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Looking for Roleplaying Buddies

By y0ungmedusa

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I used to role-play on Polyvore back in the day if that means anything to anyone lol.

I am opened to ideas, plots, characters, etc. I do like detail and long sentences and paragraphs.

I like many fandoms and will do fandom role-plays as well. I have too many to name so we can just discuss first!
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y0ungmedusa     277d ago

It was a website for fashion where you could make "sets" which were collages of outfits basically. There was another side of it which was roleplaying on the website. Google will better explain lol.
AdmiralLothkittyCommander moon   87d ago
What the dog doin?

hello there, I am CC-1015 but everyone calls me moon
AdmiralLothkittyLEP-6895 "hoops"   212d ago
What the dog doin?

*sits around because there is nothing to do* I'm borrrredddd
ElisabethMichellschris afton   170d ago

_Apocalyptic_Lewis   149d ago

Hello there.
ElisabethMichellschris afton   142d ago

wanna roleplay?
Grxyskyezz     97d ago

Hello, anytime you want; we can rp. I'm new to this site; but I'll get used to the ropes
AdmiralLothkittyScorch   87d ago
What the dog doin?

"Rule 39: Never say no to bacta"
ElizabethA_FNaFElizabeth   69d ago

Hey! We could do a demon rp? No ideas for plot btw sorry
graciegg     48d ago

hello who wants to Roleplay Naruto with me😀


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