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The Life Beyond the Old Wooden Door ❦Searching❦

By _BlueXephos

Hi, I'm Xephy. I'm looking for a couple of 1x1's to keep me occupied. I have a few things in mind, and I'll of course take ideas from you as well.

My ideas are:
❧ Based on this original story Of Moon and Stars.
❧ Based on this original story From Beyond the Mountains.
❧ Based on this original story The Land, The Sea, and The Twilight
❧ Magic-based RPs
❧ Paranormal-based RPs
❧ I'll only do zombie or high school RPs IF they're something I've never heard of or done before
❧ Final Fantasy RPs (I'll do VII and XV currently, as they're my current obsessions)

Things I won't usually consider:
❧ Common anime-based RPs
❧ Countryhuman RPs
❧ Corrupted RPs
❧ Homestuck RPs
❧ Kpop RPs

I will play male or female, and will do straight or LGBTQ+ characters. My rules are:
❧ Must be able to post at least one to two well-constructed paragraphs
❧ Must be willing to take constructive criticism (I will do the same in exchange)
❧ Correct spelling and grammar - ask for help and use spell check if you need to!
❧ Do not ditch me please - PM me if you need extra time to post OR if you are bored/disinterested in continuing. I will understand.
❧ Please be AT LEAST 18 to RP with me.
❧ Do NOT request access to the RP. PM me. Send me this [♨ ] emoji in your PM if you understand and have read up to this point.

That's it. Have fun!!

-Xephy H.
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You don't have permission to post in this thread.

_BlueXephos✿00✿   151d ago
[Repo] Head ES Programmer/Resident Insomniac

Please send me a PM to inquire! Do not request access to the thread to ask about an RP! Thank you!


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