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LukiAmai   277d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [+pink Once there was a wolf who was rather lonely. She created a forest for all those who also felt lost. She guarded this forest, keeping it safe from whatever might try to harm and the happiness it created. 

The forest was filled with many creatures. The wolf thought of them as he children so she did what ever she could to make them feel happy and loved. 

Unfortunately she couldn't keep them all happy. One of those creatures she protected betrayed her. He tried kill to kill. Luckily the white wolf was able to fight him off for the time being. 

It weaken the wolf white wolf. So she went into a deep slummer hiding herself away. Waking a different part of her. This part of her was known as Amai Kangetsu. She was now the guardian of the forest. She did her best to keep this place a paradise. 
Deep down she knew the evil would once return. 

Amai sighed softly as she sat down on a large rock that over looked a dreamy meadow. The meadow was filled with flowers as far as the eye could see. There was also a small waterfall that keep fresh water. This was one of her favorite place to visit when thoughts clouded her mind.
LukiUrami   274d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [+Orange Urami hated the white wolf and what she did to him. He loved her dearly yet she chose to love and protect the Lost forest secretly known as Paradise. She even loved all the dreaded creatures that lived there. She treated them so kindly it was sickening. 

So sickening it made him want to lash out in anger at her. Which he did, he honestly though he killed her it seemed she was back.

Urami took on his cat form lurking in the shadows. He finally caught scent of that dreaded woman. He followed the scent to a large rock where he saw a beautiful woman with silvery hair sitting. 

Her revealing out-fit made a small purr slip through his lip. The thing he wanted to do her. He shook his head the thought of sinking his teeth into her soft skin was even satisfying.

He dig his sharp claws into the soft soil. He then dart at her quickly the only sound that could be heard was the sound of his soft paw-pads hitting the soil. 

He pounded hard on the woman pinning her against the large rock. Since she was so lost in her thoughts she must not of be aware of his presence. He growled as he lean down to bit her neck. 

This was too easy? Was this a trap?  He stop and looked around to make sure they were alone. He didn't see anyone around. He was about to bite her neck again but this time he was met with a sword.

He snarled as she try to fight him off with her sword. [+blue "Damn it"] he said as he bit down hard on the blade hoping it would snap under his bite.
-Rabbit.Lion.   273d ago

[center Something was going on. He could hear it. Slowly he got up from his spot. He liked things being peaceful. It was better that way. Sighing he headed towards the sound of fighting. He didn't really want to get involved, but this place was suppose to peaceful.

He had lived here long enough that he actually enjoyed the peace. He seen the two fighting and sighed. How unfair. Using an animal form against someone in their human form. He quickly changed to his form. A rather large red lion.

He had been an outcast because of his coloring. He didn't mind it though. He wasn't like most lions anyway. He ran towards the other large cat and roared.

[+red "Leave her alone."]

He quickly leaped at the other cat hoping to sink his claws into his side. Maybe a warning attack would get this guy moving.]
LukiAmai   272d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[+pink Amai let out jagged breath as she pushed against Urami. This was rather difficult but she knew she could do it. She had to she was the guardian of the forest all the people and creatures live here. 

She struggled for a moment then heard a loud roar that seemed to have caught her off guard. [+red "Ah..."] she whimpered as Urami dug his nail into her soft skin. 

She snarled as she pushed again the lynx like cat. She managed to slip out from under the lynx. She jumped back holding her chest. Blood was slipping between her slender fingers. 

Urami had managed to claw her up pretty good. She had to keep fighting lives were at stake including that red lions.  [+Red "Urami...please just stop this..."] she said softly.

Her amber colored eyes darted between the two large cats. Maybe she should shift into her wolf form. She sighed softly as she shook her head. 

She sighed softly as she stood there. [+red "Urami this is enough please just clam down or better yet leave?"] she said with a snarl.
LukiUrami   272d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

Urami didn't see the red lion coming until he felt the large cat dig his claws into his side. He snarled as he turn to face the lion. While he was distracted Amai had slipped out of his grasp but not unharmed. 

[+Blue "How dare you interfere you wretch!"] he said drily as he bared his teeth at the large lion. He dug his nails into the ground as he looked at the two beings.
He lunged at the large lion knocking him down to the ground. He pressed hard against the lions throat hoping the lion would pass out from lack of air.

Sure this large cat might have caught him off guard. That was the only thing he was going to do. His orange colored eyes burned like hot embers.

[+Blue "Die"] he said he pressed hard with his large paw. He wasn't watching Amai close enough. Before he knew. He felt a sharp pain in his back. That woman had taken the form he hated the most.

The white wolf, he growl as he ran toward the wolf. He watched as she swiftly move out of his way. He growled out of anger as he chase her to the edge of the large rock. 

With luck she would fall to her death. He snarl as he swatted at her. Hoping to make her lose her footing.
-Rabbit.Lion.   268d ago

[center The lion growled and struggled beneath him. He was going to make this easy on him. He swiped and tried to bite.

He was angry. Seething. Someone trying to kill him. His thick red mane kept him safe making it hard to get directly to his throat.

Yet it was pointless. The wolf had got the big cat off. Slowly the lion got to his feet and shook himself. He hadn’t lost much breath.

Snarling he chased after them. He was very fucking angry now. Someone had tried to kill him!

It was awful. Why would he do that? He didn’t understand people like this.
LukiAmai   267d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [+pink Amai could feel her back paws starting to slip. She lunge forward digger her teeth into Urami neck. Just because she mange to get ahold of the large cat didn't mean much.

He pushed forward causing her to fall off the large rock. She didn't go down unhanded she still had a hold of Urami. She pulled him down with her. Lucky there was a large stream under the rock but it still didn't mean much. Considering she hit her back on another rock on her way down. 

A loud splash was heard had closed her golden eyes but open them again when she hit the bottom of the stream. She whimper watched as the bubbles float to the surface. She still had a large clump of furr and skin in her mouth. She knew Urami had fallen in the water as well. 

She swam as quickly as she could to the sore. She limped over to a large free that had just bloomed with sakura blossom. She laid down under the cough and spitting up water, blood and fur. Urami probably had washed down stream which was fine with her. It gave her time to heal. She knew he wasn't going to be back anytime soon. 

He was always so blind with rage when he seen her in this form. She really didn't understand way. Why was he so mad at her? She sighed softly as she closed her eyes. She decide it be best to stay in her wolf form. 

Safer  for her rest and to stay alert . Her pointed ears were perked up listing to the sound of the birds and the water hitting the sore. She was just lucky the water was really moving today. She open her golden eyes. She just remember she need to check on that red lion. She need to make sure he was alright. She sighed as she forced her self to her feet.  Her white fur was stained with blood and bite marks but it surely would fade. She looked toward the large rock she was once sitting on to see if the lion was still there.
LukiUrami   267d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[+orange Blinded with rage he rammed into the white wolf. Causing the two of them both slipped and fall into the running water that was below. 

Urami and the wolf both hit the bottom of the stream pretty hard. Small cloud of blood appear of top of the water. It was his, that bitch had gotten hold of his neck pretty good. 

Urami stay under the water for a little letting the current take him down  they stream. He figure it would be best to get away from the wolf and that fucking lion. If that lion hadn't of been close by. He could of ended that wretched woman life. 

Urami snarled as he got to the sore. He got of the water and laid there holding the side of his neck. Blood was running though his slender finger. [+blue "Damn it all ..."] he snarl as he slowly made his way to his feet. 

He could smell Amai blood in the air. Which was driving him crazy. His sharp teeth were exposed as he let out a small pant. He was hunger and lusting for that woman blood. 

He forced himself to walk the other way. He knew if he went back there that lion was going to be around somewhere.
-Rabbit.Lion.   267d ago

[center He saw the two trouble down the cliff and he panicked for a moment before he ran to the edge and looked down. They both plummeted down the wolf hitting a rock before actually falling down into the water. The other had gotten lucky not hitting anything. He watched a little longer from his spot before he slowly made his way down off the cliff. His paws easily able to find spots for him to climb down safely.

He could see that the wolf had came from the water. She was bleeding and looked very wounded. He frowned faintly as he made his way towards her.

[+Red "What was that all about?"] He asked curiously. He soon sat down in front of her. He was a rather large lion. He reached out with one paw and brought the wolf close to him with ease. He began to groom her. Cleaning up her wounds as carefully as he could.]
-Rabbit.Snake.   267d ago

[center She had seen the man come from the water and she tilted her head slightly. He looked rather bad didn't he? One of her snakes swirled around her and hissed. She smiled faintly. Could he be what they were looking for. Someone that would cause chaos and strife here in this boring peaceful place.

She walked towards him and both snakes followed behind her silent and curious. They would go with her anywhere.

[+Navy "You look like you need a spot to rest for awhile."] She called after him. Her eyes were bright and yet knowing.
LukiAmai   266d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [+pink Amai was glad to see that  the lion was okay. She didn't realize how big he was until she was close to him. She nuzzled into his paw. At least now she could rest at ease knowing he wasn't hurt.

[+Red "Well that is long story..."] she said with a soft sigh. She didn't mind the large cat grooming her. It sort of felt nice or comforting at least. [+Red "My other form is known as the white wolf. She is the one who created this place. But she grew weak and ill. That is when I was born...created. I am simply apart of her but I have my own name. I even have all the powers she once did."] she said with a soft sigh. 

[+red Urami has been around a long time too. He knew my other form... he was in love with her... I think deep down she loved him too but... he didn't like how loving she was... taking care of any who was lost or lone... Not knowing where to go or what to do with themselves... Urami couldn't stand that... Her focus most of the time was on this place..."] she sighed softly as she looked down 

[+Red "Jealous and greed seem to fill Urami heart...even the purest of ones couldn't fix that... That way when ever he see me he starts a fight. It is not just him... i fear there are more people who which cause harm to this sacred place... I must stop them..."] she said drily. She really was tired of people threatening to hurt this land. Despite how tired she was she had no choice but to fight to protect this place.
LukiUrami   266d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[+Orange Urami narrowed his eyes as he heard a voice behind him. He turned to look at the woman. He stood there silently before glare at her with his ember colored eyes. 

[+Blue "Just who are you?"] he said drily looking at her and the snakes that seemed to have followed her. Urami didn't trust people easily especially anyone that lived here. 

He knew that not everyone was good here. He knew there were more people like him who wanted to destroy this place. Or maybe they wanted that white wolf dead.  That was the difference between him and them. 

He didn't want the White Wolf dead, he just wanted her. He didn't want anyone else to touch her excepted him. He wanted her to be his and only his. He really didn't want anyone else around. 

Urami let out a low growl under his breath. [+Blue "Thank you for the offer but I would rather be left a lone..."] he said drily. There was a small cave around here somewhere. It was deep and dark. That was one of his hiding place. He just needed to get there rest for a while.
-Rabbit.Snake.   259d ago

[center She watched him. She wasn't surprised that he was cold to her. Most people were and honestly she didn't care. Her species wasn't exactly the type that knew what love was. Of course he didn't know who she was either. She looked to either side of her the snakes looking up at her. They were waiting. She was the one that commanded them of course and she didn't even have to tell them by a voice command.

With his next words she gave a nod. Both snakes immediately went at him circling around him and holding him in place. Any move he made only made the snakes tighten around him. The girl looked at him and smiled coldly.

[+Navy "Be weary who you speak to and growl at cat... Some people aren't as forgiving or frightened. You see. I'm higher up on this food chain."] She was a hydra. A terrifying snake creature and the two snakes she always had with her... Ah those were just one of her many heads. Killing one would only result in her making another. She watched him her eyes seeming to dance with anger.

[+Navy "I know what you are after... But you see... You aren't ever going to get it. You think you can trap her away and make her love you, but that's not how it works... I've seen you... Watched you... Why don't you try it a different way?"] She asked tilting her head slightly.

[+Navy "I don't offer many people my help ya know? It normally doesn't come cheap! But I like the fire in your eyes. I can get you that white wolf without so much as her loosing a hair on her pretty little head... And... She will love you too! Or be your slave... Your choice really."] She watched him now her eyes showing a deep hunger for mischief. She would do as she said because she didn't break deals or bargains.
-Rabbit.Lion.   259d ago

[center A long story didn't really bother the lion. He was often lonely and did enjoy the comfort of having someone else around. He hadn't thought he would meet the woman that guarded this place though. She did a lot and it really seemed to be awful for her. A lot of work and it seemed like just a little pay out. He frowned faintly to himself as he groomed her. He was glad that it seemed to sooth her if only just a little.

[+red "You don't have to do it alone you know."] He looked down at her. [+red "You could rally others. There are a ton of others that would join the fight. People enjoy this place as there home and wouldn't want harm to come to it. I am sure if we traveled around we could find others that are like me. You have kept this place protected for so long... Just by yourself... You should really let us all lend a hand."] He looked up at the sky and his tail moved back and forth.

He knew what she was talking about. It could get really hard to handle everyone that wanted to cause harm. He had seen others that would threaten this place, but she was always the one to take care of it. Others had defended the place too though. He knew they had. Not everyone was so foolish as to think they could live here without helping protect their home.
LukiUrami   258d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Urami growled when she called him a cat. He wasn't just a cat but he didn't feel like revealing that to the likes of her. He let her snake slither around. Surely they would start to feel how cold he really was.

His ember colored eyes seem to burn with such a hatred. He really did hate being touch with out his permission. Oh how he wanted to freeze the snakes that slither around him. It was best not to show he is true power. 

[+Orange "Sound like your been stalking me..."] he said drily. [+Orange "Look making a deal with you sound tempting but this price of your? Tell me what it is?"] he said as he looked at her.

He honestly didn't believe her. Could this woman really get him what he wanted? Doubtful. His ember colored eyes seemed to clam down slightly. 

[+orange "Release me woman."] he said dry. He really couldn't give a damn about some damn food chain. He really wanted to be released. He really couldn't stand feeling trapped let alone being held by a giant snake. A lesser dragon if you may say. 

Despite the fact she was larger serpent. She could be useful if she really could do what she offer. It was still doubtful. [+Orange "Prove it to me... if you really can do what you say...I would like to watch you this time."] he said drily.
LukiAmai   258d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [+Red "You are correct. I am not the only one who protects this place. There are others here. There are a few others that I know by name... Young lion what is your name? I never got it?"] she said with a soft sigh. She felt bad for not asking him early. 

She sighed softly as she shift back into her human like form. Her revealing clothing was even more revealing than what it should of been. Her shirt was torn  covered in bite marks and claw marks. 

The wounds that covered her body were starting to heal. She shivered softly at the cold breeze. She could tell a storm was coming in. 

[+Red "Lion lets go back to my place. I have a few houses on these lands...I should warm you now I have one familiar who lived with me... I know I could of called him...I try not to let anyone get involved in my battles with Urami. It is me he is after..."] she said with a soft sigh as she looked at the ground. 

She stood up and smiled softly [+red "Come this way"] she said she could heard the sound of rain drops falling in the distance. 

She lead the male towards her house. It take long for them to get to her house. The house was rather large. It was slightly worn down but she couldn't help it.  The inside of her home was treasure, at least to her it was. 

She open the large wooden door that had three windows. Her house was surround by trees and flower which help kept it hidden away for the most part.

Once she open the door he house was warmly lit. Shortly after the door was open she was greeted by a large black wolf with crimson colored eye. He looked positively monstrous. A soon as he seen Amai his tail began to wag. [+Purple "Master you are home!"] he said happily. He then gasp as he seen her clothing. He shifted back and threw his jacket over her. 

He was a tall slender man with raven colored hair. His hair also had indigo and lavender highlights. His eyes went from crimson to a warm amber. 

His pale skin was covered with a red blush. He loved Amai but he understood she wouldn't love him back the same. He chose to stay by her side peacefully. It was enough for him. He was honestly happy. 

[+Purple "Who is this?"] he asked looking at the stranger standing behind her. His head tilted softly to the side. His tail flickered softly behind him.
-Rabbit.Lion.   253d ago

[center The lion got up and followed after her. So she knew there was others. Good! That was great! He smiled lightly as he followed after her. Great! He would be able to meet others that would want to help fight for this place. Just because he knew about them didn't meant that he actually knew them. He was actually a rather lonely creature.

As he got to her place he realized that he should probably should change his form. He changed to his human form and looked around her place.

He looked up as someone came to greet her. He was quiet and just watched. He hadn't given his name and still didn't seem all that willing to give it.

He realized he was going to have to give his name though. Sighing softly he looked off to the side.

[+red "Lyon."] He said. He had named himself. He tilted his head slightly. He didn't know what he should think of this white wolf's friend, but that was alright he supposed. As long as she knew him.
-Rabbit.Snake.   253d ago

[center The women tilted her head slightly. The snakes didn't seem to care much about what the male was doing. The female wasn't scared of him so neither was she. She had indeed been following him, but not just him. She had been watching a lot of the ones that wanted to destroy this place. Or to kill the white wolf. There were so many different wishes.

Ah... So... He would like to know her price. She laid a finger on her chin and seemed to be thinking. She then dropped her hand down to her side. Something seemed to trigger the snakes because they let him go and returned to her. They slithered around her. She smiled faintly.

[+navy "Alright... A price... Oh I don't have one... Not really anyway."] She gave a slight shrug. Him taking the wolf would just get her out of the way and then someone else could take over this place. She wasn't going to say that though.

[+navy "Alright. I will prove it to you then."] She didn't mind showing him proof. She couldn't do it right now, but she would be able to do things though.

[+navy "It will take me a bit to get set up though. I need specific things."] He explained.
LukiAmai   252d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [+red "Hey..."] she said as Tsume through his jacket at her. [+red I will go change"]  she said as wrapped the Tsume jacket around her. [+red "Please show Lyon around and give him a room stay"] she said as she walked down dimly light hallway. At the very end of the hall was a white door.

She open the door revealing a bright room. The walls were a pale pink. There was a bed that was covered in red bedding. That was all that really could bee seen before she shut the door behind her. She changed out of her torn and tatter clothes and into something warm. 

She put on black jeans, long sleeve silver colored shirt a long with a red hoodie. She smiled softly as she brushed her hair. Perhaps it would be good if she took a shower? She felt bad about leaving her gust untended. Tsume was there but she knew how it felt. She sighed softly as she thought for a moment. A shower really sounded good. A quick one wouldn't hurt right? 

She walked into the small bathroom that was hidden behind a small wooden door. The bathroom in her room was larger than it seemed. There was bathtub and a shower. She smiled softly as she turn on the hot water. She quickly got in the shower. Standing in the water felt great. Feeling that hot beads gentle caress her soft skin. 

[+Purple "...So you helped my master..."] he said with a soft smile. [+purple "Thank you"] he said as he bowed his head. [+purple "I am Kage Tsume..."] he said. His ears flicker as he heard the sound of the shower running. [+purple "Seems like our princess is going to be a little longer than excepted..."] he said with a soft sigh. 

[+purple "Would you like some milk tea? Or something to drink? Are you hungry? Can I get you anything to eat?"] he said with a small smile. He need to eat now so he could help feed his master later. That was something to be kept behind closed doors. 

He smiled softly as he stood there silently with a small small on his face. Despite the smile on his face he seemed to be thinking about something. He seemed almost worried for a moment that quickly faded.

[+purple "Or perhaps you are tired... would you like me to show you to a room for our guests?"] he said with a soft smile. Tsume really didn't mind showing Lyon around, in fact the boy was rather cute.
LukiUrami   252d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Urami smiled softly as the snakes let him go. He was glad when they slither back to the girl. [+Orange "Very well... I need some rest anyway. I need to sleep for a while... I will give you until the new moon..."] he said dryly. 

The new moon was about four days away. [+Orange "How will I find you?"] he said as he glance at the woman. Urami neck had finally stop bleeding. The was covered in dried blood and his clothes were still damp from the fall. He really need to get to one of his hide outs. 

Luckily one of his hide out wasn't to far from here. At least there he could bathe and rest there. He would probably sleep for at least two whole days. 

Sleep right now sounded lovely. He was getting rather tired. [+Orange "Luka"] he snarled. In a pink puff of clouds appeared a small tetsu. The pink hair boy gasp when he seen his master. He quickly rushed to the man's side.

His cute little tail wagged as he seen the other lady. He never seen his master speak or even look at another woman other than her. He smiled warmly at the woman. 

[+Orange "Luka I want you to help this woman..."] he said dryly. Looking down at  the pink haired boy. The pink haired male. 
[+pink "Yes sir"] he said as he bowed his head.
-Rabbit.Snake.   229d ago

[center Until the new moon. That was plenty of time. She looked up as he called for someone. She looked at the pink haired male curiously, but she didn’t protest. Instead she smiled softly. She then looked back to the male. He was being reasonable now at least. She hadn’t exactly expected that, but it was nice now she supposed.

[+navy I’m glad we could come to some agreement.”] She said after a moment. She smiled faintly and then looked down at the pink haired male.

[+navy “Hello.”] She greeted warmly. She would be a lot nicer to this boy who hadn’t given her any trouble yet.
-Rabbit.Lion.   229d ago

[center The red headed boy looked at the new person with curiosity. He didn’t know how to feel about this. He soon smiled lightly and his tail flickered. He calmed down a bit when the person introduced himself. He was use to being on his own a lot more than being around so many people.

He looked around quietly.

[+red “I’m just called Lyon. It’s nice to meet you!”] He responded in a warm and friendly tone. He followed after the male as he offered him a bunch of different things. There was so much kindness here. He wasn’t use to that.

[+red “Sure tea would be pretty good.”] he said softly.
LukiLuka   226d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center Luka stood their nervously. [+Magenta "Hello..."] he said softly. [+Magenta "Master said to help you with whatever so where do you want me to start?"] he said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Luka wagged his little tail softly as he looked around. This place seem nice it almost made he just want to curl up and take a nap under the moonlight. 

He shook his head as thought drifted out of his mind. [+Magenta "I'm Luka but I suppose Master already told you that"] he said as he looked at the interesting woman. 

The snakes didn't seem to mind him. His master really didn't like them. If he remember right his master had been bitten by one a long time ago. It was just a bad memory that seemed to be trapped in his mind. 

Luka yawned softly he was glad the sun was setting. He could already seen the moon glowing brightly. He shivered when he felt a cold chill in the air. [+Magenta "I think it is going to rain soon... I can feel a small chill in the night air..."] he said as he looked at the woman. [+Magenta "Are you cold? Snake and snake like creatures like the heat right? Should we stay somewhere for the night get started in the morning?"] he said as looked at her. Of course he never really been here. Only if his master summoned him here but that was rare. His master only need him for one thing. Normally he sent back home. This time was different he was here to actually help. It was kind of a nice feeling be of more use but at the same time what kind of trouble was he going to get into now.
LukiAmai   226d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

Amai finally finished her shower. She dried off and got dressed. She was in much warmer clothes. It seemed like a storm was blowing in she could smell it in the air. She always loved cooler whether. She walked over to the window and cracked it open letting in some of that cool breeze. 

The smell of roses and other flowers could be smelt coming from her room. She smiled softly as she brushed her silvery colored hair and her tail. Once she was done getting dress, and brushing her hair. She spray on a little perfume then headed out the door. 

She could her Tsume talking to Lyon. She smiled softly as she joined them out in the living room. She sat down in a chair across from the both of them. She yawned softly as she sat there.


Tsume nodded went into the kitchen to make Lyon some tea. He seen Amai come back. He was sure she was tired would probably fall asleep in the chair. He would  have to remember to grab a blanket for her. 

He smiled softly as he made some rose hip tea. He wasn't sure what Lyon liked but this tea was sweet and a beautiful color. He added a small amount of sugar to the  hot pinkish red liquid. 

He came back into the room with a blanket on his arm and hot cup of tea in one hand. He handed the cup to Lyon. [+Purple "Here you go"] he said with a smile. He covered up Amai who was already asleep in the chair.
-Rabbit.Lion.   201d ago

[center The boy reached out and took the tea gratefully. He smiled lightly and then looked over at the woman. Ah she seemed tired. He really wasn't surprised though. She had been through a lot today. Taking a deep breath, he slowly let it out before he looked to the male that was still awake. He seemed to care a lot about the woman.

[+red "Does this happen a lot to her?"]

He tilted his head. He looked a little sad. He felt like she didn't get any time to actually rest. She seemed to constantly be on the move and that was a little sad to think about. It had to get tiring.
-Rabbit.Snake.   201d ago

[center The woman looked at him and tilted her head slightly. He had a point. There was a chill in the air, and she didn't really like it all too much. It would probably be a good idea to just go and rest. They could start tomorrow when it was cold and rainy.

[+Navy "It might be a good idea to find a place to say."]

She sighed softly and looked up at the sky. She hated having to wait, but she couldn't risk putting herself out. She had to be at full strength. It was going to be hard to do what she had promised, and she would have to be able to be quick.


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