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By -Tifa_Lockhart-

Just revisiting an old love and playing it out our way. We have an idea of what we are doing.

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Skylarose0422Albertine   19d ago

Aurora Albertine looks around the train station, she had been here many times. Since she has three older brothers, they have all used the Hogwarts Express to get to their school. Aurora had dreamed about going to the school, since she was younger and her mother started telling her stories all about it. 

Aurora comes from a very unique family. Her mother, Lucinda Garrow-Albertine is a witch. In fact she had been a deatheater and had followed Lord Voldemort for years. That was until the year that Aurora was born, when the famous Harry Potter had beat Voldemort and rumor was that he killed him. Lucinda did not believe that at all, she knew just how strong Lord Voldemort was. Which is why she had to hide her husband and children for years, she knew the minute that the great wizard found out that she married a muggle and had half-blood children he would kill her and her family. She was thankful for the boy who now had a lightening bolt scar on his forehead, even though he had lost his parents that night, because now she could send her children to the school and not be afraid that something would happen to them. 

It was [i finally] time, Aurora was old enough to follow her brothers and go with them to Hogwarts. The butterflies swirled around Aurora's belly, as she pushed her luggage and the cage for her black and white owl. "Aurora, are you sure you remembered everything? Your robes, your wand?" Lucinda asks her daughter for the millionth time. 
Aurora rolls her eyes and pushes a strand of her light brown hair back behind her ear. "Yes mom... I have everything. I'm not irresponsible as Luke." Her older brother scoffs and shoves at her arm. "I'm not irresponsible. I just forget things!" He growls at her, causing their father to playfully smack the back of his head. 
They all slip through the wall that separates Platform 9 and 3/4 from the muggles' eyes, and Aurora's eyes widen. She sees all the other children, with their luggage and the smile grows on her face. The excitement becomes more evident, as each minute passes. 

Aurora follows her parents and brothers to where she is supposed to get on the train and her eyes drift over to a boy with blonde hair and a frown that seemed like it was always on his face. Before hearing a mother scolding her children, which catches Aurora's attention. Her eyes widen at the family of red-heads, there was a lot of them. She thought she had more siblings than anybody, but this family seemed bigger than hers. A smile lifts her lips at the friendly, but overwhelmed faces of all of them. They must have been running late as well.
-Tifa_Lockhart-Fred Weasley   19d ago

The redhead groaned as the blankets were all but ripped from him. And before he could even reach to try and grip them again and pull them back up, his mother was scolding him for oversleeping. It was true that she had told him and the others to get to bed early because they had A LONG way to travel into London in the morning, but Fred being well Fred had not bothered to take her seriously. And from the groaning on the other side of the room, neither had his twin brother. Actually, the two had spent the ENTIRE night trying to come up with new tricks and pranks they would pull over the course of the school year. And for that reason, had lost track of time.

"FRED DO NOT MAKE ME TELL YOU TO GET UP AGAIN! IF I HAVE TO, THEN I WILL FEED YOUR BREAKFAST TO THE GARDEN GNOMES!" His mother, Molly Weasley all but shouted to make sure that the boy of thirteen got her point and would have his arse up.

[b "Okay...okay... geese mum, no need to have a cow..."] The boy mumbled, still being quite tired. A look was shot his way, but by now he couldn't be bothered as he was ALWAYS getting an earful for something or another. And when their mother was gone, Fred looked to George who nodded and the pair of them were both up and getting dressed and throwing last minute things into their trunks that they had overlooked. And if they didn't get everything, then it really was no big deal as they knew they could always have it sent to them.

Minutes later, the twins were hauling their trunks down the stairs and into the kitchen where their snooty older brother who wouldn't shut up about how he had become a school Prefect was sitting at the table already and talking about everything he hoped to do. The main thing being keeping Fred and George out of trouble and from destroying their family name. Fred could only roll his eyes as he heard Percy and took his own seat with George at his side. [b "Gotta learn to lighten up Perce. Gonna go grey and become an old man before your time if you keep going the way you are."] Both George and Ginney snickered as did Ron as their youngest siblings came in and took their seats. 

"I wouldn't have to take things so seriously if you and George would just behave. Hopefully Ron will have more sense than the pair of you." Percy muttered with a roll of his eyes. And Fred only shrugged before shoving eggs into his mouth. He was already bored of their older brother and the retorts and couldn't WAIT to get back to school and all the mischief that he, George, and their bestfriend Lee always got into. What could he say? He loved the thrill and the idea of all the trouble they could get into.

A few hours later, he and his three brothers were all but hustling after their mother and father through the crowded train station that was King's Cross AND their way to Hogwarts. Molly was going on and on about something or another. But that was when she stopped before the barrier and turned to Fred and George specifically. "And I don't want any owls saying that the two of you have exploded any toilet seats!" The woman snapped at them, trying to get her point across. Fred and George both only snickered at her. But before they could retort, a boy with messy black hair had come up to them because apparently he had heard something their mother had said that they didn't and was asking how to get through the barrier. Their mother told the boy, but decided that it would be a good idea to send Percy and the twins through first just to show the boy.

Fred and George did as they were told and waited for the others to join them before continuing through the now crowded wizarding side of the platform. And it was after he and George had wandered off did his eyes fall on a pretty new girl that seemed like a first year from how her mother hovered and was like mother hen. She also had a lot of brothers from what the Weasley boy would see and when she caught his eyes, the brown eyed thirteen-year-old gave her a wink before he slipped back off with his twin, who had caught the wink and by now was daring him to find the girl again and talk to her when on the train. Because it was something new and exciting and he NEVER backed down from a dare, Fred accepted the challenge.

By the time they were on the train minutes later and had found Lee, Fred was already looking for the girl he had seen. The boy wanted to get the dare over with, but he was also a bit curious of why he had never seen her before. It was when he found the compartment, she was in did he knock on the window. Now it was up to her if she would try and talk to him or not.
Skylarose0422Albertine   19d ago

As her eyes meet one of the redhead twins, Aurora's breath hitches in her throat. He was very cute, but she could tell that he was older than her. She had just turned eleven, a week ago. Her mind flickers to her party, it was very small due to mum still being scared of introducing them to people. The small wink from the boy, causes Aurora to get out of her thoughts and her eyes widen.

A small smile pulls on her lips, before her mother lectures her again in front of where she will board the train. "Now remember Rory, you are to keep your head down... You can't trust anyone Aurora, they'll seem like they're trying to be your friend but if they find out the truth about you they'll quickly become your enemy... So just focus on your studies and stay on Professor Dumbledore's good side and you'll be alright. Oh, and seek out Professor Snape. Let him know my name and he will keep an eye on you." Lucinda looks down at her daughter, her nerves getting the best of her. "Just stay attached to your brothers when you can and everything will be fine Aurora."

As the train whistle blows, Aurora hugs her mother and father before she starts walking up the couple steps, her mind trying to remember everything her mother has told her. "Oh! And you may hear some stories about me and what I did, but don't believe everything you hear! Have fun!" Her mother yells after her. Aurora lets out a sigh, as she searches for an empty compartment. She sees one filled with one of the redhead boys she had seen earlier and a boy with dark hair and glasses, before she takes a couple more steps and finally finds an empty one. 

Aurora sits down next to the window and stares outside, her stomach was flipping with nerves. She couldn't tell anybody the truth of her mother was, she didn't exactly know what being a deatheater meant but even the name alone she could figure out that it was something really bad. 

Hearing a tapping noise, Aurora blinks a few times from being so dazed out in her thoughts and turns to face the same boy she had locked eyes with earlier. Her heart starts beating against her chest and she clears her throat. "Hello?" Her voice was soft, but Aurora was impressed with herself that she hadn't stuttered.
-Tifa_Lockhart-Fred Weasley   18d ago

"Now remember Freddy, play nicely and don't scare the poor girl too much. And just let us know what you find out." George had said before the girl had looked up at the tapping. The other twin was JUST gone by the time Aurora had come to the door and slipped it open.

Fred had wanted to smack George so hard for his teasing comments. SOMETIMES he could be a troll so to speak, but he would never intentionally hurt someone or want to make them cry. ESPECIALLY not a girl. It always made him feel so awkward and bad when he accidentally made a girl cry. So for George to even imply that he wouldn't be nice had gotten under his skin. But before he could say anything or even hit his twin, George was gone and the door opened.

[b "Hi there! I'm Fred, Fred Weasley. And you must be new? I don't remember ever seeing you around before... If I had, I think I would have remembered a girl who is as cute."] Those lines may have been a bit on the cheesy side, but at the moment it was like he COULD NOT think and whatever thoughts first popped into his head seemed to slip out of his mouth. God he wished that he would have been able to come up with something better to say. ANYTHING better. But his words were out there and he could not take them back.

Things had turned awkward. Or they had to him and the boy of thirteen slowly lifted a hand and rubbed at the back of his neck as he offered a small and almost sheepish smile. [b "Yeah, sorry about those words. I...maybe I can try that again?"] And before Aurora could answer, the boy lowered the hand at his neck and offered it out to her. [b "Hi there. I'm Fred Weasley and wanted to officially welcome you to Hogwarts. You may hear a lot of things about me and my brother about being trouble. And they're all most likely true."] The boy said, the sheepish smile now replaced by a real one.

There, he had gotten the dare he had been given by George over with. AND by attempting to try and reintroduce himself, he hoped that he had managed to clean up some of his mess and to redeem himself. Or he at least hoped he seemed less of a creep. But that would be seen soon enough. God, what was it about this girl that had him so...well he wasn't sure what she had him feeling or why he seemed to be acting like such an idiot.
Skylarose0422Albertine   18d ago

As Aurora stood up to open the compartment door for the boy she had met eyes with at the station, she couldn't help but wonder what he wanted with her. [I Don't trust anyone Aurora. They will not accept you because of who I am. They'll hurt you if they ever find out.] Her mother's words were permanently in her mind. Her mother couldn't trust anyone, being who she was. And Aurora and her brothers greatly suffered from this, they were never allowed to try and make friends. The boy's voice and cheesy remark pulled Aurora from her thoughts and she feels her cheeks warm from his compliment. Tilting her head to the side, a small smirk crosses her lips as he was totally messing this up. 
As he rubs the back of his neck and tries to fix what he previously said, she giggles and starts shaking her head at him. "Well Fred Weasley, it's nice to meet you. I appreciate you making a fool out of yourself, so that I could have a laugh this morning. My name is Aurora, and that's all you're getting out of me. So don't expect me to invite you in here with me." She states and crosses her arms over her chest. [I Stop flirting Aurora, remember mother's words, ] her brain reminded her.
-Tifa_Lockhart-Fred Weasley   16d ago

How was it possible for him to mess something SO somple up? All he had had to do was knock on a window, introduce himself to the girl, and just get her talking a little. So why was it that he had stumbled all over his words they way that he had AND made a complete fool of himself? Fred was still kicking himself for his previous words and the way that they had come out when the soft voice of the girl called him out of his own thoughts.

His own cheeks became dusted the faintest bit with pink, but he was sure by now he had regained himself enough. So a smile graced the boy's lips as the outreached hand was lowered. [b "You're welcome Aurora! If you ever need a laugh or someone to make a fool of themselves, then I'll be one of the ones at your service. Maybe even talk my twin into it too."] Oh dear Lord, the boy had done it again. But at least this time his words had not been AS cheesy as the first go. It looked like when it came to this first year girl that he would really have to work on his people skills. Though maybe the fact that she seemed to be flirting with him the slightest bit had somehow caught his attention and in its way allowed him to make the comments that he had and in the way he had?

The Weasly boy gave the faintest shake of his head as again he was trying to reign in his own thoughts, the smile never fading from his lips. [b "Well, if you won't let me come and sit with you, then why don't you come sit with me, my brother, and our best friend? At least that way you won't have to be alone?"] Came his words as his cheeks AGAIN turned a bright pink as he had JUST noticed the crossed arms over her chest. And quickly, Fred had to look away. [b "Well...that's only if you want to."]
Skylarose0422Albertine   17d ago

[I He is absolutely adorable.] The thought, though unwanted, popped into Aurora's stubborn mind. She couldn't care if he was being nice and offering to have her sit with him and his brother and best friend. Her mother would kill her for not listening. [I Head down Aurora!] She has to force herself not to roll her eyes at her mother's voice, as that flashes in her mind. "I appreciate the offer, Weasley. But, I would prefer to be alone." Her voice was soft, but she kept her eyes on him even though he looked away from her. She plays the words that just escaped out of her mouth back in her head, and realizes she probably sounds like a crazy person. 
"I mean, for the train ride I would prefer to sit alone and read." Aurora hated how her voice sounded, almost as if it was close to revealing her true feelings. She longed to have friends, but knew if her mother ever found out she would be in big trouble. "But, seriously thanks for the offer." One last sentence, leaves her mouth before she lets out a soft sigh and sits back down by the window.

The girl was cute. Almost too cute for her own good and for his. The boy of thirteen had never been as intrigued by a girl before. And yet there was something about this girl that called to him. There was an air of mystery about her and he NEEDED to know just what that mystery was.

Even as he had looked away, Fred was thinking about how he wanted for the new first year (or so he assumed that was what she was) girl to sit with him and his brother and their best friend. He REALLY did and was more than hoping that she would accept the offer. Those were the thoughts going through his head as he was waiting. Only when he heard the words did he pull his gaze from the window and let brown eyes fall on Aurora and he studied her. He REALLY did.

Silence fell and she seemed almost sad as she continued with her words and let the sigh slip as she retreated to her seat. Oh how he should have gone back to Lee and George by now. He really should have, but as it stood the Weasley boy remained glewed to the spot where he had been standing for the last God only knew how many minutes.

[b "Now can I ask you something? You said that you wanted to be alone...and when you continued on to say you wanted to read you sounded so sad. What was the reason behind it if that is what you are really wanting? Because from where I'm standing, it looked almost like you wanted to take up my offer. So why not do it? Take rhe chance...what have you really got to lose?"] The boy's words were quiet as they were spoken, but a had was now reached out to the girl and dark gaze was locked upon her.

Now, the ball was in her court once again. All Fred could so was hope that Aurora would think about his offer. REALLY think about it and even take him up on it. Afterall, this was not something half of "double trouble" did often and he was hoping that the cutie sat before him would not make him regret having extended the invitation a second time.
Skylarose0422Albertine   3d ago

Aurora goes to pull out a book from her bag, when she hears the boy speak again. [I He just doesn't give up, does he?] She looks over at him, and shakes her head. A small smile starts creeping onto her lips, Aurora fights the urge to roll her eyes. "You're not going to leave me alone, unless I agree are you?" Her voice sounded just as exasperated as she felt. She felt drawn to the boy, but her mother's voice lingered in her head. She was not to make friends, because they will end up hurting her in the end... Especially when they found out who her mother was. 

Running a hand down her face, she traps her bottom lip in between her teeth. It meant a lot to her that this boy, who has never met her before is going through all this trouble. But Aurora didn't know how to feel, could she actually trust him? 

With that question pushed to the back of her head for now, Aurora grabs her belongings and stands up. She walks over to Fred and with him being slightly taller than her right now, she tilts her chin to look up at him. "Fine... But don't think this means we are friends." She states, walking passed him and his offered hand.


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