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~IเภՇ๏ Շђє ภเງђՇ~ MxM?

By Kittykat_

{I've been working on this plot for a bit, it's very long term and it is a three-person rp, you have to have good writing, and I would like it to be like 200-word answers, I hope you enjoy the plot! It's a long read.}

It was a cold day out, very cold, the kind of cold that freezes your heart more than your body…., The cold you feel when you know you’re in trouble. It wasn’t a very present feeling at first, it felt like a normal day, going outside and helping Aunt Kam with her crops, Then I felt it, something pulling at my heart, practically begging me to go back home, but I didn’t listen. This feeling grew, as if someone was filling up a glass of wine, slowly at first, and faster at the end. You might be thinking “Who are you?” or “Why would you be afraid if you didn’t do anything?” Well, I'll tell you.

In 2022, A woman had given birth to a child, like normal, they had given the family their baby and sent them on their way. But by the time that baby turned one, they knew something was wrong, Their Child had been able to do something that nobody else could, they could float, now, this was made a big deal in the family, after taking the kid to a hospital and doing some tests, they realize that the child had a completely different blood then normal humans, They had blue blood, if you were to cut this child, they would bleed blue, Upon way more testing the concluded that all the people born with this blood type had to be considered as monsters, monsters that looked normal, But that had special abilities, monsters that are taken to a facility if they are found, so what does that have to do with me? Well, I am one of those monsters.

Now my special ability is horrible, I can manipulate water, I use it to help my family plant crops, or to find a free source of water. They all kind of used me, but I didn’t mind, i wasn't at a crummy facility then so it wasn't a problem, but while helping manipulate the water from the hose for Aunt Kam there was a loud gunshot, blood gushed from everywhere, landing on the ground in different places, Aunt May had been shot. looking down at the women now laying cold on the floor, the sound of footsteps got closer. There was no other choice I had then to run, the floor was rough, more of a wet feeling though. The footsteps only got closer, running through each bush and over every log, it was fearful, running from a person you don’t know, that just murdered your family member Infront of your eyes. But all it took was a trip, one slip up, one mistake. And he was gone.

It's scary, waking up in a white and poorly lit room, the bulb flickering ever so slightly, sitting up in a fear, looking around, panicking, "Your first day?" A calm heard voice spoke from the other side of the wall. "W-Who are you?!"

((This rp will only be in third person, and I want a character you have to be a romantic interest, teen fantasy love is fun, please pm me if interested, I'm trying to make this plot a book! I hope I can get to that point of writing lol.))
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