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Hana_Panda13WIP   18d ago

Wanna help me plot something? XD
-Shyone-     18d ago

I would be happy too! What do you have in mind besides being adults?
Hana_Panda13WIP   18d ago

-Shyone-     18d ago

I know that XD Do we want them to be part of Camp Halfblood? Like councilor's or anything like that? Or not be at Camp Halfblood at all?
Hana_Panda13WIP   18d ago

No, I want to branch away from the Half Blood Camp with these chats.

We can always do one of those if you want.
-Shyone-     18d ago

Okay so branching off for sure would be wonderful. Did we want to start off a couple years after they all left camp? What type of things did we wanna add in for it? Like what creatures do we want them to battle in a way?
Hana_Panda13     18d ago

No, I mean I want this to have nothing to do with the camp. Sorry about that.
-Shyone-     18d ago

Ohhh! Ha okay that makes more sense. Lemme sleep on it and if I think of anything I’ll post it here
Hana_Panda13     18d ago

Hana_Panda13     17d ago

In the process of planning something for this, i came up with a zombie plot. Lol.

But I do have an idea for this as well.
-Shyone-     17d ago

I want zombies!

What’s the idea for this one?
Hana_Panda13     17d ago

You're always welcome to the zombie roleplay!

Give me a minute to figure out how to type what is in my head down.
-Shyone-     17d ago


Sounds good love
Hana_Panda13     16d ago

I'm changing my bio accordingly, but they all lived on Olympus and was allowed to go earth to live a normal life before coming back home to be warriors of the gods?
-Shyone-     16d ago

Ohhh I like that.
Hana_Panda13     16d ago

And maybe some titans show up?
-Shyone-     16d ago

Yes. What kind of titans? Would they all be in the same town? Or nearby?
Hana_Panda13     15d ago

Might make it easier to be in the same town.

Still thinking over the titans part.
-Shyone-     15d ago

I'll do some research for some ideas for Titans as well. I'll do that soon, cause I'm working on a couple threads right now to start getting off the ground.
Hana_Panda13     15d ago

Okay, love.

Thank you so much for being patient with me, I know I suck right now with planning things out.

Did you still want to do that zombie one? If so, I'll send the link.
-Shyone-     14d ago

You’re fine. I’m leaving for Arizona in a couple days for about a week… it’s not gonna be a fun trip…

I will do some research for the titans today.

And yes I am. I just need to get characters.
-Shyone-     13d ago

What about something like [https://www.thecollector.com/greek-titans/ this]?
Hana_Panda13     12d ago

I love those!

And I'm so sorry, my internet box broke so I've been unable to really get on because I can't see anything on my phone
-Shyone-     11d ago

Don't be sorry love! Shit happens!

I'm glad you liked those! I really do.

Also for the Zombie thread, how many characters do you want me to play?
Hana_Panda13     11d ago

I'll have a new internet box on Wednesday, hopefully.

You can have as many as you want.
-Shyone-     11d ago

Whoot! I hate not having internet lol xD

Well I have two as of right now. Paxton Wright & Novalee Barlow.
Hana_Panda13     5d ago

Hi there! I'm hot spotting off of my phone for a moment. 

Sorry for being absent.
-Shyone-     2d ago

It’s okay. I just got home from my trip yesterday, and haven’t really done much replying myself.


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