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TasteMyRainbowEli Varga   275d ago
Master of the Rainbow

Eli inhaled on the cigarette as if it was the very thing keeping him alive. He loved everything about the cancerous entity even down to the smell. It transported his mind into a place that wasn’t conformity. It was about doing what he wanted despite the science. He didn’t care about a long-fulfilled life, he only cared about death.
It was the only thing he really knew, really wanted. The teachings of Lucipher had fascinated him for as long as he could remember. Ever since he took a dive into the world, he wanted to be a demon. He felt a calling to work on the floors, to be given power, to no longer be mundane. More than anything he just wanted to stop living such a meaningless life.
He let the cigarette drop from his ghost like fingers onto the concrete below him not bothering to put it out. The future of the living was the last concern he had. Eli gave a yawn and tucked his hands into his trousers as he looked out at the school before him.

[i Ecclesia Cathedralis was the name.]

 It was built more like a church than a school, adorned with long rectangular halls and high raised columns. A large cross sat on the tallest column illuminating the sky at night. His parents had sent him there in hopes to reform him in his last year of school. He didn’t do drugs, didn’t fight, and didn’t meddle in crime. His grades had always been exceptional and school came easy for him. However, since he was raised by Catholic missionaries-they assumed that he needed to be reformed for his thinking. They believed that he needed to be saved if they wanted to spend eternity with their son behind the golden gates. Eli on the other hand didn’t see how taking away his freedom and forcing a religion on him was going to [i save] him in the end. If anything, it was pushing him further into the calling he craved.

With a deep breath he forced his legs to move and began to make his way back into the dreaded building. He felt like an outsider as he passed other students, never making eye contact. They were so happy, so giddy to be alive. Watching them giggle and hold hands as they prayed in the hallways made him sick. Eli reached his locker and frantically put in the combination. He already wanted another cigarette from just the walk to his locker alone. He hated it there, hated his parents for sending him there. He didn’t want to read fictional books about fictional heroes-he wanted to plan for his reality. As he was gathering his bag an unfamiliar face approached him.

“[b Hey Eli! You’re in my religious science’s class, right?”]
She smiled heavily; blonde hair draped around her face perfectly as Eli gave her a silent look of confusion.
“[b Well me and some other students just wanted to formally invite you to the prayer meeting tonight. It’s exciting, we get to sing and praise the lord, we get to talk about things that may be bothering us in life, and Mrs. Jones always brings donuts.]”

The thought of praying alone made him want to heave. It brought him back to his childhood where he would have to constantly pray for everything. Pray for a blessed day, pray for your neighbor, pray for good fortune, pray for a healthy body, the list was endless. Praying never did anything for him. It never made him get better, win a game, help a friend, or even believe.
Eli finished grabbing his things from the locker and closed it.
“Sorry but I’m busy doing a sacrifice for the dark lord tonight.”
He forced a rather weak smile before pushing past her and making his way down the hall and into class. Hopefully he made her second guess asking him in the future with that line.
NullificationKiara   275d ago

This place made her sick, but if she wanted to stick with her adoptive parents then she didn't have a choice. That didn't mean she was going to make it easy for anyone though. Kiara almost took pleasure in questioning every little thing about this place, whatever they taught, she enjoyed watching the Sisters squirm and the teachers gape like dying fish. She smirked to herself as she pulled out her things from her locker. She didn't do enough to make her family hate her, just enough to make it clear she wasn't fond of any of this. She knew she was different, given up at birth by cowardice parents who wanted nothing to do with her and Kiara already had it set in her mind that she would track them down and get her answers, through force if she needed to. 

She watched the usual idiotic blondes go around inviting everyone to a prayer circle and she raised an eyebrow as one looked at her, they didn't ask, instead shied away. She figured that was the best way to be, no one wanted to approach her and she liked it better. Kiara sucked in a breath and headed down to the next class. How they could call this joke a school way beyond her, all the talk of fire and brimstone was laughable on many levels. This was a cult, not a school. She slumped into a seat at the back of the class and folded her arms, looking around the room. Everyone else looked eager to get on with it and hear what the Good Lord had in store for them and she noticed a dark haired man didn't quite look as enthralled with the bullshit. 

A new toy perhaps? 

[b "And the Lord ordered him to kill his son, Isaac. But as Isaac is bound to the altar, a messenger appears before him and stays his hand, claiming now Abraham feared God."] The preacher teacher explained with a little too much excitement. Kiara snorted a little at that.
[b "A problem, Kiara?"] The teacher snapped and she lazily shifted her eyes to him. 

[+blue "So you're saying that God, the forgiver and light bringer for our lives, would make someone believe they had to kill their son because he wanted him to be afraid of God? That doesn't seem very Godly."] Kiara remarked casually as she inspected her nails and grinned a little deviously at the teacher as he floundered for a response. Kiara had gotten the reaction she wanted, she got a kick out of it when she questioned everything and she leaned back in her chair. 

Her attention turned to Eli, he was cute and looked disinterested. She doubted he would be going to prayer group that night and she waited until the end of the class before getting up and approaching him. She wore ripped grey jeans, a shirt that showed her midriff and her white hair was loose down her back with a choker fixed around her neck as well as the pendant her birth parents had gifted her. It was the only thing they had given her. 

[+blue "Prayer circle is such a bore, and Sarah is a real crackpot when it comes to loving on Jesus, she think she'll become his wife in heaven."] She began and leaned on his desk, [+blue "Fancy doing something fun, instead?"] She asked him.
TasteMyRainbowEli Varga   275d ago
Master of the Rainbow

Eli had his head tucked away in the butt of his elbow as he tried to sleep away the class of nonsense. He figured if he kept quiet and out of the talking points then he could slide by and graduate in no time. The plan usually went smoothly however today was proving differently. No matter how hard he tried to summon the sandman, he wouldn’t come. Instead, he was forced to listen to the morbid story of Abraham. How someone could believe a magical voice that tells them to sacrifice their own flesh and blood was beyond him. Often the class just made him wonder who was really the evil one amongst the two.

Sighing softly, he brought his head up, setting his gaze on the white-haired girl in front of him. He had seen her before around the school but never felt the need to strike up a conversation. Though, he knew she was different, full of questions. She wasn’t like the other students who took what the teacher’s preached as gold. She was always pressing, always questioning, always demanding more. He wished he could speak up like her and share his true opinions of the rubbish.

The bells began to ring signaling the end of class and Eli waited in his seat for most of the class to leave. He wasn’t a fan of pushing past people to get through one tiny door. As he was gathering his things, the one and only approached him out of the blue. It caught him off guard, and for a split second he forgot how to breathe.
“Oh uhhh”
Eli swallowed back the anxiety trying to not look like a joke. His sacrificial spiel would never work on her.
“Do you like cemeteries?”
It seemed like an odd question to someone but he had a feeling she wouldn’t be swayed by the weirdness. She obviously wasn’t like the others. She didn’t take a scripture as the means to living her life and he appreciated that. If nothing else it gave him hope that he wasn’t the only free-thinking mind left in existence.
“It’s quiet and free from the church.”

He stood there awkwardly holding his things in one hand. His hair was a mess, folding over his face like straw. His clothes were wrinkled and they drenched over his body like a blanket concealing any light. His eyes were sunken in almonds too afraid to meet hers as he swayed. This was the first person in the school to ever invite him out for some real [i fun] and he didn’t want to mess it up. If he could just have one person to share his thoughts with then maybe the rest of the school year wouldn’t be so bad.

[center[i Just maybe. ]]
NullificationKiara   274d ago

Kiara grinned at the nervous little thing in front of her. She wasn't used to people being that awkward with her and she certainly didn't expect him to mention a cemetery. Was he trying to blow her off? She would call his bluff and she smirked some as she looked him up and down very slowly. He was really cute and he didn't seem to be preaching some biblical stuff at her so, he was cool by her standards. 
[+blue "You know what, it's a date. I'll meet you later."] She said and bit her lip as she smiled at him before turning and heading out of the class. It felt good to have something to look forwards to, something that wasn't some drab bible talk about how everyone was going to Hell and would burn for eternity. They really needed some new material if they were to make this place even remotely lively. Although, she didn't see a Bible 2.0 hitting the shelves anytime soon. 

Kiara was happier than she usually was, not worked up on the idea of being some little castaway that no one had wanted even as a baby. She had a friend, sort of? Well, she technically had a date and that had never happened before. People usually only took an interest in her for a brief moment before realising she was a little off. Kiara finished up her lessons and trotted on 'home'. Her adoptive parents worked a bunch, they were incredibly wealthy and both worked at decent jobs but they were absent most of the time. Although, Kiara really didn't want for anything. She smirked some, she knew that this was a tiny village and there was only one cemetery he could be speaking about. 

Kiara found a nimble black dress, foxing on some makeup and making herself look actively pretty. She grinned at her reflection, fluffing her white hair and applying some dark lipstick. She moved along and found some shoes, not heels because that would be foolish and she fixed her top. Kiara loved her body and she loved to dress it so that it was showing. Her curves were wonderful and she loved her legs. 

Kiara grabbed her phone and she had even set up a little basket of treats. She made her way along to the cemetery. It was a nice afternoon and Kiara fixed her sunglasses atop her head, nestling them in her hair as she found a spot. It qas quiet, that kid had been right and she enjoyed the sun on her pale skin, it was almost too pale like she didn't get enough sun.
TasteMyRainbowEli Varga   274d ago
Master of the Rainbow

It was a date.

The word caught him off guard as she turned to leave just as quickly as she had come. He couldn’t tell if she was pulling his strings or if she was serious. Was it really a date? What do you even do on a date? He wasn’t innocent by any means and had been with women in the past-but only for one dance. The women were drawn in by his mysterious eyes and once they realized the oddity that he was-they all hurried off.
At least the date was in a cemetery, the one cemetery in the tiny town. The one place that he could hope to run into a demon or a creature of the dead. Surprisingly enough he believed Kiara would fit in amongst his creepy wonderland. She seemed to have just as many missing screws as he did. 

As the school day came to an end he hurried back to the North building where his tiny dormitory was located. He was given the privilege of living alone because of his sleep walking condition. He once thought of it as a nuisance though now it was saving him from bunking with a potential religious lunatic. He slipped off his black overcoat and draped it over the futon in the center of the room. Eli then made his way to the shower to get cleaned up. Nightfall was nearing and he didn’t want to be late to his first date. He took off the rest of his clothing and proceeded to make himself look and smell acceptable enough.

 After the shower it was easy to get dressed. He had always seen himself as a man that was comfortable in his sexuality no matter the type of clothing he wore. The gothic esque style attracted his fair share of bullying but it would never shake him. He settled on a tight pair of black trousers and a long-sleeved black shirt with nothing on it. Satisfied, he grabbed the house keys on the counter and made his way out the door. The sun had nearly set and he took off in a steady pace towards his destination. It was only a ten-minute walk and he knew it all too well. Though this time was different because he wouldn’t be alone.

As he neared the entrance of the park he could see her, sitting in the browning grass. He felt a knot in his stomach as he approached her. For some reason she made him nervous, anxious, and unsure.
She looked comfortable, as he took a good look at her up close. He could see the sunglasses on her head and immediately began to panic. Was he late? Was he supposed to be here right after school? How long had she been waiting?
“Uh sorry we never set a time…how long have you been here?”
He felt the need to stand awkwardly as the basket then caught his attention.
“Do you usually bring a basket to a cemetery?”
NullificationKiara   274d ago

A voice caused her to open her eyed and she sat up, grinning at him. She wondered why she made him nervous, people had told her she had that aura to her now and then but she had never really taken them seriously. She liked to dress and act a certain way but she wasn't terrible. Well, maybe to the bible worshippers didn't like her so much but Eli didn't seem like that kind of guy. She didn't see him rushing to join in a prayer circle with a bunch of bimbos and she raised an eyebrow as she looked him over, smiling some. 
[+blue "You're fine. Besides, I'll take whatever company I can get that isn't preaching about how we're all going to Hell and how God is the best guy ever."] She said to him. 

She glanced to the basket and giggled a little. 
[+blue "Nah, the adoptives felt bad about working today so they left a basket."] She shrugged and opened it up. Some fruit, a couple of black frosted cupcakes because they thought they were hip and trendy with their little adopted dark angel. She rolled her eyes and gestured for him to come sit. At least they wouldn't really be disturbed by anyone. 
[+blue "You're not like the other people, are you?"] She cocked her head at him, trying to figure him out. 

[+blue "You don't buy the God stuff so I gotta wonder why, is it because you're gay?"] She asked him, or maybe something bad happened to him and he didn't enjoy being preached at. No one really liked that sort of thing though, being told they were terrible simply for being born. She wondered what they were actually teaching people in this place, other than low self respect. She liked to think if there was a God somewhere in the universe, that he didn't care whether you got water sprinkled on you after you were born or whether you slept with the right person after you were married. None of it mattered really, it was one life and Kiara intended on living it to the full and not by some make believe rules that might not even mean anything in the end. 

Well, at least the cupcakes looked good and the snacks weren't awful so she figured it wasn't a total loss as a birthday. Still, she was eighteen now which meant she didn't have to stay here, she could finally leave and track down her parents and get her answers. She would be lying if she said she wasn't immeasurably furious at being abandoned and wanted to make them hurt the same way she had hurt for the past eighteen years.
TasteMyRainbowEli Varga   274d ago
Master of the Rainbow

He took a seat on the other side of the basket so he was facing her and brought his knees up to his chest. Her adoptive parents seemed like nice people if they would go through the trouble of making her a basket. His parents would never do such a thing. If he missed dinner, he wouldn’t eat. Eli flushed at the ‘gay’ comment and threw his hands up in the air.
No No No No….I mean there’s no problem with being gay of course, I’m just not.”

This was brilliant. It was his first date with a girl he was starting to like and she already assumed he was gay. It seemed like there was no winning when it came to being himself. Trying not to make a fuss of the situation he peered in the basket as if to change the subject. He had to admit that the cupcakes were nicely done. They looked like little gothic pillows ready to be eaten in one bite. He wanted one-if not for the design concept alone-but he would wait until she offered.
“I don’t buy the God stuff because it was forced onto me as a young child. I never had the option of choosing for myself…what I believe in…”
Eli kept his gaze on the cupcakes too anxious to look at Kiara. He seldomly talked about himself and the ordeal was making him uncomfortable.
“When I became old enough to question things, my parents pushed religion on me harder. Fortunately, I found the preaching’s of Lucipher…and now I’ve built my own beliefs.”

He had no memory of being a kid growing up, only a follower. Everything he did was for someone else or in the name of the Lord. It sickened him as he grew older and filled him with nothing but resentment.
“So, why don’t you believe in God?”
It was only right that she gave him a proper answer as well. Maybe she was also a follower of Lucipher and he had finally met his perfect mate. They could serve who they wanted instead of being bait to a forced religion. He also had to admit he was simply curious. He hadn’t had the pleasure of being around many people that were similar to him in the way of thinking. She scared him, but she made him feel whole. He felt anxiety in her presence but it wasn’t the kind he ran from. It was the kind he embraced and wanted to be sucked further into.
NullificationKiara   271d ago

Kiara giggled at his reaction and shook her head. She wasn't convinced right then but he seemed like knew of the more decent guys around, a bit more fun than the guys at the school, who wanted to play in Christian Rock bands and believed it made them bad boys. It was sickening actually. Maybe in a different life she would be one of those flouting little good Christian girls.
[+blue "Makes sense."] She shrugged when he spoke about it being pushed on him too much. She figured ramming religion into someone and giving them no other option or opinion was enough to turn someone off. She chuckled some and noticed him glancing at the cupcakes. 

Kiara handed him one and eyed the note at the bottom of the basket, a brief happy birthday, formal and she figured it was a gesture. It wasn't as though she would be hanging around to get upset by it. She should be grateful for it by now. 
[+blue "Me? No idea. Churches make me uncomfortable, itchy almost, all the preaching makes me sick. 'God loves you unconditionally'. It's bullshit. No one's looking over us, we're just alone."] Kiara said to him with a chuckle. It was hardly a nice topic but they were in a cemetery and they got enough of the love, faith and kindness nonsense in the school. 

[+blue "I am so sorry but I have to check."] She apologised in advance before licking her lips free of black frosting and eyeing him over. She leaned in close and captured his lips, directly and with a purpose. She took a moment to figure out what his reaction was but she definitely wasn't feeling that he was gay. 

Nope, he must have been straight. She pulled back and lounged back, grinning some at him. 
[+blue "Don't read too much into it, but I believe you. Definitely not gay."] She said as she went back to her cupcake, thinking for a while. This poor kid was probably going to be trapped in this small village for the rest of his life. He'd grow up, marry some sweet little Christian girl and have Christian babies and then they'd all go to church on Sundays. Not her though, no that life wasn't for her. 

She was leaving, she just needed to gather some papers, find out where her birth parents might be hiding away and then grab her passport and she would be gone. She would make them see what they had missed out on, see the woman she had become and them she would them pay for it. She wasn't sure how, maybe something like telling them they would never see their grandchildren or that she would disown them this time. 

[+blue "Well then, Eli. Whats your plans after all this? Marry some cutie little Christian girl, make babies, settle down?"] She asked him as she fixed her sunglasses and locked her lips free of the black frosting again.
TasteMyRainbowEli Varga   271d ago
Master of the Rainbow

As he leaned in to grab one of the cupcakes, he read the note. It wasn’t anything extravagant and only had two words on it. ‘[i Happy Birthday]’. Now, the cupcakes made sense and the special occasion clicked in his brain. For a split second he felt bad, but how could he have known? Cupcakes weren’t only associated with birthdays, right? Before taking one he looked back up at her catching her gaze for the first time.
“Happy Birthday…if you care or whatever…”
Eli felt his heart stop as the next scene unfolded. His lips felt warmth and he leaned in almost desperate to hold on to it. There was no time to think about what was happening and the kiss was over before he knew it. He was left mouth open, lost for words, and in utter shock as he feared to meet her eyes once more.
“Uhh uhhh uhhhh uhm…uhhh”
He felt his hands shake as he tried to form a proper sentence.
“That was nice, yeah, very nice, defiantly not gay…”
If she would let him, he could further prove he defiantly wasn’t gay.

He finished the cupcake to kill the awkward feeling he had. It was rather delicious and he wished there were more in the basket. As the sun finally set, he wondered why she was still wearing her sunglasses. It was rather odd and hard to ignore as he answered her.
“My mother wants me to study religion in a Christian college and my father wants me to become a pilot so I can deliver food to people otherwise unreachable by foot.”
He paused a moment, thinking how incredibly weird that sounded.
“You know, the whole missionary lifestyle. Serving the precious almighty.”
He threw his hands up in the air indicating where the Lord was.
“However, all I wanna do is get the fuck out of this place and see the rest of the world. I don’t really care too much beyond that. “

Eli stood up from the grass and stretched out his body. The position had made his leg fall asleep and he wiggled it uncomfortably to wake it.
“And you? I’m sure bring a Sunday school teacher isn’t in your direct future, is it?”
NullificationKiara   271d ago

Kiara had to admit, he was a decent enough kisser. She doubted many people here had much practice and if he was a first timer then it wasn't terrible. She shrugged at his happy birthday and listened to him speak about what he wanted to do. So, he didn't want to stay in this place then, he wanted to get out and she giggled some at his offer of being a teacher, 
[+blue "Hell no."] She said and glanced to him. She figured there was no harm in telling him her plans, at least the part where she would be disappearing. Maybe this poor soul would miss her. 

[+blue "Nah, I'm leaving. I gotta lift some documents from the school which is my plan tonight, figure out where my actual parents are then go find them."] She remarked to him, [+blue "I'm eighteen now, no one can really stop me. I got some money tucked away and a passport so I can go anywhere but... I'd like to see my real folks at least once, show them what they missed out on."] She grinned like a cat.  What was he going to do? Tell everyone? She doubted it, she was nobody to him after all, so it literally didn't matter to him whether or not she vanished from the face of the planet or not. They were still strangers although he was different from the others, she would sort of miss him, Typical, she finally found someone who was interesting and she would be packing up and leaving. 

[+blue "So, I have to go into the school offices, take my files then look up my birth parents."] She said as if it was the easiest thing on the planet. Truthfully, she didn't really care or not, what were the good Christian's going to do if they caught her? It was her own files, she was allowed to see them or she could always go to the social and wait for three years for them to get back to her. She didn't fancy her chances with that either. 

[+blue "Well, if you ever do leave this sleepy little town, then you should hit me up sometime."] She chuckled a little, who knows maybe this guy would turn into a total rebel without a cause or something. He needed to get some confidence in himself because the nervous little outsider wasn't really appealing right then but that would come with time and women, no doubt.
TasteMyRainbowEli Varga   268d ago
Master of the Rainbow

He listened, swaying back and forth on his feet. She seemed to be running after a tragic ending, but he had to admit that he was a bit jealous. The last place he wanted to be was at the school of torture, but what place would he have with her? He had only just met the woman despite seeing her walk the hallways for a year. Would it be too brisk to ask? No, he knew that they had something even If he couldn’t put his finger on it quite yet.

“Let me at least help you get into the school for the cupcakes.”

He extended his arm to her, helping her off the grass.

“I can keep watch outside the office and warn you if I see police.”


The school was lined with cameras and alarms and it wouldn’t be the easiest thing to get away with but if they went on the run, then their chances of being caught for the ordeal was minimal since they could be written off as eccentric teenagers. Eli bit his lip wondering if he really wanted to do this, and finally concluded that he did. Anything was better than being subjected to his loss of freedom and maybe it would even score him points when he met his king.

“No turning back so I think I’ll tag along and help you once you get the information you need. As you can see, we don’t really belong in this dungeon so it’ll really be doing us both a favor in the end.”


Eli took a deep breath and turned back to look out at the school from a distance. It almost appeared haunting at night giving off an eerier glow under the full moon. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. This was revenge for all the humiliating things the school had brought upon him. Revenge to his parents for refusing to understand his different way of thinking and revenge to the infamous ‘God’ that sat on his left shoulder. His deranged thought would have hoped he could have made a bigger impact but breaking into an institution would have to do for now.

With a deep breath, he pushed back the black strands of hair from his face and turned back around to Kiara. She was about to save his life and she didn’t even know it. If only he would have had the courage to talk to her a year prior. Who knows the trouble they could have caused as a duo.
NullificationKiara   268d ago

Kiara raised an eyebrow. Penchant for danger was it? She grinned, she was starting to like him a lot more the more he spoke and she got to her feet, taking his hand and she left the basket where it was. It wasn't like her 'parents' couldn't afford another one. She dusted herself down and hummed a little, he had a nifty plan and evidently he was a trouble maker. What a waste to have him here, stuck in this splendid god fearing village. She would like to see him in city lights, under neon flashing lights and surrounded by sinners. Maybe they could hit up Las Vegas, paint the town red. She walked with him and eyed the school, dungeon was about right and she chuckled at that quip. 

[+blue "Right, well I'll be glad of the company. So, steal some documents, run home get our shit and then hop on a plane to wherever."] She said as though it was the simplest thing on the planet. She wondered if he would stick it out. It didn't matter either way. If he settled in a nest little city then she would be sure to siphon some funds his way as a token of her gratitude. 

Kiara eyed the school, 
[+blue "We'll walk right in. No alarms."] She promised as she strode up to the front door. She made a quick gesture and the lock undid, almost silently. She ducked inside and smirked at Eli. What was the worst that could happen, he got scared and called her a witch and ran away? She moved through the hallways, part of her wanted to burn this place to the ground for all of its irritation. She refrained, she needed it for one last thing. 

Down the corridors, she had mapped it out every day for years. She didn't slow down, no one would check the cameras until morning and thats if they bothered with lost documents. They might even get a head start. Then again, what we're two adult runaways? No one cared. This village would be glad to see the back of them. She kept moving until she came to a locked door and the same gesture was repeated as it unlocked. She pushed it open and eyed the cabinets, grinning to herself. 

[+blue "You could take yours too. Burn it."] She offered up and started to dig through the files until she came to her own. She flipped it open and raised an eyebrow. 

[+blue "Look at this! Delinquent! Honestly, these idiots."] She scoffed as she leafed through. There it was, a copy of her birth certificate and she pulled it out. Kiara scanned it, her birth place was only one state over and she frowned. No name for the father, it was just left blank and she eyed her mother's name. 

TasteMyRainbowEli Varga   268d ago
Master of the Rainbow

He frowned at the thought of ‘no alarms’ because he knew they were there. He had seen them every day as he walked the halls planning an escape. However, he decided to take a leap of faith and trust her knowledge of the situation they were about to dive into. He followed behind her, admiring the way she even seemed to walk with confidence and kept up with her pace. It almost made him feel like a ninja of the night except he didn’t have a target to assassin, only a school to break into.
As they neared the first door, he stood to the left of her pondering how they were going to open it. Before he could even get a word in, it opened like magic. He was in disbelief as he stared from Kiara to the door.
When he didn’t get a reply, he felt stupid to still be staring when she had already gone in.
“Doors don’t unlock themselves…”

He whispered the words under his breath, trying to make it make sense and followed her down the corridor. As they approached the next door, he made sure he was paying attention to her trick. Though, just as before the door had unlocked itself. The questions were burning in his mind but she was too distracted to pay attention to his gaping mouth. This is what she had come for, the documents.
He sat down in the chair behind the large desk and watched as she went on a rampage. He didn’t see the need of looking through his own documents because he knew who his parents were and where he came from. There was no doubt in his mind and burning a birth certificate wasn’t going to change that irritable fact.
It seemed like they were in there only seconds before he heard her gasp. Curiously he leapt out of the chair and awkwardly ran to her side to see.

[i Kyrie.]

He scanned the rest of the document over for her father’s name but the space was blank. He knew right then that her father was probably someone that didn’t even know she existed. Her mother probably gave her up and never told him. Eli placed his hand on her shoulder, unsure if she needed comforting.
“Look at the brightside…at least you only have to track down one person now?”
It was a terrible attempt at brightening up the situation but he didn’t know her well enough to make another call. As he was forcing a smile, the unfortunate happened. One by one the alarms started to go off throughout the halls and then the office.

Panicking he forced Kiara to her feet as she was still clutching the birth certificate and pulled her out of the office and back through the corridors as fast as he could. It was unlike him to take the lead in anything, but he didn’t want to get caught. He wanted them to get out of the village and he wanted to get to know her more. It was probably the most mundane thing he ever wanted.
When they reached the front door, he let go of her and caught his breath. Physical activity had never been high on his list though he was regretting that now.

 [center --------------]

Lucipher looked at his beautiful bride to be, delighted that it was finally her eighteenth birthday and he could have his way. He had raised her since the moment she was born and couldn’t have predicted the magnificence she would become. He traced his nails along her bare back grinning madly.
“Yuuki, you have made your father such a happy man, and now…you will make me the happiest man.”
With a snap of his fingers, his bedroom doors slammed shut and he threw Yuuki on the master bed that he only used for his lustful escapades.
“Undress for me.”

Silence filled the air as he waited for his request to be granted.
“I ordered you to take your clothes off.”
His voice became deeper, losing the soft touch he often put on for her. She wasn’t a child anymore, and she needed to know that. When she still disobeyed him still, he grew furious. She had never gone against his word, so why was she trying to be a rebel when it counted most?
“Yuuki, this is the last time I will tell you. Undress.”

Yuuki smiled and then turned into a raven right before his eyes. He stretched his wings momentarily, trying to remember how to use them and took off. He did his promised eighteen years, and that didn’t include sleeping with the devil. Theo knew that Rykier and Kyrie couldn’t hold the secret forever and eventually it would have to unravel. As much as he wanted to protect Kyrie, he couldn’t in hell. His only thought that remained after taking to the sky was getting back to her.
NullificationKiara   268d ago

Kiara eyed the document and she didn't flinch when the alarms went off. So she didn't have a father and Eli was probably right, her mother never told him or he walked out. She was unsure of how to feel as she glanced to his hand on her shoulder. She didn't really react as she folded the certificate and nodded towards him. 
[+blue "Yeah, guess you're right."] She muttered and figured at least she knew where she had been born so maybe her mother still lived in that particular state. She wasn't sure though, truth be told, maybe they would be able to track her down in that state a lot easier, it even had the Hospital name so she was sure they could figure out what city and start there. 

Kiara started to leave, not rushing and she eyed the halls and such before she left. 
[+blue "Go home, get your passport and whatever you need. I'll meet you back at the cemetery and we can get a cab to the airport."] She expressed and offered him a dull smile. She ducked out the back after unlocking the door and headed back home. 

Her house was empty, cold almost as she started to pack a bag. Some clothes, her passport and she went digging through her things to find a shoebox stuffed with cash and started to put it into her purse. She knew fine well her parents would miss it and it was technically hers given they wanted her to save for college and whatever else. She tied her hair up and flicked her hood up, starting back towards the cemetery. 

She checked her phone and dialled for a cab, it was late so she figured by the time it arrived Eli would be with her. Well, that was so long as he didn't get cold feet right then and there. She didn't get why he wanted to come with her, he could have left all by himself but she figured everyone could use a push now and then. The company would be nice and Kiara had no idea of the danger she was walking into, no idea that her parents plot had finally come undone. 

Even if she didn't, she wouldn't have cared. She just wanted answers. 

A cab pulled up and she set her bag inside, 
[+blue "One second, just waiting on someone."] She said and the driver shrugged and waited as Kiara looked around. She could see faint blue lights illuminating the area around the school. Her and Eli would be long gone before anyone could track them down and she lifted her gaze to the streetlamps, there was so much more to life than this shithole village.
TasteMyRainbowEli Varga   268d ago
Master of the Rainbow

Eli finally managed to catch his breath and nodded over to Kiara. He had everything he needed in one single bag by his dresser. His identification, clothing, and his book. With one last deep breath he took off in the opposite direction down to his dormitory. The keys rattled in his pockets as he dashed down the side of the dimly lit sidewalk in anticipation. This was riveting, exciting, and possible the most fun he’s ever had. He couldn’t help but force a maniacal smile as the wind slapped his face.
As he neared the dormitory, he threw open his door not knowing how much time had already elapsed and grabbed his bag. He gave one last look at the empty white room and shut the door without a regret. He was also eighteen, an adult. He no longer had to subject himself to the confines of a prison. He was finally,

 [center [i free.]]

He didn’t bother to catch his breath this time, the adrenaline was growing too strong. It almost made him run faster with the extra weight added on his back. He flew back down the hill and towards the cemetery with a fire ignited under his step. [i This was really happening.] He could see the yellow cab in the distance and pushed himself to make it. The last thing he wanted was for her to think that he had gotten cold feet. He came to a stop by the cab and gave the driver a nod of appreciation before throwing his bag in the trunk. He looked at Kiara’s bag next to his and then shut it with a sweet taste in his dry mouth.
He took a seat in the cab with her and did his seatbelt accordingly.
“Sorry, I ran as fast as I could.”
He wasn’t even exaggerating he felt like he was flying right then.
The cab driver clicked the lock button on his driver’s side and began to pull out of the cemetery and veer towards the main road. He didn’t say much for the first couple of minutes before finally turning his head back to the kids briefly.
[b “Airport, eh?”]
The man then reached for a piece of gum in his console and began to chew on it vigorously.
[b “You’z kids can’t be much older than sixteen. What business do you have going to the airport at this hour on a weekday?”]
Eli was about to chime in when he was cut off abruptly.
“[b Well I’m afraid I won’t be taking you there.”]
NullificationKiara   267d ago

[+blue "I was starting to doubt you'd show up."] Kiara grinned to Eli mischievously and she got into the cab, glancing to the cab driver. He seemed a little off, she couldn't explain it, it was like he threw a different vibe and she felt like she ought to be on high alert. Kiara glanced to Eli warily and then this wonderful cab driver said they weren't going to the airport. She narrowed her eyes and made for the door but it was locked. 
[b "I'll explain everything but we should go somewhere more private, don't ya think?"] He quipped and chuckled. He didn't seem threatening but Kyrie still didn't trust it somehow. 

What the Hell was going on? Maybe he was going to turn her in to the authorities for the whole school heist thing but he was going the wrong direction for that. 

[+blue "We don't want any trouble, man. Just take us to the airport and you'll never see us again."] Kiara muttered and shifted in her seat. It wasn't like she was really able to do anything, this guy had weight and height on her but that had never stop her fighting til the bitter end before. The man chuckled, 
[b "Slow down, Kiara."] He glanced over his shoulder at her and Kiara stilled. How did he know her name? 

She didn't know him, she had never seen this guy before and she looked to Eli. Was this him? She couldn't believe it. 
[+blue "I don't know you."] She stated flatly as she undid her seat belt. The car ground to a halt and she realised they were in the middle of nowhere, there wasn't a soul around and the man turned to look at them, adjusting in his seat. 

[b "The names Theo. I've known you since before you were born."] He remarked, [b "And its my job to look after you, least until everything blows over."] He remarked with a shrug and grinned. He gestured out front and there was a small shadowy figure of a house and she had to squint to see it. 

[+blue "What?"] Kiara said, shaking her head. This was insane. 

[b "Althoigh, having a little Satan worshipper with you might make it troublesome."] Theo remarked and looked Eli. 

[b "Long story short, kiddo. Your dad's a demon and they might have fucked over Lucipher. I've been masquerading as you, he finally found out and now you're in for a literal Hellstorm, and that's after he finishes burning your mom and dad to cinders."] Theo remarked, casually.
TasteMyRainbowEli Varga   266d ago
Master of the Rainbow

Eli felt like the world as he knew it was coming to an end, and he wasn’t particularly devastated about it.  As the shady man started speaking, the pieces began to unravel more for him. He had absolutely no idea what he was doing now, though he had little choice. He clearly heard the locks on the car door, and the man didn’t seem like he was going to budge on taking them to the airport instead.
Eagerly, he continued to listen to the mysterious man called ‘Theo’ until a name hit him.

[i Lucipher.]
His idol, king, being that he wanted to follow to the ends of time. Was this too good to be true? Could he really have stumbled upon someone who knows about Lucipher?
Flabbergasted, he cut Theo off.
“You know Lucipher?”
The rest of the information fell on deaf ears for him, all he cared about was getting to know this man better. Maybe he held the secrets that he needed to know to ensure his triumph in the afterworld.
“The Lucipher? The king?”
Eli felt like he was going to pop out of his seat as the reality set in. He didn’t feel fearful for their situation anymore nor did he even think about the reason they left. Everything was pointing him exactly where he needed to go and he couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome so far. He almost wanted to reach across the seat and hug Theo for finding him.
“Troublesome? Me? No no no, I’m literally just [i dying] to meet Lucipher.”
He turned his head to Kiara, her face turning white from shock.

The last bit he heard loud and clear and it left him with nothing but questions. It was like he told an entire epic in just two sentences. Details were the key and they ceased to exist. Eli unclipped the belt from his seat and leaned back, realizing that he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Even if none of this business was about him, at least it could give him what he wanted.
As silence filled the cab, Eli waited for Kiara to say something. She had been silent, probably unsure what to make of the situation. At least on the bright-side she finally got the answers to her questions about her parents.
NullificationKiara   265d ago

[+blue "You're insane."] Kiara said finally and rolled her eyes. How could she be half demon? 
[b "Yep. I know Lucipher, ain't no King, just a sadistic idiot. But- we should talk inside. Come on kiddies."] He grinned and looked towards the shack, pulling up and letting them out. They wouldn't go anywhere he couldn't find them and Kiara was peaked with interest as she followed inside the shack just as rain started to come down. Thunder rumbled somewhere and when he threw ipem the door to the shack, it was completely done up. It was like a mansion inside and Theo grinned as he stretched out and morphed into a handsome young man with Raven hair and black eyes as he kicked up on the couch. 

[b "Right. Oh, I've missed pizza. Lemme get some pizza."] Theo said as he got to his feet and went rummaging around before coming back with a steaming pizza and he set it down. 
[+blue "Look, buddy, this is all real hilarious but I need to be somewhere."] Kiara remarked and folded her arms. 

[b "Mm, right. See, problem with that is that Satan is looking for you and if he finds you, he really wants to make you his bride. Not a good life for you and as for you, Hell boy, I don't think her dad is gonna be best please she's screwing around with a Satan worshipper and he used to be a demon. Pretty sure he's all washed up and human now but he could kick your ass."] Theo pointed out with a chuckle. Kiara shot him a look. 

[+blue "We aren't screwing and my dad isn't on my birth certificate."] She pointed out to him and giggled some, like she had caught him out and Theo raised an eyebrow as he chewed on some pizza. 
[b "Course not! Look, your dad was a bit of a useless asshat for a while. Your mom though? Wonderful. Nicest woman on the planet and she somehow got plotted into signing a contract. Then, they fell in love, had a scheme to fuck over Lucipher and hey presto, here you are, safe and well and not being pinned to Lucipher's bed."] Theo said and grinned. 

Kiara sank into a seat and processed everything. She was high or something, she had to be. 

[b "You should know Lucipher is probably gonna kill you for making out with his future bride."] Theo added and grinned to Eli, [b "I can turn into a pretty convincing Raven, think I didn't see you guys at the cemetery?"] He laughed some and Kiara ran a hand through her white hair. Oh, this was possibly bad but she didn't believe him, not until she met these so called heroic parents that had given her up to a life of religious bullshit. Kiara hated it, she hated them and she wasn't about to give up a life goal based on some random weirdo. 

Her heart was hammering, she felt like the walls were closing in around her and she drew in a few deep breaths as she tried to calm herself down.
TasteMyRainbowEli Varga   260d ago
Master of the Rainbow

Eli exited the vehicle giddily, grabbing his things as he went. The outside of the house didn’t look like anything special however perhaps that was the point. The man probably wanted to keep a discreet life with the bounty lingering over his head. He hurried inside just as the rain started and closed the door behind him.
His jaw about dropped to the floor once he got a good look of the inside. It was remarkable, fit for the wealthiest. Everything from the furniture to the curtains made it looks like a set from a movie. Not wanting to seem like a scoundrel, he kicked his boots on the rug at the entryway before embarking into the mansion where it was just as striking.

He turned to Theo and watched him magically morph into a younger man with ease. If he didn’t believe in the magic of the underworld-he would assume the cupcakes had been laced with drugs. There was no other plausible explanation for the remarkable transformation. Eli tried to hide his curiosity and kept a straight face as if to seem [i cool] but he was burning with questions. Looking for a distraction, he spotted the pizza and helped himself to a slice as he listened to the two talk.
Admittedly he was jealous of Kiara. She was given this great opportunity to be someone and she didn’t want it. If he found out he was the lost son of a great demon-he would be ecstatic. He would jump for joy and want to know every detail. Eli finished his slice and leaned back on the arm of the couch near Kiara so he was facing Theo.

 “Don’t worry…I’ll apologize if she’s off the market.”
He shot his hands in the air if to emphasize that he wasn’t interested. He was starting to like Kiara but if she had a greater path in life, she needed to take it. Why waste time with a nobody like him?
“I know what you are, you’re a shapeshifter!”
The realization hit him when he said he was a raven at the cemetery. No other magic that he knew of could make someone take the shape of something else so quickly. He couldn’t remember when but he knew he had read a few pages somewhere about their creation.
“That’s amazing Kiara! We are talking with an actual shapeshifter!”
All he wanted was to go. Head out into the night and find her parents. Even if he wasn’t directly involved, this would probably be the most fun he would ever have and he couldn’t afford to miss it at any cost.
When he looked at her, she was as pale as snow.
NullificationKiara   259d ago

Kiara felt sick. 

She looked to the shapeshifter and Eli, who seemed so excited he might explode like some teenage fanboy in the corner and she narrowed her eyes a little at him. Whatever life she genuinely thought she had, was over with. It wasn't as though she couldn't believe it. Theo was right there in front of her, telling her what had happened. 
[+blue "You'll take me too my parents then?"] She remarked, she would hear it from them directly why they had given her up and sprung a deal with the Devil in the first place. Theo chuckled a little. 

[b "Uh, no. No can do, sweet cheeks. Lucipher is looking for you, everywhere. He's real mad and he's likely going to murder your parents on sight."] 
[+blue "Good."] Kiara muttered and Theo paused, genuinely taken off guard by her and he raised an eyebrow. 
[b "Good?"] He questioned and Kiara didn't take it back or waver. Theo got to his feet and approached, fingers grasping her chin and forcing her to look at him. 
[b "I just spent eighteen years in Hell for you, your parents suffered tremendously to keep you safe and let me tell you, as someone who cared for your mother and sure, even your asshole father, they wept every day for you. And you're okay with Lucipher burning them to a crisp, torturing them? I've seen Hell, girl. You wouldn't last a second. Stop the self-pity act, grow the fuck up and stop being a brat."] Theo released her and retreated to the couch. 

Kiara glared at him the entire time, there was that flash of Rykier in her and Theo was unsure of how this would play out.
[b "So, we lay low, we let everything die down and we show you exactly what you can do. Lock picking is nothing, if you're anything like your parents then you will command the very shadows to do your bidding."] He remarked and chuckled some. Kiara didn't want to, her life had been turned upside down. 
[b "Ugh, you talk some sense into her, we leave tomorrow morning."] Theo gave up and eyed Eli as he got to his feet and headed up some stairs to catch some much needed rest. 

Kiara looked to Eli, 
[+blue "I never knew you were a Devil worshipper."] She murmured to him and leaned back on the couch, crossing her legs and looking a little too young to be caught up in such a mess. 
[+blue "For the record, I'll put in a good word for you with Satan."] She answered with a snarky tone.
TasteMyRainbowRykier Siberio   257d ago
Master of the Rainbow

Rykier gave himself a good look in the mirror. He was still puzzled that he hadn’t aged since the day he died. He figured after eighteen years in hiding that he should have at least a decent sized beard by now. Instead, it was nothing but his baby-faced good looks. Hardly something most people would complain about however he was supposed to be a human. It confused him because Kyrie hadn’t aged either. One thing that was for sure gone was his powers-something he would trade for good looks any day.
So, what was it? Why weren’t they aging? It was a conversation he had brought up with Kyrie several times but they couldn’t exactly ask someone. They were only breathing right now because of Theo and they couldn’t be about giving up their charade for personal information.

He finished up in the bathroom and made his way into the other room of the cabin. It was a two-bedroom cabin, lined with a bedroom and a bathroom. It was small, terribly cold in the winter, and the best thing he’s ever owned. About fourteen years ago he and Kyrie had taken life up off the grid and fashioned themselves up in the place they now call home. They didn’t want to take the chance of Theo giving up his cover. It would only danger their child.
“Kyrie, you’re up late. Can’t sleep?”
He took a seat next to her on their twin sized mattress and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. He knew that it was an extra difficult day for her because it was Kiara’s eighteenth birthday and she hadn’t been able to see her even once.
“Everything is going to be great, just watch. Kiara will be with us before we know it.”

He didn’t really believe his own words, but his partner in crime needed to hear them.
“You trust me, don’t you?”
He gave her a light kiss on the cheek and started to lean in closer. Maybe he could distract her with a little bit of affection. Rykier went to bite at the nape of her neck when he heard a banging on the door.
His demeanor changed and he gave a look of worry to Kyrie. In the fourteen years they had lived at the cabin, no one had ever knocked. Swallowing hard, he slumped himself off the couch and slowly made his way to the front door. The anxiety was raging inside as he approached.
“Hello? State your name and reason for knocking at this hour?”
He made his voice sound firm under the shaking.
An all too familiar voice came after. A voice Rykier and Kyrie would never be able to free from their minds.

[center [i  Lucipher.]]
NullificationKyrie Black   256d ago

Kyrie looked up when Rykier came through. It seemed silly in hindsight, but for every birthday she still got their girl something so that one day, if ever, she would be able to open them and know she and Rykier had never forgotten her. They'd been unable to have another child, not for lack of trying of course. Kyrie smiled to him softly, it was hard not to feel like a terrible parent but Rykier was right, it wouldn't be long until they were together, and they could explain everything to their girl. Kyrie didn't even know what she looked like, what her personality was. She hoped she had taken after Rykier with all his street smarts and charisma.

[+blue "Hm..."] She managed when Rykier leaned in close and she was about to relent to him but the door was pounded on. Kyrie sighed out, of course it would be Satan that interrupted their affection. Kyrie narrowed her eyes and got to her feet, she had nothing to lose. They had fulfilled their end of the bargain and she knew Satan couldn't touch them. He was bound to his word to let them live a happy life.

[+blue "And here I thought we had seen the last of you."] Kyrie remarked as she opened the door, [+blue "You're not coming in."] She added for good measure and Lucipher looked furious, a dangerous fire in his dark eyes.
[b "You miserable tricksters, how dare you. Where is she?"] He demanded and Kyrie raised an eyebrow.
[+blue "No idea, if I knew she'd be here with me and I'd be ripping you limb from limb but I don't know, neither of us do."] Kyrie muttered to him, [+blue "So you can get going because I'm sick of your stench."] Kyrie was done playing nice, she had lost out on eighteen years of her daughters life for this sick and twisted asshole. She wouldn't anymore.

[b "I will find her, and she will be mine. You both need to know that. And when I do, I will parade everything I do to her for you both."] Lucipher grinned, [b "Maybe we'll make perfect little children. You could visit at Christmas."] Lucipher sniffed the air, he couldn't smell anyone else, especially no half demon in the area.

Kyrie glared at him,
[+blue "If you touch her, by God I will rip you apart. You will wish you were in Hell."] Kyrie hissed at him and Lucipher chuckled a little.
[b "Motherhood made you all the more alluring, Kyrie my dear."] He cooed and Kyrie glared.

Lucipher had the information he needed, the girl wasn't here and he had hit a dead end. It was no matter, he would send out some of his demons to hunt her down. And they would bring her to him alive and untouched. He snarled and vanished in a splatter of shadows and Kyrie slammed the door, her chest heaving from the adrenaline as she sank back down in the bedroom and sighed.
[+blue "You think she'll be alright?"] She asked Rykier softly.


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