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Her Diary . . . ROLEPLAY

By Mushrooms--
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He actually knows what he is doing and he knows the format :D

Created April 28, 2022

Her Diary

A roleplay

. . . About the roleplay . . .

"Her Diary" is a roleplay about ...

. . . Rules . . .

Your character has to be at least 16-17.
No sexual content is allowed otherwise, you are done.
Character has to at least have a good description for the bio.
You have to be able to type up to 1,700 characters while replying.
Character has to be a human. (No furries, magic, gacha, potions, etc.)
You must be detailed/precise when replying.
Character CAN NOT be a game character.
You can only join if you actually have decent characters posted.
No using shorter abbreviations for words.
Make sure you sorta chunk your replies as I did.

. . . How you must reply . . .

There is a certain why I would like you to roleplay...


Doing your action here. "what you are saying here." doing more action here if you want to add extra.

That means where (you/oc) is talking you need to bold it from [- "text"]


. . . Plot . . .

not filled in


Click the character name and bio is on that.

You will have to continue from where I started.
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Mushrooms--Rin Shibuya   283d ago
ha, lovely.

[center [size20 Trying out a new roleplay format]]
[center [size20 What I am looking for]]
[center [#800000 I am looking for someone who does the same format as I did above this message, also someone who can type over or about 1,100 characters for one reply. I do not want someone who is a basic roleplayer, sorry. I do not really care how old you are in real life, I am not looking for a friend, I am just looking for someone to simply roleplay with.]]
[center [size20 If I don't reply]]
[center [+maroon If I do not reply, don't get mad- I am a really busy person now. I still go to school, I can't just ditch school because 'I always wanna be on this site'... I wish but no-. I can't just take time off from what is really important outside of my online life. Also, if I am online but I do not reply, that will be because I am (a. Busy), (b. Creating a reply), (c. Something else) I have no idea. I wouldn't ignore anyone in my literate roleplays.]]
[center [size20 Something not to do]]
[center [+maroon Do not ditch the roleplay. If you don't like it, don't just not answer and not let me know. :/ LET ME KNOW!! Please. Because someone else could have the chance for this roleplay and they might actually enjoy it.]]
Mushrooms--Rin Shibuya   283d ago
ha, lovely.

[center [size27 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]]
[center [size20 At home in the morning]]
[center [+maroon Rin Shibuya laid in bed, asleep, until her alarm went off. [i BEEP BEEP BEEP!!] She groaned and reached over to turn the stupid thing off. She eventually got up after laying in bed for a few minutes then made her bed and grabbed her school uniform and walked off to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and started undressing; she got in.]]
[center [size20 AFTER THE SHOWER]]
[center [+maroon After Rin was done showering she dried off and put on her school uniform then went in front of her bathroom mirror to brush her hair, teeth, and get whatever else done before she had to leave.]]
[center [size20 AFTER GETTING READY]]
[center [+maroon Once Rin was done getting ready for school, she grabbed her bag, packed up what she needed (even remembered to pack up her little diary), and then grabbed a snack from her kitchen. She had decided to skip breakfast this time because she normally goes out with friends, and that is what they had planned. She went off to meet her friends at the restaurant they usually always eat at and her friends all waved to her and motioned her to get over quickly. She went over and sat down.]]
[center [size20 AFTER BREAKFAST]]
[center [+maroon After they all had finished eating breakfast, they made their way to school. It was optional to take a bus, have a parent drop you off, or walk/bike. The school didn't really have many rules on how you [i had] to get to school, as long as you showed up.]]
[center [size20 AT SCHOOL]]
[center [+maroon Rin had walked into school with her friends a bit nervous as all her friends were just talking and laughing; she stayed quiet and made her way to her locker. As she was making her way to her locker, she bumped into (you/oc)...]]
W3Ird0--Tira (anime.)   283d ago

[center [size27 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]]
[center [size20 At home in the morning]]
[center [+teal Tira had been awake an hour before his alarm clock even went off. So since he was up early, he decided to just shut off his alarm and grab his uniform for school. He went off to the bathroom to shower.]]
[center [size20 AFTER THE SHOWER]]
[center [+teal After Tira was done taking his hour-long shower, he packed all of his school supplies together and rechecked to see if he actually got everything, he shook his head to just mess up his fluffy hair and then he plopped back down on his bed.]]
[center [size20 BREAKFAST]]
[center [+teal Tira had laid in bed for about another hour and he decided to get up and look at the time. It was still too early to go to school yet so he got up and went to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast, which was just cereal. He put together a bowl of cereal and began to eat, after he sat down, of course.]]
[center [size20 AFTER BREAKFAST]]
[center [+teal After Tira finished eating breakfast like 20 minutes later, the time was getting so close to being able to finally go to school after waiting for 2 hours or so. He still waited a while until it was actually time to leave. Even though it was the first day of school, he didn't care, he was hella excited. A few more minutes passed and he then left the house and walked to school.]]
[center [size20 AT SCHOOL]]
[center [+teal As Tira was walking to school, he finally arrived and went into the school. But he went to the office first because he completely forgot what locker he had for himself and his combination was for that locker. He got the info he needed for his locker and walked out, then, someone had bumped into him.]]
Mushrooms--Rin Shibuya   282d ago
ha, lovely.

[center [size27 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]]
[center [size20 AT SCHOOL]]
[center [+maroon Rin had fallen into [+teal Tira]; causing them both to drop their things. She got up quickly and apologized quite a bit; very sorry for not paying close enough attention to where she was going.]]
[center [size20 AFTER APOLOGIZING]]
[center [+maroon After Rin was done apologizing, she got up and helped [+teal Tira] up as well, also picking up all of his and her things they dropped when they bumped into each other on accident.]]
[center [size20 HEADING TO CLASS]]
[center [+maroon Rin had instantly sorted everything back in her arms and rushed to her first class, only looking back at the guy ([+teal Tira]) she ran into, once..]]
[center [size20 IN CLASS]]
[center [+maroon Rin had walked into class, luckily, she did walk into the RIGHT class. She was given a certain seat to sit in so she did, she put her bag on the side desk hook and sat down. She looked around to see if there was at least some people she knew in the class, and there was. 2 of her childhood friends. She gave a smile knowing she at least had someone she could talk to since she was too nervous to talk to new people. She looked around once more, and there he ([+teal Tira]) was.. sitting in the corner of the classroom. She felt like she was really overheating because of how nervous she was now.]]
[center [size20 START OF CLASS]]
[center [+maroon Rin faced the front of the room since she was in the back row, the teacher went over a few things that they needed to know. The teacher didn't even have them do anything on the first day. She was thankful for that since she didn't want to really be all so stressful on the first day. She already was a bit stressed after this morning but she tried to forget it and it sorta worked. She also tried not really paying attention to it.]]
[center (( Thank you so much for following my format in the roleplay!! Makes this much easier for me to understand!! ))]
W3Ird0--Tira (anime.)   282d ago

[center [size27 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL]]
[center [size20 AT SCHOOL]]
[center [+teal While she ([+maroon Rin]) was basically on top of him, he looked at her with a small smile letting her know that it was all okay and he wasn't mad at her or anything. After all, it was all just an accident and accidents happen.]]
[center [size20 AFTER SHE APOLOGIZED]]
[center [+teal He waited for her to stop apologizing because really, everything was okay. As he let her help him up he looked down and then right back up at her; forgetting that he had even dropped his things.]][center
[center [+teal Tira thanked her ([+maroon Rin]) for grabbing/picking up his things even though he could have just done it himself. He had thought to himself: 'She is a really nice person, I wanna get to know her!' he shook his head and headed to his first class.]]
[center [size20 IN CLASS]]
[center [+teal Tira had made his way to his first class of the day and he surprisingly wasn't late as he thought he would be. He only thought he was going to be late because any other day he had school in the past years, he was normally always late to his classes. He blamed teachers for not giving him enough time to even switch because of how far away his locker would always be from his classrooms.]]
[center [size20 START OF CLASS]]
[center [+teal The teacher pointed out his spot to him in the classroom. He had seen quite a few people that he knew but not many were really close to him. He quietly made his way to his desk in the back corner of the room and he hung his bag on the weird hook that was just on the side of his desk. Tira looked around the room to see if he knew anybody else because he didn't look good enough at first look. He did spot her ([+maroon Rin]).. He smiled to himself; trying not to stare in her direction.]]


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