Dead Rising.

By Emmkaye_Loves_You
Eight years ago, the world was peaceful calm.. and beautiful. Balls, tea parties, sparing- it was all as it should have been until one day. No one knew how it had started but the dead began rising, and eating those who had a heartbeat. No one knew what they were exactly, so people called them "corpses." They don't bleed, feel, or anything. They're just bodies. Some of these corpses just went for a simple bite, some ate the bodies of their victims, and some went only for the brains. The ones that went for the brains were the most intelligent. They could speak, set traps, and do other many things that a normal human being could have done, but... they didn't look like a normal human being. They had rotted flesh, they were covered in blood, and they smelled terrible. On the other side, are the normal corpses, those that just eat and eat, with no end. They'd eat anything with a heartbeat to keep their dead bodies going. In a way, it was their way of survival.

It has been five years since the last corpse attack. It was peaceful again. There were walls built around a town in England. No one remembers the name of it, due to them not saying it or speaking of it for so long. But... people from Japan, and many other places. Some of the wealthier families lived the best, due to their excellent swordsman or guns-owner ship. This sort of thing was very important to those who survived. While they knew all this, they ignored the corpses sometimes. They still cared about throwing balls and finding their son or daughter a husband/wife. But.. that doesn't stop the man-eating creatures. They sometimes find their way into the balls and even terrorize anyone there. And for those who have been bitten and yet are intelligent and not rotted yet, they could even act human then probably slaughter anyone there. Life was now like a game of chess, but the corpses were the ones winning. But recently... more and more corpse attacks have been happening, killing more and more people, making more and more of them. Will the population die off more? Will the corpses kill of the remains of humanity?

Types of Zombies(Corpses)
Intelligent: Many zombies who have been bitten or only eat the brains almost have the intelligence of a human. They can speak, set traps, and even do many other things just to get what they want.
Player: A player is a child zombie, they're fast on their feet but easy to kill... if you can keep up with them.
Brute: A brute is a zombie named after the brute of their bodies. They're huge in size and well in strength... if you're not energized, you wont ever stand a chance against one of these.
Hunter: The hunter is a zombie who generally crawls on all four of its legs, but they can jump extremely far, climb, and many other things.
Normal: It's just a normal dead corpse. They can run or walk. They eat you.

This roleplay takes place during the Victorian Era AKA Castles, royalty, shotguns and pistols, carriages, and horseback. Medieval.
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