Gastale Au Roleplay ( my version )

By Undertale_lover_
Gastale AU.
A city filled up with unknown poisoned gas so the people in there tend to be on higher buildings in order to stay away from it, they wear gasmask in order to protect themselves without it they tend to lose their minds and their souls got corrupted and turned them into killing machines. Even as I say this some monsters might have different affects on them.
Gastale AU Setting
After frisk did the true pasafist ending and geting everyone to the surface things went well fora few years. Soon gases got leaked into the world and now everyone needs to wear a mask. Alphys has seen what can happen to people that don't. She has been trying to find a cure for it sadly none has been found. So now people jump from rooftop to rooftop where the air it a bit clearer. Even though that is true they are no more stary nights you can hardly seen the full moons when it happens. For the sun that has gone hotter and can always break though the sky.

The buildings can range from different sizes. Everyone tries to keep in the big city with bigger and taller buildings. Plus that is where most of the safe spaces are located. In the safe places you can take off the mask you wear. But you breathe any gas it will slowly drive you crazy.

Sometimes you will have to go to other places to get things for the city just beware.
Also this is a rough idea of my version of this so if you join things will most likely change a bit.
I still have a lot of character to do if you want to do them you can ask.
Just ask to join!!
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Sans was sitting on the top of a building. He was quite humming through his mask. The sun was just rising. The smog began to show more as the sun rose. Soon sans stood up and started to walk around
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   31d ago

*Swap had on a mask. He was walking in circles on a medium sized building. He seemed to be thinking about things. He soon stopped and looked at the sky, trying to look at the sun. He turned away, looking around for any taller buildings near by.*

Sans quickly made his way to the lower floors waking up the peopletelling them to get uptop. He yawned a d looked to the other building. Back down he went with his brother and frisk following him.
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   31d ago

*Swap jumped and climbed the side of another buildings roof. He found Science, he then started talking to Science. Science had 2 planks, allowing them to go onto the roof of a larger building.*

Soon frisk would walk into a building and then Papyrus walked into a different one. Sans sighed and waited for the others to come back as he looked at around.
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   31d ago

*He laughed which was kinda loud, Science covered Swaps mouth but then remembered the masks. He looked around and whispered something.*

Sans overhead but couldn't figure out from where. 
" who's there?" Firsk slightly yelled as they ram to sans. Papyrus ran out " I'll save you human and brother!" They was together in a group looking up at the top of building.
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   31d ago

*He ended up laughing again. Science yelled at Swap “BE QUIET!”. Science then shut up himself and they started to run from where their building was. They ran to the building Swap was at ahead of time*

Papyrus saw swap run out of the corner of his eye and ran as fast as he could frisk climbed to the top of the building and started jumping from roof top to rooftop. 
Sans would use his short cut which got him withing eyesight of them. 
"" He asked in a slightly house voice.
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   31d ago

“Eep!” *Swap jumped* “Who are you?” *Science stared at Sans. Swap just stood there*

" um....Gastale...Sans...." ge said frisk finally got there right after Papyrus. 
" brother who..who are they?" He asked out of breath.

“We could ask you the same question.” *Science stepped in front of Swap, looking at them*

" I'm the Great Papyrus ...are you a sans like my brother?" Frisk got between Science  and Papyrus. 

" we have lived here." Frisk said slightly on edge.  Sans walked in front of Papyrus  which he got a snort from Papyrus

“We’ll call me Sci or Science. I am also a sans, yes.” *Swap looked confused, standing behind Science*

" so is he?" Papyrus ponited to Swap. Out of sans mask some smoke came out. It was a different color than the rest of the gases around. 

Frisk walked over to swap and waved.

“Yeah he is. That’s Swap.” *Swap waved back to Frisk saying, “Hello Human!”*

" hi there!" Papyrus was happy and jumping slightly. Sans looked around " hey you two you can come with us " ge offered. 
" I'm Frisk!" They said yawning slightly

“Alright! Nice to meet you guys! *Swap nodded, smiling*

Papyrus  seemed a bit more scared now. " your not here to hurt my brother are you?" He asked sans shook his head to his brother. " hey this way, there's more monsters for you to meet." Frisk said and jumped to a near by building.

Sorry for late reply)
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   30d ago

“Of course not! We would never hurt your brother! Also come on Sci.” *He grabbed Scis hand and they followed Frisk* (it’s fine- also I am not shipping Swap and Sci, just saying that now)

Okay! Also I just wanted to say that)

Frisk laughed happly seeing someone they could trust that was just happy.

Papyrus nodded as he made sure sans followed him. ( also just want to say in gastale most of the monster know about the reseats)
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   30d ago

(Kk) *Swap smiled and left go of Scis hand, Sci almost fell because Swap had been basically dragging Sci*

Sans reached out to make sure he didn't fall off. Frisk slowly started  leading them to the main building. They waited and realized Sci almost feel 
" so sorry I didn't wait !" They said worried.

“It’s fine-“ *He chuckled nervously*

" I'll slow down." Frisk stated and they did go slowly. 
"  we all need to stay safe!" Papyrus stated

*Swap and him followed*

" go on this bride to the taller buildings." Frisk said. It was a safe bridge. Papyrus looked around for sand which used a short cut to get behind frisk he laughed slightly and sat down

“Alrighty,” *They crossed the bridge, following Frisk*

After everyone was up there sans took the lead. He walked them into a safe room. 
" you can take off your mask it's safe here" Papyrus explained.
Everyone but gastale sans did so.

“Really?” *Swap automatically took off his mask as soon as they said “you can take off your-“*

Frisk smiled and ponited around. Some of the monster looked to every one.
Undyne walked over. " hey punk, who your friends?" She asked.
" oh this is Swap  and Sci, and this is Undyne " they said. Undyne held out s hand to shake.
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   30d ago

*Swao enthusiastically shook Udynes hand* “Nice to meet you!” *Sci just stayed where he was*

She laughed " you know you remind me of Papyrus a lot before all this happened kid" she somewhat smiled.  She walked to Sci. 
" don't talk much do you?" She asked still offering her hand.

“Huh? Oh uh-“ *He politely shook Undynes hand, smiling*

" so your a scientist right?" She asked titling her head slightly.

“Uh yeah!” *He nodded*

(Ima go to bed bc it is getting late)

" so I'd Alphys. You two might get along. She is at her lab. She fixed her eyepatch. " she made the mask and is working to find shoots to help us out."

"That sounds cool!" *He smiled*

" heh yeah sure." She laughed  slightly. 
Frisk looked around and walked to get something to drink.
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   29d ago

*He just sat down, staring at the ground*

"Are you Thirsty ?" Frisk asked .
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   29d ago

“Do you guys have anything to drink?”

" yep! We also have food." They smiled. " come look."
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   29d ago

*He bolted up and ran over*

Frisk laughed " pick what you want" they said
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   29d ago

*He picked 2 pieces of food and ate it* “This is so good!”

( oops sorry I used thee wrong character also I don't have a photo for all of the characters)
" I'm glad! " Frisk looked to Papyrus who was looking out a window.
" see something?" They asked
" no , I just thought I did is all" he replied
Iwantamustache16Swap!Sans   29d ago

*Still excited*


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