Pandora's Box

By Luki

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LukiLuka   22d ago
✧ Monster ✧

Luka smiled softly as he came across you. He was fascinated by you. The only one problem was you were taken.

Luka wanted you but he was never the one to steal someone until today. He smiled softly as he walked up to you. [+Magenta "Hey cutie"] he said with a sweet smile as he approached you. 

Luka was surprise on how bolding he was being approaching you. Knowing that you were taken but a love like this felt so right. Would you feel the same?

Luka of course was scared of being rejected if you were smart you probably would reject him on the spot. He had to at least try.

[+magenta "I have something to stay... will you...go out with me just once!"] he said softly look at you but then quickly looking away as crimson blush appeared on his pale cheeks. 

Surely he wasn't going to hear the the words he wanted but he had to try. It was the only thing the could put it mind at ease. 

The pink hair male stood there quietly. He could hear his heart being rapidly. His rose colored eyes quickly shift to your face.
-Rabbit.Mistake.   17d ago

[center Azriel turned his head hearing Luka's voice. His mint green colored eyes seemed to narrow slightly. He didn't exactly look like he was happy to see him. Then again was he really all that thrilled to see anyone? No... Not really. Not even his own boyfriend half the time. Why had he called him cutie? That had frustrated him slightly. He was taken and no one should be calling him that but his boyfriend. Though he didn't really like pet names all too much.

What could this guy possibly want from him?

[+green "Please don't call me that."] He stated before anything else could be said. He didn't need people think there was something going on with this person. He didn't need cheating to be added to the list of things people said was bad about him.

The question that came out of the boy's mouth surprised him and he was quiet for a lot longer than he should of been. He just didn't know what he should say actually. He was dating someone, but part of him would feel bad just shutting this boy down coldly so he was trying to piece together what he should say to him. He bit his bottom lip softly before he gave a slight shake of his head.

[+green "Is there anyway I can get back to you?"] He asked curiously looking at the boy. He felt this was something he needed to talk to his boyfriend about. He didn't need someone to see this boy run off crying just because he wasn't able to let him down in a nice way.]
LukiLuka   11d ago
✧ Monster ✧

Luka smiled dropped when the man said not to call him that. He didn't mean to offend him. He just thought of Azirel as cute. Luka was silent but it was only for a moment. 

The then asked the man out but he didn't exactly hear what he wanted to hear. [+Magenta "Yeah... that's fine"] he said softly as he his fuchsia colored eyes looked down towards the ground. 

Sure it was rude of him to just to come up and ask him out. What made it worse was he knew that Azirel was taken yet he asked anyway. He had to at least try right? 

Deep down he knew it was wrong of him. [+Magenta "I get it... "] he said softly as he pulled a small pink piece of paper from his pocket. [+Magenta "Here is my number...let me know"] he said as he handed the male the pink paper.  

[+Magenta  "Text me when ever... "] he said soft as soft smile. He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He jumped a little when he felt one of the spike from his bracelet poke him.  [+Magenta "Ouch"] he said softly . As his hands fell softly back down to his sides.
LukiLeo   11d ago
✧ Monster ✧

Leo sighed softly as he glance at the clock that was annoyingly ticking above his desk. Leo put his pen down and sighed softly. He really did enjoy his job. He was a writer for a small publishing company. He just wrote his first book. It was romance novel. 

But that wasn't what was on his mind. He and his boyfriend just gotten in a small quarrel. It wasn't a bad fight but it just made the day drag on. 

He sighed softly as he closed his icy blue eyes. Why did things always end up this way? They were going so well but it seemed there relationship had hit a small rut? Maybe it was because he didn't loved? Azriel was was rather aloof and blunt about thing but he always came back even when they got into a disagreement.

Leo sighed soft as looked up at the ticking clock. It was only little past 11. Azirel would just be leaving for work. He wouldn't be home until late tonight. That was frustrating at times but he understood. Azirel job kept he very busy. 

Leo ran a hand though his multi colored hair. Sure Leo looked nothing like a romance writer. He really did enjoy writing but he was also in band. Sure his band wasn't very popular but he enjoy every minute of it. The second his finger touched that guitar he felt alive. 

He finally picked up his pen again and started writing. His mind was filled with thoughts. What was tonight going to be like when Azirel got home? Would they hold each other or be at each other throats.

Leo sighed softly as he closed his note book. He really was in the right mindset to be writing this novel. He packed his bag, told his boss he wasn't feeling well, that he would do more writing at home. His boss let him go. 

Once he got home he went straight to the bathroom. Where he took a long hot shower. Once he got out he started to clean up the house. He was going to cook Azirel favorite food. He hoped that his would bring a smile to his face.
-Rabbit.Mistake.   11d ago

[center Azriel reached out and took the card. It was pink. How cute. He watched the boy for a moment and then looked off to the side. He had a lot on his mind and he wasn't sure he was going to be able to really think clearly on any of it until later tonight. He would probably get no sleep either.

[+green "Alright. Thank you for giving me time. I have a lot to think about and consider."] He said warmly. He soon turned and walked away. He needed to get home. As he walked he looked at the card quietly. How interesting that it was pink. He soon tucked the card away in his pocket.

His mind was full as he walked home. He unlocked the door and stepped inside. It was clean. It was no surprise. Leo did tend to keep the place looking nice. He dropped his keys on a small stand by the door.

[+green "Leo!"] He called out. He knew they had argued before he went to work. Not something he had planned to do, but what else could he do. It happened. Arguments were a normal part of every day life.

[+green "Hey something weird happened today! We need to talk!"] He walked towards the kitchen.
LukiLeo   10d ago
✧ Monster ✧

[center Leo heard the sound of the door opening and the small thud that the keys made as they landed in bowl that is next to the front door. [#865794 "I'm in the kitchen"] he said as the male step through the door way. 

He was working one peeling potatoes fo the spicy chicken curry he was making. Azriel normally like his cooking but he knew curry was his favorite.  

He smiled softly as he peeled the last potato. He carefully threw the potatoes into the simmering pot of curry. This was the last thing he need to add.

[#865794 "What is it you need to talk about?"] he said as he turned to look at Azriel who was standing in the door. He smiled softly before Azriel could say anything. [#865794 "Look a am sorry about this morning... I didn't mean to get snippy with you..."] he said softly before turning back to the pot. 

He stirred the curry and smiled softly. The only thing he need to do now was cook the rice and then dinner would be ready. 

[#865794 "I don't even remember what our fight was about "] he said with a soft chuckle. [#865794 "Either way I am sorry and I cooked your favorite for dinner"] he said with a warm smile. 

[#865794 "So what is it you want to talk about?"] he said as he looked into Azriel mint colored eyes.
-Rabbit.Mistake.   3d ago

[center He looked at him as he entered the kitchen and tilted his head slightly. Ah looked like he was at work cooking one of his favorite meals. It was just like him to do things like this. For a moment he wasn't so sure he wanted to tell him what was going on. He spoke asking him what he wanted to talk about, but before he could get anything out the male started apologizing. Oh yeah. They had a small argument. Honestly that was something he was so use to that an apology just didn't really matter to him much anymore.

[+green "Its uh... Its fine. I'm sorry too."] He said though he was unsure if he really was or not. He couldn't exactly remember what the fight was over. It honestly probably didn't matter. Sighing he thought about today and how he was going to word it or talk about it. He was at a loss for words. Damn.

[+green "So... I'm not sure how to word what happened today."] He said slowly. [+Green "All I can ask is that you just listen and don't get angry right away or anything."] He said. He ran a hand through his hair. He felt so nervous about having this conversation.

[+green "This guy approached me today. Luka is his name. He's normally really nice. He was being rather flirty today though and even asked me out. I didn't let him down though because I wanted to talk to you about it. I don't know how to do it in a nice way and I didn't want to like make him cry or anything. I know how I can be sometimes... Saying things too harshly."] He tried to explain the best he could but in the end he just felt like it didn't mean anything.
LukiLeo   2d ago
✧ Monster ✧

[center Leo stood there silently for a moment. He stop stirring the pot of curry and looked towards Azriel.  [#865794 "That does sound like a painful situation to be in...but sometime you have to break a few hearts. I get you want to let him down easily but you are taken that is all you have to say."] he said softly as he looked back to the curry. 

[#865794 "If he doesn't understand that then... you need to stay away from him... It isn't good to have unrequited feeling."] he said with a soft sigh. 
He felt bad for sounding so bitter. [#865794 "Look I am sorry for sounded so bitter... I know things might sound tempting but you are happy with me right?"] he said with a soft sigh. 
His tail flickered softly behind him. He seemed almost sad but he did his best to hid it. He didn't want Azriel to look in someone else direction. He wanted him to stay just for him and no else. That is a selfish thought.

He grabbed a large pot and filled it with water. He set it on the stove top. The bitter silence was filled with a small clicking sound. Then the sound of a lit flame. A watched pot never boils but how could he not watch it. It was difficult not to be jealous, selfish and a little bit hurt. He was glad that Azriel told him. He was glad that weren't afraid to tell each other these kind of things.

Leo smiled softly as looked back at Azriel. [#865794 "I hope you are hungry.I made your favorite!... Maybe I already told you that.... You love my spicy chicken curry... I hope it fills you with love tonight "] he said with a soft chuckle. When the water started to boil he poured the rice in. [#865794 "Will you set the table?"] he said with a soft smile as pointed to the small stack of dishes they were sitting on the counter top. Sure there table was was and worn but they two of them had many great meals there.


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