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FadingRealityLucas Simms   180d ago
Lurking DemiGod

The future is an amazing thought of possibilities one could sit and think of all the different outcomes that could happen in this world, however no one was prepared for a whole new dimension opening up allowing anyone could enter it did not matter who you were of how much money you had everyone was welcomed inside of this new dimension. Once inside one took on a new face a new life where things that are not allowed or even possible in the real world became completely possible, being able to use magic, or the ability to fly, some people changed into new races like elves, or became vampires it seemed to be a random roll of the dice and once you where selected for your role and only odd thing was that you could only be inside of this dimension for so many hours before you were forced out and faced the real world once again and it would not let you back in until the next day so one could not just simply give up their real life to live within the dimension even though some wanted too you always had to return too the world around you.

Lucas Simms had actually been one of the first few people that had entered the dimension and discovered a whole new life awaiting him inside and he thought many times that he wished he could stay there forever his life in reality was never the most pleasant his parents where dead having been drug abusers he had become a ward of the state and shuffled from home to home where each family infected him with their hate and betyral that was when he started going to school as well as a ward of the state it was covered by the government and it was little to no surprise that when the other kids found out he was an orphan that made fun of him, bullied him and do right beat him a few times, but Lucas pushed on his body changed his looks changed and his strength and hatred grew to the point he spent more time suspended than actually in school because of this he was forced to tutor under one of the head students in the school and that would not have been a problem if it wasn't this girl that Lucas could not stand for the life of him she had it so good she didn't know what a harsh life was.

In all honesty Lucas knew ever little about the girl he hardly could remember her name somedays, but that didn't stop him from trying to make their hours together a living nightmare, but it was more simple reason behind this Lucas actually respected her and thought she was very pretty the few times he saw her around the school, but now forced to sit with her day after day he could not escape so he tormented her convincing himself he hated her because he did not want to admit he kind of had a crush on her. He knew that could never repair the damage he had done between them with all the horrible pranks and terrible things he had said too her they would never connect on Amy level whatsoever, but then the school was over and he knew he would never have to seen her again and secretly he was very sad that their paths would never cross and that if it wasn't for her he would have never graduated from school and even made it into college even if it was a community College and he could call her and thank her for all she did, but his beef against her made him head string and stubborn he would never tell her these words if he did she would be winning.

That was when the dimension had opened for the first time and Lucas had accidentally walked inside the new world and the Dice was rolled his race and class where selected and he began this whole knew life in the new world where he could do whatever he wanted to do and be whoever he wanted to be and no one could ever stop him it was there that he made his very first friend a beautiful girl that he saw just across the plains from his home he was building for himself,  just as he called out to hear and waved intending to say hello and flirt with such a beauty his timer had ran out and he was forced outside so every day after this he would always go into the world at the same time to work on his home and there at the end his day she would be waving and smiling at him before time ran out.

He never told her his real name or how to meet him, he didn't want to ruin it between them because his real self couldn't possibly be in a relationship or make a friend all the hate he felt from life it was just far too much,  but in this knew place he could let the shadows fall off and be a different person a better person who could actually get a woman to smile instead of frown with tears stinging her eyes from the hateful words that he said too her Lucas would never forget that look on her face for the rest of his life.
Lucas was now currently sitting on a park bench looking out over the scene before him it was his old high school which was being worked up they were adding om new rooms or something along those lines near the park was a entrance to the dimension world where he could start back to his world. In truth he had never shown anyone his abilities or powers in the new world so everyone stayed clear of him because it was common knowledge that only the strong hide what they actually where, but he wasn't sure how the world would react to him being a reaper a  Harvenger of death not only was he one of the strongest people in the area he was considered to be God class meaning his presents alone could effect the whole world and the way it worked and this was another reason he never spoke to the girl he saw every day because if he did she would possibly die and it was never been proven if you die in the dimension if you die in the real world being that you are basically two different people. Lucas stood up and walked over to the entrance of the world looking over his shoulder he thought he saw a familiar face entering the park and his face went into shock it couldn't be her, he hadn't seen her in years, but she had turned into an even more lovely vision of a woman, but he knew he couldn't speak to this person he treated so poorly so he rushed forward and entered the world and he felt the darkness cover him and his hair and face change as he became Simms death of the Forest hills the place he lived in the new world.


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