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Diary Enteries For Roleplay

By Mushrooms--
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Mushrooms--Rin Shibuya   270d ago
ha, lovely.

[center [size27 [+black DIARY]]]
[center [size20 [+black Diary Page Number One]]]
[center [+maroon [font "Verdana" Dear Diary, Today, this morning started out like any other day I would or would not have school. I went out for breakfast with my friends and once we finished that, we all headed off to school. Sometime at the beginning of the day.. I RAN INTO SOMEONE!! I didn't mean to but with my clumsiness and me not paying attention. BOOM! I knocked things from his hands. :( I didn't mean to! It was an accident. I feel so bad! What if I could have hurt him? or made him hate me? or maybe rumors will go around now.. UGHH]]]


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