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Rewrite the Stars, and build up to the Moon (FxF, 1x1)

By KisharuDark

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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by to check out this roleplay! This roleplay is to be played using a female character. It is a 1x1, so I will make a thread for us to roleplay on. Now, onto what this is about.
Moon is the average adult. 22 years old, striking beauty, smart, financially stupid, and many other things. She takes care of herself as she goes to UofM. Moon is very athletic and quite beautiful. She plays American football, soccer, hockey, track, wrestling, and softball. She has long wavy black hair that ends in blonde tips. Her strikingly sharp cloudy grey eyes. Sharp white glittering teeth. And a toned body. She's an Australian that has a strong accent. And is only able to speak Australian English. Struggling to keep up with her studies for her math class, and facing losing all of her sports privileges, she turns to her teacher for help. The teacher, in return, sets her up with a tutor from her class. One of the smartest kids apparently.

Turns out, her new tutor is her crush. A girl named (Y/N). She was beautiful. Stunning. Moon couldn't keep her eyes off of her. When the tutoring starts, she doesn't learn anything because she is too busy staring into (Y/N)'s eyes. Her soft voice was so soothing. So relaxing. So kind and gentle. But when Moon discovers that (Y/N) has a boyfriend, she starts to pay much more attention to the lesson than the girl in front of her.

When (Y/C) notices a change in Moon's behavior, and seeing how upset she is, will she try to help her out, or just tutor her and leave?
Alrighty then! That is a description of the roleplay! I would prefer some drama and violence between characters. It always spices it up a little bit! But if you are not okay with it, just let me know! I will understand! I would like you to PM me with a description of your character and a character picture. Please do not request access, as I will not allow access until you PM me first and I approve your character! I can understand if you are unable to respond in a few days. But please respond in a week's worth of time! Thank you for your time!

P.S: To make sure you read everything, when you PM me, make the title your favorite color!
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