Welcome to Hell

By Luki

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LukiAnri   29d ago
✧ Monster ✧

[center Anri didn't remember how he got here or how he even died. He never thought of himself as a bad guy... but to end up here. He must of done something terribly wrong. Sure maybe he stole things here and there but it wasn't like he let greed consume him. 

He sighed softly as he walked around the scarce land. It was was best to keep to yourself here unless you wanted to die... Die again? No there was nothing after this. You just vanished into nothingness, maybe that was bliss or worst.

He sighed softly as he sat down staring at his reflection in a puddle of murky water. He looked like a monster. This wasn't alway the way he look he had another form too but it was probably better no seen that side of him. 

He sighed softly as he closed his eyes crimson colored eyes. He open them again and let out a soft sigh. He wanted out of this place. Only chance of that was when another soul was being brought down here. Or if you could find the gates. All those options were risky. Anyway that seemed like an out was guarded.

Only high ranking demons were the one who could leave willingly. Even then they had something to do. Spreading chaos, diseases and even slaughtering humans or other creatures like cattle seemed to be part of their agenda. 

It sucked everything about this situation sucked. All he knew was he need to find away out of here. He didn't want to be like those monster and give in to the temptation. He was already tainted that was why he was here right? Anri snarled as he slash at the water with his paw. [+purple "Damn it..."] he snarled under his breath. He didn't want to be here. He wanted out.
WellerInkTells     28d ago

“You alright there pal? You’re sighing a lot!-“ a figure was looking down at Anri, head tilted and hands in their hoodie.
“Oh wait where are my manners!” They take their hand out and put a gloved white hand out to Anari. “The names Weller InkTells!- I don’t usually greet the people who show up here but…Depends usually! Just visiting a friend around here-“ they seemed to think for a second.

Their features were quite strange to, not a demon kind of figure. Their head was a brown box outlined in black to look more cartoony, circular eyes being black and having no pupils.
Their outfit was a simple gray hoodie, blue jeans and red sneakers. Weird thing is though, long streaks of color showed up on their head, right arm, and left leg and sneaker. 

“Right! I’m not from around here either!” They giggled but thought for a second again. “Yeah I’m just visiting- sorry for spacing out friend!”
LukiAnri   28d ago
✧ Monster ✧

The wolf like creature stood there silently looking at the figure that had stepped out from the shadows. Anri didn't trust this strange figure. He stilled his head as he looked man over. 

[+Purple "Oh it must be nice..."] he said softly as he looked down towards the ground. He crimson colored eyes shifted back to the man.

[+Purple " You really must not be from around here...you seem away to friendly."] he said softly

[+Purple "Well Weller-Inktells .... Your right ... I don't want to be here... Nor do I know how I got here... I just woke up here..."] he said drily. 

[+purple "Before I bore you with a sop story tell me why bother talking to me...Don't I look nothing more than a mutated wolf...Are you afraid I will attack you?"] he said as he stood up on all fours. 
He was a rather large looking wolf. His silver color fur shimmered in the light. His


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