Looking for Roleplaying Buddies

By y0ungmedusa
I used to role-play on Polyvore back in the day if that means anything to anyone lol.

I am opened to ideas, plots, characters, etc. I do like detail and long sentences and paragraphs.

I like many fandoms and will do fandom role-plays as well. I have too many to name so we can just discuss first!
Video Chat
Kumospace [Everyone]
Gather.town [Everyone]
VosslerVossler (Spirit Form)   28d ago

Wtf is Polyvore.

It sounds super sexual
y0ungmedusa     28d ago

It was a website for fashion where you could make "sets" which were collages of outfits basically. There was another side of it which was roleplaying on the website. Google will better explain lol.
VosslerVossler (Spirit Form)   28d ago

Ah okay

Welcome to the site.

Check out the site rules and get to know them. ^^


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