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-Tifa_Lockhart-Fred Weasley   274d ago

The redhead groaned as the blankets were all but ripped from him. And before he could even reach to try and grip them again and pull them back up, his mother was scolding him for oversleeping. It was true that she had told him and the others to get to bed early because they had A LONG way to travel into London in the morning, but Fred being well Fred had not bothered to take her seriously. And from the groaning on the other side of the room, neither had his twin brother. Actually, the two had spent the ENTIRE night trying to come up with new tricks and pranks they would pull over the course of the school year. And for that reason, had lost track of time.

"FRED DO NOT MAKE ME TELL YOU TO GET UP AGAIN! IF I HAVE TO, THEN I WILL FEED YOUR BREAKFAST TO THE GARDEN GNOMES!" His mother, Molly Weasley all but shouted to make sure that the boy of thirteen got her point and would have his arse up.

[b "Okay...okay... geese mum, no need to have a cow..."] The boy mumbled, still being quite tired. A look was shot his way, but by now he couldn't be bothered as he was ALWAYS getting an earful for something or another. And when their mother was gone, Fred looked to George who nodded and the pair of them were both up and getting dressed and throwing last minute things into their trunks that they had overlooked. And if they didn't get everything, then it really was no big deal as they knew they could always have it sent to them.

Minutes later, the twins were hauling their trunks down the stairs and into the kitchen where their snooty older brother who wouldn't shut up about how he had become a school Prefect was sitting at the table already and talking about everything he hoped to do. The main thing being keeping Fred and George out of trouble and from destroying their family name. Fred could only roll his eyes as he heard Percy and took his own seat with George at his side. [b "Gotta learn to lighten up Perce. Gonna go grey and become an old man before your time if you keep going the way you are."] Both George and Ginney snickered as did Ron as their youngest siblings came in and took their seats.

"I wouldn't have to take things so seriously if you and George would just behave. Hopefully Ron will have more sense than the pair of you." Percy muttered with a roll of his eyes. And Fred only shrugged before shoving eggs into his mouth. He was already bored of their older brother and the retorts and couldn't WAIT to get back to school and all the mischief that he, George, and their bestfriend Lee always got into. What could he say? He loved the thrill and the idea of all the trouble they could get into.

A few hours later, he and his three brothers were all but hustling after their mother and father through the crowded train station that was King's Cross AND their way to Hogwarts. Molly was going on and on about something or another. But that was when she stopped before the barrier and turned to Fred and George specifically. "And I don't want any owls saying that the two of you have exploded any toilet seats!" The woman snapped at them, trying to get her point across. Fred and George both only snickered at her. But before they could retort, a boy with messy black hair had come up to them because apparently he had heard something their mother had said that they didn't and was asking how to get through the barrier. Their mother told the boy, but decided that it would be a good idea to send Percy and the twins through first just to show the boy.

Fred and George did as they were told and waited for the others to join them before continuing through the now crowded wizarding side of the platform. And it was after he and George had wandered off did his eyes fall on a pretty new girl that seemed like a first year from how her mother hovered and was like mother hen. She also had a lot of brothers from what the Weasley boy would see and when she caught his eyes, the brown eyed thirteen-year-old gave her a wink before he slipped back off with his twin, who had caught the wink and by now was daring him to find the girl again and talk to her when on the train. Because it was something new and exciting and he NEVER backed down from a dare, Fred accepted the challenge.

By the time they were on the train minutes later and had found Lee, Fred was already looking for the girl he had seen. The boy wanted to get the dare over with, but he was also a bit curious of why he had never seen her before.

[b Sera]


[#f4462f "I understand what you are wanting me to do, Professor.. But why does it have to be me? You know I have never been on who liked to get into these sort of things and prefered to be a 'wallflower' when I was still a student.."] Seraphina said softly as hazel eyes came up from her clasped hands and the black skirt that she wore. She had been listening to Professor Dumbledore explaining his concerns and how he wanted her to act as a spy in a sense. But even so, the young woman of nineteen didn't understand. Couldn't understand.

[b "Seraphina, I understand your concerns in my asking this of you. But it is because of your past and how many thing of you that you are the perfect choice for this. I promise that there will be no harm done to you and your family."] The old man said as he sat back in his chair, sparkling blue eyes almost hidden by half moon spectacles said gently as he seemed to be trying to reassure the young woman.

God she sometimes hated the man. He had been both her favourite professor and her least favourite all because he just had that air about him that made you want to trust him and even do as he said. Plus everything he had told her about a new evil coming into play had been enough to draw her in. Sera had always wanted to help others and in a big way, so this was a chance to do it.

[#f4462f "And I have your word that this is only for this year? No harm comes to me or anyone I care about?"] The blonde asked as she now kept an almost tired hazel-eyed gaze upon Professor Dumbledore as she had only had three hours of sleep the night before because her anxiety had decided to act up.

[b "Yes, you have my word. Now you best be heading off to the feast. The other professors and I will be along shortly."] Dumbledore said as he waved Sera off and against sat back in his chair.

A sigh slipped from soft rosy pink lips as she pushed her own chair back and clicked to the cat who had been watching the owls flying from the windowsill. It was when Simba, well as she liked to call him, Mouse had hopped onto her shoulder and curled up across them did the young woman leave the office and make her way down spiral stairs.

As soon as she was off the the stairs, she began her way down the long familiar hallways and ket out a squeak as she bumped into someone apparently going the same way as she was. [#f4462f "I'm so sorry....I wasn't watching where I was going.."] Which was true as she was still SO very distracted by thoughts of the meeting she had just had with the Headmaster. [#f4462f "I...are you making your way to the feast too? Maybe we could go together?"] Why did she have to be so awkward? It was only her cat's soft purring and nuzzling that was keeping her semi-calm as she waited to see what would happen next.


[b Alfie]


Piercing blue gaze was locked upon his mother and father as both sat across the long wooden table from him. It was their annual before the start of term meal and Alfred was not at all pleased. For they had JUST told him that after this school year he was going to be married. APPARENTLY the marriage had been arranged for the last year or two and they were just telling him now. Some bullocks about knowing how defiant he could be and how they feared he would try and sabotage the whole thing if he had known. Which to be fair, the young man of seventeen would have as he believed arranged marraiges to be a thing from "the dark ages" and that people SHOULD be allowed to choose their own partners.

"Alfred, do not give us those looks! It is something that we were asked to arrange for our  'Lord' and so we were more than happy. And you should be happy to serve as well. From what we were told she is a nice girl and should do well as a wife. Very complacent as well and can be trained." Of course one Reginald Draxler would say such a thing. He had come from one of the ancient families and so all this arranged marriage stuff was as he would say "a part of life".

[b "I don't bloody well care! I am not you nor mum. And I would prefer not to get involved in your 'Lord's' affairs. It is NOT who I am and I wish you would bloody well stop."] The seventeen year old all but growled at his mother and father, hand slamming down on the table. The bang was not necessarry and he knew it, but Alfred didn't give a damn and was trying to get his point across that he did NOT want to be married to some girl that he may or may not be going to school with OR even like all because it was "The Dark Lord's" wishes.

His mother was the next to speak. She was kinder and more gentle than was her husband, but Cecily Draxler had also come from an ancient family and shared a lot the same views. Though she was not as blunt about it. Or rather the woman normally wasn't. "We understand that you are not happy about this. But it really would be the best thing for us as a family, darling. You have to learn that you cannot only think of yourself and what is best but need to do what is best for family." Came gentle worda as she tried to reason with her son who was still very much fuming.

Drax had a soft spot for his mother. The boy always had. But he could NOT for the life of him understand why she was on his farher's side and trying to convince him that this marriage thing was a good idea or "best for the family". The woman had always told him she wanted him to live his life and be happy. So what was this rubbish she was feeding him now? Was it scripted as she was usually compliant with his father's wish as that was the old way?

Honestly, he had heard all he needed and was NOT in the mood to go back and forth with his parents on the matter anymore. Truth was, Alfred was already TRYING to figure out a way around the arrangement. Maybe he could find the girl whom he was supposed to marry and convince her it was a terrible idea and to help him go against their parents wishes. So without any other words, the boy all but shoved his chair back from the table, made his way up the stairs, and once in his room slammed the door behind him just to make clear he this was not over and he had every intent to defy their wishes.

In the morning, Alfred's mood still had not improved from the night before. All through breakfast he had not spoken a word to his mother or father and he even spent most of his time before going to King's Cross in his room and making sure again and again he had everything he would need for the school year. He did NOT want to be writing home unless he absolutely needed to.

By ten-thirty in the morning, the boy was apparating with his parents to an alleyway just across from the train station and walking in with them as they had found a trolly outside that he could put his trunk and puppy's cage on as he kept Axel, the little husky in his arms. It kept the pup close and it was also a way to keep Alfred calm and to seem like nothing was the matter.

It was only when past the barrier and on the platform for the Hogwarts Express did the boy break his silence to his parents. [b "See you over the you both.."] The words were soft as he spoke them and gave his parents the quickest of hugs before he took his trunk and Axel on the train and found a compartment with only one other person inside. [b "Er....mind it I sit with you? Everywhere else seems claimed.."] Came quiet and almost awkward words as it was a girl whom he knew to be a Hufflepuff and maybe a year or so younger than he was.


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