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Definition of witchcraft;
One; the use of sorcery or magic. Also communication with the devil or with a familiar.
Two; an irresistible influence or fascination.

The moment that you reach the age of twenty-one is when your powers start to show themselves once more. When you were younger your parents found another witch to bind your powers until you were of age. They were scared of what your life would be like if they hadn't. They wanted you to grow up with a somewhat normal life, they wanted you to grow up and go to school and not worry about Demons and Warlocks hunting you down every five minutes. Now that you are of age is when you realize something's not right. Your body seems different, your mind is sometimes playing tricks on you, and you feel like you are a totally different person. Your powers are slowly starting to show themselves, and now you have a choice. Either you learn how to control them, or you let them consume you to the point you end up going insane, and becoming someone different all together.

When Aurelia first came of age, and her powers started showing themselves she had been with some friends at their favorite camping spot. She had been getting the tent set up when all of a sudden it seemed to freeze right in her hands. The poles snapped in her hands when she tried to bend them. Her friends were too high to really think anything of it, and brushed it off. They weren't going to let something like that ruin their last summer together. Strange things kept happening to Aurelia and she didn't know how to explain in. As the days wore on, she started to see shadows out of the corner of her eye, and at one point a white arctic fox came up to her and brushed up against her leg. It was strange, and it scared the living shit out of her. Something she never dreamed of happening either.

Meanwhile back in New York City Your Name Here was coming into their own powers as well. At least they had warning, and were being prepared for the day it was supposed to happen. They had the proper training, and guidance. They also figured out their Familiar was a leopard as well. They had come across the cub a couple of months before they turned eighteen, and were able to figure out what it was, and they had never been happier. Now that they are coming into their own powers, is when the Demons and Warlocks, and whatever other evil in the world is coming for them. They have a bounty on their head, along with Aurelia, but they don't know anything of the woman at all. It's strange, but at the same time exciting.

When Aurelia came back from her camping trip, was when she found a note in her bedroom. She didn't know anything about it, and it scared her. The letter talked about her family, and the woman she was descended from as well. Inside of the letter it spoke of Your Name Here and how they were supposed to meet, and learn how to control their powers together. Aurelia didn't believe a word of it. She hid the note in her drawer, and went about her daily life. Your Name Here on the other hand was searching for Aurelia, and trying to figure out why they were supposed to meet. Was it fate? Or was it something else completely? The moment the two meet it's like everything clicked into place for the both of them.

The moment they met it was like a spark shot between them. Aurelia didn't know how to fully react, and Your Name Here was speechless at the same time. Did they really just find their soulmate? At least that's what it felt like for Your Name Here. Aurelia on the other hand didn't want to believe in any of it. She didn't want to be a so called witch, but her powers were getting stronger with each passing day, and it scared her. She had frozen a small bird when she had been trying to help heal it. Her other powers were starting to show as well, and she didn't know what to do. Your Name Here knew what was going on, and knew they had to be there for Aurelia. What'll happen when they start working together? Will the so called evil rear it's ugly head? Will the two be able to express their feelings for one another? Or will they end up losing themselves to the darkness that's slowly sweeping over their minds? You will never know unless you join, The Covenant.

The cast of The Covenant.

Aurelia Osborne; Taken

Female; Taken

Some information you need to know.

One of the most famous witches in Virginia’s history is Grace Sherwood, whose neighbors alleged she killed their pigs and hexed their cotton. Other accusations followed and Sherwood was brought to trial in 1706. The court decided to use a controversial water test to determine her guilt or innocence. Sherwood’s arms and legs were bound and she was thrown into a body of water. It was thought if she sank, she was innocent; if she floated, she was guilty. Sherwood didn’t sink and was convicted of being a witch. She wasn’t killed but put in prison and for eight years.

A satirical article (supposedly written by Benjamin Franklin) about a witch trial in New Jersey was published in 1730 in the Pennsylvania Gazette. It brought to light the ridiculousness of some witchcraft accusations. It wasn’t long before witch mania died down in the New World and laws were passed to help protect people from being wrongly accused and convicted.

Modern-day witches of the Western World still struggle to shake their historical stereotype. Most practice Wicca, an official religion in the United States and Canada. Wiccans avoid evil and the appearance of evil at all costs. Their motto is to “harm none,” and they strive to live a peaceful, tolerant and balanced life in tune with nature and humanity.

Many modern-day witches still perform witchcraft, but there’s seldom anything sinister about it. Their spells and incantations are often derived from their Book of Shadows, a 20th-century collection of wisdom and witchcraft, and can be compared to the act of prayer in other religions. A modern-day witchcraft potion is more likely to be an herbal remedy for the flu instead of a hex to harm someone.

Today’s witchcraft spells are usually used to stop someone from doing evil or harming themselves. Ironically, while it’s probable some historical witches used witchcraft for evil purposes, many may have embraced it for healing or protection against the immorality they were accused of.

But witches—whether actual or accused still face persecution and death. Several men and women suspected of using witchcraft have been beaten and killed in Papua New Guinea since 2010, including a young mother who was burned alive. Similar episodes of violence against people accused of being witches have occurred in Africa, South America, the Middle East and in immigrant communities in Europe and the United States.

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[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [center [b Three Weeks Ago.]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "Aurelia are you done yet? Come on, we kind of wanna get to the camp ground before the sun sets"] came the sound of Olivia's voice through the closed bathroom door. The dark haired beauty let out a small sigh. [#C4788E "I'm almost done, I'll be out in a minute. Go ahead and go to the car"] she called back. Olivia let out a small sigh that she could hear through the door. [b "Hurry your ass up then!"] she called out. Aurelia rolled her eyes lightly and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked slightly different, she felt slightly off and she didn't know what was going on honestly. She looked herself up and down, and sighed a bit. She then turned on the water and washed her hands.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The seedy gas station they stopped at gave her the creeps for sure. She wanted nothing more than to just leave and get this trip over and done with. She then made her way to the van, and climbed back inside. [b "Took you long enough. Everything okay?"] Olivia asked. The woman nodded lightly. [#C4788E "I think so. I'm just feeling a bit off is all"] she admitted. At least now she got that off her chest, and felt slightly better. The van was then put into gear, and they were off towards the camp ground finally. It took them about thirty minutes to get there, and once there they parked, and everyone piled out of the van and stretched. Aurelia was the last out of the van.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She helped the others pull everything out, and then she went about setting up her own tent. The other's were busy smoking, and she was left alone with her thoughts. She was kind of surprised that she even let the other's talk her into coming. She wasn't that much of a camper, but when she was she went all out. She shook her head lightly as she unpacked her tent and put the poles together. As she was working on that, her fingers felt slightly colder than normal. That was really strange. She tried to brush it off, but when she looked down at the poles in her hands, they were iced over. [#C4788E "What the fuck?"] she muttered lightly. She tried taking the poles apart and they snapped in two. This wasn't normal at all.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She looked around at the others, and let out a small breath. They were too high to notice what happened. She looked back at the iced over poles and then her hands. They were a different color, and she started to shake. What was going on here? She knew she felt slightly different, but she didn't realize how different she was. She tired to let it all go, but couldn't. That's when she gathered up the courage and asked if she could sleep with Olivia and her boyfriend. Olivia was slightly annoyed but let her anyway. This was now how she wanted her last summer with her friends to end. She tried to let herself relax and enjoy the couple of weeks with her friends, before her whole world turned upside down.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [center [b Three Weeks Later.]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 It's been three weeks since she's been home from her last camping trip. Things had gotten a bit more awkward between her and her friends, and they all pretty much stopped talking when they dropped her off. She didn't mind it though, just meant she wouldn't have to explain whatever was going on with her to them. She sighed lightly as she looked towards her desk, and wondered if she should look up some information about curses, or whatever. She didn't know if she was cursed or not. She had turned twenty-four a couple of weeks ago, and she hadn't noticed anything before then. At least not that she had noticed anyway. She chewed her lip lightly, before moving to her desk.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She pulled the chair out and sat down, and woke the laptop up. She waited for the screen to pop up, before she went to her internet browser and clicked into it. She checked her e-mail first, and then went to one of the many chat rooms she's been apart of. That's when one of them caught her eye. [b [i Witch Craft in the modern world]] was what it was called. She didn't know if it was real or not but she clicked on it, filled out what needed to be filled out, and made a username. Then she was in. She bit her lip lightly debating on changing her name, and she did. The name she chose now was [b [i IcePrincess24]]. It was lame, but better than nothing.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 As she was reading some of the posts, her heart raced. A lot of people were claiming to be witches, and some of them were slowly learning how to control their powers. She wondered if she posted something, if anyone would reach out and she could ask them a lot of questions. She bit the inside of her cheek as she clicked on the new message button. The box popped up, and it sat there for a few minutes before she finally figured out the right words to even say. She leaned forward a bit and started typing away.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [center [#C4788E [i To whomever it may concern,]]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [center [#C4788E [i There's been some strange things going on with me and I don't know how to really feel about it. I don't really believe in this whole witch craft thing, but I'm willing to hear anyone out. I do have a lot of questions, and I wouldn't mind some one on one time with someone. If anything please message me privately, and we can talk. I know it's not much, but I am kind of freaking out over here, and I don't know what to do... Someone help a girl out here. Thank you. -IcePrincess.]]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She read the message over and over before posting it. She was about to chicken out and delete it, but hit post instead. Now that was over and done with, she seemed to relax a little bit. She pushed herself up and went about getting her room picked up, waiting for anyone to come across her message and reach out. There was so much running around in her mind, that she didn't know what to do with herself. She put her head phones in, and started cleaning her small apartment, trying to keep herself distracted for the most part.]]
_BlueXephosSelene M'quii   18d ago
[Repo] Head ES Programmer/Resident Insomniac

[center [i --Pasada--]]

[#00cc00 "As you get older, dear Selene, you will begin to face the changes many in our bloodline have faced. Do you understand?"]

[#00e6e6 "Yes."]

[#00cc00 "The change will be terrifying at times. Your powers will feel as if they can consume you, but you have grown strong over the past several years. You can overcome them and become one of us."]

[#00e6e6 "I know."]

Her mother, a woman with stunning silver hair, only smiled. [#00cc00 "Don't be scared, Selene."]

Selene sat on the ground as her familiar, Torin, padded up to her. The black leopard rubbed against her hand. [#00e6e6 "I'm not so much [i scared] as I am worried. I've read tales of men and women not able to control their powers once they come of age and turning evil and disgusting. I don't want to be like that. I want to be helpful and kind to everyone I meet."]

[#00cc00 "And that's why I don't think you should worry."] The elder woman simply smiled. [#00cc00 "If you weren't already such a kind girl, I'd be concerned myself, but there's not an evil bone in your body. I believe with all my heart that you have what it takes to be exactly who you want to be, Selene."]

[#00e6e6 "Do you... really mean that?"]

[#00cc00 "With all my heart."]

[center [i --Presente--]]

Closing her eyes, Selene held out her hand. Though she had to strain for it, she managed to muster up a fireball. Opening her eyes, she smiled. The fireball stayed lit in her hands for another thirty seconds before vanishing completely. Her fire magic was improving; her mother would've been delighted to hear about it. Her wind magic was her strongest thus far, being able to create fairly strong wind tunnels and gales that could scare anyone away, should she have the need to do so.

Learning her craft, however, came with a price.

Shortly after she'd turned twenty-three, once she'd [i really] started to learn how to use her powers, she'd learned that there were some people in the world that would rather see her kind disappear. In her stead, her mother - her last living relative - had taken her place. Heartbroken, she'd taken to hiding in her small apartment, only practicing her magic in complete isolation and sticking to herself as much as possible. She'd been lucky so far, but her luck was bound to run out eventually.

Tired from the day's practice, she walked over to her bed, where Torin and her laptop sat. She recieved a 'brr' from the leopard as she gave her a pat and then turned on the device, scrolling through various sites she frequented. 

[i Possible witch in Baltimore arrested.]
[i Are Modern Day Witches Taking Over the World?]

With a sigh of disgust, she scrolled past the two articles. Modern day witch hunts were mortifying, to say the least. To think she could possibly be a part of them if she was found out... She shook her head and ventured into a well-known witch-safe chat room, logging in as [b LadyWindy]. 

There was nothing of note thus far, until a message popped into view that piqued her interest. [#00e6e6 [i Is this person for real?]] She considered answering, but chose to dig for a moment.

[center [#00e6e6 [i Hello. If you are serious, send me a private chat with what you mean. I'll be waiting. -LadyWindy]]]

The bait was set. Now she would wait.

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Aurelia was doing everything she could to keep herself calm. So far no one has messaged her, and it was kind of worrying her a little bit more. Were they all scared to come out? Was there no one like her in the world? She had a feeling there was, and she wanted nothing more than to believe someone would reach out to her. That's when a notification popped up on her screen telling her she had a reply to her message. Her heart slammed against her chest as she clicked on it, and it took her to her post.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 As she scanned the reply her heart seemed to skip a beat once more. Someone named LadyWindy was reaching out to her. She clicked on the name, and it brought up the profile and she hovered over the Message icon. Was she being tricked? Was this really happening? Was she really going to get answers to her questions? She hoped she would. She took a breath and hit the Message icon, and a pop up showed. She thought about what to title her message, and she chewed her lower lip debating on what to even say.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She let the breath she was holding out, and finally thought of a good message title. [#C4788E [i Questions about Witch Craft.]] It might not have been the best, but it was all she could think of, and it was the best title she could think of. She moved her mouse to the second box and clicked on it, and watched the little line blinking off and on, waiting for her to start typing. Her fingers hovered over the keys of her lap top, as she all of a sudden was at a loss for what to even say.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She shook her head, and started typing away.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [center [#C4788E [i Hello LadyWindy,]]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [center [#C4788E [i I would like to start off with thanking you for reaching out, and letting me know to message you. I honestly don't know where to even start.. I feel like I'm at a loss for words right now.. So I will apologize if my messages are all over the place. I'm trying to figure everything out to be honest. Would it be alright if we took turns asking questions along the way?]]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [center [#C4788E [i I don't want to be the only one asking question, after question. It would make things a bit more confusing for me. If you prefer me asking all the questions I have in my head, then I will gladly do so. Thank you for reaching out. -IcePrincess]]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She read the message over a couple of times, before she finally hit send. It wasn't much, and it made her more nervous than it should have. Did she just make a mistake? Was she falling into a trap? She hoped she wasn't.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Before she could think of doing anything else, she clicked out of the web browser and shut off her laptop. She would have her phone, and would be able to get the messages from LadyWindy. She leaned her head back against the couch, put her hands over her face and let out a sigh. She still felt like she was making a mistake, but it was better than nothing. She just hoped that she would get some sort of answers.]]
_BlueXephosSelene M'quii   5d ago
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Selene had felt herself nodding off at her desk - the day had passed without much incident. Her blinds were drawn in such a way where little light was let in, and she could tell that evening was starting to set. She would be able to go out and practice more soon, or even just grab a quick bite at an empty eatery. She hadn't quite decided what to do - if anything at all - and rested her head on her arms, watching the time on her computer monitor tick by.

Before Selene had nodded off completely, she heard a [i Ping!] from the message board and lifted her head. Was this IcePrincess person actually [i responding] to her? Her blue eyes flashed in curiosity as she refreshed the page. Tiredness forgotten, she scrolled to her messages and clicked the notification.

Scanning the response with trained eyes, she hummed with amused curiosity. A new witch, much like herself, or someone trying to trap her into something? The person on the other end didn't [i seem] like a trapper - they normally asked bigger questions that were much more obvious, and the words IcePrincess used felt more skittish than a trapper would use. Selene decided she would continue to talk to her, for now.

[#00e6e6 [center [i IcePrincess,]]]
[#00e6e6 [center [i Learning something new, no matter what it is, can be extremely overwhelming. Magic is no different, I can assure you. Since you've reached out to me, I'm going to assume you've started to experience a phenomenon in your life that has caused you to question whether or not it's real? That is my question for you.]]]

[#00e6e6 [center [i It's okay to ask questions back and forth, of course. I'd like to know more about you, as you likely would about me. I look forward to hearing from you again. --LadyWindy]]]

She sent the message and pushed away from her computer, heading back over to her bed. She laid back in her bed and glanced at the ceiling, zoning in on the fairy lights that hung there. Her mother had told her that there would be others. She hadn't been told, however, that others would reach out and rely on her for help. What Selene wouldn't give to have her mother's help right now. [i [#00e6e6 I can do this,]] she thought, a determined spark in her eyes. [i [#00e6e6 I won't fail, mama.]]

Selene sat up, slipping on a pair of black low-rise converse and a gray hoodie, slipping the hood over her white hair. The benefit of living in a large city was that she seldom stuck out, and those that surrounded her were often more strange in their normality. Locking the door behind her, she stepped out into the crisp evening.

It was a cool evening - summer had recently ended, and though it wasn't getting cold yet, the promise of a crisp autumn was approaching. The streets of the city were bustling, as usual, and instead of going to her usual secluded spot to practice her magic, she decided to find a place to eat instead. She was still tired from earlier, and her mind wasn't focused on practicing, but rather IcePrincess' inquiry from before.
Selene's phone remained in her pocket, the chat room loaded in a private window. She wasn't sure if she'd recieve another response tonight, but if she did, she'd be ready. 

Was she ready for whatever helping this IcePrincess would bring her, however? She wasn't sure, but she wasn't ready to just [i give up] on her. She needed help. And she was going to do whatever she could.


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