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Roleplay Search!

By Cat22

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So… I’ve been recently wanting to roleplay with a wider audience again which is the reason why I made this thread. I’m open to things as long as they align with things I like and am comfortable with doing in a roleplay and that follow Site rules. So, without further delay, I will list my requirements and preferences.

• You must be comfortable with roleplaying with a minor. I am only 17 years old and as such, you must be comfortable with my age
• You must be patient. I have other roleplays on and off site which is why I ask you to be patient and wait.
• You must be okay with some dark themes if they are present.
• You must be able to write more than one line. Paragraphs are highly preferred so that I have something to work off of.
• You must be able to be willing to play NPCs if needed
• You must be comfortable roleplaying with someone who uses multiple characters.
• You must be 15+ for some of the plots. My roleplays often contain themes that are geared more towards older teenagers but they also comply with the site rules.
• You must follow the Site Rules rules and RP etiquette
• Finally, you must be comfortable playing a male character if romance is ever involved as I will only do MxM ships.

My Interests/Fandoms
• Final Fantasy (I like the series a lot and most of the characters I use come from that series. I will also be interested in doing a roleplay based off of Final Fantasy AUs)
• Kingdom Hearts
•Phantasy Star Online 2
•The Owl House (I’m actually currently caught up with all of the episodes so far although I don’t know if episode 2 of season 3 is out yet)
• Anime (As long as it is a fantasy/supernatural anime. I do not like sports anime.)
• Multifandom roleplays (they are chaotic and I love them)

My preferred genres
•Dark Fantasy
•Slice of Life (as long as there’s magic involved)

Genres/Roleplays that I absolutely refuse to do
• Omegaverse (I will not do this because it makes me feel uncomfortable)
•Anything Not Safe For Work (I absolutely despise these themes and I am only a minor so this will not be found in any of my roleplays. It also goes against the site rules so it will not be present here)

Some Already Made Roleplays
• Mechanized Soul (There’s already a thread for it on the site. Sci-Fi and fantasy genres)
• Fallen Fantasy (A darker take on a Final Fantasy story. Several heroes of legend have failed to protect the world from the dark lord and as a result, have been imprisoned in the castle that belongs to the dark lord. Fortunately, a rebellion had formed to help fight off the dark forces and to reclaim their home. Dark Fantasy genre)
• Dawn of the Vampires (Six months after Exdeath’s defeat, vampires have invaded the Merged World. They ended up killing three out of the four warriors who helped to defeat the evil tree and brought the fourth (Bartz) to the lord of the vampires. Dark Fantasy genre)

A Few Plots That I Am Willing To Do
•Isekai’d Heroes - On a peaceful summer evening, a mysterious comet could be seen falling from the sky however, when it came closer to earth instead of continuing to move forward across the sky, it ended up landing in a nearby field which caught the attention of 1-4 of the local residents. As a result, they went to investigate the crash site of the comet only to find that there were four equally mysterious boys unconscious in the center of the crater with varying levels of injury which set various different events into motion…
•Vampire Apocalypse - The world has been overtaken by vampires leaving only one human, Vaan until some of the vampires got the bright idea to start pulling different humanoids from other worlds. However, this plan ended up slightly backfiring on them as some of the humanoids formed groups to avoid capture by the vampires. Will they succeed in evading the vampires or will they end up being the captives of vampiric beings for all eternity?
•Oceanus Merfolk Sanctuary - Located on the beaches of East Asistara, the Oceanus Merfolk Sanctuary has long since been a place where researchers could study the elusive merfolk as well as raise awareness of the dangers that fish nets and trash in the oceans pose to these aquatic humanoids. However, upon the arrival of a new set of four merman who were all tangled up rather badly in a ghost net, a small group of researchers was assigned to them in order to both assist them out of the net and to also learn more about the merfolk in general. What secrets will the group uncover?
•The Doll In An Abandoned Mansion - Decades after the residents of an old manor mysteriously perished, a curious explorer entered an old mansion where they ended up encountering a doll that had been left there. While it appeared to be normal at first glance, when the explorer looked away from the doll, they soon realized that he was now standing right in front of them which soon scared the explorer and caused them to run to the doors only to find out that it was locked and that they were trapped in the mansion with the doll. Will the explorer make it out alive while discovering the secrets of the mansion or will they fail right then and there?
•Feel free to suggest some plots as well.

PLEASE do not request access to this thread and PM me if you are interested in roleplaying with me. Any requests to access this thread will be immediately denied.
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