More then Memories

By KyoyaPleasant
Life is a curious thing.

We meet.

We grow.

We fight.

We conquered.

But what if we could go back?

What if we could change what's already been done?

Save those who have been murdered?

And taken?

Would you come with me if I said it were possible?

Harry, Ron and Hermione have heard rumor of a wizard that developed the method to jump years back in time. Harry suggests that they go back to save people they loved. Aware of the harm they could do to the future, the trio take the risk in stepping into an entirely new reality.
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Everyday felt strangely haunting as if the sense of danger never truly went away. Sometimes he could still hear them... tantalizing whispers, cackling laughter, copious curses... The real nightmare was over but the instinct was still there. 

It had been barely a year since Voldemort had been defeated. Though the victory brought great relief throughout the wizarding world, there was still lingering grief amongst those involved with the last stand. So many lives were taken so that Harry could fulfill his destiny. A cause that left him living, [i breathing], regardless of his own sacrifice. How he wished he could trade his life for those others. How he wished he knew what he knew now back then.

Harry dug his hands deeper into his pockets against the chill of the afternoon, shivering slightly. From his seat on the connecting bridge, he could see Hogwarts School’s steady rebuilding efforts coming to fruition. Not so familiar anymore with its new remodeling touches. 

He, Ron and Hermione had been called to visit along with a few other students and staff for a small commemorative event. There was to be a ceremony in honor of the trio for their bravery and loyalty to the safety of Hogwarts, recognised with a plaque embedded in the school walls.

While it was nice to be the hero again, Harry couldn’t help to feel self conscious. Reporters squacked about, flashing cameras and penning interviews. They were making a ruckus on the very ground where Voldemort had finally fallen. The spite in him made it seem like the world was moving without him. Even with Ginny’s comfort, he still felt trapped... alone. Hermione would have his head for thinking thoughts like that but he shamelessly wished for more than this.

Voices pulled him out of his thoughts. Two wizards, a man and a woman, were speaking in low and sympathetic tones about the events that transpired in this spot. Consisting of mostly ignorant statements, Harry almost blocked them out until mention of an inquisitive wizard was brought up. A man in France named Gringal had broken the restrictions of time travel. [i “An insane and stupid discovery if you ask me,”] the woman retorted.

[i No bloody way.]

[b "Excuse me, Mr. Potter."]

Harry turned his attention to a camera man and smiled. Once the picture was taken, he quickly stood and crossed the stoned path over to where his best friends were huddled. A tinge of happiness filled his chest at the sight of them. At least they were still here. 

[#b5332a "Guys,"] he started, pushing them lightly by the shoulders to get them away from the public ear. [#b5332a "You'd never guess what I just heard. A man from France named Gringal just accomplished time travel. I know it sounds impossible but I think we should check it out."] He felt the excitement grow the longer he thought about it. So what if it was slightly impulsive?

Would the nightmares ever go away? The shadows and ghosts of those they had once known ever seem to fade? Not that she really wanted for them to go, but it was just hard to think of everyone who had died the year before. So many were their age and had been friends, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers...they had had families that now everyday had to deal with the fact that they were gone. The world was moving on. Time was. But the girl of now eighteen couldn't shake the regret she felt.

Brown eyes looked out to the castle in the distance and the grounds that had very much once been home. Still the same in some regard, but very much different with the rebuilding that had been taking place since Voldemort's last stand. The only reason that she, Ron, and Harry had come back was that they had been invited back for a ceremony that would pay tribute to all those brave souls who had both faught and died so that the world they lived in would be free from an ever looming evil.

A hand slowly brushed brown hair back from her face as she was still thinking of everything that had led up to this very moment. They were seen as heroes and saviours of the Wizarding World and yet thers were times when one Hermione Granger felt that more harm had come than good. Not that she could ever voice those thoughts. Of the trio, she had to stay the most "sane" and in a sense remain the voice of reason. Sometimes she truly hated that fact, but it had been her role since they were eleven and since everything the year before, Hermione knew more now than ever she needed to stay in that role.

As her mind continued to ever race, both she and Ron were led away from the public. And she had to admit she was curious what "The Boy Who Lived" seemed to be so excited about. It had been quite some time since she had seen the light in those green eyes that now shown. But the moment the words left Harry's lips, Hermione felt her heart all but fall into the pit of her stomach.

Brown eyes remained locked upon thw slightly younger male as she could still see and feel the excitement radiating from him. And for a couple moments, the brown haired girl was silent as she was trying to best figure out how to word what she wanted to say. Finally though, Hermione sighed as she had the feeling that anything she had to say could and most likely would be taken wrong.

[b "Harry, I think I understand what you are getting at here. And I admire your courage and want to check into such a thing. But I also have to point out how careless this would be. Impulsive even. Time travel is something VERY tricky and once false move and we could alter the timeline... I would havs thought oir third year and my time turner would have taught you that. So I am asking you to REALLY think this through before doing anything rash."]

There, Hermione had spoken the thoughts that had been running through her head. Though, deep down she very much agreed with Harry. She WANTED to check into tje time traveling claim and even use it if it were true. Though, there was no way she could ever admit that. She as SUPPOSED to be the voice of reason.

Harry felt the bite of disappointment hearing Hermione’s words. He glanced at Ron who was looking sheepish as usual with his nose red from the cold. [#9c6211 “Harry, she is right. There could be repercussions that might make things worse. Even if it did... bring Fred back.”] 

His lips pressed into a fine line, trying his damndest not to feel hurt by their lack of enthusiasm. [#b5332a “Guys, please. I know it sounds crazy but I think it would stupid to not at least look into it first.”] He looked between the two, hoping to find some sort of change in their solemn expressions. [#b5332a “How about you just humor me? Give me… give me ten minutes with this Gringal person and if it’s a fluke then I’ll just… we’ll just move on.”] 

The redhead passed a glance to the woman beside him and Harry wondered if Ron was one his side at all. He pushed away the thought immediately. [#9c6211 “Only if Hermione agrees to it.”] 

Harry smiled, meeting her brown eyed gaze and taking her hand in his. [#b5332a “Don’t you want to try? Don’t you wish that you could see your parents again? Wish to see the people we loved?”] He hoped she didn’t think he was trying to guilt her. Harry just wanted that second chance so desperately. But if she said no…


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