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-StrayInsanity   275d ago
♥ Cat Mom ♥

[center [+magenta Chiyo had always hated humans and especially vampires. For years she wondered the streets alone. Until one day a kind Witch took her in. The Witch was kind to all. She even owned a pet shop. Selling rare animals and even the occasional spells.

Chiyo was happy she finally had a home. Chiyo help the Witch by cleaning, and help taking care of all the animals. Chiyo was always complimented when someone walked into the store. Her hair was white like snow her eye were an icy blue. One day a strange man came into the store. He confronted the witch about buying Chiyo the witch refused. That anger the man, he left in a fit of rage. Chiyo was happy the witch didn't sell her. Late that night someone broke into the shop. Chiyo did her best to fight them off but unfortunately her attempts were in vain. The man over power her and dragged her off.

Chiyo soon discovered it was the man from before. The man kept her prisoner in his home. He treated her like she was gem. She hated it, that man was a vampire. Vampire normally didn't have much interest in neko but this one did. The man wouldn't let her out if his site. When ever she would try to escape he would catch her, and drag her back. He threaten to bite and drink her blood until she fainted. She knew deep down he could do it. He want to keep clean. After all she was his little gem.
₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ೃ࿔
Chiyo Ketsuki has been alone most her life. She lost her parents at young age. She had been wondering the streets alone, for years until one day a kind witch named Artemis took her in. Artemis was kind and loving, she always treated Chiyo well.

Being a witch this day and age wasn't exactly easy. With so many other witches and other supernatural beings. It was hard to make ends meet. Artemis didn't only work as witch she also owner of a pet shop. Artemis was still rather busy finding things and animals for her shop. So Chiyo was in charge of the shop most of the time. Chiyo made sure every animal she sold went to a good home.

Chiyo smiled softly as she watch people come in and out of the store. Today was a rather slow day most people that came either bought food for their animals, or other various items. Some people were just honestly looking. Chiyo smiled softly as she ran her hand through her silvery color hair.

Her icy blue eyes danced around the room. It was then she notice Artemis. She smiled a warmly towards the woman. Her tail even wagged in a happy motion. Chiyo could tell Artemis was deep in thought. "What is wrong?" she said softly. Artemis simply smiled and patted Chiyo shoulder, she told her not to worry about. Whenever she said that it did make her worry, at least a little.

The day seemed to drag on, the small bell on the door rang. A tall rather slender figure stepped inside. Chiyo looked towards the figure. Only to be disgusted. It was a male vampire. Chiyo did her best to her to hold in her emotions. She hated vampires, they always tried to dominate over everything.

To vampires Chiyo was weak. She was neko after all to those monster she was toy. Pleasurable yet fragile. Chiyo icy blue eyes watched as the man walked around the store. She then went back to reading a book. Her ears flicker when she noticed the man standing before with a smile one his face. Chiyo did her best to smile. [+pink "can I help you?"] she said drily.
₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ೃ࿔
-StrayNora   275d ago
♥ Cat Mom ♥

[center [#6884c0 Nora Nekomura has had rough start to life. At a young age he and his sister were orphaned. Their loving parents were slaughtered mercilessly. At the time Nora was only 8 years old there wasn't much he could do other than morn the loss of his parents. What was even more heartbreaking they never caught the killer who slaughter their parents. Somewhere out there still lurked a monster.

Nora's sister who was only 16 at the time did her best to take care of Nora. She and her brother still lived in that little house on the outskirts of town. His sister Naomi went to school and to a full time job.

Naomi would do her best to take care of Nora. Nora was the only family she had left. She was happy to have some kind neighbors what would watch Nora while she was at work. When Naomi got home she would cook dinner and help Nora with his home work. These things were normal. Their tragic was now simple and quiet. When Nora turn 18 he decided it was time to repay his sister.

He got a job, It was an over night job, but it paid well. Well enough anyway. Tonight Nora would surprise his sister with her favorite kind of fish and flowers. 10 years ago today was the day he and his sister lost their parents. He knew it was hard on sister, he was grateful for her. Without her, who knows where he might of ended up.

Nora was happy when he got home. He smiled softly as he dug in his pocket and pulled out the brass key. He unlocked the door, step inside. "Sis I am home" he said in low voice. His pale blue eyes danced around the room. Nora came in put his grocery bags down on the counter along with the flowers he had purchased. Normally his sister was up by now, she would be siting at the table drinking her coffee. She wasn't there the scent of coffee was faint.

"Sis" Nora said a little bit louder. He then walked towards her bedroom. His sister normally didn't sleep in unless she wasn't feeling well. "Sister are you alright? Do you not feel well?" he said as step into her bedroom. The scent of blood tickled his nose. Nora pale blue eyes widen when he seen his sister.

She was covered in blood. Bite marks could be seen on her arms, neck and her even legs. Nora scream, as he hit his fists into the wall. He called the police his pale blue eyes still filled with tears. The officers that arrived apologized to him as they took his sister body way. Nora was told to stay else where for a while.

Days turn into week and weeks turn into months. Nothing not a single clue. His sister death was just as mysterious as his parents. The officer that worked the case said it was probably another vampire attack. Their attacks had become for frequent lately. It wasn't just humans they were after. Any species was a target.

Nora was finally able to got back home. His sister's room was empty. Everything just seemed dull and colorless. Nora was all lone. His only family member he had left was gone. Nora sighed softly as he walked around the house. The flowers he had bought where now dried and lifeless. The stench of rotting fish filled the house as well. Nora

Nora groan as he enter the kitchen. Everything in the fridge need thrown out. Nora sighed softly as he clean the kitchen. He then moved to the rest of the house. Cleaning and straightening things here and there. After a few hours of cleaning. Nora finally decided it was time to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day. Nora was going to hunt down this killer and personally tear him apart. Nora fell a sleep holding a small picture in a frame close to his chest. It was a picture of him and his family.
-Rabbit.Bite.   268d ago

[center Ah they never listened do they? Attacked the same family twice. It was one way to get them tracked. That's what Visha was... She tracked down vampires that murdered humans and made them pay for it. One vampire had been stupid and did just that. It had killed from the same family. Now she was on the hunt for him. She was First she would have to go back to the scene of the crime though. She wasn't so sure anyone was going to let her into their home knowing she was a vampire, but she would have to try.

She wasn't all too friendly either. She didn't enjoy being in the company of humans or anything close. She was a rather solitary vampire too. She didn't come with friends or family. She had always been this way.

She approached the house quietly and looked up at it. She was thinking about what she could say or do... She wouldn't sneak in that was for sure. Hopefully they would see she meant no harm if she knocked on the front door.

No vampire would be stupid enough to just knock. No they were sneaky creatures.

Sighing she reached out and knocked on the door and waited for the male to answer. She knew he had no one left so that could make him dangerous, but she was prepared as she always was.
-Rabbit.Vamp.   268d ago

[center Ah a petshop. He was looking for something new and interesting to take with him. Slowly he stepped inside and looked around. He was a lonely creature. Of course he knew of other vampires, but he strayed away from them. He wasn't the kind like Visha either... Though he had heard of her. No... Vince was just on his own. He did his own thing without too much thought of anyone else.

He knew how people were so he was always careful when he entered establishments. This petshop was run by a witch and this wasn't his first time here... He had came a long time ago and had bought a cat. Sadly he outlived most of his animal companions and had to come back and get a new one every so many years.

He didn't always return to the same petshop though. He would go to others. He had missed this one though which was why he was here now.

The girl that spoke to him didn't seem to like him very much. Even though she was trying to be polite.

[+crimson "Sorry... I'm just looking."] He offered a small smile and then sighed softly. He didn't know what he wanted this time.
-StrayNora   267d ago
♥ Cat Mom ♥

[center Nora heard the sound of knocking his dream. Which caused him to roll. Until finally he just rolled out of the bed with a loud though. Nora open his pale blue eyes. He sighed as he laid there, staring at the ceiling. 

Was there really one knocking on his front door at this hour. He had his window slightly cracked open to hopefully air out the stench of rotting fish. Nora sighed as he made his way to his feet. He crawled back into bed. 

Surely the knocking sound was just from a dream he was having right? That was until he heard it again. His pale blue eyes opened wipe. Who the hell was at his door at this hour? 

Nora walked down the hall to the living room. All the curtain were closed so no could see in. He was nervous to open the door so he did. [#6884c0 "Who is there? What do you want? Especially at this hour?" ] he said dryly. He waited for an answer. Hoping that who ever it was would just simple go away. Nora didn't trust to open the door for all he knew this could be that fucking monster that murder his sister. 

Nora bit his lip as his tail lashed behind him angrily. He swung the door open out a fit of rage. Only to see a slender woman standing before him. He narrowed his pale blue eyes. [#6884c0 "Who are you?"] he said as he looked the woman up and down. He kept his hand on the door incase he need to close it quickly.
-StrayCat   267d ago
♥ Cat Mom ♥

[center Chiyo amber colored followed the man but after the said he was just looking she looked away. [+Magenta "Just let me know if you need anything."] she said softly. 

She then went back to cleaned the bird cages. She sighed softly as she watched the counter closely making sure no customers had to wait. 

Once she was done clean the bird cages it was almost time to feed all the animals. She went around to all the cage. She fed the birds first. Then the cats, dogs, snakes and finally it was time to feed the hamsters and mice. She loved all the animals but the mice and hamster were scared of her.

The could smell cat on her. Which was frustrating at time considering they like to bite. She did her best no to get bitten but as she was putting a food bowl down in one of the hamster cages. It bit her, she did her best not to jerk her hand back.

[+Magenta "Ouch you little ass hole"] she said as she pulled her bleeding finger out of the cage. [+Magenta "No lettuces for you today"] she said as she closed the cage. 

She was glad there wasn't really one in the shop. She quickly walk into the back which was behind the counter hidden behind a curtain. 

She held her bleeding finger tightly. Until she was tucked away behind the curtain. She went to the bathroom and washed her hands. After she was done washing her hand she dried them and put a bandage over the bite. She hope the bleeding would stop soon especially since there was a monster in the shop. Sure she shouldn't been so harsh to judge. How could she trust vampires? Especially with what happen to that boy Nora. She didn't know Nora but word travel around quick. 
The vampire attacks seem to be coming more and more frequent.
-Rabbit.Bite.   267d ago

[center It took the boy long enough, but he finally came and answered the door. She thought she was going to be standing there forever. As he opened the door and looked at her she knew that he had been grieving. Though she was a rather cold woman part of her felt for him.

He was probably all alone now. She frowned faintly and for a moment she didn't say anything. She was going to find the vampire who had done this. She would make him pay for killing off everyone and leaving this boy all on his own.

It was an awful thing. After a moment she gave a slight shake of her head and offered a kind of sad smile.

[+crimson "I have come here to offer my service. I don't know if you will take it and... If you don't than I understand. I want you to understand though that if you don't offer to help the easy way than I am afraid you won't ever see vengeance for what happened to your family."] She was calculated and straight to the point. She had to be.

[+crimson "I am after the vampire that killed your family and just recently your sister. He has caused way too much damage. I am sorry that he was able to strike again. Normally this doesn't happen."] She looked off to the side. This shouldn't have happened.
-Rabbit.Vamp.   267d ago

[center Vince sighed softly. He would try to handle things all by himself. He didn't need someones help if they disliked him. He looked around quietly wondering what he should get. He looked at cats and dogs. Both good companions. Though he had gotten a few nasty cats before.

He didn't really appreciate something attacking him just because it felt like it. Now dogs... They were always great. Plus he could take them anywhere.

The chirping of birds got his attention and he went to look at them. Birds were nice. He loved all the sounds they made. He smiled faintly to himself.

He heard the girl and looked towards her. She had gotten bitten. That could happen with the smaller animals, but he said nothing. The smell of blood didn't bother him much.

It didn't make him a blood hungry beast either. He just turned his head away and ignored it. He had already eaten today. He didn't need more. He wasn't a glutton.

His next stop in the petshop was rabbits. Ah... Rabbits. He did like those a lot, but they just didn't live very long. They were soft and warm. They could also have a bit of an attitude though.]
-StrayNora   266d ago
♥ Cat Mom ♥

[center Nora stood there in silence listing to the woman before. He did want to seek revenge on that monster that did this. How could he trust this woman standing before him. 

[+Lightblue  "You want to help me?.... Why? What do you again from this? How can I trust you? Will you betray me in the end?"] he said drily as he gently rocked on his heels in the doorway. 

Nora really didn't know what to do or where to even start. He thought about going into his sisters room but couldn't. It hurt, the memory of seeing her lifeless body so careless throw away like trash.

That all he and his family was to vampires right? Just trash, something thing that could be easily disposed of. [+Lightblue "Fine... If you really want to help me... then tell me what do you gain from this? I don't make much money... There no way I can pay a large sum...but surely you aren't here for nothing?"] he said his icy blue eyes pierced into hers. 

Nora didn't used to be this way. He wasn't always this bitter. That little shred of light he clang to was now go. He was shrouded in darkness. There seemed to be no way out.
-StrayCat   266d ago
♥ Cat Mom ♥

[center Chiyo sighed softly as she closed her amber colored eyes. She was happy to be almost done for the day. Still her amber colored eyes locked on to the vampire once more.  [+Magenta " Sir the store will be closing in about 20 minutes..."] she said as she approached him.

This vampire seemed well behaved compared to most. [+Magenta "Would you be interested in more exotic animals ? Something that would live a lot long?"] she said with a faint smile.

She was really trying her best to seem friendly as she could. Chiyo didn't mean to be so heartless. She was just nervous, but she didn't want him of all people to see that. So she acted bitter. 

[+Magenta "Or maybe you are here to see Lady Artemis ?"] she said in a sweet tone. Artemis was the best. She trusted Chiyo and took her in when she had no where to go. She owed Artemis everything. Even her life if it came to it. 

[+Magenta "If that is the case you will have to come back tomorrow morning."] she said as she looked at the male. She wasn't trying to rush the man but she was getting tired of him lurking. Sure he didn't seem as dangerous, but still the distrust she felt towards those beast was strong. 
-Rabbit.Vamp.   258d ago

[center His eyes moved towards the girl as she spoke to him. He tilted his head slightly as she asked if he was looking for something that would live for a long time. He thought about it for a moment. Did they really have things like that? Things that would out live his existence or maybe at least keep him company for a couple of years. Maybe he shouldn't say a couple. What he wished for was something a lot more permanent like him, but there wasn't much like that anymore. Unless of course he was looking for another vampire, but that wasn't really his kind of thing. Vampires could be rather fickle and he didn't want to deal with that.

Sighing he looked around again and heard her next question. It seemed she would like him to leave. He didn't realize he had been looking around that long. He let out a soft breath and shook his head slightly.

[+crimson "Sorry I guess I have been looking a little longer than I thought."] He said softly. He soon looked towards the door. Maybe it was best that he should go. It wasn't like this girl wanted him here anyway. He could always find another petstore that would look passed what he was.

[+crimson "No... I don't exactly know what I want or what I am looking for. For me everythings life passes so quickly."] He explained. He soon headed towards the door. He looked back and gave her a wave before heading out the door.
-Rabbit.Bite.   258d ago

[center Ah he wanted to know a lot didn't he... Well she would have to answer as best as she could. She looked around the place before her eyes fell back on him.

[+crimson "Well I don't plan on betraying you. There would be no point in that... You see that would end in my death."] She stated looking him in the eye. So many people could lie even when looking someone in the eye though.

[+crimson "You see this tattoo on my chest here? It is proof of a pact I have made with vampire hunters. If I am to go against the promise I made to never harm a human unless I have to... I will die."] She explained. There was a lot more to it, but she was going to stand here and it explain all of it.

[+crimson "I don't actually get much from you. I only need to be able to examine where everything happens. The hunters pay me for the rest."] She explained. She tilted her head slightly.

[+crimson "As for why I am doing this... Well that's because I am disgusted with my kind. I understand we need blood. We need to feed to survive, but we don't have to murder anyone... Hell we don't even have to feed from a human and kill them. We only need a bit of blood. We can also find it elsewhere as well. Such as animals."] She explained. She tilted her head and offered a sad smile.
-StrayCat   256d ago
♥ Cat Mom ♥

[center In all honesty she could careless if he stayed or left. She just couldn't bring herself to be welcoming to him. It was hard, it wasn't his fault for being what he was. He either didn't have a choice or was born that way. There was nothing wrong with that. She just couldn't forgive his kind for what they had done to her. 

The heart wasn't easy to fool but the mind was. Chiyo smiled softly as she listen to the male speak to her. [+Magenta " I was going to suggest this parrot but you really don't seem like a bird type... What about a baby tortoise? They can live for hundreds of years almost like you...but I suppose that is hard saying that to a rabbit."] she said with a soft laugh. 

[+Magenta "You simply have to make sure you didn't leave him behind..."] Clearly that wasn't what the male was looking for either. He wanted something more exotic... something other pet stores wouldn't show right off hand. 

They had a few animals like that. There was a Phoenix, chimera and serpent. Even though they had those animals it was hard to sell, loan them out some might say. They were wild and some of them were just plain heartless. Not really a good company. 

Chiyo nodded as the vampire spoke about going else where. Maybe that was for the better. [+Magenta "Have a goodnight"] she said as walked with him to the door. She locked it behind him and waved after he did. 

She turn off some of the lights and flipped the open sign to close. The work day was now over for today. It was already past seven and the sun was starting to set already. 

Chiyo sighed softly as she closed her amber colored eyes. Just in time she thought. Tonight was the night of the new moon. A painful night some might say. It was for her anyway. 

Her bones started to crack in a panful sound. Her soft skin was now covered in white color fur. She snarled as she held her head in pain. Chiyo was werecat a very rare and dying breed.
She whimper in pain as she fell to her knees. The forced transformation always hurt. She didn't want to transform staying like a neko and nothing more was best. No could know what she was. Artemis knew about it she made medicine for her but there was only so much it could do. 

She stumble to her feet. She finally got back up stepping behind counter quickly disappearing behind a curtain. She made it to her small room and plot on the bed. She was lucky enough to be in control of body but it was still painful.
-StrayNora   256d ago
♥ Cat Mom ♥

Nora sighed softly as he listen to the vampire speak. It took everything in him not to slam the door tell her they are all the same. He sighed softly as open the door for her to come inside. 

[+Lightblue "There really isn't much left in her room... The police took most of the thing out of her room..."] he said with sigh.

He let Visha in he closed the door softly behind her. [+Lightblue "Come with me this way..."] he said as he lead her down the hallway. He stood at the door to his sister room. He hesitated to open the door. He took a deep breath as he open the door slowly to a mostly empty room.

He turn the light on to reveal the dark room. It was pretty bare like he said. The bed had been taken, a few other items the only thing that was really left was her dresser. 

He sighed softly as he closed his eyes. He could still picture her laying lifeless in her bed. Covered in blood and bite marks. [+lightblue "Her bed used to be there"] he pointed to one of the empty corner of the room. He let out a soft sigh it hurt being in here the tight feeling he had in his chest.
-Rabbit.Bite.   248d ago

[center Visha was slightly surprised that he agreed. That was good. At least that would make things a bit easier. She followed him inside and looked around. The scent of death and the vampire that caused it still lingered faintly in the air. There wasn't much she could do with that though. A scent meant nothing to her. It could be one in a thousand vampires. Sighing softly she followed him to the bedroom.

She could see that it really bothered him, but she wasn't going to ask that he leave her in there alone. This was his house after all and it would be wrong of her to ask such a thing.

She let her eyes wonder the room. He was right the police had taken mostly everything. She frowned faintly and then gave a slight shake of her head. She would have to rely on her vampiric senses.

She looked around quietly her eyes bright. Vampires could easily leave things behind that only other vampires may notice. 

[+crimson "Did they mention if she let this person in or anything of that nature?"] She looked towards the cat like male hoping that he may have some info for her as well.

Maybe she knew this vampire.
-Rabbit.Vamp.   236d ago

The vampire yawned tiredly as he headed towards home thinking quietly on what kind of pet he would need to get. Something that would surely outlive him would be nice, but no such thing really existed did it? Vampires could practically live forever. Another vampire was probably the only thing he could really count on… Or maybe an exotic bird like a Phoenix.

That would be a good idea. It would always come back after it became ashes. He thought about it quietly. Those birds were beautiful. Maybe he would return the next day and see if they had one of those.

Then he wouldn’t have to look for anything again. He would have the very companion he was looking for. Why hadn’t he thought about that before? When he had actually been in the store.

He sighed feeling slightly disappointed in himself. Oh well. There was always tomorrow. Maybe he would come a lot earlier. He would have to be careful out during the day, but he was sure he would end up being okay.

He was glad to get home and without any trouble.


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