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Seeing Red [For ShieldHero]

By -Rabbit
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ShieldHero-     285d ago


[center [youtube]]

[center [b Panting sweating heart pounding. Leaves rushing and behind it all was a snarling beam of a grin. A grin poor Red here was desperately trying to outrun.]]

[center [+red Huff huff...]]

[center [b With a tall and slender build Red was built for running but he was half considering to ditch his crossbow. Were the leather guards really needed? It's not like they'd help much if he was caught. Red was coming up a few branches one he had managed to slide underneath but his crossbow was snagged up by the vines and left behind. Not much time to really grab it either the next was a sea of vines and thorns with only a small gap standing about four... Maybe four and half feet vertically. Red had leapt forward balling himself up before releasing his legs for the impact. He had managed to sneak through with only a few scratches the beast behind him had opted to use brute force as a solution.]]

[center [+red Heavy problems take heavy solutions huh?]]

[center [b Despite the snarky nature of the comment Red's voice was rather stoic. Low and grizzled almost as if the comment was made more so for his own amusement rather than to taught the beast. However taught the beast it had snapping and roaring. Luckily the vines ran deeper than the beast had anticipated. The beast was ensnared in a makeshift thorny prison. Red had turned around spotting an opportunity he reached for his left bootstrap with a glint of steel in his hand. Throwing the dagger with a deft hand the dagger the beast had managed to catch it with its teeth. Though in that time Red had drawn a small hidden blade and landed a stab on it's abdomen. The beast shrewd as it was took the dagger in it's jaw and slashed upward at Red. Leaping backwards Red felt something wet trickle from his cheek.]]

[center [+red Fast for a such a big boy.]]

[center [b Red knew he didn't have long before it broke free. He could continue attacking sure but it had already snapped the branches free of one arm. Red's stamina had already taken a hit luring this drooling mutt around the damn forest.]]

[center [b So again Red had taken off matching his pace before.]]

[center [+brown Grr... COWAAAAARD!!]]

[center [b A howl was followed by the beast grizzled and inhuman voice. And like that the chase was back on. He had lost sight of Red and his scent. How was that possible? Wait...]]

[center [+brown Hmm.. his scent.]]

[center [b His nose was twitching rapidly his neck raised upwards almost as if something enchanted the beast's nostrils to follow. His eyes were filled with delight and his stomach was far too anxious to let this chance go. It wasn't just about food though this lowly human had already went against a code of honor. Cowardly as humans are what could a noble beast expect from such a lowly race. It hadn't mattered now he could hear panting up ahead. His luck had ran out. Running a few miles and he's already out of breath? A mere pup can do that on a lunars eve hunt. Yet he would challenge a white haired alpha?]]

[center [+brown I tried to fight you with honor human.. I would have honored you're corpse to our moonlit halls for ions to come. You would instead spit on such a thing!]]

[center [b There his stupid red cape was that cape which had symbolized such a foolish human story. Well Red had no hunter here and now to save him did he? The beast had lowered to the grass before leaping at that cape in the clearing.]]

[center [b Tooth claw and nail the beast was blind with anger as he mauled the cape to shreds. He too was cut but it was futile of course as he sunk his teeth into his mark.]]

[center [+brown Bleh! Wood? Spikes? What in--]]

[center [b The grass had snapped and like that the beast was pulled by a robe on his ankle dragging him. Red had dashed in to cut him a few more times. The beast snapped the rope free but before he could counter attack the dummy had opened up. A string connected to Red's wrist had opened it's contents shooting out a puff of grey mist. Red had retrieved a longsword hidden at this place for this very purpose. A sword made from both silver and steel. Red had charged in severing the confused beast left arm the had weakened him enough. The beast eyes opened with rage backing up he tried to focus on healing. It took energy and time but an alpha could consume lots of stamina to speed it up.]]

[center [+brown What in the hell..? My arm...]]

[center [+red The spikes... The mist all laced with silver. How else could I sever an alpha's arm big guy? You won't be able to heal for a bit though. You might even feel a little tired. Tired... And bleeding just like the lowly human standing in front of you. Now that were on equal footing.]]

[center [b Red had thrown another dagger the wolf quickly parried it with it's claws. Behind the steel however was a vicious gleam of a snarl... Red's snarl. Nothing but anger and hate were in those eyes. Same as the beast. The beast couldn't help but smile for the lunar mother has shown him a reflection of his own emotions. A reflection shown in a simple human. With a single flash the beast would soon be reunited with his lunar mother in her loving bosom.]]

[center [+red Huff huff... Dying with a smile? After all the lives you stole? I'll never understand you monsters. Never.]]

[center [b Red had checked his side despite that beast peaceful smile he didn't go down easy he had managed to get one more licking on Red.]]

[center [+red Damn... Alpha's are a whole other level of fast aren't they? Even with misdirection and the silver I couldn't cut him down unscathed. Master would probably lecture me. I had other traps in place but.. I have a feeling he was aware of most of them. Yet he still charged me. Did he really think that little of me?]]

[center [b Red had gone to salvage what he could before heading back to town to collect his reward. It was the same as any other day. Only with a bigger mark and bigger pay. He'd had have to lug the beast back to the cart too. Who knew what use for the materials he could have.]]

[center [h3 Some Time Later]]

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+blue Ahh... Red this is beautiful! A white haired alpha? Truly? This is you're biggest mark yet! I mean... it's my life dream to find a Lunar Prince but this-]]

[center [+red Hah! Had that been the case they'd have called master. Otherwise we'd both be dead. You know if you're so grateful maybe next time you help set up the traps. Or you know... Help in general.]]

[center [+blue Ahh! Red! Don't be that way! You're good friend Sorius helps in many a way! Besides as a hunter that is you're responsibility. As an Alchemist I have my responsibility.]]

[center [+red He says in the safety of the cart.]]

[center [b Red had a light grin across his face as his friend feigned a painful expression.]]

[center [+blue Oh woe is me! Red has dashed my heart! Slayed it as he's slayed the beast! Will he ever notice thee's affections and trials?]]

[center [+red Uh huh.. You can keep you're affections I've already got somebody in my life.]]

[center [+blue A crossbow is not a "Somebody" no I believe they call that being crazy at worst and lonely at best.]]

[center [b Red had thrown a random object from the bag of the wagon at Sorius.]]

[center [+blue Hey! No distracting the driver! Also may I add you cannot be throwing around my agents! Certainly my expensive ones!!]]

[center [+red The hell I can't when it's me risking my ass out here that pays them.]]

[center [+blue Hey... I already except a 70/30 pay agreement I will not have my craft insulted as well.]]

[center [+red May I mention the going rate for a hunter and alchemist is 20/80? Perhaps because when a contract goes wrong only one of us ends up dead.]]

[center [b Red had raised his head up with a sullen look in his eyes. The man had a rather gloom face and the black shadows under didn't certainly help. Nor did his awkward way of handling people. The two had stared down for a moment... Before bursting into laugher.]]

[center [+blue Trying to go for the "dark hero" are we? I've read too many novels involving you're kind. Should I nickname you ebon wings? Or black knight instead my lord?]]

[center [+red Pfft, no Red's just fine puppet just fine.]]

[center [+blue Hey! Who you calling-]]

[center [+red Night! Time for bed!]]

[center [+blue Oh yeah.. And I do all the driving of course. Well you're food is in the back and I have the usual medicinal agents in the back. The next village has a blacksmith and an alchemist so I may be able to afford you a new weapon if they don't charge too much.]]

[center [+red Heh.. Thanks mom you're the best.]]

[center [h3 Sleepy Grove]]

[center [b A couple days later in the pair had arrived at their destination.]]

[center [+red Sleepy Grove huh... Nice village. Seems a little small I'm surprised it has a blacksmith at all or a tavern..]]

[center [+blue Hmm.. I wonder, well that aside I should let you know the beast may be skittish. No one has gone missing but there was a few sightings. That and a beautiful woman can be seen wandering the forest at night.]]

[center [+red What.. A succubus? I don't usually hunt those you know..]]

[center [+blue True you seem to lean toward the Wolven Pride but you have made exceptions before. It's good to learn to fight other opponents you know. You don't always have to keep up you're legend "Red"]]

[center [+red Hmm.. Yeah yeah I get it I get it. Well let's go talk to the village elder and figure out anymore details we can from the village before we get started.]]

[center [b Red had made his first step off the carriage. His first step towards his newest mark.]]
-Rabbit.Wolf.   285d ago

[center Sleepy Grove. That was the small village that resided nearby her forest. The village always made her curious. She wanted to know more about people that resided within, but getting too close was dangerous for her. She watched from the safety of the forest wishing that someday she could walk the same streets that these strange humans walked. Her ears flicked a bit and she leaned against a tree closing her eyes. Humans were dangerous. That's what she had been told. They just killed her kind without a thought.

They lived similar lives. They were the same in some ways. Of course she had ears and a tail... She even had a wolf form. She was blessed by the lunar mother. By the beautiful moon. She was cherished by the small group that her family lived within. Turns out white wolves were rare and twins even more so. White wolves were always cherished. Her twin brother and her were the only white wolves in their little tribe.

She was able to get away with whatever she wanted because of this fact. She had been taught a lot of things though that made her stay in line though. She never wanted to endanger her small tribe. She loved them all. Most of them were elderly and frail. They no longer changed to their human forms. They had always been peaceful. They never strayed close to the village. They seemed to prefer staying within the forest. It kept them safe.

A new scent suddenly filled her nose and she opened her eyes. Something was going on in the village. More than just one new scent. Why were there new people? This could be a cause for concern. She felt a bit of fear well up inside of her. She bit the inside of her cheek lightly and then moved a bit closer to the village staying close to the trees.

[+skyblue "Hey now!"] Though the voice was just a whisper in her ear she jumped and a small snarl escaped he throat. She turned quickly and then smiled and all her fear faded away.

[center [pic]]

[+pink "Eric"] She said pleasantly even though he had spooked her.

It was her twin brother. He always knew where to find her. He was staring into the village now his ears perked up high. Slowly they flattened against his head and he pulled her back further into the trees.

[+skyblue "Careful Nara. I just heard one of our kind was killed in a village not far from here."] His voice was soft and worried. He didn't want anything to happen to her. He loved her way too much. She was his family.

[+pink "Oh no."] Word of their kinds death always traveled quickly. Messengers would howl at certain points in the night to deliver the news of what was going on in other villages.

[+skyblue "He was a lunacy."] He said looking towards the village making sure that no one was heading out into the forest.

[+pink "Oh... A killer than... That's still awful. He was still one of us... He just needed help."] She felt sad for the wolves that couldn't control their animalistic sides. They became murders. Humans lost their lives and sometimes... Though rarely other werewolves would lose their lives too.

[+skyblue "He was an Alpha though. Whoever took him out was strong. We wouldn't even be able to defend ourselves."] Of course he would protect his sister with his life. He had before. It had cursed him and he was alright with that.

Sighing Nara glanced towards the village.

[+pink "There are new people in the village. Do you think it is something to worry about? Do you think its hunters?"]

To her it didn't make sense because only one human had ever died here and it was so long ago that it would be pointless for hunters to be here now.

[+skyblue "All of the wolves we live with our old farts."] He stated dryly, but something in his eyes made Nara feel a little uneasy. Clearly he wasn't sharing something with her.

Instead of pressing him for whatever secret he was hiding she laughed at what he said and pretended not to be worried anymore. They would have to start hiding their ears and tails a bit more from now on. It was hard sometimes, but she was actually quite good at it. It was something all wolves were gifted with, but sadly most didn't like hiding a part of themselves away and therefore they weren't exactly good at hiding them away for long periods of time or at all. Thankfully she had taught her twin and he was just as good as her.

They of course couldn't hide forever, but at least for a day or so they wouldn't get caught. As if sensing her thoughts her brother quickly hid away his ears and tail and she did the same. Being so close to the village it was just a good idea.

[+skyblue "Wanna go to the river? We could look for those smooth rocks you like so much."] The river was a bit closer to the village, but it was their favorite place.

[+pink "Yeah!"] She said happily. With that she let him lead her by the hand towards the river. Deep in her mind though she thought of the news he had given her. Another dead wolf. She frowned faintly. New scents here. This couldn't be good. She would find out more later if she could find the time that was.]
ShieldHero-     285d ago


[center [youtube]]

[center [b As Red stepped upon this aptly named village he saw a young man. Quiet and stout the small gentleman had said not a word but instead offered a gesture to Red. He had turned on his heels and began to walk away as to guide Red to his destination.]]


[center [+blue I see the little men have come to take us away have they Red?]]

[center [b Red had elbowed his rather oblivious friend. However the man had not flinched he had not even slowed his pace caring not one bit what the shrewd alchemist had to say about him.]]

[center [+red I'm sorry sir he doesn't know when to- wait sir?]]

[center [b Red despite his ghoulish appearance had spoken soft almost a tad awkwardly. The man however did not slow down even still. Despite his short stubby legs he had quite the stride on him. The two found themselves jogging to keep up with him. It wasn't long before they found a brick and mortar house a little bigger than the rest to be sure but still humble at heart. It did seem a bit... Whimsical in a strange rustic way.]]

[center [+blue Ahh this is quite the home isn't it?]]

[center [b The two had entered the abode but the stout gentleman had instead waited outside closing the door behind them. Red didn't like others cutting off his exit certainly when they themselves hadn't joined him. Sure he was likely being a rude and paranoid despite his hatred of beast. His own animal instincts couldn't be calm until he was fully aware of a situation the hairs on his neck rising was proof of that. His comrade however knew to be the case. Nudging his friend with a brief smile before walking in himself.]]

[center [+blue Hello~ anyone here? This is a lovely home you have I'd love to meet you're designer!=]]

[center [b A soft bright chuckle could be heard coming from within. A tall brightly dressed young man had came down the staircase. Red had noted the young man had rather light footsteps.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The man had reached the bottom of the staircase taking a rather gentle stride. He had palmed the end of the rail gently almost as if he had deeply cherished it. His palm had seemed rather light, no that wasn't it. Was he holding a light? He had released his hand only to reveal a flower. Red had reached for his crossbow for a moment before Sorius raised his hand.]]

[center [+blue No Red he isn't a Warlock he's... Spirit Touched a Chevalier.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b The man had a pleasant expression upon his face. Heading toward the corner of the room as he had taken a seat. Was it.. A piano? He found himself playing a soft melancholy tone before taking a moment to respond to the two.]]

[center [+yellow I am indeed spirit touched. It happened so long ago.. It almost feels like a distant dream.]]

[center [+blue Can we skip the poetry perhaps my lord? What of the contract? If you're spirit touched.. A Chevalier no less why summon us?]]

[center [+red Sorius!]]

[center [+yellow No it's quiet all right, all though I hadn't expected such etiquette. Certainly not the man who had almost drawn a weapon in here. Though to expect so little makes me a poor host. Please forgive my crude behavior. I've spent much time away from the capital and perhaps this quiet life has turned me a tad barbarous. To answer you're question I'm afraid my abilities would be of no avail in a battle between beast. Certainly those of the wolven variety.]]

[center [+blue The reports seem to be a bit scattered are you sure? It could just be a regular pack of wolves. Or another beast entirely.]]

[center [+yellow No... I'm certain of it. I was sent out here for a reason my friends. Time.. To get to know the forest and for it... Well to get to know me.]]

[center [b The man had adjusted his collar a little uncomfortably. Ending his song rather abruptly he had taken a stand to loom a little closer to his two would be associates.]]

[center [+yellow No need to worry about asking around this time Red. Feel free to see our facilities. Such as the forge or the cauldron. It is part of why you came was it not Sorius?]]

[center [+red What..? I don't understand-]]

[center [+blue Wait.. How did you know?]]

[center [+yellow The forest had informed me had I not explained this?]]

[center [+blue Ahh, it must have been a nature spirit huh? So you specialize in healing and creation spirit tuning don't you?]]

[center [+yellow Ahh, you presume nature cannot be a dangerous force do you?]]

[center [b In that moment the doors had slammed open the mans eyes had a slight yellow tint. A gushing wind followed by vines grabbing Red and Sorius's legs were wrapped. The wind had pushed the two back Red had reached for his dagger cutting himself free. Pushing through the wind he charged the well dressed man. Knife to his throat.]]

[center [+red What are you thinking?!]]

[center [+yellow Heh heh.. Just trying to prove a point friend no harm no foul. That being said you've proved to me why bringing you was the right choice.]]

[center [+blue I don't understand... Not all so you can use offensive spirit tuning. So why?]]

[center [+yellow Why bring you? The forest won't allow it. Those beast are beings of the forest. I cannot raise a hand to them.]]

[center [+red You tell me the Spirits care for those... Beast? But.. the teachings.]]

[center [+yellow Spirits serve man and man alone? Is this correct? Well I'm afraid to inform you it's a tad more complicated than that.]]

[center [+blue Why not use an instrument? We made instruments for this very reason. To guide and tune the spirits, how they feel shouldn't really matter. Wait..]]

[center [b No gauntlets.. No encrusted jewels no staff or baton.]]

[center [+blue I..]]

[center [+yellow I find the use of instruments to be abhorrent and irrepressible. So it's only natural I would not use them myself.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+blue No... That's not possible it simply...]]

[center [b Sorius had begun to break into a cold sweat but Red was simply confused. He had released the young man sheathing his own weapon.]]

[center [+yellow We are growing apart from the topic at hand aren't we not?]]

[center [+blue No! How can we trust that-]]

[center [+yellow I am done speaking on this matter my friend I haven't even introduced myself. I am Louis de La Vallière. Although you can call me Lewey if you prefer. Though if we grow especially close you can always call me lulu.]

[center [b The man had offered a rather childlike grin with a light chuckle behind his soft expression. Sorius had still appeared strained almost apprehensive he seemed almost ready to leave the estate entirely. Yet despite this fact he had taken a deep breath looking towards his partner.]]

[center [+blue Well Red.. It's you're call. We in or we out?]]

[center [+red I.. I grew up away from society. The capital.. The kingdom and everything else. I grew up in a village much like this one. So I only know what master deemed was important. Meaning.. Spirit Touched? Tuning? Instrument? I don't understand any of it. That being said.. I don't give a damn. If I walk away from here and someone goes missing? That's on me.. forever. If he pays the same rates as everyone else than I won't turn him down.]]

[center [+yellow I assure you ser, financial burden is not a problem.]]

[center [+red I can see that, well give us some directions and we'll be on our way.]]

[center [+blue You know... That's what really bothers me. If the Spirits won't allow you to fight... Why would they allow you sharing this information with us?]]

[center [b Louis had simply offered a gentle smile as he pointed out the door still opened by the wind.]]

[center [+yellow The forest will guide you my friend make no mistake of that. To answer you're question? The forest.. and I trust you will make the right decision when you arrive at you're destined place.]]

[center [b With that? A shrew of leaves and plants followed by petals and roses entered. Wrapping Louis in a warm embrace before.. Nothing was left. The stout servant had rushed in looking around visibly confused. Finally allowing himself to speak.]]

[center Sire! Sire!! Where are you!!! Sire?!]]

[center [+red I..]]

[center [+blue Eccentric rich people Red I wouldn't let it get to you. So what do you think? We trust his so called Spirits? Or we go around looking for a lead?]]

[center [b Red had always trusted spirits one had saved him when his village was destroyed many years ago. It was a bright light and though no one believed him that it was indeed a spirit.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+red It doesn't hurt to give it a shot. If we find nothing we can look for some leads. With no casualties yet we might have time to follow up on this.]]

[center [b Sorius had rolled his eyes and shook his head softly.]]

[center [+blue You know this isn't like you, you're one to doubt people rather quickly and this super shady guy you trust?]]

[center [b Red had looked out into the forest... Almost as if it was calling out to him. Lost.. in a trance he wasn't sure but knew he had to. He had to follow this calling. Spirits and beast? Red could never believe it not unless he saw it himself. If that man was a Warlock and he was lying? Red knew what he'd have to do. But still... he was ready to take the first step as his comrade Sorius followed behind.]]

[center [+red Not staying at the town this time?]]

[center [+blue And a chance to run into that creepy guy again? Nope, besides didn't you say I get paid less cause I don't risk my neck?]]

[center [+red Heh.. I might have to consider 50/50 this time huh? Well... That's perfect cause I have a few questions.]]

[center [+blue Of course you do, you know for a hunter you sure are lacking an education.]]

[center [+red Tsk, you can blame the master for that.]]

[center [+blue Righhhhttt... so what is it?]]

[center [+red What is spirit tuning? Spirit touched? Instrument?]]

[center [+blue You're master shown you the "teachings" but never explained anything actually practical huh? Are all hunters so dense?]]

[center [b Red had turned giving Sorius a deep stare but it almost appeared.. If you looked closely enough that his left cheek was slightly puffed out. Red had taken his blade and began swinging through the vines still waiting for an answer.]]

[center [+blue Okay okay I no that look I'll let it go. You know Spirit's obviously right? Those either long departed or... Beings that have been here all along. Well to be Spirit Touched is to allow a spirit to live within you.]]

[center [+red I don't understand, why trap yourself like that? Or better yet why give up you're own privacy and independence.]]

[center [+blue Hmm.. Interesting take Red I suppose it could have draw backs. However what's to gain for us mere humans is simple. We can use Spirit Arts through us in an act called Spirit Tuning. It's channeling the Spirit's power through us to do our own will. Like.. A flame spirit allowing you to-]]

[center [+red Shoot a fireball!]]

[center [+blue Well.. Bluntly put yes it could do that.]]

[center [+red But we need instruments to do that? Is that it? Where was that guys? What do they even look like?]]

[center [+blue Slow down bud, this class isn't going anywhere. Sheesh, you know I should charge you for this right? They would back at the capital. Yes, simply put instruments help guide and flow spiritual energy. That isn't the most important use though it keeps a spirit under reins. You can form a contract with a spirit using an instrument. With an instrument neither side can break said contract.]]

[center [+red Under reins? Why work with someone you don't trust? That sounds more like controlling spirits to me.]]

[center [+blue I knew you'd say that which is why I was reluctant to explain. Look not all spirits are benevolent okay? Sometimes trapping a dangerous spirit in an instrument is a good thing. For us and other spirits. Besides time works differently for them, they tend to change. They don't value what humans do and they can become bitter and cruel. No spirit stays pure ya know.]]

[center [+red I don't believe that.]]

[center [+blue Well.. As a scholar I'd have to disagree and the kingdom does too. Running around with a spirit unleashed is illegal and dangerous. People have died Red.]]

[center [+red I... Look that's different okay a few bad apples can't ruin it for everyone.]]

[center [+blue Says the guy killing every beast he see's.]]

[center [+red He says knowing every beast we meet is a murderer. I trusted one once and that earned me nothing but a nasty scar.]]

[center [+blue Well.. Happy? You know you claimed to see a spirit as a child right? Wouldn't they have tested you for an aptitude? When they took you in?]]

[center [+red They did run test.. I didn't understand but I think I do now. All I heard was that I wasn't compatible.]]

[center [+blue Ahh, that means people like you and me can never become spirit touched no matter what we do. It's unlikely spirits talk to normal people like us ya know-]]

[center [+red Hey! I'm not crazy! I know what I saw!!]]

[center [b Sorius had raised his hands up defensively trying to gesture for Red to calm down.]]

[center [+blue Okay okay! My bad my bad! Maybe you're an exception you are the legendary Red after all.]]

[center [+red Oh lord, that's not what I meant.]]

[center [+blue God is it me or have we been nothing but irritable since we left that damn village?]]

[center [+red That is true.. I feel kinda weird honestly. You know there is one question you avoided. What do spirits have to gain even coming around us?]]

[center [+blue Oh lord I was hoping I dodged at least one question. The answer is Arcana Red.]]

[center [+red Arcana?]]

[center [+blue Yup it's something in our minds they take little pieces that we offer. Well.. It's our essence really. It's what we run on everyday, what gets us out of bed. Fuels our adrenaline and our will to live.]]

[center [+red Arcana? So you telling me they eat our souls or something??]]

[center [+blue Hardly Red, relax when we rest our bodies naturally accumulate more Arcana. There are other sources of Arcana but humans... Specifically certain humans have more. As to what decides that? Who knows, it's believed to maybe be a certain strength of will or maybe it's genetic. Whatever the case when people use Spirit Arts it consumes Arcana.]]

[center [+red Okay.. I think I understand but why do they need it?]]

[center [+blue You know... If I answer enough questions you should call me master from now on right? Cause it might be official that since our journey I've taught you more about the world than him. You hardly understood the concept of money when we--]]

[center [+red Sorius were almost done promise just... please?]]

[center [+blue Okay okay.. Jeez, if only the world knew Red was just a big child. Well it's theorized that once Spirits reach a certain Arcana they are able to use it to reach the afterlife. You use... a spirit art consumes Arcana yes. However Spirits request more Arcana than what it is requires for said spirit art. They keep that extra Arcana, more powerful spirit's will ask for more Arcana. I mean why wouldn't they? If they know they are more valuable why not charge more?]]

[center [+red Sorius..]]

[center [+blue Sorry my bad, simply put? With enough Arcana they can open a gate to what is believed to be the after life. When that time comes a spirit tuner finds himself in need of a new spirit.]]

[center [+red Wait what really?]]

[center [+blue You surprised? You think a spirit would help us lowly humans if we didn't have anything to offer? Shouldn't be that surprising.]]

[center [+red But... What about you saying "beings been here since before". Why do they need Arcana?]]

[center [+blue We call those... Ancients but they do seem to be spirits. However they hadn't lived a life like you or me they were.. Born that way. As to why they need it? We don't actually know. We've never convinced an ancient with a contract instrument or otherwise to tell us. They are rare as is but it isn't something to share with us I guess.]]

[center [+red Oh.. well do you think one day we'll be slaving away for an afterlife?]]

[center [b Red's eyes appeared low and his expression a bit grim. Not that it was hard for the sullen eyed male to achieve but Sorius could tell when something was under his skin.]]

[center [+blue You know for such a scary face.. You really aren't that bad a guy you know that?]]

[center [+red ...What?]]

[center [+blue Ahh don't worry about it, well... who knows maybe we will be. I'd rather not be a spirit if I can do anything about it. That's half the reason I become an alchemist ya know.]]

[center [+red Oh... and the other half?]]

[center [+blue A secret of course.]]

[center [b He said with the widest beaming smile a man could hope to muster. Red had chuckled bumping him lightly on the arm.]]

[center [+red I have got to say.. Whatever that was I'm starting to feel better now.]]

[center [+blue Yeah... Me too.]]

[center [+red Maybe we didn't sleep enough in the ride over.]]

[center [+blue Says the guy with permanent eye bags. Heh.. maybe Red maybe.]]

[center [b And with another flash of steel the two walked forward only to fall down a burrow. Falling and falling.. Before they began to fall.. Upwards? After a lot of rolling and shaking the two found themselves on the forest floor face first. Red had shot up sword drawn and a hand crossbow in the other.]]

[center [+red Where are we?]]

[center [+blue I don't know.. But I know falling upward really isn't the way it's supposed to go.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I hope this is okay that they are in or at least near the wolf village.]]
-Rabbit     284d ago

[center [pic]]

[center The old red wolf had sensed them the minute they had entered the forest. He had one of the messengers go and retrieve the two young ones. He had a feeling it would be for the best if they were to run away, but he knew they would come back here. They wouldn't stay away. The wolf feared what would happen if they returned. Would they be killed by this hunter and his friend? He slowly sat down in front of them. In his wolf form he looked young, but his youthful appearance was only just that. An appearance. He was the one that had hidden away their home. They weren't even really a tribe anymore.

Their youngest members were the two twins. Their parents had left them to go out in search of others that they could bring here. Lost souls that needed a place to stay. They hadn't been back in a year though and no messengers had came forth with them being dead so they knew next to nothing about where those two were. Without them they had no one actually capable enough to keep them protected. The two twins were still young and the girl... Ah she was just too sweet to ever be a fighter.

Her brother however... He was learning and when it came to her he could be quite dangerous. The red wolf shook his head. If their time had come then there was nothing else he could do. Hopefully the twins would flee and find others like themselves to live in peace with. The hunter already had his weapons drawn. Honestly the wolf couldn't blame him too much, but part of him was angry with humans. They always killed things they didn't understand.

[+crimson "I will only ask you this once to put your weapons down or away."] The wolf's voice was warm. It sounded nothing like that of one of the hulking creatures that were often referred to as werewolves.

[+crimson "You may not believe me, but nothing but old timers live here. We only have two young ones and they are no threat either."] He shifted slightly on his paws. He was nervous and also terrified. He was slow moving and could easily be killed.

His eyes held a lot of wisdom and yet it held fear too. He wasn't like some of the others. He wasn't the type that wanted to put up a fight. Yes. He was angry at humans, but he knew not all of them could be bad. Some of them just didn't understand and that was okay. Sadly though not all of them wanted to learn. Sometimes finding out the truth hurt. Sometimes the truth was just a little too extreme and unbelievable.

[+crimson "Do you think we will be able to handle this civilly?"] It was a simple question and one he wasn't sure would be answered in his favor. Hunters usually did their jobs... They hunted and they killed. If one hunter stumbled into their little hiding spot then surely others would follow. Sadly he and the others were just two old to move anymore.]
ShieldHero-     284d ago


[center [b It wasn't long before the two were greeted with a large red wolf. It had begun to speak to the two of them. It's voice was softer than the others and it moved much slower too. It had the aura of an old grandpa basking in the sun while sitting on the porch. Course that could be a trick.]]

[center [+red I've heard you're kind can grow old given enough time but I was skeptical. Course who can hope to grow old when washed in a world of constant violence.]]

[center [b Yet this one had... Lived long enough either he had grew peaceful.. Or mere grew cunning.]]

[center [b Red was a hairs breath away from pulling the trigger he would have but that presence that lured him here. It had calmed him at first at one point it boiled his blood but now? He wasn't sure how he felt now. He saw a orb of light wandering but it didn't seem to come from the wolf itself it had made it's way towards Red before placing itself on his nose.]]

[center [+gold Hey! You!! Jerk bag!!! Leave the puppies alone!]]


[center [b It was a rather high pitched voice. A small little ball of fur, what was it?]]

[center [+red Excuse me? You know the risk of that? Old man where's the rest of you're pack! You move from this place away from these humans!!]]

[center [b His crossbolt still drawn along his blade but the little ball found itself shaking and growling in it's high pitched tone.]]

[center [+gold AGHHAGHA! HOOMAN! I am the mightiest of spirits I call me's wraths upons yews!]]

[center [b With that a small gust of wind had pressed itself against Red's cheek. He tilted his head a little confused at the creature.]]

[center [+gold Well.. That was a warnings shot so watchs it got it?]]

[center [+blue I don't know about mighty but it's certainly a spirit.]]

[center [+red What? Look spirit I've got nothing against you're kind. But these creatures are too dangerous too-]]

[center [+gold Nope! NOPITY NOPE! Want them? Gotta get through me first! Or my name isn't Will o Wisp!]]

[center [+red Will.. O Wisp? You for real?]]

[center [+gold Quiet!!]]

[center [+blue What are these wolves to you anyway?]]

[center [+gold Well... I actually haven't met them before. But they live in the forest and besides the funny talking guy not many things come deep into the wood. I get lonely... and when they pray to nature I get to hear those prayers. I was waiting for a good chance to say hello... So hellos old puppy!]]

[center [b The spirit had turned into a glowing orb a firefly like form hovering around the old wolf in excitement.]]

[center [+gold Give me one chance to shows you they aren't bad doggies!]]

[center [+blue I've never heard of a spirit that talks quiet like this one. I could stand to learn something here.]]

[center [+red What? And if we get surrounded and killed?]]

[center [+blue Oh scared now are we? I'm sure you'll figure something out.]]

[center [b Sorius's was an alchemist and a rather curious one at that he had to know what was here. What this spirit was up to and how an aging wolf thought. Even if hadn't cared for spirits he'd have to understand them to avoid becoming one.]]

[center [+gold Don't worry red puppy! I've been told we can show this guy the pack. It'll be safe!! If not me and funny talking guy will beat this guy to a pulp!]]

[center [+red Pfft.. sure small fry.]]

[center [+gold What?!]]

[center [b And like that the tiny orb was leading the two toward the pack humming to itself a little tune to boot. It's presence felt so.. Childlike in nature. Was it truly a spirit?]]

-Rabbit     284d ago

[center [pic]]

[center Ah a spirit. Even though the wolf was gifted he didn't really deal with spirits all that often. Not anymore anyway. He was much more adventurous and eager when he was younger. If the spirit seemed to trust them... Well... Slowly he got to his feet. It was hard and he gave an annoyed huff. He didn't have much longer in this world. Slowly he started towards his little village where his small pack resided.

The red wolf stepped into a clearing that was dotted with small houses. None of them seemed lived in except one. It was the most taken care of. A few wolves lay about chatting with one another. There was maybe only four of them. The red one made five.

[+crimson "Well... This is it. This is home. There are five of us older ones and two younger ones... They..."]

[center [pic]]

[+skyblue "Grandpa! What's going on? Why are their humans here!?"] The red wolf turned his head quickly. Oh... The twins. He felt frightened once again. They should have not came back so soon.

[center [pic]]

[+pink "Don't interrupt him Eric he was speaking!"] She called after her twin as she ran up to him.

The red wolf sighed softly. It looked like he would have no choice. This hunter would have to see the two young ones. Nara was a sweet girl, but... Eric. He glanced towards the boy who was staring the two humans down with a hateful glare.

[+Crimson "A spirit has felt that it was safe to lead them to our home. I cannot deny a spirit what it asks. So here we are. Please make them feel welcome. Answer any questions they ask truthfully."]

It was good to see that only the young ones were making a commotion. The older wolves had simply glanced over and then went back to their conversation. One of them was the messenger that the red wolf had sent for the twins. He would have a talk with him later. Sighing the red wolf looked to the hunter.

[+crimson "I don't know what the spirit wants you to see here. The one says that we are friendly, but to you... I suppose that remains to be seen. Trust doesn't build in a matter of seconds. We have no way of making you feel at ease here with us. Nor do I think you ever would."] The red wolf slowly sat down. He was tired out from the walking and standing. He had done a lot more of it than usual today. Normally the twins did all the strenuous activity.

[+skyblue "More could have followed them."] Eric seemed to say this more to himself than anyone else. His sister looked over at him though and nodded. She knew why he would be so worried. This was how things always started. One hunter showed up and then soon their would be more. Plus these ones were friendly now, but who was to say they would stay that way.

The red wolf looked at the twins. They would probably be the most weary. He didn't blame them. All they had ever heard about humans was horror stories.

[+crimson "The twins may be a bit nervous, but they are good kids. They just haven't been around humans much. I mean... Look what happens to our kind when we try."] There was a bit of agitation when he said this part. He said nothing more on the matter though and the agitation seemed to drop pretty quickly.

[+crimson "So what is it you want here?"] Really he didn't want the hunters to be here for long. He had a feeling another was coming. He was starting to feel nervous. With his attention on these humans he couldn't exactly focus on the forest and keep track of who was coming and going. It took too much energy to do both.]
ShieldHero-     284d ago


[center [b The spirit had hummed along the entire way oblivious to any tension around him. Instead he had only pointed (rather motioned lacking fingers) towards the old wolves.]]

[center [+gold Look! Cute puppies tells the truths they do!]]

[center [b Red had simply listened and observed on a razors edge. The young male seemed just as ready for a fight. Of course a pup seems eager to hunt our kind. The old man had offered his explanation with a bit of guff to boot.]]

[center [+red Hunters only do what's necessary to protect humans! My village was asking for any trouble when-]]

[center [+blue Red calm down. You need to be alert you can't get riled up like this.]]

[center [+red I-I mean is this really even a spirit? Why would a spirit help you're kind? Why would you're kind care about spirits? I've seen one of you eat a spirit simply because it would "Bless" him. As if being an Alpha wasn't good enough. He had to be stronger and isn't it true eating humans helps you do just that? Grow stronger.]]

[center [+gold Well.. It's true but not all puppies do! They can work hard! Like you and me! They don't all need shortcuts.]]

[center [+red Hard to believe that for every dead one of you that one's left behind dozens in it's wake.]]

[center [b The young male had commented on him bringing more behind him.]]

[center [+red More? Like a pack? Wait it's not me who travels in packs is it? Hunters don't need a pack we work alone.]]

[center [+blue Well gee thanks Red nice to know I'm appreciated around here. Look let's all cool down okay..?]]

[center [b Sorius had looked over to Eric and Nara and with one glance he had walked over with a hand shake.]]

[center [+blue I've heard stories of you're kind using our forms. I have to say it's impressive! I normally don't follow Red into the wolves den so to speak. May I say what lovely forms!]]

[center [b Sorius had offered a flirtatious wink to Nara and.. to Eric as well.]]

[center [+blue The names Sorius nice to meetcha! This is my pal Red gramps. He's a bit on edge but he's good people.]]

[center [+red I just... Will! If you're a spirit than why risk the humans lives near here? Why not drive them off?]]

[center [+gold First of all it's Will o Wisp I don't answer to Will! Second.. it's like I've been telling ya's pal. They are good puppies, tons of fun even if they are sleepy and old.]]

[center [+red I just... Don't understand how a spirit has lived here. How a wolf would willingly wear our skin.]]

[center [b Was he over reacting? Sorius was harsh to all spirits. He had been eyeing Will the whole way here. Was.. Red wrong? Well.. Red couldn't forget the last time he trusted one of them. No he had to be on his guard. That being said... If Will trusted him.]]

[center [+red Master taught me to never go against the will of the spirits. This spirit has shown me proof you don't have many warriors. Even though even two of you can cause much damage. I choose to trust Will even if he's the smallest spirit I've ever seen.]]

[center [+gold Yeah wise guy? And how many have you seen?]]

[center [+red Counting you? I suppose only three.]]

[center [+gold Wait... Were they bigger?!]]

[center [+red They were certainly stronger too.. You've never seen another spirit?]]

[center [+gold Nope! All I remember was waking up in this forest. The wolves lived here. I gathered enough Arcana from the life around to sustain my form and that's about it. If only I could form a contract with a puppy but it doesn't seem possible.]]

[center [+red You wanna what? The teachings that'd be considered..]]

[center [+gold The whats pal?]]

[center [+red I.. I don't understand.]]

[center [+blue I told you mate spirits are completely insane. However I've had a feeling our more "mortal" friends would be a bit more reasonable. Seeing as we all share the burden of the flesh. Some flesh more lovely than others~]]

[center [b Again Sorius was eyeing the two young "pups" so to speak.]]

[center [+red What..? What is wrong with you?]]

[center [+blue To travel with you? A lot honestly.]]

[center [+red Pfft yeah yeah sticks and stones.]]

[center [b Red had finally cracked his first smile waving his hand a little bit. It was small but it was visible all the same.]]

[center [+blue So Will was it you tampering with out emotions on the way here?]]

[center [+gold Hmm.. I don't knows I just was told to lead you here thats alls.]]

[center [+red You were? By the wolves?]]

[center [+gold No! Remember I didn't really introduce myself befores to the puppies.]]

[center [b The spirit had floated over laying on Nara's head next.]]

[center [+gold You smells good lady puppy!]]

[center [+red Agh.. Fine fine... So what do I head back and cancel the contract? I should warn you. If they spot enough sightings they'll send another hunter. It won't just be me, so perhaps you should relocate when you're able to move the elderly.]]

[center [+gold Nopes! They cants not alone! Old puppies!]]

[center [+red Old... Puppies? You serious? That's why you haven't moved? Maybe I can help move...]]

[center [+gold No! I pretty sures the puppies no want to! Puppy homes!]]

[center [+red What..? Fine... I'll try and talk to the village. You guys better swear no one will end up hurt or dead I will hunt you lot down in a heartbeat.]]

[center [+blue Nice Red let's threaten them at the end will great. Wait... What if you guys come back looking human? Can you do anything about the ears or tails though? Hmm.. If not I have a few potions that might hide them for a bit. We can just convince them you guys are hermits. Course I'd have to charge you for the potions. That way the trip wasn't wasted right Red?]]

[center [+red Well.. Either way we didn't check out the faculties master told me to visit the blacksmith here ages ago.]]

[center [+blue Oh okay, well it should 30/70 this time around as I'm the one selling goods!]]

[center [+red What..? Oh fine have it you're way.]]

[center [+blue Oh but the usual going rates are 20/80- Wait you gave up that fast? You're nooo fun Red!]]

[center [b The young Alchemist had dragged his arms across Red. Red had only rolled his eyes with a long huff. He looked to Eric and than to Nara. He hadn't said much to her but Will's drawn to her... And she seems a little off.. Different.]]

[center [+red Well what's the plan than?]]
-Rabbit     284d ago

[center [pic]]

[center Ah to be young again. The old wolf sighed softly. Of course things weren't going to be so simple. He listened as everyone spoke thinking quietly to himself. It seemed at least one of the humans was willing to try and be friends and of course the spirit was sweet. He frowned faintly. Wolves eating spirits. That was something he had never heard of before. To get stronger? Why would they think they needed to attack spirits?

[center [pic]]

Eric watched both of the humans with distrust. The one in red appeared to not know when to shut his mouth. It was irritating to just listen to him. He had no idea what the wolves around here had been through. He would never understand what any of them had been through. What he thought just his kind were murdered? That his own villages were the only ones that were ransacked and destroyed?

He could feel his anger slowly building the more he stayed silent and just thought about it.

[+pink "Eric..."] Her voice was soft and Eric found himself slowly leaving those dangerous angry thoughts behind. He looked at her and offered a small smile. He would ignore the man in red for now. He couldn't keep his mouth shut and he would just have to deal with it for now. For his sister. He couldn't start a fight. He looked towards the other man that came towards him extending a hand. He took a step forward only because he wanted to be closer to his twin. He didn't want anyone to hurt her.

He took the handshake first before his sister could touch the strangers hand. Once he let go Nara reached out and took his hand. She didn't really understand the wink too much. Humans wouldn't flirt with their kind. She looked off to the side appearing to be somewhat nervous.

[+pink "My name is Nara."] She slowly looked back at him. She then smiled as she heard the spirit speak to her. Her eyes even seemed to light up. [+pink "I've never seen a spirit before!"] She said happily. She didn't seem to mind that it had settled itself so close to her.

[+skyblue "Eric."] He glanced at the male curiously before his eyes wandered to the spirit. He tilted his head slightly. It really did seem to like his sister, but who wouldn't? She was nice to everyone and everything.

[+skyblue "It would be impossible to move the old ones. I know you are trying to be kind and to compromise, but they really can't move and we really wouldn't be able to let them live among humans. They would be caught in no time... I understand you have potions, but... I don't think that they will work that well. It may make them very sick."] Eric spoke calmly and kept his distaste down. He had to be nice. It was hard, but he could do it.

[+crimson "He isn't wrong. We can't stay here... You could take the twins though. They are who we worry about the most. They are the best at keeping their wolf forms hidden."] The red wolf looked at them all. He would get them out of here. He had to. That uneasy feeling was slowly beginning to grow even more so in his gut.

[+pink "We couldn't leave you though."] She said sadly looking around. This was her home... This was Eric's home. As she looked at the two humans she noticed that the one in red was looking at her. She met his gaze for a moment before looking to Eric.

[+skyblue "You need us grandpa."] He said stubbornly.

The red wolf shook his head. [+crimson "No I am afraid it is time for you to leave. You should seek a place with young ones like yourselves. Build your own tribe and maybe... Try to teach humans the truth."] He stood up and wagged his tail slightly. [+Crimson "It is with my blessing that you both shall go."] He soon sat back down and looked towards the two humans.

[+crimson "You can take the two young ones. You have my word that none of the villagers will ever come to harm. Not from us. We are too old. The two young ones won't harm anyone either. They are good. Please just make sure they don't come to any harm. They will answer any questions you have. They know almost everything that I do. Maybe they can help you understand us a bit more."] The red wolf sighed softly and then looked down sadly. It would be sad to see them leave, but they would be safer on the move.]
ShieldHero-     284d ago


[center [b Sorius had tried to discuss with the tribe a plan of action. The old ones would stay behind? They could hardly move.]]

[center [+blue We can't possibly just leave the elderly right Red?]]

[center [+red As much as I hate to admit it you're right. It seems they struggle getting around let alone anything us.]]

[center [+gold Don't you worry! Red puppy super smarts! You'd have never found this places if I hadnts helpeds ya's!]]

[center [+blue He's right Red at best an alchemist could have helped break down the barrier. However the amount of preparing? Plus this barrier was so well hidden. I hadn't even noticed it, I'm sure we would have just aimlessly wandered these woods lost.]]

[center [b Red had never met a wolf with such a unique "Blessing" of course Red had only ever encountered two "Blessed" wolves before. With a long sigh he turned and looked at the old man.]]

[center [+red On my word as a hunter, I swear I'll protect these two with my life. Until they find a suitable home. A home I deem is both safe for humans and for them.]]

[center [b The old man seemed dead set on keeping his promise. Red wasn't sure how... But his conviction to keep the twins safe. He could sense honesty in those eyes. With that Red had bowed toward the old wolf.]]

[center [+blue Well it's time for us to be off! We have two new adorable additions to the team! It's hard looking at you're ugly mug all day Red so this might help.]]

[center [+red Yeah yeah I don't those two are happy to see you're face either.]]
[center [b The two gave each other a grin before Will o Wisp puttered off Nara's nose and floated right between the two of them.]]

[center [+gold All thanks chu! I know I'm adorables!]]

[center [+blue What? No not you! Plus you're not coming!]]

[center [+gold Whats? Why not! Come on buddy!]]

[center [+blue I am not you're buddy, if you're here for Arcana me and Red are bad candidates. So shew go off be free.]]

[center [+gold Whats? I don't want any of that! Following you guys just seems fun! Hoomans and puppies on a grand adventure! Maybe I can even learn how to be a spirit!]]

[center [+blue You ARE a spirit, it's easy. Find the nearest compatible human. Take what you can and than take a hike.]]

[center [+red Yikes Sorius, and here you are asking me to let two flesh eat- I mean. The two of them along, I think it's fair Will comes don't you?]]

[center [+blue What? We never promised anything like that. He's got nothing to do with this tribe! Right Nara? Eric? One of you has got to agree with me.]]

[center [+red Sorius.. We would have never found this place if it wasn't for Will you know that.]]

[center [+gold Stop calling me Wills!]]

[center [+red You're full name is too long friend, here what if I call you Wisp. Isn't that nice and whimsical?]]

[center [b Red said leaning over to pat Wisp. His demeanor and tone had completely changed almost like he was speaking to a child. Endearing and soft, Sorius had only seen him like this a hand full of times. That's how he knew it was just best to let it go. He had let out a rather large sigh.]]

[center [+blue Well Red you go make a report to the village and maybe grab what you need. I'll head to the wagon with these two~]]

[center [+red You sure that's a good idea??]]

[center [+blue Relax, one of us has got to trust them first right? You know me, I sense danger and I run. They don't seem all that bad though.]]

[center [+red Sorius..]]

[center [+blue That is my one condition on fluffball coming. Is it a deal?]]

[center [+red Huff... Fine fine.]]

[center [b And like that? They had taken off. Wisp had nuzzled Red's face before floating back over and landing on Nara's head.]]

[center [+gold If I had hands I'd pets chu!]]

[center [b Red had waved before heading off, Sorius had started to take the other too the wagon.]]

[center [+blue So... Any plans now we are heading out to the world? I have a few cloaks at the wagon to hide you're adorable ears and tail.]]

[center [+gold Grr.. Don'ts trust that one Nara! He's shadys!]]
-Rabbit.Wolf.   284d ago

[center So... They had no choice. The red wolf was making them go. He wasn't truly related to them by blood, but he had always been kind to them. They had grown up around him and played at his feet when they were mere pups that knew not of their human forms. It was going to be hard leaving, but maybe he was right. This was their chance. Maybe along the way they could figure out what happened to their mother and father.

Eric's ears flattened against his head slightly. Clearly he was very upset with this decision. Before they left he knelt down in the grass and hugged the old red wolf who seemed surprised by it. Eric was never very affectionate. He was only ever like that to his sister. Nara hugged the old red wolf next and wished the others goodbye before she followed after the two humans with Eric close at her side. She looked back and noticed the red wolf watching them leave. There was something not exactly right about this. She just didn't know what it was.

Normally he was so protective of them. Their lives being entrusted into a humans hands was odd. She turned her head to Eric when she heard him grumbling beside her and her thoughts drifted away from how weird and off this was.

[+skyblue "He was about to call us flesh eaters."] He grumbled softly. Even though those pink eyes were so stern and harsh Nara could see and feel the fact that he was hurt. She smiled lightly at him.

[+pink "It'll be okay. You know how people can be. Someday maybe they will understand."] She had hope for humanity even if Eric really didn't.

Eric looked towards her and nodded and then he smiled faintly. [+skyblue "That spirit really likes you. I'm not too surprised, but isn't a spirit getting close to someone a good thing?"] He asked.

Nara gave a slight shake of her head. She really didn't know. She listened as the two spoke and then she giggled lightly at what the spirit said.

[+pink "Don't worry we can hide our ears and tail. We've been doing it since we first learn to change between human and wolf form. We are actually quite naturals. We had to go into town and buy things sometimes."] After she said this she hid away her ears and tail and her brother did as well.

[+skyblue "It does take up energy though so the cloaks will come in handy later."] He didn't quite understand what this guy was playing at with these flirty comments. Most people looked at wolves in disgust and here he was saying things like they were adorable. Didn't make much sense to him really. It would be interesting to learn more about these humans.]
ShieldHero-     283d ago


[center [b Sorius had heard Eric comment to his sister on Red's rather crude speech. He came over between the two twins. He had kept a good half foot's worth of distance. Not due to their nature but despite Sorius's flirtatious speech to the twins it was clear he still valued his personal bubble.]]

[center [+blue I wouldn't let Red get to you. When I first met Red? He thought I was a sham and a hoax. Wasn't till I made him a sword that could--. Umm well... Wasn't till I proved my point that he wasn't so harsh. Well I say that but you know what he tells me? The black smith did all the heavy lifting. Excuse me? Sure he can forge metals but who alters the alchemical properties? I do! Sheesh.]]

[center [+gold Nice job making its about chus!]]

[center [b Sorius had blown his bangs out of his face as he blew at the small spirit.]]

[center [+gold Well as a spirit I've got a good sense for a persons natures I's do! Red has a chivalrous spirit! His is that of an armored wolf surrounded by a thorny cage of prejudices and hatred. Some of that hatred is reserved for--]]

[center [+blue What? You seriously claiming our nature has a shape? That you can see it? Really? Why has a spirit never offered this before? This is not in the archives. You sure you aren't making things up?]]

[center [+gold It's trues! Sorius I know yours is--]]

[center [+blue Nope, I am not playing along with this.]]

[center [+gold Aww what? What about you Eric? Nara? Wanna know yours?]]

[center [+blue Lord... Look don't ever tell Red if you ever compared him too.. Well you know. I don't even know if he'd forgive a spirit for that.]]

[center [+gold Huh? But puppies can be prouds and noble too!]]

[center [b He said while nuzzling on top of Nara. Sorius couldn't help but notice his fixation on Nara. The twins had responded commenting on the ability to hide.]]

[center [+blue Truly? Seems you're going to put me out of business! I can't believe it!! That's amazing! Where do you're ears go! I'm so intrigued! You gotta let me document me this!!]]

[center [b As the two left the safety of the barrier there was a presence waiting for the two of them. White hair with wolf ears and a long blade a lone female had stood alone.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Her smile was soft and gentle. Her arms crossed behind her back as she leaned forward.]]

[center [+grey Wow! A human really did find a way in here! Hey! Would you lot know about any hunters around here?]]

[center [+blue Uhm..? Well... This is awkward huh?]]

[center [b The girl had chuckled slightly as she pulled on her collar loosely]]

[center [pic ]]

[center [+grey Ahh no sweat! It's not like I hate the hunters or anything.]]

[center [+blue Oh... Thank god. To think we'd find so many nice wolves around here!]]

[center [b He hadn't taken a step forward but Wisp had hopped off of Nara's head. He was shaking heavily as he stood in front of the three of them.]]

[center [+gold N-No.. Don't trust her Sorius!]]

[center [+blue What..?]]

[center [b And like that in a mere moment she was behind Sorius and before he could react his shoulder was a bloody mess. Her face was covered in that red dark liquid. Sorius had fallen to one knee holding his leg.]]

[center [+grey Sorry pups this meal is mine!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+grey ...Pfft this muscle? This texture? You aren't a hunter are you? It lacks that special flavor. Rather boring I gotta admit. Did I miss out on the main course or something pups?]]

[center [b She held her claws up as she began to wipe the blood of her face.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+gold S-Stop this! He isn't a bad guy! He doesn't want to h-hurts you!]]

[center [+grey Ooo a spirit, it's been some time since I've seen one. I wonder if you'll be as tasty as the last.]]

[center [+gold W-What..? I-I thought Red was crazy... Some wolves really...?]]

[center [+grey Well yeah.. Our so called Lunar mother deemed me unworthy of a blessing. So... I decided to make one myself. Only way to do that is to eat a spirit of course. Wonder what happens if you eat a second spirit though..]]

[center [+blue Crap... Red where are you..?]]

[center [+grey Red...? The one who slaughtered my alpha? Hahaha I was going to kill that unblessed idiot myself! Maybe I could have become an alpha! But eating a cold corpse doesn't help our bodies much!! That beautiful bastard.. Killed an alpha all by himself. Who know's what his flavor will be.]]

[center [b Sorius looked to the other two wolves. He was in trouble wasn't he..? He couldn't fight or handle this. He had a few potions on him but... How far could that take him really...? "Damn it Red why did I ask you to go?"]]

[center [h3 After Red's Departure]]

[center [b Red was heading toward the carriage. He couldn't believe it.. That Chevalier was no where to be found. The alchemist and the blacksmith too. All they left him was a sword and a note.]]

[center [b "You did the right thing, here hopefully this makes things even with Vince."]]

[center [b "Vince..." That was Red's fathers name well it was Vincent anyhow. How did they know him? Why was the sword made in a red tint? He hadn't understood it. Any of it, he didn't complete his contract or offer any payment. Did they know he was his son? How so? Did they know what became of his father? Why hadn't they found him sooner?]]

[center [b Red had made his way to the carriage but they weren't there. Where could they be..? Had they gotten lost? No.. Red knew leaving him alone with those two was a bad idea! Read left his old sword. Taking a few vials his new blade and a hand crossbow. This time however he'd take a small firearm with some gunpowder. They were loud and he usually avoided loud weapons but he could use some firepower against two of them. With that he had ran off deep into the first. Screaming for Sorius and Wisp as loud as he could. Stealth was no longer an option he had to find them as soon as possible.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center I can easily change the "shape" of Eric or Nara. So feel free to let me know and I'll ret con the post ^^. Extra note I think I may skip doing theirs right now xD]
-Rabbit     283d ago

[center [pic]]

[center Nara tilted her head slightly. [+pink "I guess its kinda like... Hm..."] She was trying to think of a way to explain why her ears were no longer there and neither was her tail. It was actually kind of hard to explain it to a human.

[+pink "Its best to say its like they are invisible. Every wolf is born to be able to do it, but I don't know that everyone does."] She explained carefully. It sounded like some sort of gift or magic, but it really wasn't.

[+pink "It is one gift that the lunar mother gave to us all."] She smiled lightly.

That was the only way she could explain it. It did consume energy though, but they were young and their energy was boundless. Well not completely. They would tire out and have to let their ears and stuff show again.

Ah this man was defending his friend. Well... Eric couldn't say anything about that. He wouldn't protest it. At this moment he didn't actually like Red. He would put up with him though. Clearly something happened that caused his hatred for wolves. Then again he couldn't be sure of that because it sure seemed like all humans hated wolves. They had to live among themselves and if they were found they were wiped out.

He didn't even realize that there was a wolf nearby until it was too late. The minute the spirit started to protest he knew it was time to worry. He felt a growl slowly raising in his throat. He would have to protect them. His sister, the spirit, and this human. The hunter wasn't here and he didn't know where he was. He slowly lowered himself down onto all fours.

[center [pic]]

He didn't know how to fight in his human form. He wasn't sure he would ever learn. He did however know how to hunt in his wolf form... Well if he could call it... A wolf form. It was the same as those hulking monsters that usually had lunacy. He changed form without too much thought. He had to protect them. He didn't like these humans. Not much, but... They had shown a kindness that he couldn't look past. They had allowed the tribe... No his family live in peace.

He glared at the girl. She was the kind of wolf that was causing his kind so much trouble.

[+skyblue "The lunar mother didn't bless you because you weren't worthy of her. You have been listening to the wrong voice and someday... It will bring about your end."] His voice was cold and seemed to sound a bit like a growl.

He moved towards her on all fours his wolf form wasn't as bulky or hulking as others. He was more of a agile fighter. He wasn't a brute. He used more of his speed than anything else. That was what helped him make a take down when chasing a deer. He had chased another wolf before. His sister. She was fast and very good practice. He was going to enjoy this.

[+skyblue "Today I will be returning you to the lunar mother. So that she may damn your soul."] He charged at her quickly going directly for her throat. He still had a lot to learn, but he wanted to end things quickly. That was the kind of person he was.

Nara quickly moved to the alchemist. She dropped down to his side and looked at his shoulder. [+pink "Oh... You are bleeding so badly."] She frowned lightly. She was going to have to help him and yet... She looked towards her brother. She worried for him too. Clearly this female wolf had fought hunters before... Eric... The most he killed was maybe a bear?
ShieldHero-     283d ago

[center [h3 Looming Danger]]

[center [b Sorius couldn't help but feel he was cheated. How many humans could enjoy a nice conversation with such mythical beast? Not many alchemist get that right. "What a crappy time to die.." No! Sorius you can't think that. He shook his head softly as he retrieved a salve from his satchel. Applying it to his shoulder it began to heal close the wound and it even began to heal.]]

[center [b That'll do.. It sped up the human's cells for potent healing effects. Course it expended more energy from the body so it'd drain his stamina. Not that it'd matter how good was he in a fight with beast? How in the hell did a human.. Red manage this? He could barely see that crazy bitch coming.]]

[center [+blue And to think Nara... I was really enjoying our conversation. I wish I was noble enough to tell you two to leave me here but.. Honestly? I'm kinda terrified of being mauled to death. Not very heroic of me huh? Heh... Sorry cutie.]]

[center [b He found himself standing on his two feet albeit a bit shakily as he started looking through his book bag.]]

[center [b Eric had changed on a dime and charged the woman. She had a gleam in her eye as she raised her rather long exotic blade.]]

[center [+grey Yes! Show me you're primal instincts! Show me you're worth devouring!!]]

[center [b He was fast that much was true, she too was an agile build. So much so she enjoyed her lithe nimble human form. She had sacrificed her wolven pride ages ago. She had stepped back in quick motion he had managed to graze her. Which indeed surprise her, but it wasn't long before she slashed through his arm. Already under his larger frame she leapt for a killing strike.]]

[center [+blue No!]]

[center [b Sorius had thrown a sack of dust toward her. She had stepped backed avoiding the dust. Her attack was interrupted, it was than Wisp snuck his way in front of her eyes. Inhaling that dust and blowing it in her eyes. She backed up growling in pain as Eric took the chance to launch a counterattack to send her flying. She stabbed the ground sliding backward as she flipped herself forward standing upon the hilt of her blade. Taking a deep breath she attempted to open her eyes but to no avail.]]

[center [+blue Silver dust! Anything less than a fully realized alpha won't be recovering anytime soon! Even if you accelerate you're healing!]]

[center [b If you force a wolf to heal enough it can severely wear them out too. He remembered Red telling him this. Who'd think his boring lectures would come to help? She had stayed rather calm as her sword began to show a soft glow. Alchemy? Know, wolves couldn't use alchemy not like humans. What was it?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b It was than two wolven like phantoms appeared from her blades. A white and black wolf.]]

[center [+grey To think a pup, a alchemist and a fledgling spirit would force me to use my blessing. To you pup... I don't wanna hear you're religious prattle! Not to one born with the potential of becoming an alpha. Don't think I didn't notice... But I've also noticed how sloppy you're fighting style is. Don't think those two weaklings can help you, ya know... You'd be better off eating them. Maybe than you'd be strong enough to at least stand a chance.]]

[center [+blue She still can't see though right..?]]

[center [+grey Tsk, these babies? They are my eyes. They are my ears. They are my soul.]]

[center [b With that she sent the two wolven beast one slamming into Sorius the other into Eric. Slamming them both into a tree. Wisp had come behind Sorius turning himself into a larger soft like substance.]]

[center [+gold Oh... It worked! Sorry Eric.. Sorius is a lot softer! I don't think his wimpy body wouldas mades it!]]

[center [+blue Ugh.. That still hurt like hell... Hey! Says the one who looks like a marshmallow!]]

[center [+gold Uhh.. Thank you for saving my life wisp? You're welcomes Sor sor.]]

[center [+blue Ugh.. If I live we have got to talk about giving nicknames..]]

[center [b Nara had seemed worried before but now her worry has seemed to double in size. Sorius had looked her way with a small thumbs up.]]

[center [+blue Hey don't worry.. We'll think of something. Right Eric?]]

[center [+grey I can't believe I couldn't sense that spirit though sneaky little shi-]]

[center [b It was than a small blade was stabbed through her back.]]


[center [+grey Well.. If it isn't Re-]]

[center [b He had backed up leaving the blade. Raising his Red blade he slashed down. She had attempted to block with her wolves but the blade shattered through. Even Red looked shocked. Slashing through her shoulder he came in ready to deliver the killing blow. Except the blade began to burn himself as dropped the blade she dashed in. Her blade had fallen but she had her claws. She swiped at his chest clawing him up. Going for a second claw at his throat. He had already moved before her second strike kicking her back but she had grabbed his leg. He took the moment to grab the blade in her and slash at her throat. She had ducked instead throwing him into Nara.]]

[center [+grey You can keep up with me eh?]]

[center [b Red found himself chuckling as blood fell from his chest. He crawled off of Eric. His face was bleeding from his crash into Nara. He offered her a hand up. He held a gentle expression if but a moment.]]

[center [b Keep up with this monster.. Not likely Red was just a human. He was merely predicting her next movement many moments before she made it. Every movement he made he had planned to make regardless of her move. Most wolves love going for the throat. Her movements though.. It's as she understands how hunters fight and she was testing him. If he guesses wrong he could end up dead. Drawing his crossbow he aimed it at her.]]

[center [+red Thank you... For looking after Sorius and I'm sorry I doubted you.]]

[center [b They protected him.. against their own kind. Red had never seen anything like it in his life.]]

[center [+blue Sorius careful.. Her blade and jacket... She's not an alpha but..]]

[center [+red I know she's carrying hunters badges as a trophy. She's not gonna be an easy mark.]]

[center [b She had laughed licking the blood off her claws.]]

[center [+grey You still see me as prey Red..? Oh how I love that expression. All of that hate.. yes Red. Now you're following you're animal instincts! I have to devour you! I have to! You who's killed an alpha!! But.. Tasting you're blood I'm disappointed! You aren't even a real hunter... Are you?]]

[center [b Red had growled raising his voice at the small woman.]]

[center [+red Shut up! I don't care what you say! I'll.. I'll never rely on you're bloody moon.]]

[center [+grey Guess that makes us the same huh? I had to scrape and fight and steal. The moon's.. Never offered me a damn thing. But Red where we differ is.. I know power is power. No matter how it's obtained. That's why I'll be the one walking away from this. And you all? Will continue on, inside of me. I'll show you what we can become Red.]]

[center [+red Sorius hide! You too Wisp! Eric! Nara! Can you still fight? If not than get out of here!!]]

[center [b Sorius looked at the wolves than to Red in worry. Red talked big but... How many traps could he have set up on the way here? Could he use himself as a lure anyway? What if she simply avoided him and attacked someone else? He couldn't hit and run. He took days preparing to kill that alpha. Learning it's biology and bringing tools to counter it. The right traps and learning it's mind set. He has killed beast that took him by surprise strong ones too. But she... Seemed worse than that alpha. That Red blade.. Whatever it was gave him a chance but for some reason he can't use it. Red... Red can't beat her alone. Did he know that? Or was he being blinded by his hatred?]]
-Rabbit     283d ago

[center [pic]]

[center No he hadn't been paying attention. He was treating her just like she was prey. Prey was stupid and easy. This wasn't something like that. Now he would pay with his life and it would be his fault. Eric feared dying because it would leave his sister all on her own. He was left in shock when the human actually helped him. He hadn't expected it. Eric took his chance than to strike. He landed heavily on all fours and glared at her.

His anger was slowly giving way to rage. This girl was something else entirely. He was getting tired of her calling them pups. They weren't puppies anymore. He found himself growling.

Religious prattle. No. The lunar mother had spoken to him. Had told him that he would need to work hard to attain alpha. He was born with it, but couldn't actually do shit with it. He had been told to not eat flesh. It wasn't needed to be strong.

[+skyblue "One of these two is my twin sister. I would never lay a hand on her. She is strong in her own way. Do not claim her to be weak just because she appears soft. We have only ever known peace. As for the human and the spirit. They saved my life. I have no interest of ending theirs. You are foolish girl."]

He didn't know what to do about her gift. He hadn't seen anything like it before. They only gift he knew was grandpas... And well... He gave a glance towards his sister. There was something Nara could do when she was very young, but he didn't know if she could really remember or not.

Eric had been too busy thinking on his sister when he was hit with one of the odd wolf like spirits. He slammed against the tree hard and it took his breath away. He stood up though he stumbled slightly. More dazed than actually hurt. He looked towards the spirit hearing it speak.

[+skyblue "No need to apologize. It is okay."]

They were in some trouble though weren't they? He looked towards Nara when he heard Sorius speak to her. He quickly nodded.

[+skyblue "I will protect you and we will get out of this you don't have to worry."] He didn't believe what he was saying, but he would do anything to get that sad look off her face.

[+pink "Don't worry about me..."] She said softly. If they continued to do that then they would only end up getting into more trouble.

Eric seen Red and for a brief moment his tail began to wag. He stopped it though immediately. He was just happy they had some help was all. He wasn't happy to see that human. He got himself ready to help attack, but he was nervous. He didn't want to end up hurting Red by accident.

When Red was thrown into Nara, Eric ran towards them and stopped looking at the two.

Nara wasn't hurt or anything. Surprised and the wind had possibly been knocked out of her. She looked up at him as he stood and then offered her his hand. She reached out taking his hand and allowing him to help her up. She dusted herself off and then looked towards the girl. She was spouting a bunch of nonsense that she didn't really understand and what did Red mean when he said he would rely on their moon? Could a human really make contact with their lunar mother?

Eric stood in front of Nara to keep her protected as he thought of what he should do next. He had been surprised that Red had thanked him. He wasn't expecting it honestly. So there was a mature side to this human. Good.

If they were to run... Red... He would die. He wasn't aloud to die. Not until he could see and understand what wolves could be when they didn't do stupid things. Slowly Eric moved up next to Red and stood up on his hind legs.

[+skyblue "I can still fight."] He wasn't going to back down now. This girl deserved to die. Right here and right now.

[+skyblue "She's crazy only in a different way. One so obsessed with gifts and power. The lunar mother saw it right to not give her a thing... Now she steals."] He narrowed his eyes angrily.

Nara hadn't even been fighting before, but maybe... Maybe she should try. There was a secret she had been keeping for awhile now. One that she even kept from her brother. At least she had thought she had been keeping it. She had forgotten when she was younger that she had already been sort of using her gift.

She hadn't wanted to tell anyone about her gift. She had been afraid to make her brother jealous. She didn't want him angry with her. She slowly changed to her wolf form. She may not be able to fight, but she could at least try to protect them and protect the ones that couldn't fight. She couldn't do much. Her training had been very short as the old red wolf didn't have the stamina to try and give her real training, but she knew a little bit.

[center [pic]]

Focusing she was able to see the very thing that had been with her since childhood. A small jellyfish. It turned out that she had an affinity for water. The jellyfish was almost like a familiar. Whenever she used her gift it was always there with it. It didn't speak, but she could feel its thoughts and emotions. It wasn't much but it could help her with water. Swirling around it was several droplets of water. She couldn't use a lot of it, but she could use some and maybe she would be able to protect them this way.

Though using water wasn't the most defensive thing was it? She moved towards the Spirit and Sorius. They were defenseless. She would have to protect them first.]
ShieldHero-     281d ago


[center [b Eric had strongly protested her in the idea of eating the others. She couldn't help but find herself chuckling lightly. Red had caught himself glancing to Eric with a bit of surprise before looking toward her.]]

[center [b For as crazy as her speech was... She seemed different from the crazed wolves he's killed. Her attacks were more deliberate.. she also preferred to fight in her human form. She seemed in control of her own mind and body. Red didn't understand what her deal was. He didn't have time to worry about that though. He just needs to find a weakness.. Anything.]]

[center [+grey So cute~ I remember when I was so naive.]]

[center [b It was at that moment Nara took into the fray. She had summoned a strange creature. "Blessed huh.."]]

[center [+grey Oh wow... So many nice treats today huh? One of the blessed as saw fit to face me a simple mutt.]]

[center [b She said with more disdain than toward the others. It was the first time her smile had dissipated but only for an instant before it found it's place again upon her twisted face.]]

[center [b Sorius had ran over to Nara to check her wounds it was a nasty crash after all. It was than he noticed her form change.]]

[center [+blue You may seem like a dainty sweet thing... But honestly? Probably was better she through Red at you rather than me huh?]]

[center [b It was at that moment Sorius retreated back into the woods. Dragging Wisp with him of course.]]

[center [+gold Heys! I cans fights too!]]

[center [+blue Ha! No way! This ain't no place for you or me. If you end up dead Red will sulk so let's just get out of the way for now. Here! Red! Take this!!]]

[center [b He had thrown a pouch for Red to catch before heading off. Red had looked inside it a moment before smirking.]]

[center [+red He caught on fast huh...?]]

[center [b Red looked toward Eric than to her.]]

[center [+red All right Eric, let's take this lunatic down. I can't believe I'm saying this but... I've got you're back.]]

[center [b Despite Eric being the faster and more durable of the two Red had taken the lead charging at her. Taking his silver sword as he swung. She easily parried him following up with a second slash. Red had drawn his small firearm. Shooting her way she sidestepped her cheek scratched but she wasn't worse for wear.]]

[center [b Twirling around she went for a kick to his abdomen. However Red had instinctively went for a parry in front of his throat/upper body.]]

[center [+grey What the..?]]

[center [b Red found himself coughing up spit as she raised her leg down. Her head tilted confused. "Damn it.. If she learns I'm only predicting her movements... She's faster than any wolf I've ever seen doubly so in that small form. She didn't go for his throat... She was viewing him as an opponent rather than prey.]]

[center [b Red had pulled his hand crossbow but not before he threw his firearm at her. She scoffed at the childish display smacking the firearm away as she caught the incoming bolt with her teeth. However... the handgun had exploded into metal in shrapnel. In the smoke a strange form change could be seen. Had she possibly blocked in her wolven form? Red couldn't see much but it too seemed lithe and small. When the smoke cleared she was in her human form. Red's blade was blocked but he had a hidden dagger in his left hand stabbed into her left shoulder. Lucky for Red his left arm was just as fast as his right due to the training from his master. He drew blood and he was making progress. If he could perform enough long ranged attacks to distract her he could stand a chance in close quarters for a few strikes. At least.. So he thought.]]

[center [b Despite her wolven strength Red was able to keep up in brute strength. Though still slightly lagging behind but that was of course her human form. Though Red had forgotten one obvious important detail. That detail would come crashing down on him, literally.]]

[center [b With a flick of her wrist while her blade was held against his her two wolven spirits left Eric and Nara be coming in to crush Red. He tried to pull back but she grabbed his wrist from his dagger arm. He on reaction stabbed the blade further but she only sneered.]]

[center [+grey Let's bleed together Red... I wonder who will be able to last longer?]]

[center [b Crap, the so called legendary Red despite his many hunts is starting to learn.. In many ways he still just an amateur. "I knew taking her head on was stupid so.. Why the hell did I do it?" Red might not have long to regret what could be his last mistake.]]
-Rabbit     281d ago

[center [pic]]

[center Unlike her brother, Nara was not phased by what the girl had to say. It was simply name calling. She stood in front of Sorius and the spirit. They made a run for it and she was thankful. However she didn't know what to do about the wolf spirits that came for her. Eric came to her aid with those. He didn't really know how to deal with them though. At least Sorius and the spirit had gotten away for now. It was easier to just focus on these spirits and protecting his sister and Red.

He had been able to watch as Red fought. He appeared to be very smart and that was good, but... His ears flickered slightly. Nope. No human was worth any of these complements. He would save them for someone else. Someone who had referred to him as a flesh eater. As long as they could keep these spirits busy he was sure everything would be alright.

Thankfully his sister was nimble and quick in her wolf form. She was able to dodge these spirits and he wondered if it wasn't because of that little jellyfish she had summoned. Clearly it was helping her out. He just didn't quite understand it. He did notice that a few of the water droplets that had been around the little creature were missing. They wouldn't be able to probably hold much more against these. He was getting tired. He had never had to be in this form to fight this long.

He should have been practicing more, but he had no one to train him. The spirits suddenly seemed to have no more interest in him and Nara and he quickly looked towards Red. He was in such a tough spot. He charged towards him. If they got to him they would kill him. He couldn't let that happen. It would be against everything he had ever been taught. It would also make it where he could never show this human a different side of them.

The only problem was... He didn't know if he would be able to stand against these humans. Nara seeing what her twin was doing focused on him and Red. She didn't have a lot of droplets left and she was tiring out. She used the rest of them to put a small barrier of water over Red. It wouldn't be able to save him though. It would only protect him from a little damage. It was the last thing she could do though. Dodging and protecting her brother from some of the spirit wolves movements had costed her.

She didn't know how to fight all that well.

Eric knew things were looking bad. Even if he did get in the way there was a possibility that those wolves would just rip right through his body. He closed his eyes deciding it wasn't worth thinking about right now. He instead started to pray. [i [+skyblue Lunar mother... Please aid me... Just this once. I promise... I'll get better... Just don't let this wolf consume us."]] He had never asked her for anything. Knowing strength came from working hard, but this time he needed it. If she ignored his plea than he would understand. He would return to her embrace as they all did.

[center [pic]]

[i [+Navy "Of course young pup. This once... I will aid you, but it will have consequences..."]] The image of the wolf in his mind had even smiled and yet she appeared to be crying too. One of her own was fighting against another and she had never wanted that. Her image faded and Eric felt he could tap into something he hadn't before. Consequences... He would have to suffer them to save this human.

He didn't think twice. He tapped into this hidden power that he had only tasted once before. He was able to pick up his speed. He quickly moved between the spirits and Eric. He snarled angrily. Though in his right mind he felt like it was hard to focus completely. He stood his ground to defend Red blocking the two spirits from getting to him. His growl grew louder and stronger.

An aura around his body had formed though faint. He stood still not moving focusing on holding those two wolves back.]]
ShieldHero-     280d ago


[center [h3 Clash]]


[center [b Eric came in catching the two beast before they could even reach the bubble! The woman had growled flexing her arm as twisted her sword in a circular motion. Beckoning the beast to go further but... Eric had held strong!]]

[center [b "What the hell..? It's like he's a completely different breed... All at once. How was this possible? Though his aura wasn't as powerful as the Alpha before. He seemed to be in more... Control at least comparatively. It wasn't out of hate Eric was fighting... Those eyes... He was laying his life on the line to protect others. Those... Were the eyes of a hero. Whether Red would admit out loud or not.]]

[center [b The woman had grown impatient. She lunged over Red's blade to bite into him but... The thinly veiled bubble was still in the way. It was true it may have failed to stop her spirits. But a physical attack from her? Completely repelled her fangs. This was Red's chance! Smacking her blade out of the way he took the time to run her through. Though she had side stepped he only managed to stab through her shoulder. With her bloodied fangs she hesitated to reach for another bite. However.. Red had not? Despite being a human he had reached over biting into her neck though not lethal he managed to draw blood as she kicked him back.]]

[center [+grey Pfft, the beast with a noble heart and the savage human. What a infuriating way to flip expectations huh?]]

[center [b Eric couldn't and would not wait he had to make the most of this time to attack. Rushing her completely as she attempted a flurry of parries and flips. Only to be overpowered in each attempt though avoiding lethal damage the tip of his claws had consistently reached her skin. He was slowly mauling the lady and here she was... Smiling. Eric had slammed her against a rock dashing in for a final strike. She threw her blade only for Eric to catch it with his teeth. It was as he learned at least a little bit from watching her! She drew her second blade for him to smack it away. It was at that moment she dashed over to grab Red's fallen crimson blade. Using her previous strikes as a distraction she swung with a crimson burst setting Eric aflame!]]

[center [b However what burnt Red before? Had completely set her on fire! She dropped the blade screaming in pain. Nara had used her gift to put Eric out. It was than... A gust of hot wind came rushing in. Her two beast had blown the fire away. Her wounds were healing at an accelerated rate but.. She was panting forcing her body into overdrive.]]

[center [+grey Wanna play it like that?! Fine we'll play!!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Grabbing her two swords she came in with a completely new style. Lashing out with a twirl of steps, each with graceful movement. Eric's swipes were broad and they weren't lacking for power but this is were the gap in experience was most apparent.]]

[center [b Taking a left foot forward she went for a lunge to his eyes. Going to bite her blade down she slides her foot forward sliding her slender frame lower. Slashing with her second blade at his legs. Kickflipping up landing a solid kick to his jaw. He grabbed her small leg only to have a blade stabbed through. Fighting through the pain he span around she took her second blade into his shoulder but Eric only increased his speed slamming her away as she stabbed her blades into the ground flying through the air. Though slowing her crash it only cushioned it so far. Eric was panting but Red had taken to his side. A white chalk across his arms and hands.]]

[center [+red Sorry had to make a few preparations... But you didn't too bad.]]

[center [b It was than a shrill scream could be heard. One of the phantoms had began to consume the other in a horrifying flash nothing but visceral and blood remained. The remaining beast had grown larger in size. Even it's roar had shaken Red and Eric a bit from a distance.]]

[center [b Red and Eric didn't have time to say anything only a moment to exchange a look before charging in. This time together at once. Eric had held the beast back grabbing it's lower and upper jaw as it attempted to swallow him whole. Red couldn't keep up with her dual bladed stance. He was able to avoid her attacks and steps but he couldn't get an attack in edge wise. "A strategy.. A stance... A weapon. Something... Damn it I've only got one thing left don't I?]]

[center [b Nara had used the last of her power pushing her limits to cover Eric an a watery ball. Red and Eric had retreated a few steps back. Throw had attempted to throw his blade as a distraction but the mere aura of that massive wolf blew it back. "That wasn't going to work.." Eric and Red were worn down but so they had to put everything into one last shot. Red quickly drew his crimson blade.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b It quickly began to burn him, he'd have to. Her wolf could repel ranged attacks with ease so.. Here goes nothing. Eric still covered in Nara's final blessing alongside her jellyfish. She... took to the front looking towards the other two.]]

[center [b The three charged in. Eric's crashing down with brawn and water into the wolf. The beast began to glow and roar something seemed to form in it's throat... Was that.. Ice? Eric had shoved his claws into it's throat. The beast it was tethered to her that line... What if he could sever it? No... He wouldn't reach that. He'd have to tackle it head on. This was against how a hunter did things but... He had no choice. Running in Red jumped holding his blade over his hands. With two hands he let out a desperate roar.]]

[center [+red Ahhhh!!]]

[center [b With a mighty arc of his blade Red had dropped the blade downward. A flaming wheel followed behind him. Eric had managed to escape just in time. Red and the beast had begun to clash. The flame seeping into the wounds Eric left. The flames were attempting to consume Red now. If it wasn't for Sorius's flame retardant chalk (mainly used for escaping dangerous explosions.) Red would already be a crisp. "Thanks.. Sorius." Red gripped his blade tightly as the flames burned hotter and even hotter. Even with the chalk he couldn't last much longer. It was at that moments Eric came in pushing Red with the last of his strength in that form. With that final push he managed to sever the beast lower jaw. Before it could reel and counter Red had ran and slid under the beast offering a few more slashes in retaliation. Pushing himself up with his off hand he span around in mid hand stand. Even though he only had a single arm to swing and a handstand wasn't a firm stance to swing from. Red figured the flaming blade could do the heavy lifting and he was right. Red with Eric's help had managed to catch the beast off guard severing it's upper jaw. Reeling back on fire the woman was focusing her energy to repair her beast as the line thinned. But... It was at that moment Nara had came in ripping the line apart severing her from the phantom.]]

[center [+grey Damn it!]]

[center [b Falling backwards the woman appeared to be stunned for a moment panting. Red had dropped his blade falling to his knee's. Eric's form had reverted back to a humans too and he seemed pretty exhausted.]]

[center [+red Damn it.. One more push and we can... Huff... End her.]]

[center [b Luckily she seemed tired too..? Maybe Nara could finish her from here but as things seemed to turn the woman had began to sneer. Almost as if she had a fit of giggles she began to cackle.]]

[center [+grey Wow! To think I'd be pushed to my last legs my two pups and a half cooked hunter. This is going to be a pain... But if I feast again I should be able to patch myself up.]]

[center [b What was she talking about? Before Red could contemplate she grabbed her left arm. She held on tightly grunting her shoulder began to tear and rip. She ripped her left arm off! Holding onto it she began to gnaw and gnash consuming her own flesh. With her renewed energy she sent a second spectral line to the flaming corpse of a beast on the ground. It began to move... It's jaw growing back together and the flames hadn't even seized to burn it's flesh.]]

[center [+red Great... As if it wasn't enough of a hand full when it WASN'T on fire.]]

[center [b Holding her blade with the right hand she began to take a few steps forward to the group. She was clearly wobbly and bleeding badly. It was at that moment a bed of roses had appeared behind the woman. From the bed roses came a young man.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b It was... Louise! Surrounded by was it seven.. no eight bright orbs.]]

[center [+yellow Such a lovely face shouldn't hide such twisted intentions milady.]]

[center [b His voice was calm and quiet and with a single snap of his fingers the spirits had begun to blow forth a typhoon. Wrapping her in vines as wind and water encased her into a cocoon. The wind encased Louis's leg next. The cocoon was now hovering a few feat up the ground. Louise had offered a half hearted kick but despite the lack of effort the make shift prison was sent flying through the forest floor. What about the beast...? Red had turned and nothing... Nothing but ash was left. What happened? Had Louise done that? Was her connection severed? Whatever happened... He knew one thing. He was damn lucky. Sorius had came in running alongside Wisp]]

[center [+gold We gots the helps!!]]

[center [+blue Yea.. Huff huff... We got him awhile ago but he said he'd need eight spirits from the forest to handle her.]]

[center [+gold I helpeds find thems!]]

[center [+yellow Lunae Lucem.. The Moonlight Thief. To think... You guys managed to push her so far. I must say... You guys are a resilient bunch. Had she been at full strength I would have had a fight on my hands.]]

[center [b A fight..? A fight? To think one human could just send her flying on her way like that. Spirit Tuning... Was it really that powerful? Or was it Louis himself?]]

[center [+blue I've never seen a human use more than one spirit...]]

[center [+yellow Well without the restraints of Instruments and with the right amount of dedication. It's not that hard really.]]

[center [+red Not that hard huh?]]

[center [b Red scoffed... Here they were busting their asses and this guy just. He just-! It pissed Red off... But mostly he was mad at himself. He wasn't strong enough to beat her.. Even with the help of those- Of Eric and Nara. He looked to the two of them panting heavily.]]

[center [+red You guys really held you're own out there. Thank you.]]

[center [+yellow Yes... I must say I am glad to see you all getting along. That was the intent after all but-]]

[center [+red Wait.. What? What's you're game here? Why am I here?]]

[center [+blue Red we have no time! Someone tipped the village off! Someones heading here... With a hunter. The old man should be safe in the barrier if not Louis can handle him. We have gotta get outta here if anyone see's us with Nara or Eric it could cause trouble for them.. And for us.]]

[center [+red Tsk... I hate to run off before I get any questions answered but fine. Next time Louis... you owe me answers.]]

[center [+yellow Of course of course! Now I had a spirit retrieve you're wagon. You will see me again.. In time. A change is coming and Red.. Sorius... Eric and Nara as well. You'll be at the heart of it.]]

[center [+red Wait.. How do you know their names? What change? On that note what's the deal with this sword? This note?]]

[center [b Louis had turned hearing some shuffling. Stomping the ground a wall of roses and leaves grew between himself and the group. Red growled under his breath but... Time was already up and they had to go.]]

[center [+sorius Red! Eric! Nara! Get in! We gotta get outta here!]]
-Rabbit.Wolf.   280d ago

[center Finally... The fight was over. Though she was tired Nara returned to her human form. She couldn't believe that the town had been alerted. At least she was sure the old ones would be safe. She was glad for the help. It had came just in time. She looked at the man and smiled softly.

[+pink "Thank you for coming to our aid. We had tried everything... Even Red who knows way more than us was getting tired out. He had done so much to help us."] She frowned slightly. She had wished she could do more, but she had only enough water to guard Eric. His huge form had taken so much effort. She was thankful that they would be able to rest in the wagon, but sad that this town would know of the wolves being around now.

Of course they wouldn't understand that they had been saved by wolves either. Well partially saved by wolves. She was sad a wolf like that girl existed. It was her first time seeing one in person rather than hearing about them through messenger wolves. Two different kind of crazies. It was awful. She had wanted to thank Red and apologize too, but she was just starting to feel way too warn down. She would need to recover. She couldn't even hide her ears and tail right now.

She glanced towards her brother and found him breathing extremely heavy. He fell to his knees clutching his chest. His lungs burned and his body was in so much pain. He couldn't stand barely anymore. The wolf form quickly left him.

[center [pic]]

Nara ran over and helped him to his feet. He was heavy but she was determined to get him into the wagon. Eric was having a hard time staying awake. He forced himself to walk along with his sister to get to the wagon. Once inside he curled up in a ball and closed his eyes tightly. It would seem that had taken a lot out of him. He hadn't been ready for it. Of course he hadn't. This all felt very familiar. This pain. His mind was too foggy to try and remember why though.

Nara sat along side him and sighed. Of course they just had to get into a fight without knowing really how to do anything. What he Eric done to do this to himself she wondered? She didn't quite understand. She only knew that she had seen it before and it had done the same thing to him. He had used it this time to defend a human though.

She wondered how he was feeling about that, but she would have to ask him later. She had noticed the pain eased up in his face and he was sleeping.]
ShieldHero-     280d ago


[center [h3 Reprieve]]

[center [b Nara had thanked Louise commenting on Red's sorry state. She hadn't meant it to stung but... Red's time as a hunter he had never felt so clearly out matched. It frustrated him but hearing Eric's heavy pants cut through his thoughts. He attempted to stroll over to help Eric out but he only ended up stumbling himself his burned arms trembling. Sorius had caught Red with a soft chuckle.]]

[center [+blue Hehe.. Nara's both equal parts brawn and beauty she can help Eric out. Just get some rest all right?]]

[center [b Red was breathing slowly trying to regain his composure but those flames... They hadn't burned like any flames he felt before. It was like it was attempting to consume his very being not just his flesh. Red sighed softly as Louis handled the blade. Placing it into Red's wagon. "How was he..?"]]

[center [b After everyone was loaded up Sorius had waved fareway to Louis before the flowers completely closed the two off. It seemed Nara's gratitude had deeply touched Louis. What was that? What did he know about these two? Or about Red for that matter?]]

[center [h3 Smooth Sailing]]

[center [b Sorius had expected at least some trouble in their escape but it seemed Louis covered their tracks well. An hour had seemingly passed and there was no commotion. Which was good cause Red and Eric seemed to be conked out for the most part.]]

[center [+blue So.. Nara now that it's the two of us I have to ask. How long have you known? That you were blessed I mean. I've never seen a summoner's blessing. Or really.. any blessing before I usually let Red work alone. Red would kill me for saying this but... Half the reason I came on this trip... Was to meet wolves like you two. When I was young I was saved by one. It's.. A long and boring story really.]]

[center [b Sorius had straightened his collar and his robes out. Moving his reins to the horse ever so slightly. Leaning back and offering Nara a sly smile.]]

[center [+blue I have to admit after that I became a little obsessed. With you're lunar mother and you're ways. Those who succumbed to lunacy and others who simply chose to kill. I want to understand why that wolf.. Saved me. Beautiful and majestic.. With silver fur I'll never forget them. Though not quiet as beautiful as you my dear.]]

[center [+gold Heys! Don't corrupts the wittle puppys!]]

[center [+blue Oh jeez I forgot you're here. Don't you have a forest or something you can haunt?]]

[center [+gold Whats?! No! You heard the funny talking mans! A change is coming!]]

[center [+blue Wait.. He's the funny talking man? As the one who instructed you to...? Why? Tell me everything fuzz ball!]]

[center [+gold Nopes! It's a secrets sorry!!]]

[center [+blue Yeah.. Of course it is.]]

[center [b He let out a long and exhausted sigh before pulling out his map.]]

[center [+blue Hmm.. Our usual routine may not work. We were going to head to a "Hunter's Cabin." Maybe not a safe idea now. We could head to the nearest village and try to rest and resupply. Or we can head a little farther and there should be a city.]]

[center [+gold The names! I wants to know the names!!]]

[center [+blue Lord! I was asking Nara not you! Fine fine jeez! Stop hitting me it tickles! The village is the one me and Red just came from. It's called Briar Glen. As for the other.. It's Lumina City.]]

[center [+gold Hmm.. I says it's up to Naras!]]

[center [+blue Well I was asking her! I trust her animal instincts a lot more than you fuzzball. I usually end up deciding for Red constantly so it's nice to have some input for once cutie~]]
-Rabbit.Wolf.   279d ago

[center Nara was actually glad that she was the only three of them that was really able to do any talking at the moment. She glanced over at Sorius as he spoke to her and she smiled softly. She leaned back slightly and thought about it for a moment.

[+pink "Well when I was a little girl I use to go down to the river with my brother. We were both small pups still, but we were trusted. I would blow bubbles for him out of nothing. He would chase and pop them..."] Her smile faded a little.

[+pink "When the elder found out he quickly had me conceal the fact that I had a gift. Even from my twin. I believe that he always knew though. He tried to teach me the best he could, but he was a master of illusion, where... I work with water."] The smile seemed to come back to her lips. She really did like talking about her gift. It felt good to not have to conceal it anymore.

She looked at him curiously. [+pink "Saved by wolves huh?"] She nodded. It was good to hear that not all of her kind was terrible.

This man was extremely flirty. [+pink "Someday we will have to learn that story from you. I doubt we know the wolves, but I am sure it will be an interesting tale."] She smiled lightly and then looked ahead. She was glad the spirit had tagged a long. She really liked him.

[+pink "I am glad you are coming with us wisp. It is calming to have a spirit."] She murmured. She thought about where they should go next. A new place might be a good idea.

[+pink "Maybe we should go to Lumina City."] She didn't know for sure, but she liked the name of the place.

[+pink "Red... I have to thank him properly. He saved our lives and he didn't have to. You did as well. Thank you Sorius. You two are the first kind humans we have came across."] She smiled at him warmly happy to have been helped. She would be sure to repay this kindness.
ShieldHero-     278d ago


[center [+blue Hehe blow bubbles huh? Could you two be anymore precious truly? Ahh, I suppose it makes sense he'd have you hide it. Ya know... Growing up I had a bad habit of mixing chemicals at school. One day I may... Have caused a small explosion. So I understand parents sometimes trying to step in haha.]]

[center [b She went on as she told him of her working with water he nodded lending her an ear. It must have been hard lacking a teacher.]]

[center [+blue That must have been rough I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe we should try and study a bit on you're gift. Sounds like Eric and Red would have been in trouble without you! I... All I was able to do was run off and cry for help.]]

[center [b Sorius sighed heavily as he looked forward. She had brought up him being saved by wolves. His lips perked up into a small smile.]]

[center [+blue Yup! I'll never know if it was a male or a female but either way... They were beautiful. In both of their forms! Haha maybe I'll share it one day.]]

[center [b Nara had let Wisp know she was happy to have him he puffed up rather proudly as Sorius sighed.]]

[center [+blue Don't let it get to you're head fuzzball.]]

[center [+gold Yours just jealous she likes me betters!!]]

[center [b It was than Nara had chosen a place for them to head to. Sorius smiled and nodded.]]

[center [+blue Lumina city it is! Maybe we can find some other wolves too! For you and Eric to make a home at. If possible... Maybe we can convince the council their to lift the decree.]]

[center [+gold Decree?]]

[center [+blue No wolves, well a number of creatures but wolves are among them. How could we convince them I wonder... We gotta try though right? I mean we owe you and Eric after all.]]

[center [b Nara had begun to express her gratitude to Sorius and to Red.]]

[center [+blue Ahh, it was all you guys and Red. Me and the fuzzball were just dead weight.]]

[center [+gold Says you! I was puppies knight in shining armors!]]

[center [+blue Surrree you are and I'm the queen of-]]

[center [+gold Hushes meany!]]

[center [b It was than the wagon shifted knocking Red around a little. Bumping into Eric rather roughly he sat up groggily. Before grunting and pulling away quickly.]]

[center [+red What the?! Oh yeah..]]

[center [+blue Well good morning sleepy head, so Red what's the deal with that sword? I'd love to study it.]]

[center [+red Go ahead and take the damn thing it damn near burned me to a crisp. I can't even use the damn thing.]]

[center [+blue You've no clue what it is?]]

[center [+red A gift... From that strange little village.]]

[center [+blue Hmm.. Well we are heading to Lumina city. Were going to lift the decree against wolves. I mean we owe Nara and Eric at least that right?]]

[center [+red Pfft, I highly doubt they'll listen to our little band.]]

[center [+blue Oh don't be so negative Red!! We can always seize the day! You'll see.]]

[center [b Red chuckled shaking his head softly as he found himself looking Nara's way. The way she severed that line before.. She was surprised him and not only that but she really saved his neck. He had to thank her but... He wasn't exactly sure on how to.]]
-Rabbit.Wolf.   277d ago

[center Nara listened as he spoke to her. She was rather interested in what he had to say. Humans were new to her and well... She had always wondered what their lives were like and now she could find out. Though she had a feeling they weren't all that much different. She smiled softly.

[+pink "It all comes down to trial and error."] She said softly. After he had told her his story about alchemy. She smiled lightly and listened to what he had to say next. She didn't see it that way. She still had a lot to learn. She knew that she would get better eventually. She just hoped that next time she would be able to help a lot more.

[+pink "I only tried my best. It tired me out, but not as much as what Eric did."] She didn't speak much more about Eric though. There was no need in telling his story for him. The story of the first time he had ever tapped into that power. He didn't remember it anyway and that was for the best.

She listened to the spirit and Sorius talk and smiled lightly. A frown soon came across her lips. She wasn't sure how they would be able to convince people that wolves really weren't all that bad... There was so much bad blood, but maybe... If they could explain Lunacy and... Clearly there was another type of crazy too. She sat thinking to herself. She heard Red's voice and looked towards him. That's right she needed to think of a way to thank him!

[center [pic]]

[+skyblue "Jeez for a human you are heavy..."] He grumbled when Red fell into him. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He still felt groggy, but he knew he needed to stay awake now. Soon... Things would probably get a bit worse for him.

He would have to be careful and take things slow. Using that form... It made him feel so exhuasted and sick to his stomach. It also caused his body a ton of aches and pains. It also gave him a slight bit of memory loss. He couldn't quite remember what all happened. He could remember some, but not all.

He stretched and gave a slight whimper. Ah everything hurt so god damned bad. Oh well. He would learn something maybe. He yawned softly and then leaned back and looked at Red.

[+Skyblue "Thank you for so so much for helping me and my sister! I am in your debt..."] He didn't sound happy about it, but he did at least sound sincere.
ShieldHero-     275d ago


[center [+blue Trial and error huh..? I don't know about that cute stuff. Not all of us are born to be great like you or you're brother. Boy that took a negative turn huh? I just... wish I could do more.]]

[center [b Sorius held his hand around his arm with a light tremble he offered her a faint smile.]]

[center [b She had told Sorius she only did what she could this is when Eric and Red had came to.]]

[center [+red All you could do huh? The way you eliminated you're presence entirely. Me and Eric couldn't sneak anything past her and yet you got so close to that monster you were able to sever that cord.]]

[center [+yellow Puppies strong! Buts human strong too! What dids she mean when she saids you werent a reals hunter?]]

[center [+blue Well.. It's a hunter thing but... Red hasn't gone through a Lunar Rite.]]

[center [+red And I have no intention of doing so either.]]

[center [+blue Oh boy, he's a stubborn one. Plenty of hunters don't make it through the Lunar Rite and sometimes they do but.. They lose themselves. Lost Hunters.]]

[center [+red Hunters who've lost the difference between man and beast they simply hunt and nothing more.]]

[center [b Eric had commented on Red being heavy before offering an apology. Red had taken a stand up to Eric looking at him before taking a deep breath and rubbing the back of his head.]]

[center [+red All of my instincts tell me to be weary of you two but.. The simple truth is had you turned on me and Sorius with the beast we fought. We'd be dead plain and simple, so for that I must thank you. It'll take time for me to get used to this idea but... Nara...Eric. You are not beast but instead have shown greater humanity than most people I've even seen. I will try to remember that in the future my instincts be damned.]]

[center [+blue Damn, Red apologizing? We should write this on the calender!]]

[center [+red Hush! Maybe when we get to the city... I can ask about that damned sword. Course when we show them our permits we'll have to somehow sneak Nara and Eric in.]]

[center [+blue True they have ways of finding out if you're a wolf in sheeps clothing so to speak. Hmmm...]]

[center [+yellow I cans helps! I can cloaks them! But only for a little bits!!]]

[center [+blue Really? I doubt it.]]

[center [+yellow No I really can! Ones problems... I needs a tuner to pull it off!]]

[center [+red Well me and Sorius can't.]]

[center [+yellow Why not?!]]

[center [+blue Well... Me and Red may have Arcana but only those with an aptitude can wield a spirit.]]

[center [+yellow Whys?]]

[center [+blue Because people like Red and me.. When we rest are Arcana wouldn't restore. If you took all of it not only would we be permanently exhausted we would lose our will to live. Besides the fact our arcana is blocked... By a sorta invisible gate so to speak.]]

[center [+red Short version regular people like us have got no chance in hell Wisp sorry.]]

[center [+yellow Aww what about the puppies!!]]

[center [+blue Sadly wolves have the same problem in fact. Perhaps me and Red can head in and look for a tuner. If not we can perhaps found another route right Red?]]

[center [+red Hmm.. True or we could set our sights on somewhere smaller. Less dangerous to convince some humans that Eric and Nara mean no harm.]]
-Rabbit.Wolf.   275d ago

[center Born to be great? Is that what he truly thought about her and her brother. They weren't born to be great. She looked off to the side and a soft sigh came passed her lips.

[+pink "Born to be great? You really think that don't you? I was given a gift I barely understand and Eric... When he transforms and taps into that strange power he suffers violent sickness and pain. No... We weren't born to be great. We will have to work to achieve what we want. If we don't work on it... We won't be anything."] She looked over at him.

[+pink "I don't know what you think of yourself and I may never understand exactly what goes on in your mind, but I am pretty sure that even you can become great."] Her voice had turned stern. Her eyes were trained on him until she heard Red and then Eric speak. She looked towards Red and smiled.

She wasn't expecting what Red said and she fell completely silent unsure of what she should say.

[+pink "Really... I didn't think it would work. I just did what my instincts told me to do."] Her voice was no longer stern. She sounded unsure of how to take the praise.

Eric listened to him speak without a word. He simply nodded. For now that was all he could do. He didn't have that much energy as it was. He felt sick. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He was just glad everyone was safe. He listened quietly to the conversation. Going to such a huge place would be a problem. No... They had to start small not just go large.

He loved Nara, but she just chose what she wanted to. They were going to have to have aid... Aid of towns. People that got to see who they truly were and would vouch for them.

[+skyblue "We... We need to start small. We should go to a smaller town and start there. Then move up. It would be dangerous going to such a large place."]

He fell silent after that and didn't offer up anything else. He was sure if he spoke anymore he was going to throw up.

Nara looked back at him. She knew he was right. They had to be careful with what they were doing. She could have sent them directly into danger.

[+pink "He is right. We should start out small. Go to other villages. Maybe offer our help slaying Lunatic wolves."] She said. They would also have to work on honing their skills.
ShieldHero-     273d ago


[center [h3 Unexpected Lecture]]

[center [b Nara had grown rather stern with Sorius and by this point both Eric and Red were up. All eyes were on him and Sorius caught himself off guard if but for a moment.]]

[center [+blue I-I'm not denying it takes work, I just mean... I wish I had any power to refine or to work on myself. I'm sorry Nara I didn't mean to project my insecurities onto you like that.]]

[center [b Red had blinked staring blankly at Sorius as the alchemist fumbled awkwardly. "Had he really thought that..? Here Red presumed he was only a coward. He truly wanted to grow stronger."]]

[center [+yellow Red's plenty strong! And he wasn't born special at either! He worked hard! Just like the puppies!!]]

[center [+blue Okay okay let's not have this be gang up on Sorius day all right? I don't think it's honestly fair to compare me to Red though. Man's got nerves of steel!]]

[center [+red Tsk, you know if it wasn't for you're chalk and quick thinking we'd be dead. You accessed the situation and got us help even when my pride urged me to charge in.]]

[center [+blue O-Oh? A compliment from Red? I'm not sure how to take that really... Sure you didn't hit you're head?]]

[center [+red Hmph!]]

[center [b Red turned his head with a slight pout on his lips. Wisp was giggling to himself behind Nara. Although after Nara's harsh lecture she had offered Sorius a bit of advice. When Nara had said the words "Even you could be great" Red found himself chuckling.]]

[center [+blue Even me huh?]]

[center [b Red couldn't help but full on laugh to the way Nara had worded her phrase and Sorius repeating it with a smirk only made him laugh more.]]

[center [+blue I tease I tease thank you Nara I appreciate you.]]

[center [b Nara had told Red she only did what her instincts told her do. Red wasn't convinced though she seemed to have put real thought into that attack. Her timing was too perfect she seemed to have a good sense for gauging people whether she'd admit it or not.]]

[center [b Eric had thrown his own thoughts into the equation. Red had nodded it seemed like a sensible plan.]]

[center [+red Agreed so we where to Sorius?]]

[center [+blue Of course]]

[center [b Sorius had sighed lightly with a smile. Thinking to himself for a moment he finally thought of something.]]

[center [+blue Well.. If that girl was tracking us without noticing. Maybe we could head back to Briar Glen? Try to see if we've riled anything up by killing that crazed Alpha.]]

[center [+red Hmm.. Sounds like it could be a waste of time but... Well it couldn't hurt. Maybe we could look for a Spirit Tuner for Wisp too. Being able to cloak Eric and Nara could be useful.]]

[center [b It was than when Nara had stated something so obvious. Why go by word? Why not show with action?]]

[center [+red That's it!]]
[center [+blue That's it!]]

[center [+blue Of course! If they could help us... Hunt the hunters license!]]

[center [+red True... We might just have a loophole here. If you guys can accept a contract and take a pelt for yourselves. We can take it to a "Hunters Cabin." By our creed they'd have to accept to see you.]]

[center [+blue We'd be sending them to the lions den though.]]

[center [+red Hunters have a code we have to abide to besides... It wouldn't just be them. If things went south we'd go down to for working with them.]]

[center [+blue Oh okay that makes me feel better!]]

[center [+red Heh.. So Eric,Nara could you do this? Become the first wolven hunters?]]

[center [+yellow Yeah! Than the humans have to listen to the puppies!!]]

[center [b Wisp was spinning around and Sorius had turned his wagon! To the village they were headed.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b If you want you're next post they can show up at the village. LOVE YOU <3]]
-Rabbit.Wolf.   273d ago

[center Wolven hunters. The first ones. Nara was quiet. She didn't really like that. Wolven... She closed her eyes for a moment. Of course she wasn't going to refuse. This is what they would have to do. They would have to take down their own kind. The ones that deserved it to be able to get anywhere. She understood that, but it was hard thinking about it too. She wished she didn't have to consider it. It seemed like a dream and a nightmare all at once.

Ah they were at the village now. Nara was feeling slightly better now as she thought of how they were going to take on this hunt. She glanced back towards Eric who was looking much better now. Good. Looked like the adverse affects were wearing down. Eric was able to move around more now and didn't look like he was going to throw up. He did look a little uncomfortable though. The smell of humans was everywhere now and he didn't exactly know how to feel about that.

These were the people that would want to kill his kind. Just coming to this village was going to be difficult. Were they just gonna waltz in and get a hunt? No he wasn't so sure that's how this was going to work. Surely they would have to conceal themselves and then get information on a hunt? All of these thoughts really hurt his brain. He closed his eyes and just shook his head.

Nara smiled lightly. She didn't know if she had the energy required to conceal her ears and tail now. She would do whatever she had to do though.

[+pink "So how should this be done then?"] She asked. A plan was probably going to be needed. Plus weren't they all going to have to rest too? Her and Eric could heal rather quickly, but she couldn't say the same about Red.

Then again maybe taking on a regular old lunacy infected wolf would be easy...

Yeah no... Nara shook her head slightly. She knew better than that. When Lunacy was gifted to a wolf... They became different. She couldn't help but look towards Eric. It was from him that she learned a little bit about Lunacy.

It all had started with nightmares for him. She looked towards Sorius and Red.

[+pink "When we figure out everything that we should do... I believe that we should have a long talk about what Lunacy is."] She stated. Eric looked towards her and nodded though he didn't enjoy that kind of talk.
ShieldHero-     272d ago

[center [h3 New Hunters]]


[center [b Red had shifted up his wounds still stinging. Luckily Sorius had applied some creams to help speed up the process. Hopefully he'd be better by the time they arrived. Nara had asked them how this could be done.]]

[center [+blue Well.. You could hide you're ears and tails for awhile right? We just have to get you to accept a contract.]]

[center [+red If they even have a contract to speak of.]]

[center [h3 Later]]

[center [b The group had arrived at Briar Glen but before exiting the wagon Nara had told them they needed to talk. Red wondered what it could be and Sorius had stood by her side ready to listen. They had parked just right outside of town just in case.]]

[center [+blue Yes cute stuff?]]

[center [b Nara had opened her mouth to speak to the both of them. Eric fell dead silent. Red tilted his head as she brought up Lunacy. "What is she talking about..?"]]

[center [+blue We've never heard of Lunacy what is that? Is it a disease? A mental state?]]

[center [+red I remember one of my marks talking about that right before she attacked me.]]

[center [+blue Damn, really?]]

[center [+red Yeah.. Was unsettling to say the least.]]

[center [+yellow Wait Reds don't know about Lunacy! Are humans just dumbs? How can you hunts without knowing?]]

[center [+red It's not something Hunters deem to be important.]]

[center [+blue But.. We have to hunt with certain standards Red. So it will do us good to hear Nara and Eric explain this to us.]]

[center [+red Yeah I hear you, well Nara enlighten us.]]

[center [b Red turned staring at Nara eager to learn what he could. Sorius had even pulled out a notebook ready to write notes.]]
-Rabbit.Wolf.   266d ago

[h3 [center [b Lunacy]]]

[center So it was time to talk about Lunacy. It was going to be a rather difficult talk wasn't it? She took a deep breath and slowly let it out. She was going to have to do this as best as she could. Eric didn't like talking about it very much. He preferred to not speak of it, but he understood the importance of this. Nara slowly looked around the group. Talking would at least give them a bit more time to recuperate. She knew Eric would need that little bit of time. At least he had some color to him again.

[+pink "Hm... Where to start..."] She murmured to herself. She then nodded to herself.

[+pink "Okay. So. You know of the Lunar mother, but what I don't think you know... Is that there are two. Which normally... I guess normal people wouldn't know. Some wolves don't quite understand it either, but me and Eric do."] She looked towards Eric, but he was looking off to the side as if he wasn't listening to her.

[+pink "So let us start with the first one. The one that we talk about. The lunar mother. That's what we call her anyway. She is a black wolf. Not some hulking beast or anything. She will always approach in a loving manner. She loves us all. We are her children. She warns of a voice we should never hear and she offers us a gift. Sometimes... Not everyone is lucky and she doesn't mean for things to be this way, but she offers a gift to those who may need it."] She soon let out a soft sigh.

[+pink "She cannot stop the other wolven goddess that actually tries to speak to us. Just because we have a gift doesn't mean that we can't hear her. Our Lunar mother is loving and kind. She will do what she can for all of us, but sadly... She has grown weak. So the gifts have been a lot more rare recently. I heard that a long time ago... In her grace and love... Every wolf use to receive a gift... She apparently use to give them to humans as well."] She knew that the next part wasn't going to be as fun to explain. Though even explaining this part felt a bit stressful.

[center [pic]]

[+pink "Okay... Now the next one... She... She is a white werewolf looking creature with wings. She is very aggressive. Her voice is what most alphas and wolves that attack humans hear. She is usually the one that bestows alpha upon certain wolves. She likes to ignore pleas as well. It is funny that she wants to kill humans, but chooses who she wishes to speak with and whom she wants to ignore... Like that wolf girl that we had to fight... Seems like neither lunar mother spoke to her."] She looked down and frowned faintly. She didn't want to speak about the next part... It would be telling a bit about Eric that she didn't know if she wanted to say. Eric looked towards her.

[center [pic]]

[+skyblue "Don't keep quiet... Tell them. It is only fair."] He stated before he looked away again. He didn't want to hear it, but he would have to anyway.

[+pink "Both have spoken to Eric. He was gift with the potential to be an alpha, but he refused to do what the Lunacy mother required. He said he was unwilling to take lives and that angered her. He hasn't heard from that lunacy mother since. The lunar mother speaks to him sometimes... I sadly can't hear her. I think it is something with the fact that he has spoken to the other."] She said, but she really didn't know.

Eric frowned faintly. He didn't offer to add anything. He didn't want to.

[+skyblue "That's enough about that... The lunacy mother is the reason some of those wolves you have slain seem crazy... She offers them more and more power every time they kill a human. She promises them whatever they want. She wishes to see human kind destroyed. So now it seems like Lunacy is just a state of mind right... Believe it or not... It isn't. It may seem like a type of insanity, but actually it is more like a disease. She infects your mind... Almost like a sickness..."] He shook his head slightly and looked ahead closing his eyes.

[+skyblue "It is an awful feeling. It is like your body doesn't belong to you anymore. Everything constantly seems like it is spinning and you can't keep your mind straight... You have to be very strong minded to back her off... And even then... She's never done with you."] He slowly hugged himself. The most vulnerable that he's looked since they met him. The lunacy goddess... Ah she scared him... Badly. He didn't want to end up like all the others, but supposedly... Once she had spoken to someone... They couldn't escape her influence.

He could only hope that the Lunar mother would keep him safe. So far she was. Or at least he thought she was.

[+pink "Its okay Eric... We are done talking about it... Just know that the lunar mother represents free will to us and that... The lunacy mother... She represents obedience."] That's how she looked at it. She reached out and laid a hand on her twin's shoulder and he flinched away from her.

[+skyblue "We should probably get going now."] He said dryly. He hid his ears and tail away and his sister quickly did the same. This conversation wasn't one that they had looked forward too. It made Eric look like a ticking time bomb.
ShieldHero-     265d ago

[h3 Story Time]


[center [b Sorius, Red, Wisp had all lay silent listening to Eric and Nara share the tale of their people. Sorius had listened with great interest and it was apparent Wisp was already confused. Red had only remained quiet listening carefully.]]

[center [+yellow So puppies.. Hear good voices and bad voices?]]

[center [+blue "Voice" not plural spirit.]]

[center [+red Hmm, I see... This must be a secret to be kept away from humans.]]

[center [b The group had walked towards the town Nara and Eric would have to hide their ears and tails]]

[center [+blue I see... That could help us prove a case to the hunters perhaps.]]

[center [+red That being said... That woman we saw... It's like you guys have suspected. There might be a chance she chose to do what she did voice or no voice.]]

[center [+blue True but Nara and Eric still chose to be better than that.]]

[center [+red I know I know, that's why we are here after all.]]

[center [b Red had gone into a few shops for a few parts repairs and to replenish his supplies. Sorius had done the same while Wisp hummed softly. Red had come to the home of the village chief.]]

[center [+red Hey Chief! How has the situation been since the Alpha? I've two new fresh hunters here to learn how to help. Chief?]]

[center [b Red was looking around but it was too quiet... Only to hear the toil of bubbling and a cauldron broiling.]]

[center [+grey A little bit of this and...]]

[center [+red Hey! Who the hell are you? What are you doing?]]

[center [+grey Eek!]]

[center [b The glass clattered as she struggled to catch her vials. Sorius rushed over to help her catch one with a chuckle.]]

[center [+blue That would have been bad huh?]]

[center [+grey Least someone understands, as for you're question what are you doing here?!]]

[center [+red I was the Hunter that took out the Alpha the old man gave me a writ to visit here whenever.]]

[center [b He had shown her a writ it was then anger began to slowly show on her face. She mixed her two vials throwing them at Red Sorius had panicked throwing a small vial of his own. It collided with her own causing the liquid to change color and hit the ground. Red didn't hesitate for even a moment unsheathing a dagger as he pressed it against her neck.]]

[center [+red Talk! What are you up to?]]

[center [+grey Me?! You're the scum who took this town! Who killed my father!!]]

[center [+red Took this town? I was in the shops! This town isn't-]]

[center [+grey Don't play stupid! Are you here to collect protection too? Seems you brought another Alchemist too!]]

[center [+blue Dear, slow down we have no idea what you are talking about. Red put the dagger down please.]]

[center [b Red scoffed before sheathing his dagger. The girl's stare had remained strongly on Red.]]

[center [+red They say Hunters only believe in one thing. After that Alpha was taken out a group of Hunters led by a Lunar hunter came in. They asked for the Alpha hunt we told them it was handled. So they asked for more work but we've been peaceful since. They were low on supplies and money. We offered to feed them and just put them on their tab. In good faith for the work that Hunter did for my father.]]

[center [+red Wait... The Chief is your father...?]]

[center [+grey Was, they lost it and demanded we have some work for them. When that didn't go their way...]]

[center [+blue They used force huh? This is why the teaching tells Hunters to travel alone. When plenty of armed people travel in groups the urge to make more money is...]]

[center [+red I don't give a damn, do they not understand why we fight?]]

[center [b Red stormed out of the hut as the woman watched in confusion.]]

[center [+grey I'm sorry... I didn't realize you weren't with them. So... Is he the guy? Who helped my dad?]]

[center [+blue Yeah... This was Red's toughest hunt. An Alpha... in exchange for supplies and a place to sleep. By a hunter's standards that's a poor mark as Alpha's are normally handled by Lunar Hunters and even then it can be dangerous. Yet it's the mark Red is proudest of.. Well was anyway.]]

[center [+yellow Let's beat up these hunters!]]

[center [+blue Hmm.. If you'd be willing to serve as a witness... We can classify them as rogue hunters. Lost Lunar Hunters or ones that went bandit have contracts all the time. May I add my friends Nara and Eric to the list? They need their first contract to become official hunters.]]

[center [+grey Of course... Business as usual right? This is a GREAT opportunity! Good for you! Whatever... I'll sign it.]]

[center [b She came over as Sorius whipped up a contract he was used to emotional outbursts such as this. Hunters were needed but they didn't always have a great reputation doubly so for Lunar Hunters. As she went to sign Sorius looked at her name. "Maria Crowe"]]

[center [+blue I am sorry for you're loss truly. We will avenge your father.]]

[center [b Sorius had motioned for Eric and Nara to follow him outside.]]

[center [+blue Red we have a contract set but... We've never fought a Lunar Hunter before. You have any plans?]]

[center [+red Hunters that travel in "packs" usually grow soft and complacent but... I know not to underestimate a Lunar Hunter.]]

[center [+blue You think he's a "Lost"?]]

[center [+red No I doubt it... His humanity is still intact if he's worried about money.]]

[center [+yellow Lostes?]]

[center [+red Yes we've explained this before- Wait... After hearing Nara and Eric talk about Lunacy. You think maybe...?]]

[center [+blue I thought the same thing, a lunar rite does harness the power of the moon for a Hunter. They seem to lose it in a somewhat similar way attacking beast and man.]]

[center [+red Hmm... Nara, didn't you say the goddess of Lunacy hates humans? It wouldn't make sense for her to whisper to them right?]]

[center [+blue That's true... Well as these are great speculations for the academy we should focus on staying alive.]]

[center [+red Well.. I don't see anyone armed around town. We should help the civilians escape and if we have time I could set some traps. I have to be careful... Any hunter worth his salt will understand these tactics and traps.]]

[center [+blue True...]]

[center [+red Which... We could use it to our advantage.]]

[center [+blue Oh...?]]

[center [+red I've got an idea... Sorius, Wisp help the daughter of the chief get everyone out of here. Nara, Eric you two... Are going to make a ruckus. Pretend you're attacking the town, I'll set up a few traps and regroup with you when I can. The Hunters will come in and attack if the Lunar Hunter gets here... Fight to survive don't make any risky moves.]]

[center [+blue Wait! Red... Don't just go off. We should let Eric and Nara put some input to. We are a team now right?]]

[center [+red Hm... Do you two have any experience fighting Hunters?]]

[center [+blue Red!]]

[center [+red Huff... Fine, any ideas?]]

[center [+grey Yeah in fact! Let me help!]]

[center [+blue Maria!!]]

[center [+red What can you do?]]

[center [+grey I'm an alchemist like my grandfather before me. I can help you fight.]]

[center [+red An Alchemist will just get in the way.]]

[center [+grey I'll fight with or without you I don't care for your opinion.]]

[center [+red This far from the capital I doubt you even have a license.]]

[center [+grey I don't care! I don't need one of those to fight! My grandfather fought along with the great master! Lord Frederick.]]

[center [+red Frederick... Frederick Alfheim?]]

[center [+grey Of course, his partner was Simon, Simon Crowe my Grandfather.]] 

[center [+blue Maria.. I know it's frustrating but we shouldn't get involved.]]

[center [+grey I won't sit back and let someone else fight for my home.]]

[center [+red Fine.. do what you will don't blame me if you get hurt. Nara... Eric what's you're thoughts on the plan?]]
-Rabbit.Wolf.   261d ago

[center The lunacy talk had been a hard one and it was nice that it was done and over with now. Nara took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Eric was walking along side her. Now that the talk was done and over with he was looking much better. Yes... Lunacy was hidden away from humans. It was just too hard for them to communicate this with humans. Plus it probably wouldn't do them all that much good anyway.

Being in town made Nara feel excited. It was a new place and she couldn't wait to get started on this mission. She was starting to feel a lot better now about doing hunts. Eric was feeling nervous, but that was okay. He didn't really like being in towns. He followed after everyone letting Red and Sorius lead because they knew this town.

What happened next they didn't exactly know what to do about. They watched everything that went on. Nara was glad that Sorius seemed to know what he was doing and stopped Red. Eric and Nara listened quietly as Sorius and the woman spoke to one another. Well it looked like they had gotten a contract, but not exactly what she was expecting. They followed after him.

Losts? No... Nara didn't know what that was and from looking towards Eric he didn't know either. So they had some things that happened with hunters. Interesting. They would have to ask more about this later. It seemed that whatever losts were... They thought that Lunacy had to deal with that. Nara thought quietly to herself. The mother of Lunacy did want to end the lives of humans, but maybe there was a chance she might actually speak to something that could help her achieve her goal even if she hated whatever it was.

There wasn't really much thought they could put into that though. It would seem they were trying to think of something to lure these hunters back in town.

Red's idea was probably the right one. She didn't know how much she liked it. Would they really be able to turn this around and say that they were just helping a hunter catch a bad hunter? Would the town believe that?

[+skyblue "We will have to take that chance. I think we should pretend to attack the town."] He said. He looked to his sister to see if she objected, but Nara nodded. It was the only thing they could really do.
ShieldHero-Arthur   170d ago

[center [h3 Risky Gambit]]

[center [+red I'll make preparations, Nara,Eric focus on structural damage and don't hold back.]]

[center [+grey What..!? Maybe hold back a little we need homes.]]

[center [+red If they can't sell it than the hunters will just see right through.]]

[center [b Sorius put a hand on her shoulder.]]

[center [+blue I know he seems harsh but.. You have to trust him. He'll make this right somehow Maria. Trust me I've seen Red do it before.]]

[center [b "Although.. Red's never done with a Lost Hunter before."]]


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