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This will just be a hub for people that are intrigued by roleplay. The roleplay plot is unfortunately not set as of now, for I plan on having anyone interested to vote on something intriguing.


#1: Follow TOS of ROLEPLAY.CLOUD. If you need to do anything extra regarding explicit and obscene content, please do it on a separate platform like Google Documents.

#2: Use your common sense. Please respect everyone within the roleplay. Any jerks I find I will not hesitate to boot out.

#3: I would love it if you're able to adjust to Literate Roleplay responses. The cap will be 3000 characters per response.

#4: No God Modding or Metagaming. That's got to be an obvious one at this point. If you have an overpowered character you wish to use, please confront me in PMS.

#5: Original Characters only. The last thing I want to see is someone like DIO or Eren Yeager within the roleplay.


Name/Alias: HERE
Gender: HERE
Sexuality: HERE

Physical Appearance: HERE (A Detailed description NECESSARY)

Personality: HERE (A detailed description NECESSARY)

Abilities: HERE (A detailed description NECESSARY)

--- ---

Please confront me in PMS if you wish to join. Anyone is welcome.
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