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Supernatural Lab

By Cat22
OOC Thread

There is a lab floating within the space between worlds that is dedicated to researching and creating supernatural creatures. These creatures have fascinated the scientists and staff at the lab for quite a while and they have only now begun to collect specimens from collapsed universes and have even created their own subjects for the purpose of research.

Many of these subjects have been supernatural creatures brought in from collapsed universes although there are some who have been created here in the lab. Regardless of where they came from, these creatures are cared for by the scientists who work with them and go through humane testing as to not physically harm or stress them out too much.

The lab itself is massive and is large enough to hold various supernatural creatures while still having space for each of the scientists. There are specialized rooms for each subject which is tailored to what each creature would prefer. There is also a massive courtyard where the subjects can interact with each other and the scientists that care for them while being supervised just in case any fights break out. In the event that a fight breaks out, all staff members in the area of the fight are trained to deal with it and to transport any injured subjects to the medical wing for treatment.

1. The site rules and Roleplay etiquette apply here

2. Nothing worse than hell is allowed however if your character does have a potty (looking at you FFVII Cid) mouth, censor the bad words. And yes, fandom swears are allowed.

3. Any character from any fandom other than Overpowered and NSFW fandoms are allowed for reasons that I do not feel like explaining.

4. There is going to be blood (because some supernatural creatures feed on blood) and some light gore in this roleplay

5. AUs are allowed however fandoms with a lot of well-known AUs cannot have all of their AUs used. Seriously, we don’t need a thousand Sanses running around.

6. For the love of everything holy in this world, keep this thread PG-13. I don’t need the mods taking down this thread.

7. There is no character limit!

8. OCs and Canon Characters are allowed

9. No Overpowered characters

10. Don’t be discriminatory towards other people on the basis of race, disabilities, sexuality, gender, etc. (Basically, don’t discriminate against people in general. That is final)

11. No Godmodding, Metagaming etc.

Fandom They’re From: (If applicable)
Role: (Scientist, Experiment, Medical Worker (Yep! They’re a possible role here because there can be some rather bad fights) etc.
Backstory: (OPTIONAL)
Extra Info:


Karishin - Karishin
David Herman Anderson - SHSL-Clockmaker

Bartz Klauser - Cat22
Tidus - Cat22
Firion - Cat22
Vaan - Cat22
Evan - bite_victim_of_83
A-01 “Aoi” - SHSL-Clockmaker

Medical Workers
Muja - Dead_boi2004

Misc. Roles
(Everything else you can find in a lab.)

If you read all of this then please note that while the template is optional, it is highly recommended to fill out.
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KarishinKarishin   155d ago

Fandom They’re From: (If applicable)
Role: (Scientist, Experiment, Medical Worker (Yep! They’re a possible role here because there can be some rather bad fights) etc.  Scientist
Personality:Nice,Shy,Not afraid to fight when needed
Appearance:He wears a crimson scarf,an open leather jacket with a midnight blue undershirt,jeans, and steel-toe boots.He has tan skin,gold eyes,and purple(dyed)hair.
Backstory: (OPTIONAL)
Extra Info:He often uses his summoning to summon supernatural creatures and other possible experiments, but is also nice to the summons.He seems to almost always to be accompanied by a large white wolf.
Cat22     155d ago

((Thank you for joining this thread! We’ll start shortly once we get about 1-2 more people interested in this thread.))
KarishinKarishin   155d ago

Cat22     155d ago

((Alright! It’s been advertised but we can start roleplaying now.))
KarishinKarishin   155d ago

*Karishin is making a summoning circle in an empty cell..*

May I join?)
Cat22     155d ago

((Sure you may! Just state the characters that you want to use and their roles.))

I might join if its okay.

I will only be useing evan here
Name: Evan
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: fallen angel 
Fandom They’re From: Its fnaf but i kinda use him for non- fnaf related things as well
Role:  Experiment
Personality: Keeps to himself
Powers: Can teleport, also can fly.
Appearance: (his photo)
Backstory: Unknown really :> (because lets just say this aint a fnaf oc lol)
Extra Info: ually has 2 plushes with him but gets nevous around other people.
Cat22     155d ago

((And you’ve been added in! I’ll work on a starter for this thread in a bit!))

Ok ^^ thanks for letting me join)
Cat22     155d ago

((You’re welcome!))
shadowthewolf9027     154d ago

can i join you
Cat22     154d ago

((Sure you may and No asking for video chatting.))
shadowthewolf9027     154d ago

Age: 16
Gender: male
Species: wolf and dark angel
Role: Experiment
Personality: sweet and scared some times
Powers: shape shifting
Appearance: black and red hair and eyes
Backstory: abused and ran away from home
SHSL-ClockmakerNihiko   154d ago

Has the rp started yet?//
Cat22     154d ago

((Not yet and there’s already an imbalance of experiments to scientists so the scientists are going to have a bit of trouble with this XD))
SHSL-ClockmakerNihiko   154d ago

Lol ok, just say when it starts, I maybe asleep then but when I’m awake I’ll start//
KarishinKarishin   154d ago

((*AHEM* "A bit?I'm literally the only scientist!"))
Cat22     154d ago

((Yeah… we need more scientists.))
KarishinKarishin   154d ago

((it shall be fine))
SHSL-ClockmakerNihiko   154d ago

I’m happy to make another oc as a scientist if that’ll help?//
KarishinKarishin   154d ago

((I'm chill with that.))
SHSL-ClockmakerNihiko   154d ago

What gender?//
KarishinKarishin   154d ago

((you chose, though my character is bisexual male,leans torward straight.))
SHSL-ClockmakerNihiko   154d ago

BROSKI my oc is aswell—//
KarishinKarishin   154d ago

SHSL-ClockmakerNihiko   154d ago

Done and done//
KarishinKarishin   154d ago

Cat22     154d ago

((So we’re going to have a second scientist to help curb the chaos?))
KarishinKarishin   154d ago

((i guess so))

((sorry im not on that much b/c my school blocked this but im on when i can))
SHSL-ClockmakerNihiko   154d ago

Cat22     153d ago

((Bartz is also bisexual but le leans more towards other males. Firion on the other hand, is not interested in romantic relationships with women.))
SHSL-ClockmakerAoi/A-01   153d ago

SHSL-ClockmakerAoi/A-01   153d ago

I may draw Aoi for the sake of it—//
Cat22     153d ago

((And also, multiple characters are allowed.))

I freacking missed school-
Cat22     153d ago

((We also have an OOC thread.))
SHSL-Clockmaker     153d ago


Cat22     153d ago

((Hey! I just want to see if we can get one more scientist in here before we start to kind of curb the chaos.))
SHSL-ClockmakerAoi/A-01   153d ago

Aight, that’s the scientist I’ll be playing on the flip side to try help//
Cat22Firion   153d ago

It was yet another day for the lab that was tucked away in a secluded part of the world. This lab was unknown to many but the people that worked there and it was always surrounded by a forest filled with the supernatural. Due to this, its existence was kept a secret by the forest and the experiments within are all of supernatural origin.

Firion was one of the experiments who was kept in the lab. He had been created here over a decade ago and was rather well behaved for the most part except for when the scientists tried to grab him to take some of his blood. He would normally end up running away and would even fight them off from time to time in order to avoid having his blood drawn. This was the reason why the scientists were advised to take caution when dealing with him whenever it was time for testing since he was a little unpredictable at best.

However, recently, he had gotten stuck under the bed in his room due to his cape getting caught on the side of the bed. As a result, he was currently trying to free himself from his sticky situation since he didn’t want to be stuck under the bed for several hours.

Vaan was currently asleep in his room and was sitting against the wall. He had somehow forgotten again that he actually had a bed in his room which meant that he had slept against the wall for the time being.
SHSL-ClockmakerAoi/A-01   153d ago

Bored overran Aoi as she was creating different things from her inked up arm, since she is one of the more dangerous experiments she is kept locked up in her room most of the time, banging her head on the wall and talking to the person in the room next to her was her only joy
SHSL-ClockmakerAoi/A-01   153d ago

“Hello…?” She says to the wall that divides the two experiments “i-is anyone in there?” She was curious as she leant up against the wall
Cat22Bartz   153d ago

A faint glow could be seen from the next room as Bartz was practicing using light magic. He had remained silent for most of the time when he practiced but he was able to hear a voice coming from the other side of the wall. “Yes? What do you need?” He said as he dismissed the orb of light that he had created previously.
SHSL-ClockmakerAoi/A-01   153d ago

“Oh nothing…I just wanted t-to see I-I-if someone was there and not..y’know..dead” she fell silent as she walked to her bed

“Experiment 1 is good, 2 is hysterical etc.” He said to himself as he looked in each room to check on the experiments then gone to the control centre to put in the details
KarishinKarishin   153d ago

*Karishin walks into an empty containment center, and starts to summon a new experiment.*


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