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Necromancer’s Hoard of Wonders

By Cat22
Backup thread

Within the Dungeons and Dragons universe, there was a necromancer who had a habit of collecting interesting creatures that they found and then brought them back to their castle. It was in this castle that they kept their hoard of wondrous creatures from different parts of the multiverse. These creatures were of all different walks of life and had various powers and abilities which further increased their worth for the necromancer. In terms of where these creatures stayed, they were kept in rooms of the castle. These rooms were customized by the necromancer themself. These rooms tend to be rather spacious and well decorated so that the beings inside the rooms wouldn’t attempt to escape although escape attempts are punishable by some time in the dungeon. In addition to keeping various creatures from around the multiverse in their castle, the necromancer also has a large number of followers who treat them like a king. Most of these followers live in their castle although there are those who live in the surrounding town. They are dedicated to their leader and consist of multiple different races found in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. They are all united under one necromancer who has united them all under their status as a ruler of the castle town. The castle itself is like any other castle although it has a magic barrier surrounding it which prevents the creatures that the necromancer has kidnapped from escaping. Any who try to escape are often thrown into the dungeon for a few hours to reflect upon their choices and are sent back to their rooms after their sentence in the dungeon is over. The castle is the largest structure in town and easily towers over the town surrounding it which is filled with the necromancer’s followers. Overall, those who have been kidnapped are allowed to freely roam around the massive castle as long as they don’t try to escape [hr] [b CASTLE RULES] 1. No 18+ content. Keep it PG-13 2. Don’t be Overpowered 3. Don’t be discriminatory towards other people on the basis of race, disabilities, sexuality, gender, etc. (Basically, don’t discriminate against people in general. That is final) 4. Respect other people’s boundaries 5. Blood will be a theme 6. No Godmodding, metagaming etc. 7. OCs and Canon Characters are allowed since this roleplay is meant to be canon character friendly. 8. AUs are allowed (But don’t bring in a million Sanses) 9. There is no character limit 10. No escaping the castle. Seriously, no escaping. The necromancer absolutely forbids for any residents of their collection to escape (I added this for fun) 11. Please make sure that your character can fit within a medieval fantasy setting. I know that D&D can have other settings as well but this roleplay takes place in a medieval fantasy setting which means that no firearms or modern technology is present in the world. Please take this into account when filling out the character sheet for your character. 12. Please post more than one line. It helps move the roleplay along if replies consisting of more than one line are posted. Similarly, some people may not want to join the roleplay if only one liners are posted. 13. Do not post any shitposty replies or add in any new characters without filling out a template for them or stating the new character and their role in PMs. [hr] [b CHARACTER SHEET TEMPLATE] Name: Age: Gender: Species: Canon or OC: Fandom They’re From: Role: (Member of the Collection/Kidnapped Person, Follower of the Necromancer, THE Necromancer (Only One)) Personality: Powers: Appearance: Backstory: (Optional) Extra Info: [hr] [b CURRENT CAST OF CHARACTERS] [i The Necromancer and their Followers] [i Kidnapped beings/Members of the collection] Amber Yami - AmberArcher Bartz Klauser - Cat22 [hr] [b DO NOT] request access to this thread until you have an approved character. If you request access to it without an approved character, your request will be denied. [hr] [b ACCEPTED CHARACTERS] AmberArcher: Name: Amber Yami Age: 16 Gender: Female Species: Yami (original Species, let me know if you want to know anything about them) Canon or OC: OC Fandom They’re From: None Role: Member of the Collection/Kidnapped Person Powers: Pyrokinesis, telekinesis, Teleportation Appearance: Thin, pale, stunning purple eyes that may glow depending on her emotion. she wears a long leather jacket that reaches her ankles. she has a long jagged scar that starts just next to her nose and goes all the way down to her chin, part of her upper lip is missing showing her teeth. Backstory: Amber's family was killed by other hunters and the Necromancer then took her, she was raised in his castle since she was little. Extra Info: She fears fire because her family was killed by her flames. she has blue fire though she's never used it since the death of her family. she also has a fear of loud sounds because her family used to yell at her quite a bit. Cat22: Name: Bartz Klauser Age: 18 Gender: Male Species: Faerie-Merman Hybrid (It’s a little bit of homebrew but it works for him.) Orientation: He tends to be more romantically attracted towards males Fandom They’re From: Final Fantasy Canon or OC: Canon Role: Member of the Collection/Kidnapped being Appearance: Fae Form: [pic] He has the pointed ears and wings of the fae although the wings normally fold flat against his back. Merfolk Form: His merfolk form is almost the same as his human appearance but with a emerald colored fish tail that has some white speckles on it. This fish tail takes the place of a human’s lower body. He also wears a shirt that is similar to the shirt that he wears in his human form except the shirt he wears in his merfolk form can more accurately be described as a mix between a tank top and a crop top. Personality, Powers, Abilities and Weapons Personality: Bartz is a rather cheerful and friendly person and is rather social as well. This is due to him having loved interacting in wholesome ways with people all his life and just how friendly he is can’t be contributed to one thing alone. He can also be a little too trusting at times which is why it’s recommended for someone to keep an eye on him. He also has a bit of a shy streak. He also has a fear of heights which can explain why he doesn’t use his wings for flight. Powers: •Immortality (Cannot age) •Faerie/Grand Faerie Magic •Weapon Summoning •Supernatural Beauty/Cuteness •Shapeshifting (from fae form to merfolk form and back) Abilities: •Skilled with using multiple weapons in combat Weapons: He uses the weapons that he can summon Backstory and Other Info Backstory: N/A Other Info: He’s originally from Final Fantasy V and yes, I know that this template is a different format but it’s what I already had written up for Bartz.
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