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Note; Please for the love of God, do not request into the thread unless you are told otherwise. You must be over the age of eighteen to even apply for this thread. There will be talk of mature themes, and a lot of romance going on. This thread is also somewhat based off of Romeo & Juliet as well. So please make sure to read everything before even applying to this thread, thank you.

Bromley's life has been one for the story books. He's tattooed, rich, and most of all a drug dealer. His parents didn't know anything about his side business, and he wasn't planning on telling them any time soon either. Living in Leeds England, has been an enjoyable time for the male, because of the fact he could get laid whenever he wanted too. He was well known in the drug business as one of the better dealers in town, and he was a pretty boy as well. His life might seem perfect, but deep down, he wanted nothing more than to find that one person who will help change his lifestyle, and make him realize the good he would have, if he wasn't in the line of business he's made for himself.

Across town Your Name Here was living paycheck, to paycheck. She didn't have money to spend, and she struggled to pay rent on time. Living with her sick mother was taking it's toll on her as well. She didn't know when her mother was going to pass, but apart of her hoped she wouldn't any time soon. Even though she's had a hard life, she's always had some really good friends by her side. Her father wasn't in the picture, because he didn't want anything to do with Your Name Here, and had tried to get her mother to abort her. That's a story she hated telling people, and the only one's who really knew the real story were her close friends, and mother. She didn't trust people easily, and she wished she could.

When the two first met, it was like love at first sight. Bromley hadn't expected to meet someone as beautiful as her. Your Name Here hadn't planned on running into the male either. There was something there though. Something different, something amazing, and most of all something dark about him. Bromley thought he had a new client, and so he tried to hook her up with some drugs. She down right refused, and left. Her mother would disown her right then and there, and she wouldn't be able to live in her own home anymore. Bromley on the other hand, wanted Your Name Here, and he was bound to have her. He wanted her so badly, that he would do anything to get her. That's when he started asking around town about the beautiful woman.

When Bromley finally got the name of the woman, and where she lived, he showed up on her front steps. He took one look at where she lived, and his heart went out to her. Your Name Here didn't want pity, she wanted someone to understand her, and see where she was coming from. So this is where their whirlwind of a relationship starts. Bromley the drug dealer, always sleeping around, and selling hard core drugs. While Your Name Here is living paycheck to paycheck. Neither of their families liked the idea, so they started seeing one another secretly. What'll happen when things go to far for the young couple? Will they be able to over come whatever hurdles they may face? Or will they end up losing one another for good? You'll never know unless you join, Stay With Me.

The cast of Stay With Me.

Bromley McKnight; Taken

Female; Open

What I need from you.

This is not going to be a first come, first serve thread either. I will be taking my time with choosing the right character for this, so please don't be upset if I don't choose you. This is going to be really simple. I just need you to Private Message me this little Skeleton about your character. It's not going to be much detail, but I do need you to send it my way. When asking to join though, please title your Private Message Stay With Me along with this small skeleton inside.

Picture Link: {Not fully linked} || Character Name || Character Age {Twenty-one and older} || Likes || Dislikes || Job || Family History {10+ sentences. A pretty good paragraph. If it's not I'll ask you to add onto it} || Biography {10+ sentences. A pretty good paragraph. If it's not I'll ask you to add onto it}

See how simple that is? Just please make sure to add that into your message, otherwise I won't think about accepting you for the role. At the bottom of your skeleton I would like you to tell me what your favorite romance novel's are, so I know you read everything inside of the thread. Now onto the lovely rules.

The rules of Stay With Me.

First- The pictures are going to be Real. None of the over used shit either. If it's too big, I will ask you to resize it to a smaller size. If you can't find one to your liking, simply message me and ask me for help. I would be more than happy to help you look, or edit your picture for you. Just don't get mad at me, if I ask you to change/edit it.

Second- Romance might be a big part of this story, but not at first. Just like in real life you have to work up to it. It's not a love at first sight type of thing. Cybering is a no on this site, if you want to keep the story line going, then we can move this to e-mail, or just skip it all together. That won't happen for awhile though, so we won't need to talk about that right away.

Third- Joining and then ditching is a no. If you don't like where this role play is going, simply message me and we can plot something out. Or if you are simply bored of it, and don't want to do it anymore, simply message me and tell me. I won't be mad if you get tired of it. Just if you join and then never post, is when I will be slightly annoyed with you. So please, at least talk to me about leaving the thread.

Forth- Plot twists is a must. I love plotting things out, and see where we want it to go. It's not that hard to become my friend either. So if you have something in mind, and wanna run it by me, all you gotta do is message me and be like 'Hey! I have an idea, and I just wanted to see what you thought about it!'. Because honestly I will do the same thing to you, so don't be surprised if you get messages from me about ideas.

Fifth- Stealing this idea is a no. It's something that's important to me. If I see anything like it, or someone stealing the main idea I will make it known you stole it from me. I have worked hard on this idea, and if you like it that much, ask me if you can borrow it. Just make sure to give me the credit for it. I will most likely say yes to letting you borrow it, as long as you ask me first.

Sixth- Posting. I know we all have lives outside of this site. I work full time, and sometimes on my day's off I'm not always on until later that night. So if you need a couple of days to post, I'm okay with that. If you are gonna be gone for a week or two, please let me know because if you don't, then I'll think you ditched out on me. I will do the same thing for you as well. If I can't post, or having a hard time I will make sure to let you know.

Seventh- Doubling will be happening along the way. So as you can see I'm playing a male character, I would like you to do the same thing. It's not going to happen for a while, but I would like it if you have a character already made and ready to go. It helps move the story line along when we add in more characters a long the way. If you refuse to double up along the way then I will deny you the spot. I'm doing this to make it fair for the both of us. It's a good thing to come out of your comfort zone once in a while.

Eighth- Please for the love of God don't message me over and over asking when I'm gonna post. That's something I really hate, and it get's on my nerves when that happens. I like to take time on my posts, and I like to make sure it's the way I want it. If you see me online, I'm most likely working on my post, and making sure it's done right. If I take two weeks to post, that's when you can message me and ask what's going on. Other than that, do not bug me to post, and I will not bug you to post either.

Ninth- I love details inside of my role play's. I can post well over 1,000 words. Yes I said 1,000 words. That's only if I have the right partner, and if I have a lot in my head for a post. For this story though I'm only looking for about 500-600 words a post. If I need to put a posting limit I will. Anything less than that, and I will lose interest, or it'll take me longer to post because I don't have anything to work off of. So please don't make me put a posting limit.

Tenth- Now that I'm done sounding like a total bitch, I want this to be enjoyable for the both of us. That's what writing is about anyway. Having fun, and making something beautiful together. So please enjoy writing with me, and let's make something amazing, and see where this will lead.
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-Shyone-STAY   19d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#5baf6d "Carlos where the fuck are you? I haven't heard from you in over a week. I have someone interested in that good meth you have."] came the sound of a really annoyed tattooed male. The other man on the end blew out a breath he had been holding. [b "I'm on my way to the old warehouse as we speak. You should learn to keep your temper in check"] the other said in a clipped tone. Bromley let out a slow sigh as he narrowed his eyes at the phone in his hand. He was supposed to keep his temper in check?]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Why the fuck should he? He had a business to run, and Carlos was slowly making him look like the bad guy. He licked his lips as he put his phone back to his ear. [#5baf6d "I'll be there in a couple of hours. I have some things to do, and when I get there, you better be there as well for the hand off. I'm not going to have one of your fucking goons there"] he snapped and hung up. He wasn't going to be playing this game anymore. He shouldn't have too.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The male ran his hands over his face slowly, trying to calm down. He had a beautiful blonde in his bed right then, and he wanted her gone. He turned and looked down at her sleeping face. He then reached out, and ripped the blankets off of her naked body. [#5baf6d "Get the fuck up. I have shit to do, and I need you gone"] he snapped. The blonde sat straight up when the cool air hit her skin. She reached up and rubbed her eyes lightly looking towards him slowly. She as slightly confused.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "Is everything okay? You seem a lot more tense than last night. Do I need to do what I did last night?"] she asked lightly as she reached out and touched his back. The male stood and shook his head, as he headed to the bathroom. [#5baf6d "No. I need you to leave"] was all he said, as he shut the door behind him. He then locked it to keep her at bay. He wanted to be left alone, and he sure as hell didn't need her there to distract him either. Which he knew she would have done.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He didn't even know her name, and he didn't care to know her name either. He stripped out of his boxers and stepped into the shower. He heard the front door slam closed, and knew the blonde had finally left. He was finally alone, and that's all he really cared about. He turned on the water and let the cold water hit his back. He then tilted his head back, and washed the smell of the woman off of his skin. Normally he wouldn't tell the women he slept with to leave right away.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 This was slightly different though. He took his time in the shower, and when he was done he shut the water off and climbed out. He wrapped himself in a towel and made his way back into the bedroom. He could still smell the woman in the room. He wanted that smell gone, and opened up the bedroom window. He heard his phone buzz, and he walked over and picked it up. [b [i You are a fucking bastard. Kicking someone out like you did. Don't ever call me again.]] Was what the text message said.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He deleted it right away, not even caring. She didn't want him contacting her, so he wouldn't. He had other things to worry about. That's when another text came through, this time from Carlos. [b [i I'll be at the warehouse like you said. I'll be there when you are arriving as well. I promise you I have the good shit, and you won't be disappointed at all with it.]] Bromley was happy about that one. He had a couple of hours before he had to meet Carlos, so he took his time getting ready.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He didn't live too far from the warehouse they were talking about, so he figured he would walk there. Plus it would kill more time as well. When he was done drying off, he slipped into a pair of clean boxer shorts, and black jeans. He then found a white t-shirt and slid that on over his head. He made sure his wallet was in his pocket, along with his keys, and phone. He then slipped his socks and shoes on, and was finally ready to go. He had about an hour and a half to get there.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He locked up the house when he left, and shoved his hands into his pockets as he walked down the front steps. He was slightly hungry, and wanted to grab a bite to eat, so he made his way into town slowly. As he was walking he got wrapped up in his thoughts about the night before. Something about the blonde was rubbing him the wrong way. She had been amazing in bed, but that was about it. He shook his head lightly as he rounded the corner out of his neighborhood and nearly knocked a smaller woman over in the process.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He let out a small string of cuss words under his breath as he reached out and caught her by the arms. [#5baf6d "I'm so sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going"] he breathed out. He then took a better look at the woman he was holding onto, and his breath caught in his throat. She was beautiful, and not much younger than he was. It took him a moment to realize he was still holding onto her, and he quickly let her go, shoving his hands into his pockets, keeping silent.]]
SoulDreamerstay   15d ago

Today started out like most days seemed to lately- complete shit. Of course the first thing in the morning she had looked down at her phone to see a message about the rent being overdue. Sure, Danika had been prepared to receive the text but it didn't make it easier to stomach. Not when she could recall times that the landlord and insinuated that there were ways that she could get some leniency on the due date. God, the memory of his eyes scanning her up and down after he spoke was enough to send chills up her spine. 

She wasted no time in writing the check and placing it in an envelope. [+orchid "Morning mom!"] she shouted into the house as she frantically started to gather her stuff together. The ends of her hair dripping water as it wasn't still completely dry from the shower. [+orchid "I have to drop of the check and run some errands today, not sure when I will be back."] As she spoke she saw her mother slowly enter the room, Danika noted the paleness of her moms face. Today seemed to be shaping up to be a bad day for her mother as well. 

Dani made her way into the kitchen which had certainly seen better days. [+orchid "I am going to make some toast before I head out though,"] the woman said grabbing a piece of bread for each of them. After she had turned on the toaster she made her way back to her own bedroom quickly finding some pants to throw on as she had been walking around the house with just a plain t-shirt on. Danika shimmed into her jeans before scrunching the ends of her hair with a towel again hoping to get the rest of the water out of it. The small ding of the toaster prompted her to head back towards the kitchen where she found her mother already spreading jam on both the slices for them. In the meantime Danika grabbed her mother medicine from the cabinet next to her own head. 

[b "What would I do without you,"] her mother said with a small grin taking the pills from her before placing a kiss on her cheek. The young woman rolled her eyes as she picked up one of the pieces of toast. [+orchid "I've really got to go, love you, see you later!"] she said to her mom as she made her way to her shoes. After quickly stuffing her feet into them she shouted, [+orchid "And don't forget to take your pills!"] 

The warmth hit her skin before her eyes even registered the sun which was a nice surprise as she had expected a cloudier day. Maybe the day wouldn't be completely horrible. First stop was dropping of the check, hopefully she would be able to place it in the box without having to talk to the man. It was only a little ways that she had to go before she was dropping the rent off and turning on her heels. Perhaps she would even be able to meet up with Olivia later, be able to vent some of the frustration she was feeling. Danika was so lost in her thoughts she didn't notice the man who was rounding the corner until his body quite literally ran into hers. 

She winced waiting to feel herself fall onto the ground. But instead she felt a hand wrap around her arm steadying her back onto her feet. Once she started to hear an apology she opened her eyes. [+orchid "Its fin-"] the end of her word catching in her throat as she looked at the man. Bloody hell, he was attractive. Momentarily she found herself as a loss for words. When he let go of her she cleared her throat, [+orchid "It's fine, I am alright. Thanks for catching me though,"] she smiled lightly at the man. [+orchid "I guess that makes you my hero in a way,"] she teased. She carefully tucked the front of her hair on her right side behind her ear.
-Shyone-STAY   11d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 As the male watched the woman with silent eyes, he finally heard her voice and his heart seemed to skip a beat. She had the voice of an angel, and he couldn't help but feel even worse than before. When she said she was fine, and that he was her hero in a way, made the man break out into a smile. [#5baf6d "Well I would like to thank you for that. I'm not really a hero, but that makes me feel slightly better"] he said with a smirk. In a way it also boosted his ego a bit too.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#5baf6d "If I were you though, I would try to get my pretty head out of the clouds, and watch where I'm going, before someone else comes around and nearly knocks me off my feet"] he said with a teasing note in his voice. It wasn't like he was trying to flirt with her, but it was slowly coming off that way. He licked his lips lightly as he looked her up and down, to make sure she was okay. He felt like he had hurt her, but he didn't see anything on the surface.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#5baf6d "Listen, if I haven't creeped you out by now, I would like to take you out for coffee, that's if you aren't in a rush to meet your boyfriend or anything"] He realized he hadn't even told her his name yet. [#5baf6d "I never told you my name, I'm Bromley"] he sad with a sheepish smile. It wasn't like him to not say his name right away, and he wasn't always taken by a woman right away either. Just something about this stranger was drawing him in. What was it with her? He couldn't place his finger on it.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He felt like he was pressuring her into something she might not be ready for. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans. [#5baf6d "I'm sorry if I came off a little strong. I'm not always like this, but I guess you can say, I'm not ready for you to leave my sight quite yet"] he muttered lightly. That sounded like a stalker, but he honestly didn't care. At least he was being honest with her. He did want to get to know her more, but at the same time he didn't want to rush it.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He was getting a bit awkward himself, and he shifted his weight from one foot to the next, keeping his hands shoved deep into his pockets. He finally tore his eyes away from the woman before him. He didn't want to seem like a creep, and he had a strong feeling that he was. He wanted to make her comfortable, and not run her off. He bit the inside of his cheek, as he stood there letting the silence wash over them for the time being. He wouldn't mind if she walked off, and ignored him for the rest of his life.]]
SoulDreamerstay   1d ago

The way that the corner of his mouth turned up with his smirk made her heart skip a beat. She smiled at the man, she could feel the tips of her cheeks turning pink as he stared at her. Sure he probably was just making sure that she was alright but she couldn’t help but feel bashful under his gaze. 

[+orchid “Well I’m not used to having to watch out for people on a mission quite like you seem to be,”] she replied back. [+orchid “Plus it seems like you have already accomplished that.”] While she spoke she smoothed out her clothes a bit. It hadn’t been in her plan to get sidetracked by an attractive man but she wasn’t about to complain either. 

It didn’t go over her head when he asked about if she was rushing to meet a boyfriend. She wasn’t an i idiot, obviously the man was fishing for if she was single or not. She smiled coyly at the man, [+orchid “I don’t have a boyfriend to even be in a hurry to meet.”] 

Bromley’s air about him screamed danger, she knew it would be safer to leave him behind and continue on her day but she couldn’t quell the desire to be near him. But still she knew she couldn’t waste too much time wandering around with a stranger. And yet, a coffee couldn’t hurt right? 

[+orchid “I could go for a coffee,”] she grinned at the male before holding out her hand to him, [+orchid “I’m Danika.”] She left her hand outstretched long enough for him to reach out in turn. After she laced her hands behind her back. 

[+orchid “Well where do you propose we go then?”] she asked rocking back on her heels slightly. Danika wondered if this would turn out to be a huge mistake or perhaps this was some sign of a new path for herself. Or maybe she was just being bloody insane. But it had been awhile since someone she found attractive had flirted with her like this. It seemed quite obvious that he was interested to in the way that he was speaking to her. Coffee was harmless right.


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