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Meet me at the market!

By -_Pixie_-

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I haven’t made a thread/role play in a while so let’s see what I’ve got.

“Bring in the produce here!” Shouted out a middle aged man from a market stand. He was obviously balding and had bagged eyes with a cane in his left hand. A boy was standing aside the man and he didn’t look too happy. The boy looked like he was around his twenties. He had very nice posture and a pretty wealthy appearance.

Y/C was the one to bring the produce to each market stand every weekday. They were pretty close with the man since he came to him most. Looking down Y/C catches the younger man glaring at them which puzzles them.

And that’s just about all for the starter. I’d love it if you read all of this-read it twice if you need to. Another thing is no one liners BUT if you can only write but so much I’ll try to match. Semi para is my best and if you write a lot that’s alright I’ll just try to keep up!

Now that you’ve finished reading everything let me know if you are wanting to join just pm me.
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shadowthewolf9027sam   269d ago

hello can i join

so where does this start
-_Pixie_-Moraine   251d ago
The most bottom-est person ever

Well you have to read the desc, there’s a starter for you there.


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