "Guys,"] he started, pushing them lightly by the shoulders to get them away from the public ear. [#b5332a "You'd never guess what I just heard. A man from France named Gringal just accomplished time travel. I know it sounds impossible but I think we should check it out."] He felt the excitement grow the longer he thought about it. So what if it was slightly impulsive?

Would the nightmares ever go away? The shadows and ghosts of those they had once known ever seem to fade? Not that she really wanted for them to go, but it was just hard to think of everyone who had died the year before. So many were their age and had been friends, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers...they had had families that now everyday had to deal with the fact that they were gone. The world was moving on. Time was. But the girl of now eighteen couldn't shake the regret she felt.

Brown eyes looked out to the castle in the distance and the grounds that had very much once been home. Still the same in some regard, but very much different with the rebuilding that had been taking place since Voldemort's last stand. The only reason that she, Ron, and Harry had come back was that they had been invited back for a ceremony that would pay tribute to all those brave souls who had both faught and died so that the world they lived in would be free from an ever looming evil.

A hand slowly brushed brown hair back from her face as she was still thinking of everything that had led up to this very moment. They were seen as heroes and saviours of the Wizarding World and yet there were times when one Hermione Granger felt that more harm had come than good. Not that she could ever voice those thoughts. Of the trio, she had to stay the most "sane" and in a sense remain the voice of reason. Sometimes she truly hated that fact, but it had been her role since they were eleven and since everything the year before, Hermione knew more now than ever she needed to stay in that role.

As her mind continued to ever race, both she and Ron were led away from the public. And she had to admit she was curious what "The Boy Who Lived" seemed to be so excited about. It had been quite some time since she had seen the light in those green eyes that now shone. But the moment that the words left Harry's lips, Hermione felt her heart all but fall into the pit of her stomach.

Brown eyes remained locked upon the slightly younger male as she could still see and feel the excitement radiating from him. And for a couple moments, the brown haired girl was silent as she was trying her best to figure out how to word what she wanted to say. Finally though, Hermione sighed as she had the feeling that anything she had to say could and most likely would be taken the wrong way.

[b "Harry, I think I understand what you are getting at here. And I admire your courage and want to check into such a thing. But I also have to point out how careless this would be. Impulsive even. Time travel is something VERY tricky and one false move made and we could alter the timeline... I would have thought our third year and my time turner would have taught you that. So I am asking you to REALLY think this through before doing anything rash."]

There, Hermione had spoken the thoughts that had been running through her head. Though, deep down she very much agreed with Harry. She WANTED to check into the time traveling claim and even use it if it were true. Though, there was no way she could ever admit that. She was SUPPOSED to be the voice of reason afterall.

Harry felt the bite of disappointment hearing Hermione’s words. He glanced at Ron who was looking sheepish as usual with his nose red from the cold. [#9c6211 “Harry, she is right. There could be repercussions that might make things worse. Even if it did... bring Fred back.”] 

His lips pressed into a fine line, trying his damndest not to feel hurt by their lack of enthusiasm. [#b5332a “Guys, please. I know it sounds crazy but I think it would stupid to not at least look into it first.”] He looked between the two, hoping to find some sort of change in their solemn expressions. [#b5332a “How about you just humor me? Give me… give me ten minutes with this Gringal person and if it’s a fluke then I’ll just… we’ll just move on.”] 

The redhead passed a glance to the woman beside him and Harry wondered if Ron was one his side at all. He pushed away the thought immediately. [#9c6211 “Only if Hermione agrees to it.”] 

Harry smiled, meeting her brown eyed gaze and taking her hand in his. [#b5332a “Don’t you want to try? Don’t you wish that you could see your parents again? Wish to see the people we loved?”] He hoped she didn’t think he was trying to guilt her. Harry just wanted that second chance so desperately. But if she said no…

Hermione had known that Ron would agree with her. It wasn't because he really wanted to, but he had become much more thoughtful and careful since Fred's death. He now contemplated even the smallest action before he took it. Some days, the brown eyed girl was thankful for this change, but others she missed the old Ron. This was not the boy she had fallen for and she wanted him back.

Her bottom lip was drawn slightly between her teeth as Harry looked back and forth between her and Ron. He was asking for them to trust him and to give him ten minutes with the man called Gringal. Everything in her was screaming no and that this was a bad idea. But that look in Harry's eyes and those pleading words were getting to her.

What broke her, REALLY broke her was when he had taken her hand and his green eyes had locked with her brown. His bringing her parents into this had been a major sore spot. Harry knew that if she could do it all over again she would do anything to see her parents again. And having them as part of this made her even more despararte to say yes and to want a chance to see those they had lost again as well.

[b "You know I am saying yes against my better judgement here, Harry. Ten minutes tops and if this is a fluke, we leave it alone and have to try and move on with our lives the best we can. And yes, I said we because there is no way Ron and I are letting you do this alone. We started this journey togetther and that is how we will finish it."] Hermione knew that she sounded bossy, but he needed to realise that not only his own wants were at stake here but EVERYTHING and EVERYONE they had ever known and loved could be at stake too.

Now the ball really was passed to Harry and in his court. All the young woman could do was hope he would make the best choice possible as she had given her input.

Harry couldn’t help but to feel utter elation upon hearing Hermione’s answer. [#b5332a “Ten minutes,”] he agreed. It took all his discipline not to jump with giddy excitement and instead, told the other two to wait a moment while he obtained the information they would need for their adventure. It was a strange feeling, intoxicating even, to be excited over something after all they had been through. This had been the best news he had heard for months. 

Once he had returned from speaking to the two wizards from earlier, he passed on Gringal’s limited information to his two friends who in turn aided him in finding and confirming the inventors current location. 


The wizard Gringal Hazworth lived just outside the German city of Berlin, away from prying muggle eyes in a rather large house with broken window covers and an overgrown lawn. The trio stood just outside the faded front gate, looking over at the gloomy establishment with strnage tall trees. 

Ron spoke first. [#9c6211 “Doesn’t look like anyone much lives here does it?”]

Harry felt a bite of disappointment within him. [#b5332a “Can’t say I’m entirely convinced either.”] A breeze rattled a loose window covering, making him jump. [#b5332a “Well, we don’t know if we don’t try.”] 

He unlatched the rotting gate and held it open for the other two to pass. [#b5332a “Any questions you think I should ask Hermione? You are the only one who’s really time traveled between us, as you mentioned.”] 

[#9c6211 “She’s the only one who’s done a lot of things between the three of us,”] Ron mumbled, pulling out his wand cautiously.

Why she had agreed to Harry's crazy idea of  tracking down the wizard male known as Gringal, Hermione was really starting to wonder. Well, a part of her was. The other was more on the curious and desparate side. It WANTED this to work out the way that Harry was hoping for it. She wanted to see her parents again and she wanted the chance to try and save some of those they had lost. 

It was so odd to feel a sense of hope again. The brunette of almost nineteen had become accustomed to the feelings of sorrow and guilt and of trying her best to move on. So all of this felt almost as if she were coming alive again. And by watching Harry as he had trotted off to get what information he could of Gringal, Hermione could tell he must be feeling the same. The one she wasn't sure about was Ron as he too was watching their green-eyed companion.

Standing outside the old and rundown home with the overgrown lawn and broken closers made Hermione shiver slightly. It gave her a sense of forboding and one that they almost shouldn't be there. But then, she also knew that they had been told the man liked to keep to himself and was pretty much a hermit.

[b "Remember....ten minutes..."] Came soft words as the rotting gate was held by Harry and the girl slowly went ahead of the two boys. Brown eyes shot to Ron at his mumbled words. She ALMOST wanted to ask what that was supposed to mean but bit her tongue. Instead, her attention was turned to Harry. [b "If the device works...How far back can it take us would be one question. Another might be how long will we be able to stay. And a third might be what things we absolutely MUST NOT change..."] Those were the most pressing questions that had come to mind. And she hoped that she had made sense in her own words. [b "But should ask anything you really want to know and think important, Harry."] An after thought for sure, but still important. Or at least she felt like that advice held some form of importance.

After she had spoken her words, Hermione fell back to being behind both Harry and Ron as they made their way through the overgrown grass. Her own wand was out and she was trying to keep her attention on all their surroundings. Everything in her hoped that they were not making some dire mistake.

Hermione was right, of course. Keep the questions simple and concise. It was a fault of Harry’s to let emotions get the best of him at times and this was one of those moments he had to practice fixing that. [#b5332a “Thanks, Hermione.”] 

His shoes crunched through the overgrowth till they made it onto the front porch. Cautiously, he removed his wand and, with one last glance at the pair behind him, knocked on the door. At first there was no answer. He tried knocking again before turning the handle. The entrance way was dark, save only for a light down a hall. 

Harry cleared his throat. [#b5332a “Excuse me, Mr. Gringal?”] There was a crash from another room and a scrawny gentleman with blonde hair poked his head out from the adjacent hall. At first he was confused before enlightenment crossed his features. 

[b “Bless my soul. It’s Harry Potter.”] He emerged from the hall, waving his hand to illuminate the crowded front sitting room. He gestured wildly. [b “Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley too! Do come inside, all of you. I’ll make some tea.”]

Harry glanced at the other two before taking a seat gingerly on a lean couch. It was a minute or two before Gringal emerged, holding a tray with mismatched cups and a teetering kettle. [b “To what do I owe the pleasure to serve you fine heroes?”] He smiled broadly. 

Harry cleared his throat. [#b5332a “Mr. Gringal, we heard that you might have created something that accomplished... time travel.”] 

Gringal’s smile wavered. [b “Boy, word does spread fast now doesn’t it.”] He put down his cup. [b “Look, I’ve read what you all did in the papers but going back in time will essentially change everything. This moment, yesterday, you will erase that for millions of people-”] 

[#b5332a “But we’d save thousands in the process,”] Harry interjected. [#b5332a “Everyone will still live happy lives and even happier could we have stopped Voldemort sooner.”] 

Gringal flinched slightly at the name before starting again softly. [b “I don’t have it all figured out yet. It is still very early in the testing stages- I don’t know when it will take you if you tried. I can’t promise it will change anything at all.”] 

[#b5332a “But we’d know more.”] 

Gringal took a deep breath. [b “You change time there, you will never be able to come back. [i I] may not exist in the same mindset to create such a device again. You will be stuck.”] He glanced between all of them. [b “This isn’t a time turner where the device is with you. I have only managed to bewitch an object that can accomplish going to one time. That is it. It’s too soon to be safe.”] 

Harry turned to look at his friends, hoping they felt the same way about this future as he did. [#b5332a “I have nothing to lose,”] he said. [#b5332a “We could save everyone if we play it right.”] 

[#9c6211 “Or we could kill different people instead,”] Ron turned, a worried crease in his brow. [#9c6211 “Is it really worth the future?”] 

[#b5332a “Hermione?”]

Hermione was silent as she sat with Harry and Ron on the lean couch in the crowded living room. Her eyes were taking in the old and shabby furniture that looked as if had been hardly used and the portraits that hung on the walls. She was trying to picture the house in its hayday when it must have been a home and not more of...a hideout? 

But her thoughts were cut off when Gringal emerged from the kitchen with the tray of mix-matched tea cups and an almost ill balanced kettle. She stood to help the man as Harry all but pounced, telling the man how they had heard of his time travel ventures. And inwardly she groaned as she wished Harry was a little bit more tactful and had not let emotion overtake him.

Once she set the tray down, the brunette once more took her seat as she listened to what Gringal told them. So if they did this they would have NO way back and would have to live in the time wherever they ended up. It appeared they would also have to be exceedingly careful of what they changed as well. 

[b "Time is a very sticky subject. Meddling in the past can alter the present as we know it...and it can change the future. I do very much understand where you are coming from Mr. Gringal...but this time I do have to agree with Harry.. So, so many have died that could have lived full lives. Most of us have lost so much to this war. I am sure you would want a chance at happiness that was taken from you.."] Her words were soft as she spoke to the older wizard. And then she did turn to Ron too. [b "I know you lost your brother...and in him being lost yourself too Ron. I miss you and I need you back..."] God she hated what she had just said, but he needed to know she couldn't keep living the lie that she had been TRYING to keep up for the last year or so.

Gringal was sitting across from the three and listening to their words intently. The man so very looked like he wanted to interject. He looked as if he wanted to deny their request and side with Ron. But aftee hearing what both Harry and Hermione had to say, his features softened and he did let out a sigh.

[i "You're both determined to do this, aren't you? And I can see my words won't be able to sway you.."] His next words were hesitant as he went on. [i "Against my better judgement, I will help you. But you must be exceedingly careful. Only change what is absoulutely necessary."] With those words, Gringal stood and made motion for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to follow him down the hallway and stopped before a barren wall. With a wave of the older man's hand, a hidden door did appear and he opened it, motioning the three inside.

Once they had entered, the door closed and was gone. [i "You must be certain...Is this what you really want?"] Came quiet words as he went to an object that very much looked like one of the mix-matched tea cups he had used for the tea that he had served.

Brown eyes went between the two young men at her side. Ron still looked more than apprehensive of the adventure they were about to undertake. Harry on the otherhand looked determined. She always hated when the two were on such opposite sides and she seemingly had to choose. A sigh did slip from the young woman and she nodded. [b "We've got to know...and we never will if we don't try, sir..."] Came her soft reply after many moments of silence.


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